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Community guidelines

Global Guidelines
  1. Show Courtesy and Respect to all.
    In your interactions with others on the site, please show courtesy and respect. It's okay to disagree on something, but disagreements should happen in a civil and cordial manner. Insults, talking down to others, personal attacks, and harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. Use Proper English.
    We request that members use proper English on Kinmunity. This includes making a best-effort attempt to spell properly and observe the rules of grammar. While we do not expect our users to have a degree in English literature, excessive "chat speak" is not permitted.
  3. Keep it family friendly, please.
    Except in designated areas, content submitted to Kinmunity should be appropriate for all audiences, including people as young as thirteen years old.
  4. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!
    Unless you have evidence to back them up, please refrain from making grandiose or outrageous claims on Kinmunity. This includes claiming to have the ability to physically shift, or claims of special “powers.“ Making such claims does nothing but harm your credibility in the community; nobody thinks you're special or cool by making them.
  5. Be honest with others and yourself!
    Honesty and integrity are highly valued on Kinmunity, Please be yourself and don't falsify any information about you. It is better to not provide information than it is to lie about it.
  6. Listen to our staff team.
    Please follow the direction of our staff members at all times. If a staff member requests that you do something, their request holds as much weight as these terms and rules do. If you feel a staff member is acting inappropriately, contact a member of the administration team. If another member violates these rules, please use the “report“ function to report the offending content or member. Do not try to handle the issue yourself, that's what our staff are here for.
  7. Absolutely No Proselytizing!
    That isn't what we're about. You can discuss spirituality or religion in the proper areas, but you cannot attempt to convert others to your spirituality or religion.
  8. No Data Mining!
    Do not, via manual or automated means, collect large amounts of data including but not limited to: forum posts, blog entries, articles, media, chat logs, or other user-created content for the purposes of aggregating, mirroring, re-publishing, or storing off-site. You are also forbidden to reproduce content found in secure sections of the site (protected by username & password) without permission from the Kinmunity administration team and the content's author.
  9. We Don't Accept Blacklists.
    Kinmunity does not make use of nor enforce any blacklist, content warning list, or trigger list. Instead, we expect our users to use the tools available to them to filter out content they don't desire to see.
  10. Have Fun!
    Seriously, that's the reason you joined the community - isn't it? Jokes aside, this is a real rule. Don't go looking around for negativity and conflict. Enjoy your time here.
Profile Guidelines
  1. Maintain a valid email address.
    In order to use Kinmunity, you must maintain a valid email address on your profile. A valid email address is an email address from a non-disposable email provider that can accept email from us. If emails sent to you bounce or it is determined you are using a disposable provider, you will be required to update your email address to continue using the site.
  2. One profile per physical person.
    Kinmunity only supports one profile per physical body. Plural systems should create a system account and designate who is speaking at a given time using tools provided by the Kinmunity platform. Creating multiple profiles is not permitted.
  3. Profiles should represent an authentic person.
    Profiles on Kinmunity should represent a real user. Joke and parody profiles, impersonation of others, or similar conduct is prohibited.
  4. You may change your username twice per year.
    Kinmunity allows users to change their username once every 183 days. Users will need to provide a reason with their name change request.
Reaction Guidelines
  1. React To Content, Not Users!
    You have probably noticed that the reaction system is available for various content on Kinmunity, but not for user profiles. This is intentional. The purpose of our reaction system is to react to, and essentially rate, the quality of content available on Kinmunity. It is not intended to be used to harass other users, or negative react people you disagree with.
  2. Don't Ask for Reactions!
    Don't ask for people to "like", "love", or otherwise up-vote or down-vote your post for any reason. Do not use the rating system as a polling system, we have an actual poll feature for that.
  3. No Retaliation!
    If you've been given a rating you disagree with on a particular piece of content you posted, do not act in an abusive matter to the person who gave it to you. Instead, contact a staff member if it violates our Terms & Rules or Community Guidelines.
Forum Guidelines
  1. Read The Stickies!
    Please read all of the sticky threads within a given forum before posting in it; some sections have their own unique rules.
  2. Search before you post.
    Before posting a thread, please search the forums to see if somebody else has already submitted a thread regarding the topic you wish to discuss. If a thread exists, consider posting in it instead of starting a new one.
  3. Title Appropriately.
    When creating a thread, please use a meaningful title that accurately depicts what your thread is about. Your thread's message should also be meaningful and descriptive; it sets the tone for the conversation to follow.
  4. Stay On-Topic!
    Make sure you post threads in the most appropriate forum. When posting a reply, please ensure it actually contributes to the topic being discussed. You should stay on topic, and you should avoid useless one-word or non-contributing replies
  5. Don't Be Rude.
    Please do not use all caps, multiple exclamation marks, or excessive formatting (bold, italics, colors, etc.) in your posts. It's considered rude and makes them hard to read.
  6. Don't Double-post or Cross-post.
    Double-posting and Cross-posting unfairly increases post counts and bones; don't do it! Double-posting is the act of posting two messages back-to-back. This can take the form of submitting two replies to a single thread or submitting a reply to a thread you started before anybody else has replied. Cross-posting is the act of posting the same thread in different forums on the site.
Chat & Messaging Guidelines
  1. Don't Flood!
    Do not flood (repeatedly post nonsense lines of text) or repeat yourself excessively. Instead, please try to include as much information as you can in a single chat message.
  2. Be Nice!
    Be nice to your fellow chatters, treat everyone how you wish to be treated.
  3. Don't Advertise or Spam!
    Please do not advertise competing websites, use the chat for posting excessive links or self-promotion, or otherwise spam our members.
  4. Don't Annoy Others.
    Don’t send whispers, direct messages or private messages without permission, avoid unneeded pinging, if you and another user are discussing something an entire channel isn’t interested in, consider moving to direct messages, etc.
  5. Use the Correct Channel.
    We have different channels and chatrooms for a reason; utilize the correct one for your discussion.
Media Guidelines
  1. Submissions must be YOUR OWN work!
    Media that you submit to Kinmunity must be your own original work. You are not permitted to use other works without the appropriate permission and/or licensing. You may, in some cases, upload public domain images, as long as you don't claim them as your own and provide proper credit.
  2. Pornography is not permitted.
    Do not submit pornography, real or animated, to our media center.
  3. Quality Over Quantity
    When submitting content to our media center, please only submit quality content to site categories. You may submit other content to your user albums.
Discord Guidelines
  1. Follow Discord's ToS.
    All use of Discord is subject to their Terms of Service. You must abide by them when using our (or any other) Discord server.
  2. Follow our Chat & Messaging Guidelines.
    Kinmunity's Chat & Messaging Guidelines apply on our official Discord server.
  3. No Invite Links!
    We do not permit the posting of invite links to other Discord servers in our own. Additionally, do not DM our members with invite links.
  4. Be kind to our bots.
    Don't abuse or spam our bots, and only interact with them in #bot-commands.