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    • Hi all! Welcome to the first post in this section. I have a very interesting question: how did you discover you were werekin? What exactly is your kintype? I have a pretty lengthy explanation here for myself if you wanna read. For your answer, you can go as long or short as you want with it. I’m curious! * This topic is pinned so new users can get the chance to find this topic.
    • Same with me. I posted about my full process in my introductions post, but it definitely was a form of minor imprinting on my end due to my childhood. I agree completely. I definitely suspectΒ being autistic for myself comes into play - which is not a mental illness - but either way my identity had caused me no harm or internal damage.
    • I believe a large part of my therianthropy is the result of abnormal psychology. I see myself as "somehow wolf" and "somehow fox", without really 100% understanding the mental processes that cause this association. There is a (smaller) spiritual component to my identification as well, but now a days I see it as largely psychological. My mind associates "wolf" or "fox" with my concept of self, almost arbitrarily, and cannot stop doing so even if I stop and rationalize things out. I recognize this to be abnormal psychology, but I do NOT recognize it as any form of mental illness or something that needs to be changed, as it causes zero harm in everyday life. I say that my spiritual component is smaller, because while I believe my spiritual self to be wolf, I'm not necessarily sure it would be such a large part of my identity today without the psychological component being in play.
    • Transgender Day of Visibility It's March 31st, which is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. This day is focused on transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination and hate crimes that have occured against us world-wide. Recent actions by state governments in the United States, particularly Idaho's action to prevent transgender citizens from amending their birth certificates (disgustingly signed into law today of all days), serve as somber reminders as to why such awareness efforts are still needed. Please take some time today to remember victims of violent hate crimes, and to support your trans friends and relatives. Β  Β 
    • Technically 3 but that third is something I made aΒ non-disclosure agreement with myself about.Β 
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