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Kinmunity has a virtual currency system called KinCash. The system provides users with Bones as an incentive for being active on the site. Bones can be used to purchase items in the KinCash Shop. Items include profile and postbit badges, account upgrades, custom styling, and more. The table below explains the actions that earn bones, as well as the actions that can result in you being charged bones.

Earning KinCash
ActionAward or ChargeAmountBonusAdditional Information
Daily LoginAWARD0.02not available.Awarded upon daily use of the site.
Posting a thread in a topical discussion areaAWARD1.00available; up to 0.01 per word.Awarded when posting an alterhuman related thread.
Posting a thread in a general discussion areaAWARD0.75not available.Awarded when posting a general discussion thread.
Posting an introduction threadAWARD0.25not available.Awarded when posting an introduction thread.
Replying to a thread in a topical discussion areaAWARD0.50available; up to up to 0.01 per word.Awarded when replying to an alterhuman related thread.
Replying to a thread in a general discussion areaAWARD0.25not available.Awarded when replying to a general discussion thread.
Replying to an introduction threadAWARD1.15not available.Awarded when replying to an introductory thread.
Reacting to contentAWARD0.01not available.Awarded when using the reaction system.
Receiving a positive reaction to your contentAWARD0.02not available.Awarded when you receive a positive reaction from another user.
Receiving a negative reaction to your contentCHARGE0.02not available.Awarded when you receive a negative reaction from another user.
Voting in a pollAWARD0.01not available.Awarded when you vote in a poll.
Reporting content to the staff teamAWARD0.25not available.Awarded when you report abusive content. You will be fined for false reports.
Digging up a dead scent markCHARGE5.25available; charged more per day the scent mark is dead.Awarded when replying to an introduction thread that's been inactive for more than 30 days.
Using Kinmunity on your birthdayAWARD10.00not available.Awarded when you login on your birthday, once per year.
Bi-Weekly paycheck for EldersAWARD25.00available; up to 10.00 every two weeks.Awarded to Elders in good standing who meet minimum activity requirements.
Please login to check if you can receive this incentive.
Receiving a warning from staffCHARGE50.00not available.Charged when you receive warning points from staff.
Referring a new userAWARD45.00not available.Awarded when you refer a new user to the site and they make at least 15 posts.
Spending KinCash
KinCash can be spent in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:
  • Shop - The shop is the primary place to spend the bones you earn on the site. You can buy account upgrades, badges for your profile, special effects to use on the site, and more!
  • Lottery - Our lottery, structured after the Norwegian National Lottery is a place where you can win big on your bones!
  • Trading - You can trade bones and items with other users at our trading post!
  • Charged Content - You can also use bones to buy content other users have protected in [CHARGE] tags.