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    That is not how scientific classification works. Scale color is one (1) observable difference that leads to being able to tell species apart from physical characteristics. Other physical differences include physical variations in things like head shape as well as a ridge down the middle of the brown anole's back. Brown anoles also cannot turn green, that's something only the green anole can do (the green anole can turn brown, but it is green), while the brown anole...can turn slightly more brown. A subspecies is less distinct than a different species, and yes, often characterized by geographic differences! But subspecies are often isolated from each other because of their different ranges and do not interbreed regularly. A red wolf does not look like a gray wolf, you may notice. There are differences in size, coloration, habitat, fur patterning and structure, and range among all wolf subspecies. Really? I was under the impression that dragons don't physically exist on Earth. Dragons are not classed as "lizards" (a komodo dragon is not a dragon, sorry, that's just a colloquial name for it, the scientific name is Varanus komodoensis and the genus Draco is already being used by little tiny gliding lizards like the reptile version of flying squirrels). Dragonkin are not classed as lizards, either, those are humans who identify as dragons for non-physical reasons and they do not need to eat insects or fish. Neither do you, given that you're a non-physical spirit in a human body. Now you're just pretending there's any science behind this.
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    I don't know how else to say this, but you are ignoring and denying everything anyone says if it doesn't go with your view point. Why join an otherkin website when you're not trying to learn anything or communicate with others? It seems to me that you just joined it just to rant about how much you hate humans killing dragons. It's not constructive. You said that once but you don't need to repeat it on every forum post.
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    Oh boy...you are driving me, a Wildlife Biologist major, insane. The reason certain species are defined as invasive species is because they out compete native species. For example, European Starlings were released into North America. I have watched with my own eyes them throwing a Red-bellied Woodpecker out of its nest cavity and taking it over. Not even a day later, the starlings were kicked out by another invasive species: House Sparrows. Although if you go into a forest you may find more woodpeckers than starlings but they are spreading rapidly and have taken over places where they used to thrive. People hunt invasive species because they are attempted to conserve those native species. If we don't hunt the Wild Boar, for example, they'll decimate native plants and be a serious threat (they're extremely aggressive towards other animals and humans. Animals like mountain lions don't even try to hunt them because they'll be the one that'll get killed). It does because a philosophical issue to claim that humans are an invasive species. Over time, species spread and establish their place, fitting in to the food chain. For example, Ring-necked Pheasants were brought to North America but haven't been perceived a threat because they are hunted by other animals and humans. We are actually trying to establish habitat for them here! So, humans, if we see them as animals, yes we're invasive species. However, it is kind of hard to say so considering many people don't like to think themselves as animal. As long as we're able to work hard to keep the ecosystem stable, not moving or building over vital habitats, I think it'll get better.
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    Nope, also see my rants about eclipses, equinoxes, super moons, etc. (Yes, I do seem to be turning into a cynical old fart.) Special days can remind you to get in touch. Also the placebo effect works extra well here because if you believe it is a special day then you'll subconsciously make it into one. Halloween was a nice day though. I took the kid around the neighborhood, and then we went to mom's house to give out candy. I'm a little sad that there seem to be fewer houses participating each year. The weather was perfect for walking. The number one thing that makes magic and energy stuff stronger is not the day on the calendar; it's practice.
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    That sounds like chi. Mine likes to heat up in the morning before I'm all the way awake. In tai chi class we direct it around and try to get it to do stuff on purpose.
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    Saved a kitten from falling out of a tree into the yard of a huge dog. Now it won't leave me alone. I can't get more cats dammit! Go away!
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    So you only listen to those that agree with you and ignore anything else.
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    I've been accepted to college and I'm excited to say I'm going for Wildlife Biology. Maine...here I come!
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    You might want to read this. Claims like that require evidence, or they're just a belief. Somehow I think the whole "magic fire breath" and "wings" thing would probably lead to dragons having their own unique scientific classification completely separate from lizards. You have repeatedly shown generalizations and misunderstandings of how science works. "Essentially lizards" is not the same thing as a lizard. Dinosaurs aren't lizards either, for example. There's more to what a lizard is than cold blood, scales, eyelids, and limbs. Limbs are also irrelevant, given the existence of the legless lizard. That is not why subspecies exist. No they weren't. Multiple subspecies of wolves are native to the US, including the gray wolf (also know as timber wolf), red wolf, arctic wolf, Great Plains wolf, northwestern wolf, and Mexican wolf. We've got plenty of wolves. Some of them are endangered, yes, but they haven't gone extinct yet. I just explained why humans cannot be divided into subspecies. We are already a subspecies. The color and facial feature differences you see are insignificant in terms of genetics. Green and brown anoles are different species. An invasive species such as the brown anole out-competes the green anole to the point where the green anole cannot adapt quickly enough to maintain its place in the environment, and can threaten the entire existence of the other species. By this reckoning, are humans an invasive species? Yeah, probably. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to prevent other kinds of invasive species, especially if the only reason they're invasive is because humans introduced them in the first place. Ignoring invasive species because you think they're not as big of a problem as humans is irresponsible. We are the only creatures at this point that do have the power to try and undo some of the damage we've done, and that includes things like the control of invasive species, projects to clean and keep clean sources of water, protecting endangered species (even if we were the ones who endangered them, it's even more important then), etc.
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    OMG you guys, lentils. I love them. (I'll be talking about a specific kind labeled as "chana dal" on the bag I have, but talk about any lentils.) They take an hour to cook but it's so worth it. Here's the recipe I made last night, should give two people two large servings. •Prepare: one large pot, a cast iron skillet, a stirring spoon, a knife to cut chicken breasts, a cutting board •Gather: two chicken breasts, two cups "chana dal" lentils, cumin, garlic powder, rosemary, curry powder, vegetable oil, salt, and tikka masala sauce •Put lentils in pot full of water. Add dashes of salt. Stir occasionally, boil for one hour. •Cut chicken into slices and cut those big slices in half (kind of like cubes). Coat bottom of skillet with oil. Mix in cubed chicken and all spices (as much as you want). Cook until chicken is white all around outside. •Add tikka masala sauce to chicken (remove some of the oil if it's too much). Cook for about 20 minutes. Let simmer while lentils are cooking. •Mix finished lentils with finished chicken. You should now have a massive pile of chicken and lentils.
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    Not all dragons are the same exact shape, size or color. There is a lot of different diversities on it from different cultures. There is not just one true dragon species.
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    I hear ya Charias. I'm half skeptic and half believer. It's annoying. Another thing that is annoying is spending the entire afternoon at the dentist. Luckily no root canal, just crowns on those teeth that had been bothered by the wisdom teeth. Need to watch what I eat for a few weeks until I get the permanent crowns on. No sticky or hard stuff.
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    I agree that energy work can be very helpful for these types of things! I also kind meditation helps, but that might be because I find it very energy draining rather than boosting (might just be the specific meditation I choose to do though because I know it seems to be energy rejuvenating for most people), so it helps take the edge off. I used to do yoga when I was in better health as well and that was great, but with my body in the condition it currently is I am unable to do it.
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    So I just got back from Austin International Drag Festival, and while there I attended a panel called "Drag King 101." Since I had recently started thinking about trying to cosplay one of my fictotypes, a male character who typically wears skintight clothes, I was inspired and informed by this panel on ways I could better make myself pass for male in that costume, so I've decided to try my hand at doing this character without gender-bending him. I'm going to need a lot of makeup practice and a lot of foundation garments to reshape my very feminine appearance, but I am totally psyched about this project and have a lot of good advice to start from. ^_^
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    Thank you for sharing this, @otachi. I know it can be difficult and vulnerable to share traumatic experiences, especially when you've been harassed for it before. It is perfectly natural for system members to arise during or after trauma to help the system survive the ordeal, and for other system members to arise of their own accord alongside trauma-formed system members. The word for somebody just "walking in" like F did is "gateway." A May have, as he claimed, have existed within you this entire time or may have naturally arose to help the system survive stress. It doesn't really matter which started which way, since all are valid experiences. It only matters as far as you wish to understand and explore it and it doesn't interfere with your life. If it is okay for me to ask, when did F and H leave? Did they fade away with time, or therapy, or did they tell you they were leaving?
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    A colour coded visualisation of my phantom sensations and dysphorias. No clothes but no naughty bits either, so it's still SFW. I had the idea from another member here, they did something similar and it inspired me.
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    They think that sort of thing is a woman's only purpose. I've had it shoved down my throat, as well. My destiny is my own. I tell them that. So is yours. Regardless of whether or not I marry and start a family, if I do or don't, it will be by my decision. Same for you.
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    You aren't alone, and you have my sympathies. It's super weird that all these monkeys are playing this weird game, where a lot of the rules don't get explained and get broken all the time anyway. I really don't understand what I am supposed to be doing in Monkey Simulator 2017, and a lot of the time I want to quit playing. However, other weird people do exist and are similarly confused about what the hey is going on, where the hey they fit into it, and how the hey to have a good time on a regular basis. You may just not have run into the people that are meant to stick with you through that hard process. It's sometimes better to wait until you have a ladder, than to jury rig a big pile of stuff that's going to make you fall and get hurt. I have been in your position, and some of the things I've done haven't worked. Some of them worked wonders. Sometimes my old habitual return to apathy yanked my nice new rug out from underneath me, and I had to start all over. More often than not, I've been grateful for the chance to discover a new and better rug that I made all by my own decisions. (Rug here meaning; method of dealing with confusion and pain.) I think you're right to seek spiritual experiences and routine. Routine is one of the primary keys to trauma recovery and becoming stable. (Not saying that trauma recovery is your schtick right now, but in my case it has been. Insert your thing there.) I began meditating regularly at the same time I pursued and actually stayed in therapy for a six month DBT skills group. I felt challenged by joining and relating to a group of people WILDLY different from me. (cough, normies, cough.) Finding what I had in common with every other being in the room put me into a different perspective. Things started clicking into place. I found myself applying meditation skills to DBT, and DBT skills to meditation. That bled out into my everyday life. So, I know I sound like every other shmuck that just croons "Oooh you should meditate!" But I mean it from experience and kindness. It won't fix everything, but it will give you the focus and clarity to peel your jerk-knee reactive emotions away from your core identity. Identifying with destructive or maladaptive feelings and thoughts is how we work ourselves into pits and then get too tired to climb back out. I don't think you should start with 20 minutes of intensive shikantaza before every meal--rather I think you should begin with "picking up the puppy." Take your perspective back, and observe the machinations of your mind and body from the point of the unidentifying outsider. "I am having a thought about ramen noodles. A feeling of anger arises.... It yells at me for thinking about ramen... It gets distracted and fades away. A feeling of boredom arises.... A thought of..." so on and so on. Like a sports commentator. Every time The Puppy gets distracted, lost in thought, or judgemental, just describe what it is doing and lovingly pick it up and put it back where you want it. Even doing this regularly throughout the day during other tasks builds that skillset. Jack Kornfield describes "Picking up the puppy" very well in his book 'A Path with Heart.' Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh are also great Buddhist authors writing to a stressed out western audience. Marsha Linehan, the author of the DBT manuals used in therapy, is also Buddhist. I sorta wrote a book on accident, so I'm going to call that it for this comment. I'm sure we will see one another around to discuss witchcraft and spirituality further. I think we have a lot in common and could discuss a whole load of interesting things. Hope to hear from you! @Vishuddha
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    Hmmm...I always equated The Animal by Disturbed to be about a strong mental shift. Of course that's probably not the meaning of the song, but I see it like that hehe..
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    A few friends and I did some magick-y stuff, but I prefer not to say exactly what it was. One of my friends (he's a raccoon therian) and I both shifted, but separately. We talked about it at school the next day. My shift was particularly strong, but I don't think it had to do with it being Halloween. I think it was more that I was very comfortable in the situation, and just let it happen. Halloween has a spiritual affect for me, as its a special date in my religion. But its nothing special in the sand of 'magick is stronger' kind of thing. Its just a special date.
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    Going out of body isn't really necessary. I just use the trance plus daydream method for getting around. Learn a method for putting you in that relaxed, almost but not quite asleep, body and awake mind mode. Meditation usually, listening to a certain type of music (good rhythm, no lyrics) can work too. Practice until you can recognize that state when it comes. Keep practicing, and eventually something might show up. Keep practicing some more and then you can start exploring, but try not to force anything into happening. Personally, I'm still aware of my body, but trying to move once I decide to wake up starts to get difficult. Don't rush the waking up part. How do I know it isn't all in my head? I don't really. That's the problem with any of this stuff. I had a few shared experiences with one friend, withholding details to try to avoid confirmation bias, but haven't been able to replicate it with others. Even then the visuals differed, but the major themes and emotions lined up. I've also had good results with energy work, as confirmed with a different friend, and basically real tai chi is based on it. Playing with energy is good, but the main warning is that you should not over exert yourself. You have two kinds of chi, the everyday running around chi, and the primordial chi that is stored up in your body. Basically one is your checking account that you can do whatever you want with. The other is your savings account that you do not want to deplete. If you get tired after playing with energy, take a break, don't push it. Rituals and spells are not my thing though. I tried, but I'm just not wired that way. As for the gender thing, I was born and raised as a girl, but my kintype usually manifests as male. Though he can also change forms and sometimes has no form at all. I consider myself genderfluid. I usually default to the masculine side of androgynous, but circumstances can push me somewhat in either direction. Also, Hi!
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    @Vishuddha thank you very much. I know my gender is ultimately always going to be more relevant to my day to day life than my kintype but I guess I really can't help wanting to find the right answers soon. It's hard to go slow with things and think carefully about everything, but I'm trying to
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    Let figuring yourself out be a fun experience. Otherkin doesn't have nearly as much relevance to your daily life as gender, so you can take it as slow as you want, and try many different ways of exploring it. I am also trans and otherkin, so I can relate to your situation. I think you shouldn't let your kintypes be as stressful to you as your gender. Again, it really doesn't matter to the rest of the world what you spiritually identify as. But I know the main problem is wanting to know right away. Remember you don't have to get it correct right away. I know I messed up figuring out my kintype, but it's totally okay to do that. Be okay with not being certain, because this is all kinda rooted in intuition and instinct.... Good on you my friend, I wish you luck and I'm here if you ever wanna shoot a message.
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    Probs a Dog Collar, +10 Armor and +3 Speed -Viktor
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    I tend to keep this tab open on my browser and it must look like I never leave the website lol. I'm not here that often really.
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    Don't feel bad about it, see it as an opportunity to learn more. No one was born knowing vocabulary it is picked up over a lifetime of seeking new knowledge from various sources.
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    Disclaimer, while this has been my experience it may not be yours, I in no way want to generalize any group of people as many people of a given group have a lot of merit. This isn't about bashing anyone, or any belief system, it is just me venting, and trying to get off of my chest things that have been kind of bugging me for a while but I wasn't really sure where to talk about them. I was raised in a very conservative christian household. This in and of itself is not particularly interesting, I am sure many people here can relate, however this is my story, and for all the pain it has caused me hopefully it will offer someone some insight into their situation, or at least let them know they are not alone. My story starts in a small Colorado town, while not exactly rural it would be hard to claim it is really a full fledged city either. Some of my earliest memories revolve around hiding from other children behind my father's leg. At the time I was far from trusting or accepting of others. Probably not all that strange for a young child. After that I remember falling down and relaxing across all two steps of the first house I lived in, it was a wonderful feeling to be finally free from church and would later be a feeling I treasured after various activities such as soccer. However life was not all roses as much as I may have wished for it to be. I remember my parents frequently yelling at each other over things I did not care to hear about. I would hid from their wrath behind furniture or in a different room out of site. When these confrontations happened on a Sunday morning I could not hid a small hope that perhaps their arguing would spare me from the three hours of boredom that I found church services to be. I would not say my parents were bad parents, but I can't really claim that they were ideal, I recall one time a bit later in my life, after we had moved, when my father so enraged about whatever he and his wife were arguing about that he all but broke down their bedroom door after she had fled there to be free from his wrath. It was at this time that I became aware that perhaps things were not entirely right with my parents marriage. So being the good christian that I was I looked up a bible verse about the evils of divorce and left in on sticky notes where I was sure my father would see it. He later gathered all his progeny and thanked whoever had left said missive. After that things seemed to be more or less right with the world. My father gave my mother a bit more space and we hung out more as a family. That really marked the change in my father's apparent attitude towards the world, when he became far less angry and likely to lash out violently. The best thing about this is that most of my siblings were young enough they would not remember the trials and tribulations that had come to define my childhood. But my journey was not over. As I grew older I eventually reached college age. (of course there were many intervening moments, but those are tales for another time) And for the first time I moved out of the house to attend a college in Salt Lake City. It was there that my beliefs which had been instilled in me really came into question. No longer was it the default position that the earth was 6000 years old, no longer was the default position that everyone was christian. It took a lot of self will, and in retrospect, wilful ignorance to go to church just as I always had not questioning anything. There I met a charming woman, who after some dating ended up becoming my fiance. We were generally happy together, some problems here and there, as with any relationship, but all was pretty much well. Then I finally let my ideological wall down, and decided to experience things as they were, and not as I had been told they were. This came with a number of new revelations to me, first that I was bisexual (how else could I explain my attraction to my fiance while still thinking that a guy I knew was a little more attractive). But things stayed as they were, I was to fearful to bring up my feelings in no small part due to my upbringing and the world in which my fiance lived. Finally I decided to move back to Colorado and enroll in a local University to better my odds of landing a part time job. This inevitably put some strain on the relationship between myself and my fiance. After a few months it proved to be just a little bit too much, and we ended our relationship. It largely came down to a few ideological differences along with disagreement over when exactly we should get married. In hindsight I probably could have done things a little bit differently to ensure our relationship was successful, but what is done is done, and my current state would likely never have come, or would have taken many years more to develop. After that I was really heartbroken, but I also felt like I was in the right regarding the matter. And since our breakup revolved largely around ideology I decided to really dig into why I believed what I believed, and why others believed what they believed. It was an eye opening experience, what I had been told everyone else believed turned out to be largely false. The teachings of my churches, and my fellow christians finally rang hollow in my ears. Exacerbating this was my attempt to deal with my bisexuality, I could not reconcile it with what I had been told all my life about the "evils" of homosexuality. Finally I found the straw that broke the camel's back, Wicca. Finally there was a belief system that resonated with me and did not feel like a prison. I was able to breath again, no longer in fear of eternal damnation, things just fell into place, and felt right. From there I decided the best course of action would of course be to tell people close to me about my path of discovery. But I also knew that after all the years of having been told my new way of life was of the devil, and should probably be eradicated it would not be something to do lightly. So I decided to join the Navy in order to ensure that even if I was evicted I would have a place to go. I arranged everything and about 30 days before my report date (the minimum number of days required for someone to serve an eviction notice) I left my parents with a somewhat poorly worded outflowing of my feelings. My hope was to find acceptance but my past experience told me to prepare for violence. So I loaded my shotgun and placed it under my desk out of sight, and waited. (yes I followed all applicable laws, I legally owned the gun and did not violate any storage rules etc...) My father didn't respond immediately, but when he did he simply asked for some time to think and asked to discuss it more in detail at a later date. Truly a welcome change from the more violent man I once knew. Still on my guard I kept a knife with me as I slept for about a week before we began to discuss things. My parents decided to accept that they could not make me believe something I did not believe. While not exactly supportive of my life choices they at least understood. As such the remaining time until I shipped out for bootcamp passed uneventfully. Once there I eventually fell into the strange routine that is bootcamp. I meditated every night, and when I could grab a few moments during the day I tried to piece together who and what I was. It was during that time that the name Ithral Dhazul came to me. My name had bothered me for a long time, it never really felt right. However my new name did, I had wondered about several names but none seemed to fit me aside from the one I now post under. During that time I began to experience phantom shifting, I can't say for sure if it was the stress of bootcamp or my acceptance of myself that really brought it out. but for the first time in my life I felt like I knew who I was and why I felt that way. Despite the somewhat confining circumstances I felt liberated. Finally bootcamp ended and I left for "A" school (training specific for your job in the Navy) and found myself in Florida. There I met many friends and really was able to be myself for the first time in my life, not constantly worrying about "wrong think". Ultimately I ended up in SOCAL (Southern California) and here I am forging a new life for myself. While I can't really feel entirely comfortable about being openly otherkin it is a marked improvement from my life before now. If you stuck with me through this somewhat long and rambling tale, thank you, perhaps you will better understand me, or perhaps not. Either way I felt the need to get this off my chest as it has been weighing me down for a long time and I have no idea where else to post this. In retrospect I wish I had been a little more open about my feelings, my obsession with dragons and rather vivid dreams about being one go back a long way to early childhood. I wish I had had the courage to speak up about it, I also wish I had been a little more open with my family about what all I had been going through, though with the above examples I'm sure you can generalize why I chose to keep silent. I wish anyone who reads this the best, perhaps it can offer hope to those who feel hopeless, or offer insight into how a person can change and grow in the face of apparent adversity. All the best, Ithral Dharzul
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    One of my favorites. Has language, don't click if that's a problem.
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    I've always been the type of person who finds personality quizzes really interesting, because (as someone with a heck of a lot of identity issues due to mental health problems) they tend to show me insight into myself that I wouldn't have thought to consider otherwise. That might be why I find this particular quiz so interesting!!
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    It says I'm a mature soul. I decided to look at this for fun because age is sort of irrelevant given where I come from. The child aspect is technically the same age as the grumpy old veteran aspect. So, yeah this is mostly a personality thing.
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    Honestly it probably has a lot to do with my generally reckless nature, I go where I can find adventure and new things. Sometimes it works out, like when visiting raves, sometimes it is kind of the opposite of what I expected, like joining the Navy. Regardless though I think the test is geared mostly towards one's personality. This isn't a bad thing necessarily but I am not sure that is really reflective of the soul. The soul is a tricky concept to entirely nail down, the way I see it my soul influences my behavior, but is not ultimately the only source of everything I am. My experiences play a large role in what I like and what I value, this is largely independent of a soul. It is something which, while influenced by my soul, is something unique to the way I have lived my life. It may be a fair assessment that I despise rules, and regulations after feeling betrayed and oppressed by them while growing up in a conservative, predominantly christian area. This is not exactly a reflection of my soul, but more of of my circumstance. With my love for trying new things, and seeking for every unique experience I can get my claws on, I could see why my soul could be considered young. That said I don't know that it really means it is young, it could very well be old and tired of seeing the same things over and over. Ultimately I will likely never know, though I have no doubt this life will leave my soul with some new things to ponder and remember.
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    Interesting, finally seeing some people that are getting younger ages from this test. I showed it to multiples of my friends and the only one who got a young age was my friend who isn't kin himself, just a supporter of us because all of us in our friend group besides him are kin. My friends who are similar to me in belief of having an old soul both got old soul as well as me. So I guess at least among our friend group, the results we've gotten are pretty accurate!
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    I'm signing up for a uni access course this week! It starts in February, so I've got plenty of time to prepare myself. Psychology and social sciences. I'm so hyped!! :D
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    I'm not entirely sure what OP is referring to but, the concept of twin flames is similar to that of a soul mate. Basically your twin flame is a soul mate who is a mirror version of yourself, your "mirror soul" or "twin soul". It is a person you are destined to feel connected to psychically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. They are your ultimate partner in life and ultimate partner for spiritual growth. A twin flame relationship is a meaningful sense of oneness. Some believe them to always be romantic while others say platonic twin flames and familial twin flames also exist. They are someone you can be your true, 100% real self around. There's a lot of spiritual beliefs behind twin flames and of course not everyone will believe in them, but those who do and who believe they have found their twin flame can have a very intensely loving relationship. I personally believe myself to have found my twin flame in my date/girlfriend, who I love deeply. She fits all of the signs of being a twin flame and it explains much of our spiritual connection to each other. :)
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    I've finally gotten back to my meditating, at least once. It's surprisingly hard to balance that with everything else that takes up my time and mind-space, even though it doesn't take very long. Since it had been such a long time since I did one, I decided to try a new past life regression guided meditation, just to see what happened. I was fully aware going in that my expectations and predictions would make it very difficult to open my mind up, and that did end up being the case. But, I tried my best to hold back anyway and see something new. I don't know if it worked exactly, but I did see something new. I saw myself as a knight with a spear, in the middle of a war and absolutely terrified. I believe I was holding a spear. This particular past life meditation talked about seeing people I know in this life in the past lives, though I'm not sure how literally it meant that. I saw my friend Nick; as I marched out to battle, he offered some sort of spiritual guidance, but I turned it down; I was too focused on the task at hand it seemed. It then flashed to ten years later. I was still a knight; I didn't look much different but I was obviously more tired. I saw myself sitting down on a bench or something, exhausted. Suddenly Nick came and sat down next to me. We were quiet, but I don't remember what happened afterwards. I don't really know what to make of this one. It could be a real past life memory I suppose, or it could be something more symbolic. Maybe it's me telling myself to see the forest for the trees more? I do tend to get bogged down in the task at hand. Not that I needed to meditate to make myself aware of that, mind you. By this point in the meditation I realised that trying to force myself to not think about what I expected/wanted to see was not going to work, at least not this time. So as the guided meditation moved on to another past life, I decided to change my process and lean into the expectations, just to see what would happen. I take everything I saw in this meditation with a huge rock of salt because of how messed up in thought I was, but it's still worth documenting. The next “vision” (for lack of a better word) was interesting. It showed me as a kid, maybe 8 years old if not younger. I lived in a small house, and Pan of all beings came to visit me. I was excited to see him; I clearly knew him already. He came over to play with me. And if I had parents (I couldn't tell), they didn't seem to mind. When the memory flashed forward, it seemed that our relationship hadn't changed much. I was older, but that's about it. For the moment, let's imagine this is a real past life memory for the purpose of examining it. I don't think it is, for several reasons, but it's worth exploring either way. See, my existing theories hold that I met Pan in my past life around the same time I was transformed, and at least in my mid-teens. This would suggest that I actually knew Pan long before that. It would also mean that my transformation (by his hand or otherwise) was not the reason for our meeting. Now, from what little I saw, it was a totally innocent friendship at this point, even if it became something else later on. It is Pan we’re talking about, but regardless, I think it was innocent until I was older. So, what else does this tell us, beyond the obvious? Well, it suggests that none of my theories about how I became connected with Pan are accurate. As a child there wasn't much I could do or be that would interest him. As such, there must be something else. It would presumably have something to do with my heritage; I doubt Pan just plays with random children. So, what could the reason be? Maybe my family were worshippers of Pan, to a greater extent than most. If one of my parents was some kind of religions leader or something, that might make sense. Or hell, maybe he knew I would grow up to be a major follower of his. But there is one other theory I have, a pretty big elephant in the room. Let me pose it like this. In this life, I love kids. But the only little kid I really play with is my niece. Why? Well, because she’s family. This idea of being ancestrally related to Pan in some way has come up before, of course. And I always reject it, because it doesn't seem quite right to me. It would also be extremely hypocritical for me to claim to even be part god. And to be clear I'm still dismissing it; we’re still in Hypothetical Land. But while we’re here, I have to admit, it is an intriguing idea. I mean, it would answer some questions, and pose a few more. Perhaps it needs some more thought, extremely unlikely as it is. That's about all I have to say for now. I plan to do some more meditation and such later today. Maybe I’ll uncover something else. It may even help to focus on these hypotheticals to see if there’s any substance behind them. Who knows? I’ll keep you posted.
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    I do not personally venerate a Horned God as a separate, concrete entity. My relationship with divinity is complex, and I perceive divinity as being all things, beyond all things, and pre-imminent of all things. Perhaps there is an aspect of yourself that mirrors or needs to follow the example of Pan. Perhaps there is a part of your current life that IS an element of Pan. Definitely take any of my advice with salt and pepper, and adapt to suit your moods and ideas. In a lot of modern pagan understandings, there is a cycle which mirrors the seasons for the Horned God. In Spring, he is born and grows fast like the planting. In summer, he is healthy and fertile. In fall, he ages and celebrates the harvest that seals his fate. In winter, he dies and is slumbering as the earth, and after the solstice is conceived and incubating to be born anew. Perhaps consider spending a year celebrating this cycle in Pan's honor? Perhaps try to reach out and understand each aspect of the Horned God as befits the current season. Maybe you are being drawn to Pan at this specific time for a reason, and there is a lesson or secret he is trying to show you with this season. Perhaps (if it is fall for you as it is now fall for me) He wants you to identify some element of yourself and incubate it so it may grow next spring. I'm sure you've already looked at mythos and correspondence tables. I recommend you build an altar or other sacred space specifically for communing with the essence of Pan. Perhaps a quiet spot tucked into a wooded area, where you can dance and feast without attracting attention, or a specific corner of your dining room. Consider simple sitting in that space and sharing meals and thoughts with Pan. With time, you may come to reach the "same language" with Pan. Recently, a witch in a facebook group made a post requesting help; no matter how she looked at or focused on her crystals, she didn't 'feel' or 'see' anything the ways others reported to 'feel' a vibration or 'see' an aura. I recommended that she keep a journal about it (you already do) and that she sit and meditate with each crystal individually for significant time. I theorized that she and the crystals were simply vibrating in "different languages" and needed time together in order to find a "same language" to speak in. I recommend that you give Pan time out of your week. Show that you are at the table, attentively listening, and that you are ready to communicate. Consider also doing some sympathetic or image-based magic. Draw or write sentences about yourself meeting an aspect of Pan, and communicating or receiving signs. Be specific, and be assertive with your symbolism and statements. Visualize what the sensations will be like at contact, and imagine him communicating wisdom about your connection. Best of luck! I hope your explorations have been and will be deeply rewarding and illuminating!
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    Like @Shezep, I find energy work and magic to ease the discomfort. It's more effective when I retain enough human faculties to ground and focus. Mileage varies widely. i also find physically oriented work like yoga, two chi, and long hikes to be helpful. There is a swimming hole nearby, private and crystal clear, that helps take the brunt of the pent up energy. Perhaps water, in its timeless accommodation, could be of help to you? best of luck, and may you find ways of actualizing this energy that serve your highest good
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    Some days I get so sick of the toxicity prevalent in many parts of the otherkin community as a whole I question what the point is of staying in it. Don't get me wrong, I love a bunch of the people in it, I've made some of my best friends in it and cherish many of the bonds I've made. I view a lot of people here on KM as family, a close-knit group who care about one another deeply and I don't think I could ever leave here because of that. But I'm so sick of the immaturity and drama of the wider community. Outside of this site it no longer feels like a community focused on bettering and understanding one another and our experiences, but a dick-measuring contest fraught with gang-like rivalries because "my group is better than yours" or some other ridiculous childish sentiment. It's draining, it's frustrating and yet somehow one is expected to retain their sanity through it all. And the worst part is, usually the biggest offenders are grown adults. Grown "adults" in a community brimming with younger people trying to find their footing and learn. Only to be scared away by older individuals tearing at each other's throats and forgetting everything that actually matters. Or worse, the mindset that 13 year old first-timers are fluff and shouldn't be taken seriously and the hypocritical spew that once fluff, always fluff. Despite the fact most everyone has been fluff at some point in their discovery. When I joined the online community I was thankful to have a lot of help, advice and people willing to help. I felt welcomed and safe. Now I see a lot of people back off or repress themselves to fit in with a clique who wouldn't otherwise accept them, or sometimes even being blatantly disregarded. Outside of this site (occasional tense days aside, heh) and a few small groups I've found good friends and solace in, I only find the "community" to be nothing more than a battleground that takes its toll on people's mental health. Of bullies and manipulators and trolls with no regard for others, essentially sociopaths who take pride in belittling others who may be either vulnerable or impressionable. And yeah, this in a community who have a much higher proportion of neurodivergent and mentally unwell individuals due to the nature of our identities. As an empath maybe I'm just too sensitive to it all, unable to shut off that part of me. But I can't be the only one seeing this, right? I can only imagine the initial creators of the first online communities back many years ago would despair at what a place to relate and share has become now. People say: "well drama is just a normal part of any community", but there's still a line that shouldn't be crossed. And when a community is 3/4 drama and petty rivalry and only 1/4 discussion and true community, then it's obvious something is terribly wrong. Should've probably made this a blog post but ugh it'll have to do as an ultra-long status. I'm just... fed up of it all. If it wasn't for all the lovely people here who I care about with all my heart I feel I'd have left the otherkin scene altogether by now.
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    Hey, I just wanted to share what I am doing as a professional musician. I have a band in which I have incorporated shifting and my identity. http://www.nokken.band My Facebook page is here too https://www.facebook.com/NokkenViolin/ I play a character from Scandinavian folklore called "Nokken", who was a shapeshifter that could assume the form of a horse and was a virtuoso violinist that could move the trees and winds with his music. I am just a regular horse, but adopting this stage persona allows me to integrate my identity into my concertizing in a way that is approachable to a wider audience. Playing violin is a way for me to get in touch with my horse self, as horses are principally body thinkers who rely upon muscle memory, proprioception and finely tuned coordination. For me, violin is a little bit like dressage, a fancy array of muscle training and reflexes, a dance in which I am subsumed by my instinctual mind. When I perform, my consciousness completely submerges into the momentary experience, into the animal mindset, and each movement and every note is not an intentional event but an emotional one driven by necessity and instinct. I studied violin under an internationally renown soloist and have won a few accolades in my time, including some high profile performances and collaborations. Here's a video, fully improvised music: That is my older mask, however. Now I wear one I designed myself. The rest of my outfit was made by Lupa Greenwolf, who wrote "A Field Guide to Otherkin"; it is a real horse's mane and tail that was recovered by her in an environmentally friendly way from animals that died of natural cause. The parts were then ritually purified. I am also an art director of a contemporary music organization. I'll be touring museums soon with a new project collaborating with singers, curators, composers and visual artists in which I act like a horse and play the violin.
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    Well, I'm just finishing up a furry con, and it was a bit too hot to even partial Fursuit for long... But yes, I took my partial of Glade, commissioned.
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    There's gonna be people in every religion who believe their's is right and everyone else's is wrong/amoral. I'm sorry to hear you got stuck with that type of people for parents. Keep on the down-low about your Wiccan friend if it provides more safety with your family, what your parents don't know won't hurt them in that regard.
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    Last thing I ate was a huge bowl of porridge with enough sugar and chocolate sauce to negate the... porridgyness. That's literally what my dinner was today. Here we see a fine example of a human being eating a healthy, balanced diet. Round of applause, everyone.
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    "I dont speak human" by Omnia seems suspiciously kin related. Then again it may just be about animal wellfare.
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    There is a species of fish that has both sexes and they basically have a penis fight to see which will carry the baby.. That would be.. Something else
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    I'm unclear on what this poll is attempting to show/discover about the draconic community. Could you elaborate on its purpose?
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    Ah I've been meaning to read that. I haven't had the money to go out of town to the closest pagan store. I recommend reading the book Wicca by Cunningham still. It's very informative nonetheless. Personally I don't consider myself Wiccan. I'm sort of an all around pagan. I have my own little set of beliefs that are kind of unique. It really involves a little of everything. But thank you for the great recommendation!
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    Nobody can tell you your beliefs are wrong. If they do, you know that they are just terrible judgmental people and you shouldn't need their approval. They are nothing to you. Keep your head up and practice whatever religion you want because in the end it's YOUR religion, no one else's.
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    From the album Vyktoria's Art

    This pelican lives at the N.E.W. (North East Wisconsin) Zoo. I took this picture in 2012, I think it is, by far, one of my favorite and the best photos I have taken. Enjoy!
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    While it is by no means an exhaustive listing, this article provides a list of terminology that is commonly used in the otherkin community, as well as definitions for said terms. Otherkin - People who identify either partially or wholly as one or more non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner. Transspecies - The term "transspecies" has been used to describe individuals who identify as otherkin or therians. This term is considered offensive to some in the LGBTQ+ community, and therefore it is not recommended for use. Therianthrope/Therianthropy - A therianthrope is a person who is, feels, or believes he/she is, in part or whole, (non-physically) one or more currently alive or once-living non-human animals on an integral, personal level. Cladotherianthropy - A cladotherian does not have a specific theriotype. They instead identify as a family or group of animals instead of a specific species. An example of this would be identifying as “canid” instead of “wolf”. Contherianthropy - A contherian is a therianthrope that does not experience shifting, but instead is in a constant shifted state. The strength of this shift can vary. Vacillant Therianthropy - A vacillant therian is a therianthrope that does not shift, but instead has their theriotype fully integrated with their base personality. Informally, the terms "suntherian" and "syntherian" may be used instead. Polytherian/Polywere - A polywere is an individual with multiple theriotypes. Polymorph - A polymorph is an energy being with no set form. Instead, the polymorph can take on multiple forms. This term is also sometimes used to refer to an individual with multiple kintypes. Theriomythic - This term refers to someone who identifies as an animal from myth. Example: Gryphons. Other-Hearted - A person who is other-hearted identifies WITH one or more non-human beings, rather than AS. Animal-Hearted - A person who is other-hearted identifies WITH one or more non-human animals, rather than AS. Multiplicity - Multiplicity is the state in which a person shares their body with another being/soul/headmate etc. Fictionkin - The term fictionkin refers to an individual who's kintype is a character or being from a work of fiction. Factkin - The term Factkin refers to an individual who's kintype is a specific named being (usually a person) who is either alive or was once alive. For example, a Factkin may choose to identify as President John F. Kennedy. This type of identification is widely considered to be invalid by the greater otherkin community. Wishkin - The term Wishkin refers to an individual who wishes they were otherkin, or who pretends to be otherkin. The term is primarily used on Tumblr. Copingkin - The term copingkin refers to an individual who identifies as otherkin for the sole purpose of coping with diagnosed mental illness. Conceptkin - The term conceptkin refers to an individual who identifies as a concept rather than a being. For example, one who identifies as a thunderstorm. There is a lot of debate in the community if this is a valid identification. Tumblrkin - Tumblrkin is a term that refers to people who identify as otherkin, but base the identification on information obtained solely from Tumblr. Special Snowflake - The term "special snowflake" refers to somebody going out of their way to be seen as unique, different, non-conformist, or original. In the otherkin community, it often refers to people who like to collect kintypes like pokemon badges, or who claim to be ultra-rare or super-powerful beings. Kintype - The term "kintype" refers to the type of being a particular otherkin identifies as. For example, "I am otherkin and I identify a a robot. My kintype is Robot." Theriotype - The term "theriotype" refers to species a particular therian identifies as. For example, "Shiro is a therian and identifies as a wolf and fox. His theriotypes are wolf and fox." Fictotype - Similar to "kintype". The term "fictotype" refers to the particular type of being a fictionkin identifies as. This term is especially used for fictionkin who identify as human characters, as the term "kintype" does not apply; otherkin must be non-human identities. Factotype - Similar to "kintype". The term "factotype" refers to the particular being that a factkin identifies as. This term is especially used for factkin who identify as human beings, as the term "kintype" does not apply; otherkin must be non-human identities. Awakening - The term “awakening” refers to the process of discovering that you are otherkin and/or therian and the process of discovering your tintypes or theriotypes. Although it's an extremely common experience, not all otherkin go through an awakening. Shifting - The term "shifting" is primarily used in reference to therianthropy (but also applies to otherkin) and describes when an individual 'becomes' more like their theriotype/kintype in a non-physical manner. (M)ental Shift - A shift in which a shifter takes on the mentality of their theriotype(s)/kintype(s). (D)ream Shift - A shift in which a shifter shifts into their theriotype or kintype while dreaming. (Ph)antom Shift - A shift in which a shifter feels a “phantom limb” sensation."; For example, the shifter may feel ears and a tail, or paws instead of hands. (C)ameo Shift - A shift into a being that is not the shifter's theriotype or kintype. (S)pirtual Shift - This is a rather vague term to describe any sort of shift with a spiritual undertone. It most frequently refers to when a shifer's Aura, Astral body, or spiritual self takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype. (Se)nsory Shift - A shift in which the shifter experiences a state of perceived heightened or reduced sense of awareness often in-line with their theriotype or kintype; eg. wolves may claim better sense of smell, etc. This type of shifting relies on perception of information, as it is not possible to smell, see, hear, and so forth beyond what is humanly possible. (A)ura Shift - A shift where a shifter's Aura (specifically) takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype. (Bi)location Shift - A shift in which the shifter's theriotype or kintype leaves their “human” body and materializes elsewhere; It is very similar to an “out of body experience”, but instead of the “spirit body” being the human body, it is the body of the theriotype or kintype of the shifter. (As)tral Shift - A shift that takes place in the astral plane. It is commonly used to refer to shifting which takes place during Astral projection. (Be)serker Shift - A shift in which the shifter loses control of themselves and begins to act more like their kintype than human. This type of shift could be an extreme mental shift, or any shift combined with a manifestation of mental illness. The general community consensus is that these types of shifts are extremely unhealthy. (P)hysical Shift - When one physically shifts into their theriotype or kintype. It is scientifically impossible to P-Shift. Greymuzzle - The term "greymuzzle" is a term used almost exclusively in the therianthropy, otherkin, and furry communities to refer to people who have been in the community for an extended period of time. Greymuzzles are generally older folks (above 30) with significant community history. Fluff/Fluffy - The term "fluffy" is generally used to describe an individual in the community who makes or has made outlandish, impossible, or improbable claims. For example, if someone claims to be able to physically shift, their claim would be considered fluffy. Howl - A howl is a gathering or meetup of therians and/or otherkin.
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