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    License Renewals

    Kinmunity is powered by the Invision Community Suite, as well as a large number of off-the-shelf and custom add-ons. As of 11/2019, many of those add-ons are up for renewal. This allows us to fix bugs and add new-features to the site. The total amount needed is $108.75. This has been rounded up to $115.00 to accommodate for fees assessed by our payment gateway. This money will fund the following features:

    • Revival of the KinShop.
      • Addition of a working "badge shop" that does not rely on our trophy system, just like old KM!
    • New features and bug fixes for our Links Directory.
    • Bug fixes for our Discord Integration system.
    • Misc security & safety improvements.

    Users who donate over $25 to this drive by 12/30/2019 will receive gold donor status.

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