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    Hello, As many of you probably know, my birthday is on June 18th. I intend to spend the day with my mate @NaomiG, as I am not fond of large parties and crowds. However, there is something that I would like from all of the lovely members of Kinmunity and that is donations towards the site. It is honestly one of my passions to work on Kinmunity, and while I don't post as often as some of our guardians and community managers, I consistently work on the back end adding new features and functionality to the site, many of which were suggested by our users. Kinmunity costs a decent amount of money to run (see here for cost info), and there are still many features I would like to add to the site. Some of these features include: Categories system for clubs, sort out clubs based on interest, keep all the "pack" clubs in one area. Pages for clubs, create your own custom pages with our WYSIWYG editor. Advanced member search & profile discovery; find others like you. Identity verification system; positively identify those who are known in the community, prevent troll impersonation. Enhanced member cards. Extensions to our Chat system. Unfortunately, these things cost money to do. Please consider donating to Kinmunity to help us all attain these! Click here to donate!
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    With a few tweaks and some time to actually finalize everything, I have decided to bring my zhuard self to life- Allen- even if at the slowest of gaits. A lot of patience is needed with these things. I will post it elsewhere but for now I figure why not here first..this is after all a personal project in a way. I don't often draw Allen, as I might have said in the past. Not for any real reason- there's a lot of others I haven't gotten around to but hopefully will soon. The expression of the walk feels correct- and not correct physiology wise, that's correct for a zhu- but correct as in resonating. It resonates with me. This is how I would walk and all it's specifics....though I admit, did play around with the tail flick (which zhuards at certain gaits do)..I might not have been that expressive haha. This is definitely an improvement on my art end as far as animation goes (I'm extremely new to it..).
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    I've never been a too emotional being, but I always loved to be out in the nature. I felt I belonged there. But end of 2018 something happened to me, something changed in my brain. And the world turned upside down. What you read next is not made up. It happened to me, today and here. EDIT: I've blocked the blog entry at this time because I'd like to direct the talk to the discussion thread. Thank you for posting any feedback or questions there! Since the weather was super fine today, I did a short walk. I live in a house at the edge of a small village; outside, there is a small hill. There are only green fields there, and oftentimes there's nobody around. When I go up there, I can easily look 6 miles over the hilly countryside. So I walk up the hill on the farmer's lane, nobody else is there, there are trees and grass at both sides and nature all around me. And as soon as I walk 100 meters away from my house and look at the plants, I can feel... this is where I belong. But it's more than that. It feels like.. nature and life, that is me. All of it, every stone, every flower, every tiny insect, every bird, even the air. And then I can feel... life. Energy. Insanely strong and overwhelming energy and I feel like... some would call it love, but I better describe it as "I am them. They are me. All is one". It's damn hard to explain I tell 'ya. I have done this three or four times since beginning of the year, and it always happens. Sometimes I'm wearing headphones and listening to music, which makes me feel it even stronger, but that is not needed. Today I didn't and found that the feeling does not come from the music, it comes from me and from nature. I just only need to open all my senses, and listen to myself. It also doesn't feel like it comes from my brain, it's.. deeper, inside, heck.. I don't know how to put this. My soul? My heart? Also, this is not imagined. I know how it feels to use my imagination. I don't need to do anything, it just happens. When I see a stone, my rationality can tell me it's a stone and it's not moving and made from minerals and cold and heats up in the sun... and then my imagination jumps on and visualizes how the stone feels if I touch it, how it could feel to be a stone and so on. But when I switch off all of this, and don't think about anything, I would still.. still get that energy feeling, only by listening to all my senses. When a bee would fly by, I'd get an energy burst that would run through me like an electric surge. When I'd concentrate on a grass stalk I would get another energy feeling. When I see a bird, I would feel it. When I walk over certain places, I would get an energy surge from Earth. Finally when I returned, I looked up to the sky, and I immediately knew: this is where I belong, where I should be. It's always like that. As soon as I'd only listen and open up myself, it would start. Don't get me wrong: I embrace all of this, I'm utterly fascinated. But what the heck happened to me?? Is it the ability to open up my energy field, is it a new sensorial skill? I think it's more than just sensing. I can control if I want to sense or not; I can switch something like a protection shield on and off (it's switched on by standard, thankfully). I feel my own energy, and I can control it. I can spread it over other things, burst into blue plasma - I can do it in nature just as I do in meditation, and if I do it in nature, my body feels unreal, everything I see feels unreal, but the energy feelings I get are ridiculously strong. I know I could do this before, but it was never so insanely strong, and it didn't fade since beginning of 2019. I didn't even meet animals or touch a tree today; but from earlier walks I'm sure if I would have done that and opened my senses, I may have fainted from their energy. It even seems that some of the animals notice if they turn on their senses. This is way, way beyond just enjoying nature, it's a feeling of... being nature and animals that's so wickedly overwhelming. I'm catching for breath, I'm coming back from the walk all confused and shaking my head and asking myself "what the heck was that"?? Nobody ever told me how to do that, I'm not a religious guy at all, I didn't read any esoterical stuff during christmas, all I did was listening to music and reading a fantasy comic with dragons in and looking at dragon pictures... and boom, my world was turned upside down. I need help to understand this. I have my own theories, but I've opened a thread to discuss... if you're a guest reading this, please feel free to leave a comment. Please note: I don't want treatment. This is absolutely not an illness. Something tells me this is the greatest skill I've ever aquired in my life. I just only want to understand it. I also don't need a god or a religion; all of this is about me and nature and Earth. Religios explanations will be appreciated, but I will not attribute this to a deity being because I don't feel that this is right. Thanks so much for reading!
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    I noticed we have a den for qualified researchers to post studies, but we don’t have any specific den to discuss science related things that are specific to the otherkin community. Perhaps more educational and science talk would help others introspect better and we could make theories to question the realities of our identities. For example, talking about the historical studies of reincarnation and soul departure, animal instinct and behavior, geology of our planet or other worlds, multiverse and astronomical theories, or just environmental science. It does not have to be implemented if it isn’t necessary, however it’s just an idea I thought of. ^.=.^
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    As many of you are likely aware there is currently a bug making it difficult for users to log in to Kinmunity. On logging in to the site you are then asked to create a new account with a new username/email. Upon doing so you are then able to log back in to your usual account. We realise this is causing a lot of difficulties/confusion and apologise for the inconvenience. I'm sure Naia will have this issue fixed as soon as she is able! If you are accessing the site through a secure, private device it may be best to avoid logging out in order to avoid complications, however if you are on a shared/public computer this is obviously not advised. To help us clean up any duplicate accounts while this bug is going on, each time you need to make a new account please reply below with the alternate username you have created (those who already posted names in the bug thread need not repeat them). Alternatively create easy to identify usernames (i.e. velvet_secondaccount1, velvet_secondaccount2, etc...). I'll try to delete dupe accounts asap to allow you to reuse your alt emails if you need to repeat this process. Again we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope this issue will be fixed soon!
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    Personally I feel my feline phantoms all the time and my argonian phantoms pretty often, but not constantly. You certainly don't have to have phantoms all the time to be considered therian/otherkin/kith! Everyone experiences things differently, some may never experience any phantoms or shift at all. Otherkinity/therianthropy is an identity as something non-human (while kith/otherhearted is identifying with). The experiences that go along with the identity are personal to each individual.
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    I've mentioned before that my Truth haunts me. Not like a ghost, but images of it are always in my mind, and sometimes they become too much for me to ignore. That's how I know what it looks like from a third person point of view. But, sometimes I can see what I've dubbed The Dark City. It's a city that exists where the material meets information and thought. The realm of data, dreams, and stories. Electronic magicks, digital souls, fully alive machinery, techno fae, information demons, and stranger things aside. Black towers and skyscrapers made of black glass, gleaming metals, and dark stone. The sky is eternally night, the only natural light from the overwhelmingly large moon hanging overhead, the glittering stars and celestial phenomenon. The light is never bright enough to dispel the darkness of the Dark City. The city itself is lit by the neon lights of businesses, abodes, and advertisements, the streetlamps all works of art. The most common colors are blue, gold, and silvery white. Yet for all the lights, the darkness only grows deeper should it not be banished by the lights. The light is bright and invigorating, contrasting the deep, inky, blackness of the long shadows. Storms are always coming and going, but the rain always stays, giving everything a silver gloss as the neon gleams off of it. People rush about on their business, living their lives as they see fit, their energies, their passions burning inside of them, and feeding the City. Think of it as a city that never sleeps, where the people are given the opportunity to become who they want, and do what they want with their lives. If they have the drive, then they can work on becoming more powerful, wealthy, or influential. Because of the occasional incursions from Outside, creatures often called Outsiders for simplicity sake, break into the City. So many people are taught how to fight, and being a mercenary, warrior, soldier, or other trade of war isn't uncommon, nor is it looked down on. Many of the most influential people in the city were either one of those trades, adventurers from the Dungeon, Acolytes who have earned their Mastery, powerful Wild Ones, and even successful merchants and business leaders. The most influential earn the title Lords and Ladies of the Dark City. The City is powered by, feeds into, and is enlivened by the Akashic Grid. When one learns to tap into it, usually at a young age, they can see the second level of the city, flowing data streams through the air, information as it flows into the Dark Shrines. In some ways, the Akashic Grid is a wireless energy field that permeates the City, even the outer limits of the City. One is able to use it to access information, communications, purchases, and such, for it is similar to a omnipresent internet-like communications grid. If you know of Shadowrun, it is similar to the 4E-5E Matrix in that regard. It is also a powerful tool to alter reality. Anyone can learn to use the Akashic Grid to perform magicks, but very few are actually born with the skill active at birth, and are able to learn to use it much more easily, and more powerfully than others. Many of these beings become Acolytes, learning to manipulate information, and perform magicks. The Acolytes aren't a religious organization, as much as it may appear to be so. It is more a private training program, many who wish to learn the secrets of the Akashic Grid begin to work to enhance their skills and become much more stronger. The begin to communicate with Sprites, Daemons, Agents, and other types of Inforgs as they grow in power. The city is built on the Bay Of Dreams that leads to the east the Electric Seas. The waters are black as ink, and conceal all manner of things including the Deep District. (Which is essentially the City Proper but just underwater, which extends just as far as the City Proper does on land.) Two good visuals that can be used to give a hint at what they Dark City (Proper) looks like would be The City That Never Was from Kingdom Hearts (The World That Never Was,) The Grid from Tron (Specifically Tron Legacy), and Rapture from Bioshock for the Deep District. The Dark Shrines are scattered throughout the Dark City, The Dark Shrines appear slightly differently from the outside, though they all lead to the same place, to what appears to be a cross between a server farm, a library and temple that appears to stretch on infinitely, though the Acolytes are able to navigate through the Shrines with ease. Here Acolytes perform their duties, cataloging new information, updating data, and tending to locked up Vestiges. One is always within sight of the statues that give the Shrines their name. A wolf-like god who empowers the City and the Akashic Grid. The Dark Shrines on, and under, the Electric Sea appear as dark, and ominous lighthouses. The Shrines in the City Proper appear as cathedrals, though some appear as nightclubs or libraries. In the Black Forest they appear as small castles, towers, that lead to the Shrines. The Mountains have gateways carved into the stone that lead to their version of the Shrines. Only the Old City doesn't seem to have any entrances to the Dark Shrines. On the north the City is bordered by large, dangerous looking mountains, the peaks shrouded by darkness and storms. No one has gone over the mountains, and many avoid getting to high, as creatures do invade from over the mountains. Things that should not exist, and seem to corrupt the very reality around them, which many warriors spend their lives fighting back the invaders. The City continues partially up the mountains, though after a certain point the buildings begin to grow more and more built into the mountains itself, eventually becoming just stone. Here the tunnels grow deeper into the earth, leading to the doors to the Dungeon, which is where those who seek adventure travel. Incidentally, the stairs inside the Doors go both ways, though no one knows where the stairs up lead, and other entrances to the Dungeon have been found in other parts of the Dark City, thought the Mountain Doors are the most well known of such entrances. The Dungeon is both a source of adventure, as well as a source of power for those who seek it. One can learn to fight and become very powerful inside the Dungeon, as well as bring back magickal items for use, sale, or reverse engineering for products and research. One can also, very rarely find Vestiges, items and beings of such great power that those who obtain them grow to become legends. Some though, are either cursed, or have massive drawbacks, or dangers associated with them that render them incredibly dangerous to use. Such Vestiges, unable to be restrained, are brought to the Dark Shrines for containment, or purification. To the west the City proper tapers off until it fades into countryside. These towns (still part of the City however) border the Wyldwoods, or the Black Forest. The trees are towering, only barely letting a little moonlight through their canopy. The forest extends through hills and mountains. The paths are lit with flames though, in contrast to the City's propensity for liquid lighting. The paths lead from the border towns to the towns that are in the forest itself. The towns are very rarely attacked, though all manner of beasts stalk through the forest, and occasionally creatures much like the creatures from the mountains will enter, attacking everything in their path, including the beasts of the forest. The paths are safe as well, protections placed upon them help keep the ways safe for travelers, though as soon as one leaves the path, the protections no longer apply to them. Many of the creatures in the forest are very good at luring people off the path, though natives should know better, and many are hired as escorts and bodyguards. Deep in the forest, when the paths become small, rough, and as if they haven't been used in a long time, the path to the Dark Court is found. Here beings of raw, dangerous nature are at play, dreams and nightmares become reality where the Wild Ones hold court. To the south of the city proper is what is simply known as the Old City. The Dark City gives way to rocky hills and ravines, before eventually becoming a rocky, and sand-blasted wasteland. After what would feel like days of travel, one is able to see the Old City in the distance. No one has ever lived in the Old City, but its always been there, for as long as the Dark City has been around. The dark, crumbling, yet clearly originally well-crafted ruins are always surrounded by storms, with sandstorms kicking up occasionally. Many researchers and acolytes from the City come out to study the ruins, hoping to find clues to its origins, and even to the origins of the Dark City itself. Very few have made it in far enough, many who traverse far enough in are either done in by the traps, beasts who live there, or the constructs who patrol the ruins. Those who aren't taken out by ruins, and don't make it back out, are simply lost in the maze of corridors, tunnels, and stairways that lead deeper into the ruins. Some theorize that the corridors beneath the Old City are linked to the Dungeons, but no one is entirely sure of that. As one moves further into the labyrinth that is the Old City, the walls and buildings start getting taller, even though the ruins seemed a lot smaller from the outside. The incredibly rare few who make it to the center of the Old City, and survive, find what appears to be a gigantic set of doors, as tall as a skyscraper, that didn't appear when viewing the city outside. Engraved upon the doors is the likeliness of the same figure that the Dark Shrines have statues of. The doors are cracked open, though no one has been able to get in, seemingly repelled by the entrance of the door, a feeling of existential dread washing over them. The few who have been to this place and returned have taken to calling it the Necropolis. That's all I can think of at this time, but I'll be sure to either add to this entry with more details as they are revealed to me, or make new entries for specific information.
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    β™‘ πΌπ“ƒπ“‰π“‡π‘œπ’Ήπ“Šπ’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ β™‘ Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ I've decided to compile a list of good games for various kintypes! Note that I haven't played all of these, and several of them I don't know much about (thanks to reddit and a friend of mine for many of these suggestions), so admittedly I can't help much with getting you alot of information on them or telling you which ones are best. But if you try any, let me know how it goes! Games listed here either allow you to play as a certain creature or feature them very prominently. If it's not made obvious by the title, the most notable animal/animals will be listed alongside the name. Sadly most of these require payment, but all of the games who's titles are in bold are free! β™‘ πΏπ’Ύπ“ˆπ“‰ π‘œπ’» π‘”π’Άπ“‚π‘’π“ˆ π’»π‘œπ“‡ π“‹π’Άπ“‡π’Ύπ‘œπ“Šπ“ˆ π“€π’Ύπ“ƒπ“‰π“Žπ“…π‘’π“ˆ β™‘ Canines: The First Tree (Fox) Seasons after Fall (Fox) Never Alone (Arctic Fox) Wolfquest Okami (Wolf) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wolf) Tales of Vesperia (Wolf) Wolfplay The Dog Island (This game is kind of old but it's also my entire childhood tbh) Nintendogs Dog's Life Tokyo Jungle (Small Dogs, other animals) KleptoDogs Felines: Shelter 2 (Lynx) Epic Battle Fantasy (Domestic Cat) Lioden KleptoCats Neko Atsume (Domestic Cat) Hooved Creatures: The Endless Forest (Deer) ... Goat Simulator. Way to the Woods [NOT YET RELEASED] Birds: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Eagle Flight Secrets of Raetikon Mythical Beings: The Elder Scrolls (Dragons, Anthro Cats in Skyrim) Dark Souls (Occasional dragons) [Warning: Notoriously Difficult] Spyro The Dragon L.A.I.R (Dragons) [ I've heard some mixed things about the controls on this one tho so maybe just rent it first or something before you yeet your money at it] Divinity Dragon commander (Mostly human but has dragon transformation) Robot Unicorn attack Don't Escape (Werewolves) Dragon Cave Other/Multiple: Shelter (Badger) Super Animal Royale (Various Animals) [EARLY ACCESS] SimAnimals (Various forest Creatures) Ori and the Blind Forest (Forest spirit, general nature vibes) Endless Ocean: Blue World (Various Sea Creatures) Destroy All Humans (Aliens) Eccho the Dolphin Spore (Custom creatures) Animal Crossing (Various anthro animals)
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    Don't speak badly about yourself. I used to be all into self-deprecating humor. I'd say derogatory things about myself, and also about my other self. It was a defense mechanism, although a very poor one. "You can't hurt me more than I've already hurt myself. I'm immune to anything you can throw at me. I'm my own worst critic"--as if that was some kind of virtue. But then one day he was all, "No, just stop. Don't do that anymore." I'm forbidden from taking part in those jokes now. Words have power. They're not as harmless as you may think. Even small ones add up over time. It's not easy to go cold turkey from that habit, especially when it feels deceptively virtuous. It's not virtuous, and it's not helping you. Don't do it. You just have to keep your eyes open because those gremlins will try to sneak in the back door when you're not paying attention. Smash them with your shoe. I know, I know, some people really need a good critical self assessment, right? Even if you think you're one of those people, being bad to yourself will likely cause more problems than it cures. Don't chew on rancid bones. This is a new one this morning, after spending way more time than I should have trying to justify something that happened years ago. Chewing on that thing is not going to make it taste any better. It's not going to solve anything. You're just obsessing over the same old stink, hoping you can make it smell better this time around. It won't work. Drop it. Bury it. Put it away. The past is gone. Find something better to chew on until your teeth stop itching. (I'm not sure where all the dog metaphors are coming from this morning.) This one is hard to do. You think you're finally going to solve it this time. But you're not. Love yourself. That's not a suggestion, it's an order. Don't wuss out. The actual wording on this one was, "Love yourself with the same fierceness that you love him," but that's rather context dependent. I knew what it meant to love. I just wasn't good at turning that inward. I swore that I wouldn't abandon that other self, that I would try to save him even if it meant that he might drag me along into his own hell. But he is also me. Love seemed easier when I was externalizing it. I thought I wasn't special, I wasn't worthy. The truth is that those things are irrelevant. Love is not reserved for the worthy. Being special is not a requirement. Love doesn't answer to those things. Love your enemies, and what bigger enemy can you find than the one in the mirror? Do it anyway. I'm not asking you to like them, like and love are not the same thing. If you find things to like then that's a bonus, not a requirement. Think about how much stronger you will be if you manage to pull off this challenge.
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    Yeah I've been a little wary at posting this at first and in general. These up and coming dinosaur games don't know how to act and like to rip sounds right from obvious sources without changing them.../..BUT there is a bit of curiosity around how zhuards sound like. This is just a preview-- I have more files but I'd like to listen to and tweak them depending on how I feel about them. Most are correct. I will continue making these- just another way to bring my one of my kin species to life. The descriptions provide a little lore/information about the sound you are listening to. -----HEADPHONES ARE BEST------(as I used headphones to create these, you get a better feel for everything) https://clyp.it/vohqdq5i?token=6f2d1af4cdf2a9d2dbdf3dc5d862fb32 https://clyp.it/ht52hx3l?token=a7d55f4d0a6875ebbc2617e5ed6cc285 https://clyp.it/vlvf0z4z?token=51d5c8c0f25c275a9ffba3f66cc6bc87
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    More than one people should be able to manage a club. If at any point a club becomes very large, the creator of the club is tasked with keeping an eye on the large amounts of posts entirely on their own. This could come with immense difficulty if said creator leads a very busy life. To make matters worse, if the creator were to ever go inactive or delete their account this would leave the group entirely unmoderated and un-updated. It is for this reason that a group's creator should be able to add moderators to a group who could then have access to some of the club management privileges. These could include deleting posts that may break the rules and inviting members. The most important group setting though, such as group name and photo, should likely be left to the creator.
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    β™‘ πΌπ“ƒπ“‰π“‡π‘œπ’Ήπ“Šπ’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ β™‘ Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ As many of you likely know by now, I am what some may consider a connoisseur of internet oddities. Last night I fell down one of my many rabbit holes of intriguing online content, and this time it came in the form of vintage websites. Since many of you seemed to enjoy my Strange Websites Masterpost, I decided to share these with you as well. Most of these websites were created in the 1980's or 90's and either haven't seen updates since the early 2000's at latest, or still have retained enough of their vintage charm to be interesting. I found many other old websites that I did not include, but they were mostly obsolete corporate sites and other things that weren't very interesting. In the name of "quality over quantity", this list will be shorter than my previous one, but will contain the most interesting or amusing of the ones that I found. That being said, let's get into it! Interesting Vintage Websites Bud Uglly Design Fluffy's World The Chupacabra Website San Fran Frog Cam (The world's longest running webcam!) Neal's DNA Mutation Site Eric Conveys an Emotion The Simulator Aliweb The Virtual Memorial Garden Welcome to Netscape The Electronic Zoo The Froggy Site Milamba's Photographs of Australia NebcorpPageWorks Lawyer Dance John Gephart's Realm of Niftyness Man Beef (Note: This was a hoax!) DP Graph taco.com Cyber Beach Sprott's Fractal Gallery
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    About time I made another blog entry! Today I've found myself stuck in a bit of an art block. so when I sat down to work on stuff I ended up just doodling, then (as I sometimes do when I'm stuck in the inspired-but-blocked mood), I had a little look through my past drawings - all the things I've sketched but never done anything with, which I have a lot of. Art's a big part of my life. It's a hobby, but also a way to deal with and explore my emotions. And there's a pretty big difference between my vent art and normal art - stuff for venting is rough, messy, surreal, abstract and heavy on symbolism. It's nothing like anything I've ever shared on here. Honestly, I rarely share my vent art at all. Most of the time I don't even save it, but occasionally I'll make something that feels right and keep it for posterity. These images represent a very personal and true expression of what goes on inside my head - sometimes it's things related to my mental health, or life events, but I've used it to work through spiritual confusion and fear as well. It's a real shame all my blog posts from the old site have been purged. There was a lot in there from times where I was still figuring all this stuff out... and it was a very hard time for me, don't get me wrong. My mental health was much worse than it is now, and a lot of the things I experienced were a source of... genuine existential terror for me. Sounds dramatic, but... that's truly what it felt like. And that feeling hasn't exactly gone anywhere, but gradually I'm learning to frame it in ways that make it easier to work with, and not letting it rule my mind as much as it used to. It would've been nice to still have records from when I was working through this stuff. Don't think I would've felt right making backups anywhere though, so... eh. All that to say... my "relationship" with my spiritual self can get ugly sometimes. My interpretation of it has never been flattering. Even at the best of times, it's still a monster to me. So there's times where I feel more in-tune with that side of me, and I have to work it out somehow, so I'll turn to art. And... the things I draw at those times, while confusing and sometimes a little scary, definitely feel most representative of what I truly am. And... I never view those representations as a negative. Might look like something out of a Lovecraftian nightmare, but it feels "right" to me - and that feeling is comforting. Even though I don't always enjoy being a spirit entity, I'm long past the point of trying to distance myself from that identity (it's... never went well, the times I did try to do that). I'd rather embrace it, with all the weirdness and confusion it entails. What I end up with are basically... objectively bizarre or, in their own ways, kinda horrifying representations of myself - that also, in an almost contradictory way, help me parse that side of myself in a way that makes me feel more understanding of it, and even more at peace with it. In the end, when I say I'm scary or that I'm a monster, I don't mean it to say that I don't like myself or that I'd ever want to change. It certainly doesn't mean I feel, on any level, malevolent or dangerous. I just know that, from a human perspective, the true way to represent my spiritual self would be as something surreal, alien and... yeah, really damn scary. Representing myself in that way feels right. That kind of self-expression is really important to me as a person. Today, while I was trawling through my old art files, I found something that really struck a chord. I can't remember when I did it, so it must've been a while back. And... yeah, it's strange, but looking at a big black squiggly mess, I felt more like... "yeah, this is me" than I ever have towards any normal drawing I've tried to make to express this side of me. It feels a bit weird to share this art, since I don't usually show people this sorta thing, but... it feels important, so I want to share it somewhere. Where better than here? Specifically this is a representation of... kinda the line between my spiritual self, my current identity and my headmates (who are psychological, and hypothetically share the same "soul"/spiritual core as I have). I dunno what people will make of this, or if anyone cares, but... yeah. Surreal, shitty symbolic vent art. Yep, it's really something. God, sharing this stuff feels like how I imagine it'd feel to hand someone my diary, if I kept a diary.
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    Identifying phantom shifts?
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    Heyo all! We've noticed some people putting threads in the wrong place, so we felt it would be useful to make a little guide of where to put your threads when you're creating them. These are the boards we often find posted in improperly, or not used when they should be. Suggestion Box: Put suggestions for new features for the site here. Note: If you want a place for discussion that isn't currently covered by a forum board, you might be better off making a club for it instead (since that's what clubs are for). If you genuinely believe we need another board though, you can suggest it here. Bug Reports: This is for documenting actual bugs you're encountering. If you're experiencing something weird but you're not sure if it's worthy of a bug report, feel free to mention it in the Discord and if the consensus is that it's a bug, please document it here. 'Kin Q&A: If you have a question specifically about otherkin, the community or anything like that, even if you're not a registered guest, post it here! It says that it'll be answered by staff, but anyone is able to respond, although posts are moderated so staff have to approve them before they go up. Chit Chat: This board is a place for off-topic, general chatter, and things that don't necessarily incite meaningful conversation. Reactions are disabled in here to prevent their abuse for lower quality content (with regards to the site's overall goal of 'kin discussion, not that the content itself is meaningless). This board is also PUBLIC, so keep that in mind when posting. We may move threads here if we feel they're better suited to this board; please understand that it's so our other boards reflect active discussion and can be reacted to appropriately. The Watering Hole: Most focused discussion on Kinmunity is likely going to be kin-focused, but if you have a general, non-kin topic that involves deeper discussion, post it here. I know there is some grey area between content that belongs here and what belongs in Chit Chat, so if you're unsure, ask yourself if users would be able to respond to each other's posts in order to continue meaningful discussion, or if they'd just add casual replies. Creative Corner: This board is for sharing things you've created, or deeper discussion about art, photography, and the like. That being said, even if your topic is about art, lighter topics that would otherwise go in Chit Chat should go in Chit Chat. If you're intending to make a thread dedicated to your art specifically though, please instead use the gallery to do so. Howls: If you're looking for local 'kin (typically with the intent of a meet up), please do so in this board. For the safety of our younger members, only those over the age of 16 may plan meet ups. Thank you!
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    Art of mine that happens to be furry!
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    I am a domestic feline. I knew all along that I was domestic, and have had no doubts since my awakening. However, that's not to say that I feel no connection at all to my wild brothers and sisters. The thought of wild cats often makes me feel quite shifty. There's a certain routine I sometimes go through to induce mental shifts. I'll sit down with my hands and feet flat on the ground, close my eyes, and imagine roots wrapping around my limbs. The roots then bury themselves into the earth, quickly making their way down deeper and eventually reaching glowing orbs of liquidized feline instinct buried underground. They break the surface of the orbs and this substance flows back up the roots and into my bloodstream, where it builds up inside of me before bursting forth in the form of a shift. However, this liquid instinct often isn't just that of other domestic cats, but my mind goes to that of my wild ancestors as well. This is understandable, as we're all still related. one study even found that domestic cats share about 95% of their genome with tigers. However, I believe I have finally solved a mystery regarding my shifts, with this connection being the solution. As I have mentioned a few times before (such as in EE#1: Reflections), another thing that can trigger mental shifts for me is the sound of rain. Rain alone can do it on a rare occasion, but what I've neglected to notice is that the shifts occur most often when the rain is accompanied by thunder. In fact, I believe the source of this phenomenon may be the thunder itself. There was a storm last night that induced a shift and I ended up having a thought that seems to tie the whole thing together. The thunder sounds somewhat similar to the roaring of some large cats. Claps of thunder during storms have likely been reminding me, on some unconscious level, of the roars of my untamed forefathers, thus causing the shift. Mystery solved!
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    You can set your profile to members only.
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    Disclaimer: This blog post will consist of suggestions to prevent potential harm while exploring outside. If you feel as though you may already have a potential health issue on your hands after being outdoors, please contact a medical professional and not strangers on the internet. ^-^ Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ It's getting warmer! The days are getting longer, and the nights are getting starrier. It's almost summer! For many of us, this might seem like an invitation to go out and explore the natural world, especially given how important it is to many otherkin. However, going outdoors comes with its own set of risks that you have to prepare for before you jump in with feet-first. In fact, that brings us to the first important thing to consider... Make sure you protect your feet! They take quite a beating when you're outside, so be sure to give them some love. Wear proper shoes that provide good support for your arches and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you still decide to walk barefoot or with less protective shoes, stay aware of your surroundings. Are there pieces of trash and broken glass nearby? Could there be sharp sticks on the ground that might poke you? Consider any ground-dwelling creatures that may be hazardous as well, such as snakes or spiders. This chart can help you choose the right shoes for your outdoor activities! The same applies when entering the water. Are there eels, predatory fish, or water snakes there? If so, maybe consider not going into the water. If you see any sharp rocks or broken glass on the shore, there may be more at the bottom of the body of water where you are unable to see it, and you should best avoid swimming there. If you already have a cut or other open wound on your body, do NOT enter water in the wilderness! It's often dirty and can lead to infection. If you have determined that it is safe for you to swim, keep your ears and nose out of the water. If there are dangerous microbes or parasites in the water, that will provide them an easy entrance to your body. If they manage to find their way in, the result could be FATAL, so be very careful! Another common issue around water, or just outdoors in general, is insects. If you're going to be in the same area for a while, like during a picnic or while camping, light bug candles to deter them. And of course, be sure to apply some bug repellent to yourself as well! Wearing clothes that cover most of your skin can also be helpful. Be especially wary of ticks. If you see a tick on you, remove it carefully and attempt to identify it as soon as possible. Some types of ticks can carry diseases, particularly Lyme disease, and knowing what kind of tick bit you could be useful information if it ever causes a problem. If the bite location ever starts to look strange, contact a doctor immediately. Here's a handy visual guide to removing ticks! Insects aren't the only living things that can pose a threat while you're outside. Be aware of what wildlife is common around the area you're going too, especially predators such as coyotes, wolves or mountain lions. If you see animal tracks, consider leaving. Plants can also cause an issue if you aren't careful. It's generally a good idea to avoid eating any fruits, berries or other seemingly edible flora no matter how tasty it may look. If you're going to be in wooded areas, keep a sharp eye out for poison ivy and other plants which could potentially damage your skin. Another important thing you should do to protect your skin is to wear sunscreen. Make sure your sunscreen is a high SPF, and be sure to buy a fresh one instead of using one that's been sitting around for 8 months and is probably expired by now. (Trust me, I learned this the hard way. It was highly unpleasant.) When you get home, perhaps consider putting on some moisturizer or lotion. Not just because you were just outside, but because skincare is important and you should always take good care of it. It's your body's largest organ, after all! While you're at it, be sure to drink some water and keep your insides hydrated too. Now that warmer days are upon us, you're finally free to explore a blossoming, snow-free world! But it's important to be safe while you do it. Keep yourself safe by wearing proper gear and staying aware of your environment. As long as you follow these tips to avoid potential hazards, you can run free without fear! Now go out and unleash your inner animal!
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    On 05/14/2019, a bug was introduced to Kinmunity that prevented many users from logging in. This bug was the result of code that was added to Kinmunity in order to restrict certain features (like KinSpots and Howls) to members who are over the age of sixteen. The action to assess their age and move them to the appropriate usergroup was being performed before login was completed, resulting in a temporary account being made where the user was required to "complete the profile" before they could use the site. This resulted in mass confusion and trouble accessing the site. This bug has been resolved and the temporary accounts have been deleted. If for some reason you are still having trouble logging in (although you shouldn't!), please perform the following steps: Clear your cookies and cache in your browser settings. (click here if you need help with that) Attempt to login using your original Kinmunity account, not the duplicate(s) that you may have created. If this does not work, please perform the "Forgot Password" procedure on the login page, and then login with your new password. This bug has no security connotation for users; no user data was exposed to any party. It simply caused a huge headache and made use of the site difficult. I apologize that it took a week to fix; I was unavailable due to my health for a period of time. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site!
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    Glad you're doing better, welcome back! ^-^ Remember to stay hydrated!
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    Could we have IRL merch at some point? Maybe mugs with the KM logo? T-shirts, perhaps? Even some small pins might be nice. Stuff like that could be pretty coolSince it might be a bit more costly it could also make a good reward for donors instead.
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    I can't say I agree with this choice. Discord is much more convinet to use, and I'm sure activity could be increased if a join link was made more clear somewhere on kinmunity. Plus, this poll ran back in April showed that most people wanted it to be kept... so I'm not sure why such a community choice would be over-turned so soon. While I understand the want for keeping the community all under one single sight, the fact is that the chat service provided here is simply inferior, and from what I can tell not really active itself. Plus, certain reasons for ditching the discord as outlined in the poll are not really right? (not the best word for it, but it's the best way I thought of). However, I'm not sure if those reasons still stand and if it's now really just because of inactivity + a want to stay in one place so I won't go much into that. While I think this is a bad move on the admins' part, I can still understand not wanting an inactive server. While I think there's a better way to handle it, I know this is the choice the admins thought best for the community. All I can do is trust that this will be for the best of the community and that KM will only continue to improve in the future.
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    Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ As you may have seen in @Naia's recent post here, this club's creator @elshara is sadly no longer here on Kinmunity with us. However, when this club was first created, I told her that I would be more then happy to offer a helping paw for this club if it was ever needed. It seems that now is the time for me to step up to the task! So I'll be this group's admin from now on. I'll do my best to make you all proud! ^-^ I've went ahead and made several updates to the club already. Feel free to share any feedback you may have on them, and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer! ^-^ - Changed Group Cover Photo - Changed Group Icon - Renamed "References" to "References and Studies" to be a bit more broad and inclusive - Deleted the "Articles" area. I'm not entirely sure how this was originally intended to be used and getting rid of it freed up some clutter. Having so many topics made things a bit confusing. Interesting articles can be shared as part of discussions or you could post the studies that they reference in the "References and studies" area. - Deleted the "Questions" area. Questions can also be posted under "Discussions", so the two have essentially been merged. This was done so that we can keep all our conversations in one area and be more organized. - Changed the description for the "Discussions" forum to reflect the above change - Renamed "Models" to "Models, Charts and Graphs", as the latter two can also be posted there and I felt that the name should reflect that. - Changed the description of "Models, Charts and Graphs" for clarity. - Added albums to "Models, Charts and Graphs" to keep things organized (And added content to these albums to get things started!) - Changed the description of the "Projects" section to reflect the change in this club's administration - Renamed "Group Conversations" to "Group Conversations and Updates", since updates to this group will be posted here and the title should make that clear in case anyone wishes to find them -Changed the description of "Group Conversations and Updates" to reflect the above change
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    This blog entry is just to document a notable experience that happened to me today. The title implies a new kind of shift, but I guess you could classify it under the "mental shift" umbrella. Only that in this case it's quite specific because of the circumstances of my kintype. As you know, my physical body is (despite my disappointment) currently human and not dragon, but I've decided to accept and embrace my feeling that my consciousness and spirit are draconic. I believe that my human brain can not hold the full extent of this consciousness, and hence that only part of it is here while the major part resides at another place sleeping - maybe somewhere in what is usually called "astral plane". Since last christmas I've had four experiences which felt like these two parts were more or less fully fusing - the first one was involuntary and happened indoor. The next two were also involuntary, short and happened in the free nature. They were accompanied by astral and mental shifts as well as an eerie feeling of the world being unreal, feeling to look at the world from the outside and vastly increased nature energy sensing. During the last days I finally realized that I could voluntarily sense nature around me in a empath-like fashion, just by opening myself up and listening to my feelings, much like deactivating a mental protection shield. I found the sensations unusually intense when compared to similar ones I had before christmas 2018. Today I took this one step further and removed more mental protections, sitting on the grass a few steps away from my house. As expected this resulted in the eerie feeling described above. Usually my body would freeze and I would stop breathing at that time, which would render me unable to keep this state for longer than a few seconds. But this time, knowing about what was happening, it would seem I somehow managed to mentally keep my "fused me" stable for a few minutes, and enabling it to control my body. This resulted in strange and surprising thoughts coming to my mind. First I got the feeling that what I see would be an illusion, I was not supposed to be here, my body was not mine and I didn't want to have this. It took me a few seconds to remember that this body was only meant for observation and this reality would be the world I protected. I was feeling like seeing the world through the eyes of an astral dragon who was confused to be physically here. I think I never got closer to feeling to be myself out in the nature before. However the experience leaves a bit of a strange impression because my outer consciusness seems to be more far away from this world than I expected. The excercise didn't really make me tired this time, so hopefully I may use this type of voluntary shift in the future to do introspection without a classical meditation setting.
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    I'm a dragon, so I'm not a therian (if you consider the standard definition used here) and I don't consider myself psycological. Still I'd like to offer some thoughts. I've actually always wondered about what psycological otherkinity exactly is. Our library article names trauma, coping, or an inherent property of one's brain or mind as possible psycological explanations. Whereas spiritual otherkin would reason their identity by personal spiritual beliefs. Now, I always found these definitions rather fuzzy. Trauma and coping are quite clear psycological reasons. However, what about someone claiming that their brain was partially wired like a cat's from birth, and equipped with cat-like memories, while at the same time claiming that there is a god who intentionally did that wiring and placed those memories in order to remind the person of their feline identity? That cat therian would both be "pscyological" and "spiritual", so the types are not at all excluding each other. That's why I personally don't like to use the terms, but instead usually explain how things work for me in a bit more detail. Your first idea is quite clear; however, we have to see that a lot of therians have become aware about their identity before even exploring that there was a community in the first place. So it's only one possibility. The second idea is somewhat unclear to me... do you mean to say that any therian who became so unconsciously and couldn't remove their identity would be called "psycological"? I don't actually think so... such a therian could (e.g. by introspection and meditation) later find out that the reasons for their identity were much more on the spiritual side, couldn't they?
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    I find it interesting that I had just been thinking of weather but for a Pleistocene cat? There are few things better than a nice high altitude, pine woodland, relatively cold in temperature, bit bathed in warm sunlight. The type of thing that can just be basked in for the day before becoming active toward twilight. The cool air is a must, heat and humidity should be avoided, as should rain. Nothing that interferes with thermoregulation and complicates it. So aside from sun the other desired weather is snowfall. Given it is at altitude and in a low humidity environment, this ends up being the light variety, not the wet freezing kind. It does not soak the fur, it does not freeze into it, and it keeps us carnivores well fed because prey travels slowly through it and leaves far more distinctive tracks. Really those two periods are ideal, each for their own reason. Yet while I can enjoy the rain and its soothing effect, I do not enjoy being soaked, let alone damp, so I prefer to be somewhere out of a down pour.
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    You won't believe it. I've read it.
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    β™‘ πΌπ“ƒπ“‰π“‡π‘œπ’Ήπ“Šπ’Έπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ β™‘ Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ Today I would like to introduce you to one of my niche interests: unusual websites! I have decided to begin listing the ones that I stumble upon here so I can share their beauty and strangeness with the world. Or at the very least, the world of kinmunity. I will likely be updating this and adding to it as I find/remember more. Feel free to share your own in the comment, or tell me your favorites! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strange and Scary: Happylander: A giant cat and not much else. Could be scary or funny depending on your opinions. Drive Me Insane, turn lights on and off in a man's house and write on his computer screen. The Dating Site for Ghosts! Recordings of People's Last Words Before Plane Crashes A website dedicated to the conspiracy theory that time is cube-shaped and every day is made up of 4 days (There's also a lot of fascinating history behind this one, this video covers it well!) A mysterious un-named website requiring a login Ways that the world might end Nails (I'm not even sure how to explain this one honestly...) Strange and Funny/Cute: Doughnut Kitten Pet The Dog The Marvelous Breadfish Dancing Ditto Chihuahua Spin A button that makes everything OK I am Awesome An adorable army of pixelated doggos An army of swimming corgis A pug licks your screen A unicode snowman just for you! A bunch of flying salmon Strange and Pointless: Literally Just a Crouton Chess that plays itself A trippy volcano (WARNING! BRIGHT FLASHING COLORS!) Infinitely open doors This site that just screams "HEEEEEY" and "HOOOOO" at you forever IsMyComputerOn.com A livestream of grass growing Fresh Air: The useless fan Is it Christmas? An interactive toilet paper roll that makes my cat self very happy Literally just a dime Scroll up or down to make Falling Guy fall RGB (Warning! Bright colors and loud sounds!) Falling Falling Just a ninja with a flexing arm Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet? A website akin to an animated Piet Mondrian painting Strange but interesting: The Blue Ball Machine HackTest, a game I can't even figure out the first level of Honestly just a mess... A site that somehow always has the perfect image to point at your pointer The site where I found one of my favorite songs (ONLY WORKS IF YOU ALLOW FLASH) A browser extension that removes all the text from websites Windows 93, a site similar to a windows 95 desktop but with even more aesthetic (This is a big favorite of mine!) The last page of the internet
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    I'm pretty sure there is a way to block your account from guests' view? Go to your profile, click "Edit Profile," scroll all the way down - there'll be a thing called "Privacy."
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    I'm not a dragon, but to address the example you gave (Spike from My Little Pony), I'm pretty sure the reason the dragons in that show eat gemstones is because they taste like candy to them. There's plenty of moments where Spike is shown mixing gemstones into icecream sundays, baking them into cupcakes, etc. I guess the gems in Equestria are just supposed to be different somehow? Idk.
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    Adding onto this a little, I heard one dragonkin mention that pomegranates worked for them. I haven't had the pleasure of trying one myself but supposedly the seeds are crunchy? Maybe give them a try if you're into that c :
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    Most of our emojis have codes assigned to them instead of textual emoji replacements. However, if it is desired by a large number of users, I could replace change all of them to codes. Ex ::emojistring:: instead of replacing the textual emojis with graphics.
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    Generally speaking, the more aware of and attuned to myself, the more I recognize these things. I needn't be actively channeling the feline aspect to experience them but if I am distracted mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, it mutes their appearances and intensity. By that what I mean is, is that I might be engaged in something and while doing it if I even so much as feel a break or lapse in focus, I am suddenly aware I can tense or manipulate phantom protractile claws and that they had been present all along, just that I hadn't noticed them. This awareness might not remain for long but the sensation is there until dispelled by added distraction, to the point it starts to interfere a bit with something involving use of the digits. Other times the sensation to orient ears in a direction is given but obviously this cannot be achieved and the feedback from the body issues a response of, "The mind says they have been oriented, however, the body isn't certain how to respond." and it goes from being a subconscious reaction to the awareness in a moment. At this point in my life I often take the time to actively engage and often visualize mentally the actions. Uniquely this has become a one-to-one recreation in imagery with time, in that I can visualize actions translated properly despite disparities in physical ability or exact function; I can see with eyes open picking up a can, I can see with eyes closed a paw managing the same feat. So now the two elements of phantom and mental aspects have begun to interweave, all it takes is acknowledging the impetus and suddenly the mental dynamic has linked with the phantom one even if for brief windows. So I believe it is possible to always feel phantom qualities but I would say most probably do not or will not.
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    I am, yes. Going to be working on some things later today for KM.
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    Hello everyone! (*・ω・)οΎ‰ Recently, I have been reading some nature poetry for school. I also had a little writing project of my own to do. The prompt was simple, describe a time in which you felt "In awe of nature". Since nature is important to many of us, I thought it might be worth sharing my experience with all of you as well! I remember it like it was yesterday. The morning had started like any other. I was going about my usual morning routine of letting my dog outside, and shortly after that taking a shower and getting dressed, then finally finding some breakfast. Or at least... I usually would. I didn't get that far until much later in the morning. See, when I opened the door for the dog to go out I was greeted by a shocking sight. After last night's rain, the town was bathed in a thick fog. Though, at that moment, it felt like the entire world was shrouded in the haze. Now, I am far from fearless or spontaneous. Not often would I do something so bold. But with a sudden determination, I slipped on my shoes, stepped outside and shut the door behind me, staying quiet as to not wake anyone else up. Without a sound, I surrendered to the allure of the mist. The air was quiet and still, the moisture sticking to the fabric of my pajamas. On any other day, I may have detested the feeling of the vapor clinging to my skin and hair like a drowning man to a life raft. Today, I didn't mind though. The scene was far too magical for me to care. I never left my backyard, but that morning it felt like I had stepped a different realm of mystery and magic. I wandered around the yard in silence, the lull only disturbed by the occasional morning songbird and the sound of my own footsteps. Much of my time there was spent simply taking in the scene, with the rest being carefully captured by a camera. But of course, while the photos may not fade, the moment was ephemeral. After a while, I slipped back inside and continued about my morning. The fog would soon fade from sight, though it still remains in memory.
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    Shifting is not a requirement to be considered an otherkin/therian. Some otherkin don't even experience any shifts at all, let alone a constant shift. You're still valid
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    I love the vocalizations! Obviously I'm not a zhuard, but my species has a similar rumble-growl-purr thing.
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    I've obviously been unable to keep the 2-week meditation log intervals, but there's still happening loads of stuff. Writing it down here helps me to sort things out. So... 10/03/19 Starting meditation in the meadow, then turning to mindscape/astral plane plasma. I feel like I can materialize into anything, and I seem to be able to find the other Guardians here. Overlapping with another spirit is comparable to mixing two different colored liquids, but not stir so much that they totally mix.. I somehow get sucked into the area representing Earth; there are so many spirits here that I can't differ them. I'm trying to influence the Earth region; I feel strange sensations I can't actually describe. My fingers are physically shivering. Was something given to me?? 17/03/19 Trying to feel dragon body a bit more; it's heavily armoured. Swords can't hurt it, but would break. Astral mindscape: mixing with other Guardian spirits feels less like thinking, just being. Even the color aura seems to be some kind of manifestation. Being in the Earth area I'm only a small voice amongst many, though I still feel I should be able to do something more than physical here... 18/03/19 I wonder about the fact that only a very small fraction of spirits in the Earth region would actually realize it's astral nature.. To which degree are minds different? Also, are there minds which actually 'vanish' at some point? Evening Meditation: Trying out draconian body a bit. My fire can heat up my arm, but won't injure it. I'm sure it could burn the grass, but don't want to try that here. I love all the animals and nature around. E joins in small dragon form and we go to the astral plasma plane. Her mindscape is overwhelmingly huge, but I manage to fully overlap. Looking at the Earth PRM together, it seems there are minds constantly joining and leaving at the area's perimeter. I don't know where they go to or come from. 23/03/19 Had uncontrolled dream in which my human arm felt like transforming, getting shorter. When I looked at it in-dream, it seemed normal. Strange. Meditation: I was riding on a stag who brought me to an injured deer. The injury.. was it caused by a predator? I feel this shouldn't happen here. I heal the deer using plasma energy and send a message that animals around here are under my protection and shouldn't be harmed. Meditation II: I seem to be able to find a specific mind in the mindscape/astral plane, but can never be sure if it's really the right one... Evening: had a not too intense lucid dream, standing up from bed in draconian form, feeling claws scratching the floor. Grabbing my tail, it feels thick and a bit cold 24/03/19 Morning: Very notable uncontrolled first-of-a-time dream experience. I see myself observed by satellites/drones that feel outerworldly. What does my subconscious try to tell? Are we under surveillance? Meditation: who is observing? As full dragon I try to visualize the satellites/drones seen in the dream and follow the transmission signal. I end up somewhere far away from the Earth PRM area. It looks like there are many observers here, but they seem more curious than dangerous. They feel black/dark blue/violet. Meditation II: found another Dragon by looking around in the astral plane plasma, give her some energy. 28/03/19 Meditation: At the meadow as full dragon, I'm inviting other spirits... suddently a very strange oversized human/titan figure appears with ridiculously large upper body and small head, looking injured. No idea where that came from, but it's as large as my full dragon form. Not sure if friend or foe, so I ask "who are you?"; suddently the creature attacks, it wants to bite/eat me. Bad idea. I evade or go bodyless and let it phase through me. I make a weak attack to warn, but it doesn't stop. The creature's attacks seem futile, though. I transform into draconian and throw the creature around using psi force, finally capture it in an energy bubble tell "since you're attacking me, be gone", and kick the bubble a few lightyears away into the astral. Waiting for more spirits, a wolf joins me. He's hungry, but seems to be very joyful. I give him a steak and we play a bit. I enable him to feed from the place's own energy and ask him not to hurt the animals, then he joyfully runs into the woods... 31/03/19 Mindblowing meditation session. First, I get a visualization flash of a strange guy with blue streaky hair and old-fashioned crome sunglasses. Then, I go to the meadow and I'm joined by D, who tells there's a problem. We fly over the ocean when he stops somewhere and... gets eaten by a huge marine creature who jumps from the water. I think he did that on purpose to lure me to dive into the water.. I do so and meet him again at the ocean ground. He shows me a skull, looking like a Dragon skull. He tells me he doesn't know who that is and insists that I investigate. We take the skull and some other skeleton parts to the beach. I touch the skull with my hand as draconian. I see dinosaurs... desctruction. Was the skull a dinosaur? How did it get here? The other Guardians are joining the scene at the beach. Diving into the skull's aura more, I see a firce red western dragon, setting the dinosaur world on fire using classic orange flames while we Guardians watch the scene not doing anything. It feels fearsome and sad. Was that skull this red dragon? Was this another Guardian? It's too much for me... I let the skull go. When I ask the others what I just saw, they just shake their heads. We throw the skull and the other parts back in the ocean. 1/04/19 Had two lucid dreams, starting in my old paren't house. Very vivid vision of garden. I was first-time able to fly around without having the usual anxiety or seeing plane crashes. Mainly concentrated to wing flapping and gaining height. Major achievement, I was never able to do this before! 5/04/19 Strange and intense uncontrolled dream in which I was in a hotel (or school?) with other people. We were discussing some otherkin related stuff, then sitting together for lunch at a large table when an alarm siren went off. The school/hotel staff asked everybody to go "to the room", but a girl whom I spoke to before was pushing me to the outside. She seemed to be mind-controlled from an unknown force, but I trusted her. She placed me at a spot at the coast, I saw the sea and some ships and felt something dangerous was coming from there, maybe a nuclear explosion? I wanted to stand my ground, but woke up because the situation got too eery. 6/04/19 Discovered "Kundalini"/"Chakra"/"Qi" energy IRL which manifests as an electric surge feeling propagating along my spine. I feel this all my life, but only recently discovered it's something unusual and is connected to Kundalini. Trying to actively feel it in meditation. 8/04/19 Staying at a hotel IRL, I have a dream with some "bad guys" (can't define that better). I choose to eradicate all the bad without mercy. In the end only me is left; is all the Bad gone? No.. it's just that I'm the only bad guy who's left. Maybe this is my shadow self.. where my light side tries to protect, the shadow self wants to eradicate and clean. This feels OK to me, they just need to be balanced. 13-15/04/19 Feeling quite spent by work.. just meditation for getting relaxed. Everything seems fine at the meadow. See short image flash of another sharp-headed dragon. Trying to connect my real-world Qi feeling with my astral-world spirit in order to combine the energies, but it's very difficult to focus on both at the same time. 18/04/19 Too tired to see anything much in meditation... later, I seem to see a Griffin who wants to show me something... not today, I'm too spent.
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    This log is a bit delayed ... 25/02/19 Starting in my usual lying-on-meadow scene I transform to full dragon and take off. I see the ocean in front of me and there are mountains behind. I see a small building and check it out, but it's only a single deserted room. I fly to the ocean and am joined by the water dragon I saw on 10/02/19 (let's call her "O"). When she dives into the water, I decide to wait at the beach for another dragon to show me their homeworld. Suddently, C appears out of a silver light, like being beamed there. I ask him how he did that. He says he'll show me. We both turn into a bodyless plasmatic form, filling a space that is otherwise empty. What is this? Is this our mindscapes? I'm the blue color, he's silver. It feels bodyless, etheric, .. ?? Can't find the right word. I can still think, but not move; I can feel myself filling the space with C. We return to the meadow scene and I see this is the way he did it before. I ask C to show me his homeworld, but it seems he somehow misunderstood? He soars into the space. I follow him to a black asteroid, and we sit there and watch earth and the stars. C likes to use the place for thinking; when I point out that there are problems going on on earth, he says "Earth isn't everything.. maybe you've been there too long". This is very unusual for a guardian. Is C kinda space dragon?? It seems he's connected to the whole universe. I lead him to earth, show him the pollution, climate change, the animal killing human society is doing... but I've lost him. I use the minscape astral travel to return to the meadow scene. Eventually, all other guardian dragons appear and offer help. I see a huge ... energy ball/something in front of me, seems like a huge overlapping area of energy beings. It looks yellow, like the sun. Is this the earth universe from another perspective? We all turn to plasmatic energy and join the energy ball. It feels overwhelming and uneasy, I need more focus, I don't understand yet how to influence this. This is too much for now. I return to the meadow scene as draconian. Finally, E appears in front of me as full dragon. She's looking damn huge from here. She cheers me up. Note: as I'm writing this, I realize again that this session was a rightout mindf**k... completely unexpected, very mysterious. 27/02/19 I use the astral instant teleport to get to my "homeworld" from the starting scene. I'm sitting on a hill. There's a forest to the left and a village behind it, the known cottage down the hill with a river behind. To the right, there are high mountains. I soar into the air. Behind the river there's a ocean or very big lake, behind me there are mountains. It looks a bit like the area is hard to reach unless flying or using a ship. I'm landing close to the cottage and turn into draconian, running to the building. My sister joins me. We hug each other, feels so good.. she tells me her name (let's call her K). I ask her about Avalon, but she doesn't seem to know. We go into the cottage but there's nobody there. There are wooden chairs and a table; we sit there and chat a bit. I get short memories from K... am I getting this right? She's talking about our father?? It surprises me because I'm not aware that I have any parents, but in this physical reality it might be possible. I see ourselves as young dragons. It seems K once broke her wing and I was caring for her. There's also kinda map in the house; it's blurry but looks like a continent shaped like a cross. I keep sitting there for a while, then suddently I must have spotted a mirror... I see myself. My head is shaped like a Sergal's. My body looks sleek and feminine. K looks bright yellow/orange. We decide to leave the house and fly around, a bit like I did with C on 23/02/19. We fly to the ocean; K can fly as fast as me. We glide over the water and land at the beach. Note: high imagination level 2/03/19 I intend to do some flying practice, but also would like to get some memories. Flying around a bit in the starting scene, I spot an island with a hut, but there's nobody there. I shortly see myself standing at the beach during night. I also see myself in a pub along with some humans.. maybe pirates? I'm too tired to see more. 3/03/19 In the starting scene, I feel blue flames around my body and put everything in blue plasma. It seems this has some healing effect onto plants and animals. I'm turning to full dragon and lay down. E joins. She seems sad, but doesn't want to tell why. I winghug her. We turn to draconians and fly a bit. It seems she feels a bit better and leaves again. I do some more flying practice. Back on the ground, a anthro fox joins me and we do some fight training. He's quick, but can't exert much Psi power. I thank him for joining, hope to see him again! 6/03/19 Today was quite stressful, I returned from office early to have some time to relax. I start lying on the meadow, I see my hands and feel my draconian wings.. awesome! I think about how to clean the wings... I stand up and surround myself with blue flames, then finally giving up my physical body. This feels like pure life. Some deer and squirrels come to me; I can connect to them mentally, which is a feeling of love so strong that it nearly gives me tears. Finally I move on and transport to a big area. E joins me and we transform to dragons. We soar into the sky and the other guardians join. We start to do some air dancing; they're doing completely wicked movements I don't really understand. They seem like one dragon, not individual ones and I seem to be somewhere in between. Finally we all land and I look back at them. Surprisingly I can see myself amongst them! What is this.. a wrong impression or a memory?? I somehow manage to transport my mind into the "seen me". I feel joyful, I play with the others, it seems like a memory.
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    The Multiverse of Minds (MoM) is a philosophical hypothesis I formulated end of 2018. It basically extends the classic multiverse hypothesis, which is usually adopted by fictionkin to explain their experiences. It is currently not possible to scientifically prove the MoM hypothesis; it is just a proposal and thought experiment. The MoM hypothesis basically states that our physical earth universe is one out of many physical reality marbles (PRMs). The concepts observed by physics, e.g. time and space, only have relevance inside a PRM, and different PRMs don't need to have the same physical laws. A PRM is emerging due to an intersection of mindscapes. A mindscape is attributed to a conscious mind of a living being called the Mindscape Owner. In particular, everybody of us has one. Mindscapes are generally infinite multidimensional structures which are contained in the Multiverse of Minds; however I consider the number of mindscapes non-infinite. Minο»Ώdscape owners can fill their mindscapes with anything they can imagine given they are skilled enough, but they can not ultimately influence the mindscapes of others. They can also create physical realities within their mindscape, and create intersections between their own mindscapes and others. A PRM is a physical reality created within such intersection. Mindscape Owners are sometimes described as "energy beings" or "spirits" - but in the end, everybody of us is such a being. If a mindscape owner decides to enter a PRM, it is represented therein as a physical being (e.g. human or animal), but can also appear as a member of a plural system. A PRM is typically of much less dimensional complexity than the mindscapes which are intersectingο»Ώ, and the abilities of single mindscape owners within a PRM are very limited. A PRM is basically designed such that it can host the physical representations of the intersecting mindscape owners who reside in there as observers. The MoM hypothesis generally allows the concepts of reincarnation, past-life memories, future-life "memories", out-of-body experiences, fictionkin and other effects reported by otherkin community members. It emphasizes that earth is a place which is meant to communicate, recover, learn, teach, invent, inspire and be inspired. Also it postulates that our physical universe is continuously created by every being which resides therein, while still allowing the existence of gods which could be interpreted as highly skilled Mindscape Owners. Please feel free to discuss the hypothesis in this thread or ask questions in the comment section!
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