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Title of Nobility

RARE Title of Nobility

It's a well-kept secret that you don't have to be born noble, you can buy your way in!
Petition for Title of Nobility
As you may have already guessed, the Law Offices of Sue Yoo provide world class representation to world class people. While a good law firm must have excellent knowledge of case law, legal prowess, and experience in the courtroom - if often comes down to who you know rather than what you know. Sue Yoo knows many important people, and several of them owe her favors for representation she has provided to them in the past.
Upon purchase and redemption of this digital good, The Law Offices of Sue Yoo will:
  • Draft a Petition for Title of Nobility in your name. The title can be literally anything, even something that doesn't actually exist!
    • Such a petition has no legal basis, but it will look impressive and formalize the process of obtaining your title.
  • Hire a crooked process server to serve the Kinmunity Administration with the petition, with a a "u owe me" sticky note, five bones, and a family photo of one of members of the admin team attached to it.
  • If necessary, hire an enforcer to ensure the deed is done.
In other words, this item will allow you to change the title that appears under your username based on your trophy points to custom text if your choosing.

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