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    It's that time again! We've released a few updates to help make the site even more fun to use. Primarily, this update focuses on bringing back features that were present on the old site that were lost during the conversion to the new forum software. Hopefully these changes will be welcome and make the site even more fun to use. Without further delay, I'll explain the additions this update has given to the site: Social Groups have returned! Social Groups have returned to Kinmunity and are now called "Clubs". A club can have its own forums, blogs, gallery, and calendars. This is a long-awaited update that we're extremely excited to bring back to the site. Reactions/Post Ratings have returned! You've probably noticed the "like" button has replaced the "+" and "-" reputation buttons. If you hover over the like button, you'll see the other post rating options. This works similarly to Facebook's reaction feature. They've also been color-coded for simplicity: green reactions award reputation points, grey reactions do nothing to reputation points, and red reactions subtract reputation points. You can now select different home-page views! You'll notice three new options next to the "Start new topic" button on the forum index. These options will allow you to set the default home view. You can view the forums as a traditional list, a grid style, or a fluid style showing topics from all sorts of different forums at once! Hopefully, this will make keeping up with your favorite threads and posts even easier! Sessions Management Perhaps not as exciting as the other changes on this list, but definitely a plus for security concerned users. You can now manage all devices logged into your community account from this page and remotely log-out unattended devices. Various other improvements throughout the site We've updated our core forum package to Invision Community 4.2, so all the improvements that it brings to the table will be present on Kinmunity! Yay!
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    I see you're trying to cover all of your bases there. Let me suggest a couple more. In this age of texting and social media, typing is often the communication style of choice, especially for those of us who are way outside the main stream. We often write long anonymous essays about things we'd never directly tell another human being. A voice interview might seem a little too revealing for some. I personally hate using voice chat even though our site provides one. I also hate talking to strangers over the telephone, and have literally gotten into arguments over who should call out for pizza. Just a few informal observations leads me to believe this isn't as uncommon among introverts as you might expect. Being able to conduct business online rather than over a phone has been a blessing. As far as otherkin in general go, our informal surveys indicate that we have an unnaturally high number of INFPs hanging around. Lots of shy and deeply passionate introverts. The second thing you ought to watch out for is that our community is regularly infiltrated by trolls. While your offer may sound intimidating to actual otherkin, it might also be seen as another source of entertainment for the troll crowd who will enjoy making things up for shock value, like they always do. If you happen to get volunteers from this site who have a low post count, you might want to keep that in mind. As you indicated above, our community has been burned by people who say they're doing research before. It is good that you allow participants to review the work and remove consent if necessary. Honestly, I've got to say that your hook has no bait.
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    I do consider non-human animals to be persons. They have their own thoughts, feelings, drives, and needs. They are individuals much like humans are, and it tends to irk me when people use the fact that they're "just animals" as an excuse for treating them poorly.
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    From the album Pixel Art

    Just a simple pixel scribble of my kintype. I don't think I've ever posted a full image of what I looked like! The grey spots on my neck, arms, legs and belly are plated scales, but the rest of me was all fluffy and feathery :D
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    One piece of advice you'll see frequently around here (and any other serious otherkin community, for that matter) is to question yourself. It is the nature of otherkin to never be entirely certain of our identities. It is often the case that there is always something new to learn about ourselves, given the means to do so. That's why we have our lovely grilling forum, and why we'll sometimes ask difficult questions of people who are new to the site: to help each other learn, and grow. It is this questioning that gives our identities meaning. But there isn't always going to be someone who wants to grill you, and they're not always going to ask the right questions. That is why I've made this. It's a big old list of every single otherkin-related question I could think of. I want to make this clear: this isn't a test! This is a resource. Feel free to just pick out a single question to answer if it happens to pique your interest, or just complete one section. Don't worry if you can't answer everything. These questions are hard - that's the whole point! This is especially true if you are recently awakened. Truly understanding an otherkin identity often takes years. In fact, some of us have been at this for years and have still only scratched the surface. Don't rush to find yourself; it's a journey that takes time, and will likely never truly end. With that said... here you go. Have fun! Kintype What is your kintype/s? What methods did you use to discover your kintype? How long did it take you to figure out your kintype? Have you ever misidentified your kintype? If so, what did you mistake it for, and why do you think this was? How sure are you that you are right about your kintype? Do you ever have doubts? Overall, do you like your kintype? Dislike it? Have no opinion either way? List five things you like about your kintype. List five things you dislike about your kintype. If you could, would you change your kintype? If so, what would you rather be? Are you content with your kintype? How long did it take you to accept this part of your identity? To what extent do you see yourself as (non-physically) non-human? What experiences and feelings led you identify as your kintype, rather than with it? Awakening At what age did you awaken? How long ago was this? Do you believe something specific triggered your awakening? How long did your awakening last? Was it a sudden realisation, or did it take time? What did your awakening involve? How did it happen? How did you feel during your awakening? What was it like for you emotionally? Did you know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening? If so, do you think this could have affected you or played some part in triggering your awakening? Do you believe you have always identified as non-human, even prior to your awakening? Did you experience shifts and/or feelings of being non-human prior to your awakening? Shifts Do you experience mental shifts? (If no, skip to question 22). Describe how your mental shifts feel. How often do you mentally shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? Do you enjoy mental shifting, or not? What is your favourite part about mentally shifting? What is your least favourite part about mentally shifting? Do you experience involuntary mental shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? Do you experience voluntary mental shifts? If so, how do you do this? Describe the first mental shift you remember having. Do you experience phantom shifts? (If no, skip to question 23.) Describe how your phantom shifts feel. How often do you phantom shift? How intense/vivid are these shifts? Do you enjoy phantom shifting, or not? What is your favourite part about phantom shifting? What is your least favourite part about phantom shifting? Do you experience involuntary phantom shifts? If so, in what situations do these occur? Do you experience voluntary phantom shifts? If so, how do you do this? Describe the first phantom shift you remember having. Do you experience dream shifts? (If no, skip to question 24). When you dream shift, do the dreams differ from your typical dreams? In what ways? How often do you dream shift? Do you dream shift during lucid or non-lucid dreams, or both? Describe the first dream shift you remember having. Have you ever experienced a sensory shift? If so, how did this feel? Have you ever experienced a spiritual or aural shift? If so, how did this feel? How did you know? If you believe in and practice astral projection, do you take the form of your kintype? Do you experience cameo shifts? (If no, skip to question 28). How often do you experience cameo shifts? Are these cameo shifts in the form of mental, phantom, dream or other shifts? How intense/vivid are your cameo shifts? Are there specific creatures or entities which you are more likely to cameo shift as? If your cameo shifts are as a specific creature/entity, what makes you feel it is not a kintype? What feelings differentiate your cameo shifts from shifts into your kintype, if any? Are your cameo shifts voluntary, involuntary or both? Do you enjoy cameo shifting, or not? Beliefs Why do you believe you identify as non-human? If you believe you identify as non-human for spiritual reasons; (if not, skip to question 30) What feelings and experiences have led you to believe your identity is spiritual in nature? Do you believe you had a past life as your kintype, have the soul of your kintype, or something else? Have you ever experienced flashbacks or memories of existence before your current life? If yes, how do these memories differ from normal dreams/daydreams? How do you believe you have ended up here, as a human? Do you think it was a choice? Do you believe you are here for a reason? If so, what do you think that reason is? Have your experiences as otherkin affected your other religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of such beliefs? If so, how? Have you ever seriously considered that your identity may be psychological or neurological in nature? If not, why not? If so, what about it makes you believe it is spiritual instead? If you believe you identify as non-human for psychological or neurological reasons; (if not, skip to question 31) What feelings and experiences have led you to believe your identity is psychological or neurological in nature? Do you believe a specific event has led to you developing a non-human identity, or that you were always this way? Why do you believe your kintype is what it is? Where do you believe the knowledge that is required to maintain a non-human identity (such as the feelings of mental and phantom shifts) is sourced from? Do you have any fabricated "memories" of being your kintype? If so, why do you think this is? Have your experiences as otherkin affected your other religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of such beliefs? If so, how? Have you ever seriously considered that your identity may be spiritual in nature? If not, why not? If so, what about it makes you believe it is psychological or neurological instead? Community How did you first find the otherkin community? Was it before or after you awakened? Do you believe being part of the community has had any impact on your identity? Do you believe you would know as much about yourself as you do now, if it weren't for the community? What is your favourite part about the online otherkin community? What is your least favourite part about the online otherkin community? Overall, have your experiences in the community been positive or negative? If you were asked to give advice to newly-awakened otherkin, what would you say? Effects on life How big of an effect do you believe your otherkin identity has on your life? Are you ever inconvenienced by your identity as non-human? Do you ever feel "homesick" for the habitat or lifestyle of your kintype? If so, how do you deal with this? Do you ever experience species dysphoria? If so, how does this feel, and how do you deal with it? Are there any locations that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? Are there any activities that make you feel more or less connected to your kintype? Why? Do you believe your identity as a non-human has affected your interests or career path? Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your personality? Why, or why not? Do you believe your non-human identity has affected your "moral compass" in any way? Do you have any unusual behaviours or quirks that you attribute to your kintype? Do you have any unusual instinctual reactions or fears that you attribute to your kintype? If given a choice, would you rather everybody know about your non-human identity, or nobody? Do you feel it is important for friends/family to know about your non-human identity? Why, or why not? How do you express your non-human identity externally (if you do at all)? How open are you about your non-human identity in general? Would you ever consider modifying your body to more resemble your kintype (i.e. tattoos, piercings, etc.)? Overall, do you feel that having a non-human identity has been a positive, negative or neutral experience? Have you ever tried to deny, bury or ignore your non-human identity? If so, why? If given the choice to permanently, physically change into the form of your kintype, would you? Why, or why not? Fun stuff What's your favourite thing to do while shifted? What's your favourite thing to eat or drink while shifted? Have you ever done something silly while shifted, only realising after the shift has subsided? If you see something scary while mentally shifted, how do/would you react? Ever had any embarrassing moments related to your kintype? C'mon, out with it! All otherkin have suddenly gained the ability to physically shift! What's the first thing you do? ...And what's the second thing? What would a normal day be like for you if you could physically shift? Copy-paste friendly version:
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    I am a researcher at St Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and am working on a project on spiritual identity. I am interested in the spiritual journeys people take, and where they currently find themselves. Details can be found at: http://wp.stu.ca/narrativestudies/research/spiritual-identity-in-new-religious-movements/ I attach the project information sheet and a consent form. The research consists of being interviewed about how you came to realise your spiritual nature, and an exploration of what this means to you in your everyday life, your relationships, and your place in the world. It is possible to participate in the research totally anonymously - I would just need a telephone number or Skype address on which to contact you - or for you to call me. It doesn't matter where you live, though interviews will need to be in English. I attach the participant information sheet, and consent form to this post. I have ethics committee approval from the university for the project. If you are willing to speak to me, please contact me by phone or email. And, of course, if you have any questions about the study, please get back to me. Many thanks Clive Baldwin Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies Professor of Social Work Tel: 506 452 9596 Email: baldwin@stu.ca Spiritual identity PIS.docx Spiritual identity transcript consent form.docx
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    If I were any lazier I'd swear I was slothkin.
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    As one would expect, the topic of robotics is one very dear to me. Though, even if I wasn't the way that I am, I'm sure I'd certainly find this advancement to be a very cool one. So, here, check it out! Researchers create skeleton robot with human-like muscles
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    From the album Kintype Busts

    I drew this while listening to the 'How to Train Your Dragon' soundtrack!
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    I don't agree that the youth of the USA today know more about politics than their elders. What the Internet has given them is knowledge of opinions, not knowledge of facts. I don't feel schools do enough at educating today, especially when you take into consideration that current politics determines the level of education. (Look at who runs school boards and how their members are picked.) Americans are simply not as educated as the British. The latter has had a better education system by far for decades while ours has deteriorated. I was lucky to get into high school Latin classes in 1975. It was no longer offered in 1976. Latin has been taught in British schools for as long as I've been reading about their level of education (decades.) (Learning Latin is good not only for improved language skills in the Romance Languages, but also useful in the medical and science fields.) The British can easily lower their voting age. What we need to do is leave ours where it's at, but make Voting Day a national/federal paid-holiday. That way, more people can vote, especially those currently under the thumb of employers unwilling to give time off for their employees' national duty. We don't take voting seriously enough in this country.
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    Dragonkin starter pack:
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    I feel you there. My parents are all hyped up about how the internet and technology are sucking out our souls and making us isolated and depressed, so every time I go on the family computer I feel like they're watching me. (I think this might've contributed to my paranoia, hah.) And if they ask what I'm doing I have to tell them what I'm doing and why i'm doing it. I can't tell them to mind their business either because if I do they'll assume I'm doing something bad! Because "if it's not bad then you don't need to hide it"! --Alder
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    Yeah, I talk to gods and spirits a lot. The Kemetic deities are practically family. Most of the time it's nothing all that important, just a way to spend time together. They like to sit and watch movies with me, partly because it's fun, and partly because watching a film in a darkened theater is a kind of mild trance anyway. Sobek and Sekhmet both enjoyed Wonder Woman. I know a lot of people devalue pop culture, but it's still a valid method of human expression. We're all stories, aren't we? On the more serious side, Ra and I have had many talks about leadership, social structures, serving and being served. There was a bit of culture shock going along with that because he's pretty old school. I'm not sure I agree with all of it, but I see where he's coming from with it. Wakinyan used to talk about being engaged in life. Make contact with friends, with enemies. Don't be afraid to get hurt because that's all part of the game. You take action, and you receive consequences. There's no getting around that, but it's entirely up to you how you choose to handle it. If you do the crime, don't complain about serving the time. Give meaning to that service instead. Embrace it all, good and bad. Every god has their own understanding. There was a time when I was told to meet various deities, absorb some of their energy into myself, and by doing so, learn something about them. Each one was different, and they were all fascinating. That All Gods Are One thing might technically be true from a certain perspective, but in actual practice I think it causes people to gloss over the subtle and not so subtle nuances that makes each one valuable in their own way. If you were to get Zeus, Ra and Odin together in the same room, I'm sure you'd hear some widely differing opinions on how things ought to be done. As far as deep mystical wisdom goes, I don't think it exists, at least not in the way people seem to hope for. It's as if they think there's some special magical knowledge that will suddenly make everything better for everyone. It doesn't really work that way. Their advice to me can pretty much be summed up as "Live the best life you know how to live, right now, while you still can." There are no magic shortcuts.
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    Very well-said. It is true that Abrahamic religions have played a large role in the widespread and long-lived view that other animals should be subservient to humans. Growing up (1990s), I remember being told by more than a few people that other animals don't have feelings and emotions, and have no intellect-- relying purely on instinct and without free will. What utter nonsense that was.
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    Vacillant/suntherian options for the "shifting experiences" field. Not all otherkin experience legitimate shifts. The two are synonymous but it may be best just to put "Vacillant" there since it is more inclusive. With that in mind, include fluctuations on the "shift triggers" area. It could be like "shifts/fluctuations". The ability to make profiles private and/or only available to certain people (such as mutual followers). This was a feature on the old forum. If this forum doesn't have it, could it be coded in? The ability to edit/delete blog entries again and to also choose the privacy of those. I don't understand why those features were taken away but they did exist after the forum moved and blog entries aren't exactly like posts in which it wouldn't make sense if you deleted/edited them. It's a nuisance to have to go and delete my blog every time I want to clean it up as a whole (I just like to be able to do things myself regarding this stuff so I don't want to message a staff member every single time). Thank you.
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    This formatting is rather difficult to read, and the grammar doesn't help. In response to the content: Everyone here probably thinks you are a troll. I definitely think you're a troll, but I'm willing to give you a chance to show that you're not. Do you have any anything to support... Any of these claims? They're all pretty far out there. You can't do the impossible. That's what impossible means. We know we're not crazy. But then people roll in and claim they can do things like physically change their form and create an "anthro society" while talking about how Jesus and Buddha both followed their 3 Easy Steps to (PERMANENTLY!) Unlocking Your Third Eye. No wonder everyone else thinks we're crazy. If you're not a troll, I'd really recommend reading through the library. These articles in particular discuss what otherkin/therianthropy means and might help clear up some of your apparent confusion and assumptions.
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    New age witches whose spells call for invoking gods/divine creatures from pantheons/traditions they have nothing to do with... --Alder
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    "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles" - Charlie Chaplin
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    Shocked beyond belief at the news about Chester. RIP man, you were an inspiration to me. ;-;
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    (I’m going really interpretive with this title) On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. If you aren't familiar with the concept, it's a tad hard to explain. Basically it's a faire that combines medieval history and fantasy. So there are knights, jesters, and dragons at a faire with shows, rides, food, and shops. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is a particularly big and well known one, at least around here. As it is in Kenosha and I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago without a driver's license, I had never been before. It was a ton of fun. And while the shows, rides, and general theming were all awesome, for me the best part or the Faire was finally making this happen: Yes, after meaning to for a long time, I finally found an excuse to get myself some horns. These weren't my ideal shape, but they did the job well. It was particularly evident when we saw the goats at the Fair’s petting zoo, which we noted had very similar horns to mine. Wearing them felt great, though it was no revelation or anything, and it didn't last super long. But that's ok; the point was to help me connect more to my fauntaur side, and it did that. Eventually I'm planning to make an entire costume out of it, perhaps for my next trip to the Renaissance Faire. Like I said last time, I'm integrating this stuff more into my life now, which is good. But I still keep not doing meditations and the like. If my goal is to figure out what exactly my kin type is, I need to get back on that. For now though, I have been making good progress in the experience department. One last thing. I posted this elsewhere, but here it is again: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B071G3J2V8/ref=mp_s_a_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1500298857&sr=8-10&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=satyr%2Bcostume&th=1&psc=1 Close enough.
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    Sorry, there was supposed to be a picture there: http://tinypic.com/r/16j2543/9
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    I have to say my PS3 (closely followed, by 4, then 2, then 1)l due to the use of the sixaxis controller in a lot of games, which wasn't a thing when I had a PS2.
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    Key words here: "would have" That is, not enough of them did vote in order to swing the election to the best candidate. But again, that statistic is only for those of voting age, and older. I'm all for keeping the age where it's at and making Election Day a national, federal holiday. Making it a federal holiday then makes it a mandatory holiday for employers. The other thing that could be done with Election Day would be to extend the hours. After looking, I see that in the UK polls open at 7 am like they do here. But then, they don't close until 10 pm. We close ours at 7 pm. Twelve hours isn't enough, especially when some people do work twelve hours at a time, and then have to go stand in long lines just to vote. Part of the issue with long lines as well has to do with some questionable decisions on the number of voting precincts. Wealthier areas often get more places to vote than poorer areas. Honestly, I wish we could standardize voting across all states, especially when it comes to national elections. There are just too many rules, laws, and other variables state to state that cause problems for people trying to vote. Voting age doesn't measure up as a problem in comparison. Voting is too important to leave how it's done to each state.
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    This might be a tangent, but the brain continues to develop well into the 20s and different parts "mature" at different rates, and of course individuals are different. The most common claim I've seen so far says 25 is when it's fully grown, but those numbers vary. And that the "decision making" part is one of those that isn't fully developed until the 20s. The voting age was actually 21 up until the 26th amendment happened.
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    Anyone ever have one of those days where you wake up and things are just... weird? You wake up weird, you feel weird, just everything feels wrong haha
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    That little snippet there next to your avatar picture has put an image in my head of the horrible pecking they're about to receive. But this the the "Let it out" thread not the daily thought thread, therefore: AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHAAHAHAHAA~!!!!!1131 -breathe- My energy had been burning up for weeks. This is really getting old. Make it stop.
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    Seems I'm in the minority here. I don't think the voting age should be lowered. Most certainly I am not saying people under the age of 18 aren't capable of making informed decisions on the future of their country, but I strongly believe the younger a person is, it doesn't matter about their knowledge, they are more easily swayed by emotions over experience. And when it comes to something as important as voting for a new government, acting upon emotion can produce horrific results. I agree with much of what Terro has already said. There's a reason the phrase "respect your elders" exists. And while it is true they do not always know what is best and "times change" (before anyone says anything about that), but they have experience of politics and world events that a mere child could never have. This is diverging slightly, but I've seen so much growing disrespect from the younger generations towards the elder generations, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Could I trust such easily emotional people to make an important decisions as a whole? I think not. To add to this, the younger generation have had a tendency not to give a damn about voting. In fact, it wasn't until the most recent election younger people actually made a surge in bothering to vote. Younger people are less likely to care about politics unless someone gives them incentive. Arguably, without a strong incentive like the last election gave them they could care less and that's the statistics talking. Lowering the voting age might make a few people vote, but more likely there'll be a bunch of people who have the opportunity but don't use it. There is little to no political education within our schools, I know when I was still under the voting age my knowledge and the knowledge of the vast majority of my classmates was minimal (and this was not all too long ago, I'm not an old fogey by any means). We were easily distracted by false promises parties make, not looking into the economical side, the legal side, the factual side. It's only with experience that one begins to see that these enticing "promises" are often no more than a piece of bait for the general public. While being 18 isn't a perfect age for voting, it's definitely my preferred age limit. It isn't too young and it isn't too old and it gives time to educate oneself on politics with a more mature view. Again that isn't to say younger people can't be educated and willing, but they lack that experience. Even at just two years lower at the age of 16 I'm skeptical about one's readiness to vote on such an important aspect of the future. Remember, from a biological standpoint the brain is still developing. It might just be two years, but at that age two years = a lot of development and "maturing" going on.
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    where are they Seriously though, I don't know what actually went on, but you're not terrible just because they decided to gang up on you. The majority isn't always right.
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    People here know who my girlfriend is, so names aren't too necessary. But, I'm allowed to wax lyrical at some point. We're in a long-distance relationship, and even though the distance bugs me, I'm just so content whenever she's around. Sure it'd be amazing to one day be physically together, and I know on that day I'd be genuinely more than happy, but right now I'm content in her mere presence, and that says a lot to me. What makes her so strong, even if she doesn't see it, is that she's still stuck by me and pulled me out whenever I'm in a self-induced pit of hate, putting up with my apologies whenever I perceive myself as getting territorial over her. She's managed to make me comfortable enough to share things that I wouldn't normally share, and I trust her enormously in that respect. It feels like we've been together a lot longer than we actually have, and it just feels so natural. Sure we each have our own problems and struggles, but being willing to help the other is what makes those things easier to bear, even if she does put up with my stubbornness... I love her, and I make it known, as you'll see if we're ever in chat together, heh. (Don't even get me started on Gareth and Lucy)
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    Fictionkin Starter Pack: --Alder
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    I would like to provide some further information upfront about my research project, to help in deciding whether or not to participate. First, I am aware that sometimes researchers can use data gathered in interviews in ways that informants never intended and/or see as misrepresenting their position and experience. The way I try to deal with this is to send participants a copy of the transcript of their interviews, so that they can be reviewed and participants can correct, clarify, or take out things that they wish they hadn't said. Once this has been done, participants consent to me using the agreed transcript. Also, I am happy to send to participants the exact passage(s) I want to quote from their interviews, and the context in which those quotes will be used, so that participants can agree to the use of their material. Participants are also free to withdraw from the project at any time - and upon doing so, any materials pertaining to them will be destroyed. So, if you don't like how I have used what you said, you can withdraw, and I will take out any reference to you. (Hopefully, we would be able to find a way of including your material that is mutually acceptable, but you have the final say). Obviously, once any article or paper is out there, I cannot withdraw it, but you can always withdraw your agreement from being included in any subsequent publications. My over-riding concerns here are that participants feel safe in talking to me, that I accurately represent participants' experiences, and that I leave participants, hopefully in a better place, but if not at least not having done any harm. I find the best way to do that is to give as much control over the process as possible to participants. Second, if you want to participate anonymously, that too is fine. I will, obviously need a contact phone number, Skype address, or Discord #, but you do not have to give me your real name if you do not want to. I will also need the time zone in which you reside, so as to make arrangements to chat. I can take consent verbally when we chat if you prefer. Of course, if you want a copy of your transcript (see above) then I will also need an email address to which to send it. Third, participants must be over 18. I do not have ethics approval to interview people under 18, and it is also the policy of Kinmunity that research participants be over 18. To this end, I have adapted the consent form to include a statement to that effect - see attached. Fourth, if you want to have a conversation about the research before deciding to participate or not, then please contact me. You can email or phone me (baldwin@stu.ca 506 452 9596). My Skype address is clive.baldwin62 if you want to contact me that way - but please indicate that you are interested in the research project in the invitation to become a contact - so that I do not inadvertently delete your invitation. I am working out how to use Discord (my Discord # is #8584) - but am new to it, so you will have to bear with me, if that is your preferred means of contact. I hope the above is helpful, and I hope that you will consider being part of this project. Clive Spiritual identity Consent form Kinmunity.docx Spiritual identity PIS.docx
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    I don't have too much to say at the moment, as I haven't really had any time to focus on kin stuff lately. There's been a lot going on, and in addition, the later hours of my new job limit my time. The good news is, after a rocky start, the job is actually going pretty well. I just need to adjust. But I do at least have a couple of things to report. I've approached, or considered approaching, “occult” shops for kin-related needs before. But it doesn't usually go anywhere. The selection and variety of books gets overwhelming, and working with stones or incense or whatever has rarely helped me all that much. Plus, I'm too embarrassed to go in and get a tarot reading or anything like that. I'm easily embarrassed with strangers. So, because of all That, I don't go to these shops all that often. But on Saturday, I was walking around with some friends after we finished a game at our local gaming store. One of them wanted to stop by one of the two “occult” shops in the area. The rest of us joined, and I figured I might as well look around and see if anything spoke to me. At first it didn't seem like there was any such thing. But just before we were going to leave, I noticed something on a low shelf: a pan flute. Not a tiny useless one like I already had, but a proper one that you could actually play, and it was cheap as heck. Naturally, I picked it up. I got it for the same reason as the other one: maybe playing it will help me connect more to my past life, or to Big Pan. I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, but it can't hurt, and even if it doesn't help, I just enjoy playing music. I think I'm going to go on another nature walk this week, and take the flute with me. Maybe inspiration will hit me. Either way, I can't believe I found them there. They were way cheaper than any other similar thing I could find online, and they aren't the biggest occult item (though the connection with pagans and the Horned God makes sense.) No, I don't think it's anything supernatural. But I would call it destiny, after a fashion :-) Actually, shortly after I wrote that last paragraph, another interesting coincidence occurred. I was in a little convenience store, looking for a snack and arguing with “Pan” about my eating habits. Suddenly, I heard the word “satyr” coming from the TV in the shop. I rushed to take a look, and indeed, a movie was playing that involved satyrs. In fact, one appeared on screen right when I got there. I later looked it up and found out it was one of the Percy Jackson movies, which had been recommended to me in the past. So that's another interesting coincidence. I'm not totally sure whether I would want to watch the movie; it might cause the whole jealousy of fictional characters thing to flare up. I'll have to think about it. With all these coincidences happening, it seems like maybe I shouldn't stay on hiatus from my research and meditation. As much as I would like to think it's Big Pan telling me something, it's really just evidence that this stuff is still on my mind. In order to really take a break I would have to completely cut it out of my mind and I don't want to do that. Trouble is, I have so much less time than I used to, and that fact has been stressing me out lately. It's not just that my work hours are longer; I also used to have down time during work to look things up or write posts like this one. Not to mention, I had a long enough commute that it was able to give me time where this stuff was the best option. Now I have more time in the morning, but as I'm at home during that time, I have too many options. I'm trying to claw back some time for myself, but it's been difficult. There's always the fear of missing out, you know? Alternative costs, as we say in accounting. Well, that's about all I have to say. I have a few fun events coming up. One is Pokemon Go Fest, the premier official Pokemon Go event, which just so happens to be here in Chicago. I'm super excited for that. And then next month, of course, is Gen Con. Hopefully that will go well this year, eh?
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    Me: I'm going to read all I can on theory, economics, politics, and history and become well-learned and invent some cool new theory of my own Also me: *watching 6 hours of Roblox death noise memes* *reading AskReddit* *seeing how long I can hold my breath* (I beat my record of 1:20 with 1:30, yay!) *reading memes about Trotsky but not actually reading anything written by Trotsky* *literally doing anything besides things that would help me reach my goal*
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    Well said, and I completely agree! I know humans are animals too, so why wouldn't a non-human animal be a person if a human is a person? I consider non-human animals people and an individual non-human animal is a person. I also try to use the correct gender (she/he) when referencing one. Personally, I think it’s rude not to at least make an attempt. I think the reason why many humans don’t consider non-human animals people is because they think humans are superior as a species and thus need to distance themselves from the 'riff raff' beasts. It's a pretty Christian ideal as far as I've seen and it drives me nuts! But the argument against non-human animal personhood is that if a cow is a person, why should we kill it for food? To me, it's not that a cow has to die to feed me but rather a question of how it has to die. If it's fast and as humane as possible, then I see no reason not to enjoy steak. It's when a non-human animal has to suffer to die that I don't agree with. Ultimately though, since humans are in fact animals it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me to call a human a person but a dog is not a person when they have individual personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. too. ‘People’ and ‘person’ are just terms for an individual that thinks and feels and experiences life. So yes, non-human animals are people too!
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    I rarely find a need for shielding, and at most I simply focus on putting intent and energy into my scales and most things can't hurt me. Fringe benefits of being a dragon in the etheric plane. But I also trained in other methods of psychic self defense. Making a psychic shield consists simply of visualizing something protective between yourself and a threat. Usually, a perfect sphere of some substance or energy. What exactly you visualize depends on preference, symbolism, and what exactly you want. A sphere of lead is pretty universal because lead is impenetrable to many forms of energy, but it tends to isolate you as well. A mirror reflects what people send back at them. Many report that the most effective shield of energy which is programmed to "change frequency" randomly and therefore an attacker cannot learn to penetrate it. My favorite method is to make one's aura dense and wear it like a second skin, a suit of psychic armor. I have also made etheric constructs in the form of a literal suit of armor. As for grounding, that may be as simple as food or drink, or exercise. Any purely physical activity connects one to one's body and the present moment. My favorite is to visualize roots spreading from one's astral body into the earth, passively equalizing energy.
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    I think that interacting with anyone, particularly someone you are very close with, involves some transfer of energy. Someone you are in a relationship with will surely absorb some of your energies as you interact and share with each other, and to balance that, you will absorb some of their energies as well. It doesn't even necessarily have anything to do with theriotypes, but simply the essence of a person spilling out and flowing through everyone around them. As for the behaviours, that's a pretty common trait to pick up from a partner. Many people, even those who aren't spiritually inclined and aren't therians/otherkin, will pick up the behaviours of the people they are close too. I believe it has something to do with the reciprocity used to show attraction to someone, like when those online flirting tips say to cross your arms and see if they cross theirs too? Humans are more inclined to mimic behaviours if they're interested in or close to someone.
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    I personally don't have an issue with dissections being done at higher levels. It's a hands-on way for people to actually examine how internal body systems work and fit together, and for the right set of students it can be an incredibly beneficial part of education. However, I think dissections should be saved for college-level classes purely because most students below that age are far too immature to gain anything from the exercise. I myself have seen firsthand that classroom dissections at a high school level usually end in mutilated piles of flesh and someone being pelted with organs, with little to no valuable information being absorbed in the process. There's also the matter of students who have no plans to pursue a career in anything remotely related to biology and/or are uncomfortable completing the dissections that have unfairly been deemed "mandatory". Now, granted, the younger students who actually have an interest in biology or biology-related careers may benefit from dissections performed in high school level classrooms, but the majority of students who don't have the patience or stomach to do much more than cut everything apart will surely sour the experience.
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    It doesn't flip anything, except for those religions who have built up a culture of separation between humans and the divine. They made up some myth about how the only people who could talk to god were some long dead prophets or saints. That way when people needed guidance, they'd go to their local officially recognized franchise and talk to a professional rather than relying on their own judgement. Not all cultures work that way. Not even all Christians work that way. I will grant that it's not an objectively repeatable experience and for all I know it could be all in my head. I've also been hanging out with various polytheists for years and my experiences are actually pretty common among them. We pretty much have an understanding that there is no one single written in stone word of god, and that it's a highly individual experience. We're also very untrusting of those who try to enforce their own divine visions on others. You won't see me handing down any commandments, and I wouldn't trust anyone who tried.
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    Of course it's impossible for me to prove anything, I believe I get messages from what I believe in, as well as help, comfort and understanding. And sometimes I know things, when I do my tarot readings I sometimes get images in my mind, a feeling of an emotion, or sense things, I believe this comes from the client. So yeah, I believe I channel things from others, and from Deities absolutely, just might be me being insane, but it's worked 9 out of 10 times so far.
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    Yeah, pretty much, though I try not to use devaluing terms for my body. It tries its best, and to give it proper credit, it is an entire ecosystem in itself.
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    Hello all, I decided I'd start a thread on the study of nonhuman cognition and consciousness. Cognitive Ethology is a very inchoate field that combines philosophy of mind with neuroscience and cognitive science as well as animal behavioral sciences. Although having some background in a scientific or philosophical field is helpful to understanding the topic at hand, I can clarify and explain in a way that is accessible to anyone who is curious. Please feel free to ask away. I don't bite. Well, sometimes I do instinctively, but not here. There are many many misunderstandings about nonhuman cognition and thought, especially that of consciousness, which is mostly due to quite grand historic biases and misconceptions of the animal and the human being, in particular issues of human supremacy and transcendence in earlier humanistic philosophies. Many dated tests, such as the "mirror test" are completely bunk, but still frequently referred to by pop culture. Since this is a topic that interests me greatly and something I did formal research in during my education (and continue to research autodidactically), I figured I get a topic rolling on it and perhaps be able to answer some questions. (In fact, the topic interests me enough that I will probably pursue a PhD in it at some point later in life once I feel like returning to academia.) Believe it or not, there is actually a field devoted to the study of kinds of consciousness and thought that goes even beyond psychology. Philosophy of mind is a formal academic discipline that complements scientific studies of mind. I did my BA in this field, so I can help a bit with understanding it. The fact is, consciousness is made of many different parts, different "kinds" of consciousness with varying levels of complexity and interdependence. The human being is a particular collection and organization of cognitive traits in various degrees and ways. Each individual member of a species is itself a unique organization of mind and consciousness given that they develop neural pathways according to their embodied experience of the world. There are many analogs in the animal kingdom and each species can be conceived of as a reordering and regrouping of sets of traits that are pervasive and common across the world. It is supposed that there are no uniquely human cognitive properties, that each aspect of humanity is shared with other species, but the particular organization of traits gives rise to certain species-specific traits, such as formal discursive language in human beings. This becomes a major point of contention because some thinkers like Noam Chomsky believe that language learning is a unique human instinct with a kind of symbolic thought that no nonhumans are capable of. However, just recently, it was demonstrated that horses can use representation language to intentionally communicate. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168159116302192 And the original research, in case you are interested in the primary source: http://www.appliedanimalbehaviour.com/article/S0168-1591(16)30219-2/fulltext While horse people like me are shrugging their shoulders at the obviousness of it from interacting with the species, it is a major breakthrough in science and undermines many previously false preconceptions. While it may seem like science sometimes devotes a lot of effort to proving the obvious with rigor, it is necessary because, throughout history, the obvious has so frequently proven wrong. For me, I have never doubted for a second that nonhuman animals lived rich inner, conscious, minded lives, but the act of actually proving this scientifically is bleeding edge research that few human beings care to actually engage. Sadly, if there were more interest in doing so, we would have likely unlocked many wondrous discoveries about how nonhuman animals think and experience the world. Even what we have discovered is astounding. For instance, this is a model of horse vision: https://eventingconnect.today/2016/11/25/ever-wonder-how-your-horse-sees-the-world-video-break/ Keep in mind that you yourself are watching this model with a human brain and human eyes, constructing meaning and perceptual experience through wetware you can't possibly escape. The way the horse sees its own vision is inaccessible to us because we are interpreting its eye's properties with our human brains. We would have to have identical horse brains to see as a horse sees (its focus and thought about seeing, its qualia, it's what-it-is-like-to-be or perception) because the horse's optic nerve is a complex system interpreting visual data, eliminating junk info and focusing on those things that are pertinent to the horse's survival as an embodied being in the world, which is then fed into an even more complex system of its central executive functions. You can't replicate that with a human brain any more than I can see the very way you see the color red with your brain. (This actually gets into the largest problem in philosophy in the 21st century called "The Hard Problem of Consciousness" by philosopher David Chalmers.) I'll start with two links. The first is to the "Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness". Scientists have pretty much come to consensus on the consciousness of nonhuman animals. http://fcmconference.org/img/CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdf The second links are to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article entry on cognitive ethology. This is a rather advanced discipline so the technical jargon is quite heavy. But I can assist with understanding where necessary. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/cognition-animal/ https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/consciousness-animal/ I hope you find this information useful and stimulating. I will endeavor to provide new links and thoughts in this thread for others over time, as well as engage in discussion and explanation as necessary.
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    People Who Capitalise Every Single Word In A Sentence Outside Of A Title For Some Reason. kill me I tend to be easily irritated by bad grammar in general outside of informal chats (unless there's a reason for it). People asking me what I'm doing when I'm on my laptop or similar device. My personal goings on are my own, just because I don't want to show you or explain it, doesn't mean I'm doing something dodgy. People chewing extremely loudly. That one extroverted friend who's hellbent on getting you out to social events more because "you don't get out enough and you should enjoy yourself". My enjoyment is sitting at home playing video games thanks. Social Justice Warriors. There's a point when advocating for social equality tips and becomes excessively extreme and authoritarian and these people cross that line. On that note, people who mock others for calling themselves egalitarian for some reason (on both sides). Because it's bad to want equality? People who hate on or turn their back on family or friends for nothing more than having a differing political opinion. And on that note, bigots in general, especially bigots who partake in insane amounts of mental gymnastics to explain why when they do it, it "isn't bigotry". Zoo-haters. Modern zoos in Western countries are not what you claim they are and some species would be completely extinct by now if it wasn't for their existence. Self-diagnosers or other people who trivialize physical and mental illnesses and disabilities to "look cool". -_- Back onto more light-hearted ones: people who assume all us Brits are posh and proper. No. Just no. When I wake up and my teeth are embedded in my tongue. Ouch. When people find out I have a parrot and their first response is: "Oh can it talk?". Parrots are so much bloody more than mimickers. People who refer to humans as separate from and/or above other animals. What do you think we are, plants, bacteria, protozoa? Oh and we can't forget people who call apes monkeys. *flails with rage* And people who think that a bird eating another species of bird is cannibalism. That's like saying us eating a cow is cannibalism bruh. When there's that one guy with a squeaky shoe in a public area and you need to muster all your strength not to start laughing hysterically. And so many more but I think I've wrote enough for now.
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    Danke! I also agree with your earlier comment fully. OHH, and you might like these, although you might have read them: https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Lives-Animals-Scientist-Explores/dp/1577316290 https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Minds-Animals-Really-Think/dp/0805056696 https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Words-What-Animals-Think/dp/1250094593/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7QXJZ4ZZ2ST8ZKR9352K https://global.oup.com/academic/product/thinking-without-words-9780195341607?cc=us&lang=en& (The last one is a really hard read.)
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    Not in the way "person" is usually taken to mean, which refers exclusively to humans (and sometimes humanoids). That doesn't mean I see animals as having no identity. You don't have to be a "person" to have an identity, I don't think.
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    Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -8.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.15 Yeesh. I'm pretty far out there, aren't I? :-)
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    I think you may have reached into my heart and pulled out my soul because this is exactly how i feel! People who say things like that usually segway into: "My cat can be vegetarian!" which is animal abuse in its most agitating form. Youre so ignorant to the laws of nature that you just completely neglect logic and starve and slowly kill your pet for no reason other than your own hubris. Nature will do what it does and when you try to defy it you wind up with nothing other than death.
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    Well... "shifting experiences" field is now gone. There's an option named "My kintype integrated to my base personality" in the field "Mental Shifting" grouped under "Otherkin Shifting Frequency" - that's the equivalent to "vacillant" or "suntherian". Those people would select "It's constant" option in the field "Mental Shifting" grouped under "Otherkin Shifting Frequency" - that's the equivalent to "contherian". Pretty much anything could be coded, but the more complex it is, the more time it takes to get ready. Some basic checking can be done to hide the details from your profile. Hiding profile details and activity are in the "queue" to be reimplemented (Visibility: "Public", "Members", "People I follow", "Myself"). The previous implementation did handle the blog system as something completely apart from the existing permissions, where the time limit to edit that existed in forums were irrelevant and it was defined by a Yes/No permission... this implementation makes reuse of the time limit for editing stuff in forums (30 minutes for non-VIP), so these are the blogs-specific permissions: By setting a blog as "private", you have to manually type the username from everyone who will be able to read what you wrote there. Unfortunately, there isn't a "only members" or a "only people who I follow" permission. Again, writing code is tedious, demands loneliness and a lot of time and patience - this has been put in the "queue".
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    When I see someone complain, in front of me, about how all otherkin are "cool things like dragons and wolves and tigers" and never "lowly animals like pelicans or seagulls or rats"
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    I said I do believe in multiple gods. I'd pretty much be shooting myself in the foot if I didn't. It is generally considered healthy to believe in yourself. I'm a small part of Horus/Heru that for some unknown reason incarnated here. I have suspicions about why, but never really got those confirmed. That said, I wasn't raised in a spiritual household at all. My Dad was a deist, as in God exists but doesn't meddle in creation at all. He was more interested in what science could prove. My Mom is agnostic, but will call herself Christian if asked in a general sort of way. I remember being in kindergarten and thinking that it was silly to believe that one guy made everything, no matter how awesome they thought he was. That part is important because I believe your childhood beliefs still hang around in the back of your mind even if you move on to something else later. Part of me will always have doubts. I'll go into what my skeptical side thinks about gods first. Gods are psychological in origin. They fill a role in people's lives that helps them deal with uncertainties of all kinds. Some things in life are simply out of our control. What do we do then? We pray that the dice fall in our favor. We pray that the illness isn't fatal, that the crops don't fail, and that we win the war. We have to believe that our gods are powerful enough to grant these things. We try to manipulate them through offerings, and we make excuses for them when the prayer isn't answered in our favor. Sometimes what we're looking for isn't just some divine miracle dispenser. Sometimes we're looking for companionship and guidance. Gods will fill those roles too. They whisper in our ears. What they tell us has more to do with who we are than what they are. Sometimes it's a kick in the butt to get us moving in the right direction. Sometimes they just parrot our own beliefs back at us. Whether they literally exist or not, they do fill an important role in the psyche. That is a pretty compelling argument, as it is based on observation. I've hung out with a lot of polytheists and seen how their relationships with deities tend to go. Even they seem to downplay the miracle side of things. Gods are not required to prove themselves, usually. And yet, they maintain belief, because once you lose that, a lot of the psychological benefits of having a god go away. My main argument against atheism is that it's not helpful in any way. If it is true, then what happens if I believe in it? Nothing. I've given up the advantages spirituality brings, for what? A sense of being intellectually superior? Atheists argue that a lot of bad things are done in the name of religion. Though if you look closer, people were just looking for an excuse to do the bad things they already had in mind anyway. They would have easily developed another excuse to do the same things. That said, I do keep my yardstick nearby just in case I get the urge to act on any crazy ideas. "What if it is all in my head?" I can't prove the unseen side of things. No one can. There are times when coincidences pile up and I can't help but wonder about them. Sometimes I get a hint that there is more to the world than what can be easily observed. If being deitykin is a fantasy, for me it's a fantasy about being part of something much larger than myself, something that cares about the state of the world, and has taken an active role in caring for it for thousands of years. And that this deity, and the world it cares for, will be around long after my death here. I will be around, watching and caring, and trying to keep it together. Atheism doesn't give me enough in exchange for giving that up. It's not a good trade.
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    warning, distracted by bright and shiny objects
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