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Kinmunity is an online community which generally serves as a hub of sorts to alterhumans, including but not limited to: otherkin, the furry fandom, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, and the other-hearted. As such, our site is commonly targeted for harassment by increasingly organized groups of internet trolls and other unwelcome individuals. In order to curtail abuse, a lot of sites in our niche have started requiring new members be manually approved by staff. At Kinmunity, we feel this is an an intrusive and invasive measure that ends up repelling more legitimate users than actual trolls. In order to protect the site while maintaining the best experience for all, we use the FangAI Registration Screening Service.

The screening service runs in the background as you register on Kinmunity and depending on a number of machine, network, and behavioral factors will sort registration applications into four categories:
  • Green Light
The majority of registrations will be given the green light. This means that once you confirm the email address that you registered with, you'll be given full and instant access to the site without having to go through any additional hurdles.
  • Yellow Light
Occasionally, an application for registration will be given the yellow light. If this happens, you will be given instant limited access to Kinmunity once you confirm the email address you registered with. After you make five posts (which must be approved by staff), you will be able to request full access by providing a link one of your established social media profiles or the name of a Kinmunity user who will vouch for you.
  • Amber Light
Rarely, your application for registration will be flagged for manual review and you will be given the amber light. If this happens, you will need to be manually reviewed by a Kinmunity staff member before your registration is allowed forward. A Kinmunity staff member may choose to approve you for yellow light or green light access, at their own discretion.
  • Red Light
Red means stop. It's super rare, but sometimes registration applications will be rejected immediately. If this happens, please try enabling JavaScript, not using a VPN, proxy, or the TOR network, and using an email address with a credible email provider.

As you see, we work hard to keep people safe on Kinmunity. FangAI ensures that most users can register unobtrusively without obstacles, while also ensuring we keep the bad guys, gals, and non-binary not-so-much-pals out!