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    Gaining Elder Status

    Elders are members of Kinmunity who have made a significant amount of contributions to our site; and who have the tenure, reputation, and behavior befitting of the position. Along with the ability to apply for the position of Helper, Elders have the following abilities on Kinmunity:

    • Elders can give twenty-five ratings per day, up from ten.
    • Elders can give "High Quality" and "Low Quality" ratings.
    • Elders have access to a special forum and Discord channel.
    • Elders have a special badge under their name signifying their status.

    The "Elder" status is automatically awarded to users who meet a certain criteria. When it comes down to it, all one has to do to become an Elder is contribute to the community, have patience, and be voted in by your fellow members. You'll automatically reach Elder status once:

    • Tenure You've been a member for at least six months and one day AND
    • Contribution You've contributed at least one-thousand items of content AND
    • Reputation Your reputation score is fifty or above AND
    • Behavior You have less than two active warning points.

    Once you meet the criteria listed above, you'll receive a message from KinBot the "Elder" flag has been applied to your account. The process is automatic and nothing needs to be done by you or our staff team. There are a couple of unique conditions that would cause you to not automatically receive Elder status, and those are:

    • You've been automatically granted Elder status before, and it was revoked by a staff member. (In this case, you wouldn't be eligible for automatic promotion again)
    • A staff member of Kinmunity has set the "Elder Lock" status on your account. (In this case, you would not be eligible for promotion until the lock has been cleared)


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