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VIP Membership - 1 Month

VIP Membership - 1 Month

Membership has its privileges!
A person who uses their bones to purchase a VIP package is considered a VIP Member. By becoming a VIP member, you help support the site and gain all sorts of cool perks! The table blow shows you many (but not all) of the perks of being a VIP on Kinmunity!

Registered MemberVIP Member
Access to the bookmarks system🚫✔️
Edit Time-Limit30 Minutes2 Days
Edit Time-Limit (PMs)5 Minutes30 Minutes
Upload Audio/Video🚫✔️
Upload Audio/Video in profile posts🚫✔️
Upload attachments in profile posts🚫✔️
Maximum conversation recipients510
Images in signature🚫✔️
Links in signature🚫✔️
Media in signature🚫✔️
Block tags in signature🚫✔️
Maximum characters in signature255560
Maximum lines in signature36
Maximum links in signature03
Maximum images in signature03
Maximum emojis in signature15
Maximum text size in signature37
Maximum storage allowed in media gallery250mb500mb
Maximum per-file size allowed in media gallery10mb150mb
Create chatrooms🚫✔️
View & search chat archives🚫✔️
Set persistent chatroom message color🚫✔️
Set custom chatroom status🚫✔️
Maximum number of owned social groups15
Maximum number of group invites per 24 hours1550
Maximum number of owned blogs210
Upload videos to blogs🚫✔️
Maximum attachments per blog15
Set blog as collaborative blog🚫✔️
Create multi-page blog entries🚫✔️
Access to KinShop black market🚫✔️
Access to special forum🚫✔️

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