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Restraining Order

Restraining Order

Make 'em stay 500 ft away from your thread, or else!
Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Posting
Here at the Law Offices of Sue Yoo, we feel that Kinmunity members should have the right to enjoy the site. When a less-than-agreeable individual causes you grief, Sue Yoo will Bring you peace! Upon purchase and redemption of this digital good, The Law Offices of Sue Yoo will:
  • Draft a Petition for Injunction Against Posting against a user of your choice, valid within a thread of your choice.*
    • Don't worry about having a valid reason, Attorney Yoo will likely just make something up as she goes along.
  • Hire a crooked process server to serve the respondent with notice, who doesn't actually serve the respondent, but says he did! (don't worry - the judge will never know)
  • Pay off the Guardians to enforce the injunction.
In other words, we'll ban someone from one of your threads for you!
*Only valid Chit Chat, Fun & Games, & The Watering Hole.

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