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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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    Excuse me but have I told you all how much I love Bendy today?
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    I have wanted to start a blog for a few weeks now and haven't been sure where to start. Just haven't thought of a good starting place, a place that I felt comfortable sharing my 'kin self with others, until now... Recently, I began to develop more of an understanding for the history and culture of one of the few parts of my genetic/ethnic background I actually know anything about, that place being Scotland. By blood, I am descended from a lowlands clan of the surname Benfield. By law and by all the family I have known since infancy, I am descended from the highland Stewart clan of the surname Cruickshank. The family history has been something I have clung to since childhood. After I awakened, I began to get flashes of memory from my past dragonic life, flashes of a life lived in a rugged land flanked on all sides by the sea. Flashes of people speaking a tongue that reminds me of my dragonic self. Slowly the pieces came together, over the course of a year. In my dragonic life, I lived on the British Isles, both Scotland and Ireland. Cut to this last week. I've wanted to study Scottish history for a long time and finally said now was the time. I researched and bought three books, and two days ago cracked open the first. I found myself within the first chapter transported repeatedly back into memories that haven't seen the light of day, even in the 10 years since I've awakened. Memories filling in gaps that previously I had filled with theories and suppositions. The history unfolded on paper and in my mind, and the book placed dates that my mind could only guess at. The book spoke of archaeologists unearthing signs of Hunter gatherer groups of people living there since the end of the last great ice age, and this was the first shock of personal memories being dragged out of my long-asleep mind. I saw a flash of the land as it was then, viewed on the wing, swooping low over the water, viewing a world just waking up from a long slumber beneath ice. It felt fitting that this was the first memory to come, as I too feel I am waking from a deep slumber. As I read, a rapid-fire flash of memories, faces, voices, colors, trees, water, food, hunting, mountaintops, lochs, people... All a sort of jumbled mess of brief impressions flashed through my mind and left me reeling. Still I read on, desperate to see what else would surface. The book told of the rise of farming, the settling of humans into communities with buildings and domesticated animals. It spoke of the felling of ancient forests, gone and forgotten in the modern Scotland. It told of the rise of a primitive form of the famous Scotland Clans, as people bound themselves to one another in loyal family groups. Again I experienced this rapid-fire onslaught of memories, but this time it was more distant... I didn't feel the soul-wrenching feeling of closeness to these people. If anything I felt sad, knowing they were giving up many things for this new way of life. I believe I disapproved. I read on, the book unfolding the history of Rome's attempts to conquer the British Isles. How they took the lowlands, but were unable to hold the great Glen or the highland hills and mountains. How they built Hadrian's Wall to keep the "barbarian" Pictish tribes, the Painted Ones, from attacking what land they held. I again felt memories stir but these were also distant. I had kept apart from these squabbles of men. I have read on since then, to the time of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of the land, their eventual settling of a portion of the land after mostly being repelled by the Picts, and now have begun reading of the Viking sacks, raids and takeovers of various portions of the land. I feel yet more and more disconnected now. Memories come as if from a dream, but they do come. Previously, I believed I lived in the Isles from about the time of Christ until around the time Christianity had begun to take hold there. I believed I lived there a few centuries, and then died at sea in an attempt to save a woman washed overboard from a ship by a storm. But now, I am left to contemplate if I didn't live there much earlier, and several centuries longer. I want to ponder over this more, perhaps reread what I have already read as well. I am open to thoughts and impressions on what I have written, and questions for more details as well. - Drakmanka
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    This is so very fascinating, Drakmanka... I wish I'd have a similar starting point for finding out about myself. Have you actually considered that what you remember could come from more than one life, I wonder?
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    Awesome job with all of the changes team! However, I am always a bit wary of any feature that allows a person to display their location and address, and even a vague location. It’s not just minors that are vulnerable by any means, anyone, no matter how old or who they are can be targeted by a dangerous person with malicious intent. Even if an adult wants to add their location voluntarily, it is still a risky thing to do, as you wouldn’t post your location on any other social media platform or website now would you? No matter what, location and personal information should always remain private for safety and security reasons. Trolls and raiders can also access the addresses as well, so it’s just something to think about! Still though, awesome job on the changes! ^.=.^
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    Registration on Kinmunity is fast, simple, and free. This guide will show you how to register an account on our site, as well as how to avoid some of the most common problems users encounter when registering. If you're still unable to register after reading this guide, click here to contact us and a community manager will assist you! Before you register... Ensure that your browser is set to allow JavaScript and Cookies from kinmunity.com We utilize cookies in order to keep you logged in and various portions of our site make use of JavaScript, including some security checks we perform at the time of registration. If you have cookies or JavaScript disabled, you may not be able to register on Kinmunity. Ensure that you are using a home internet connection or personal cellular connection. In order to prevent abuse of our resources, our security system does not allow users behind VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), proxies, TOR, or similar services to register an account. Occasionally, people who try to register at work or school will also be blocked from registering as our system does not differentiate between malicious and non-malicious VPNs. The best way to remedy this is to simply register from a personal connection or contact us to have an account created for you. Ensure that you're using a real email address that has some tenure. Our security system does not allow registration from disposable or temporary email addresses. This includes legitimate email addresses created for the single purpose of registering a Kinmunity account. These measures are in place to prevent abuse. For the best results, use your every-day email address or your alternate email address that you've received mail to before. The registration process... Towards the top-right of our site, you will see a "Sign Up" button. Click this button to be directed to the registration page or visit https://www.kinmunity.com/register to get started. You'll be presented with a registration form. Please fill in this form accurately and to the best of your ability. You'll want to select a username using alphanumeric (A-Z & 0-9) characters and you'll also want to use your real email address. Click "Create my Account" once you've filled it in. Your eligibility for registration will be checked by our security system. If you are approved*, you will be sent an email from no-reply@kinmunity.com titled "You must validate your account to continue". Check your email and click the "Validate my Email address" button within it. Once your email address is validated, you will be redirected to the profile completion wizard to finish creating your Kinmunity profile. Once your profile is complete, you'll automatically be granted access to the site. Common Registration Errors That value is not allowed. Currently, we only allow alphanumeric characters and underscores in display names. A display name cannot contain spaces or special characters. Please try converting removing special characters and converting spaces to underscores and try again. For example, Naia Ōkami becomes Naia_Okami This email is disposable, you can't use it. We do not allow use of disposable email addresses (DEAs). This includes known providers such as Mailinator and 10MinuteMail, as well as single-purpose addressed created on known providers which are setup for the sole purpose of creating an account on Kinmunity. If you receive this error, please use a different email address for registration. Your password must be classified as at least Fair. We require that users select a secure password for their Kinmunity account. This is for protection of both individual users and our site as a whole. A secure password contains at least eight characters consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols and should not be easily guessable. Sorry, your account does not meet minimum age requirement. Due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, you must be at least thirteen years old to join Kinmunity. Kinmunity does not have the infrastructure setup to process parental permission forms, so we cannot make exceptions, sorry! Your answer to the challenge question was not valid. Please try again. We ask perspective users a security question to ensure they are not spam-bots. If you get the question wrong, your registration will not be processed. However, you will get another chance to answer it. Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. This error indicates that you have been blocked by Google's reCAPTCHA system. This generally happens to users behind a proxy or VPN, but can also happen if your computer is infected with malware. Please try again later. We cannot process your registration at this time. This error indicates that our security system has rejected your registration. You will not be able to create an account using our automated registration system at this time. Please wait twenty-four hours and then try again. If you are still unable to create an account, click here to contact us and we'll manually create an account for you. *Sometimes, an account will be held for manual review by a Kinmunity staff member. If this happens, you will be able to complete the registration process as soon as your account is approved. A very small number of accounts are outright rejected by our security system. If this happens, don't sweat it! Just contact us and we'll manually create an account for you.
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    My first word was the german word for 'shit'. My dad thought it was pretty funny to teach me this as a first word and I think it is. We both, my dad and me, also taught it as a first word for my little sister and laughed a lot. He was a funny great dad.
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    Allow me to explain! It does not have to be implemented by any means necessary, however, I believe it would be fun for artists of all types and levels to participate in a monthly drawing event, with a theme of course!... For example, every month there can be a them for any of the artists of KM to draw, and one of the first themes can be things related to otherkinity, such as one’s own kintype, where one lived in their true life, a scene from a memory, wings, tails, or any concept that can relate to the world itself!... Perhaps there can also be a place in the KM gallery for these art pieces! ^.=.^ Even then however, the art contribution doesn’t need to stop at just fun contests! Artists like myself can put some of our profits from commissions we get, whether they’ve from members of KM or not to the site donation pool! I believe it would be a nice idea, though it does not have to be done if it is not necessary, although of course I would host the themes and the art contest days if no one else wants to! ^.=.^ Tell me your thoughts! ^.=.^
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    Besides a monthly, just for fun art contest, I would also suggest maybe having some KM members do some art trades with each other, randomizing who draws for who!... Which would be completely optional by the way! Perhaps once September rolls around, I could start the little art contest with the simple theme of one’s own kintype in their most vivid memory or something like that!... Maybe we can also make “banners” for clubs and other parts of our profile pages from the art we do!... ^.=.^ Perhaps another thing an artist like myself can do is post their commission info for other members on Kinmunity, and some of the proceeds from the commission money received from those on KM who have bought from them can go into the donation pool, and to new features, no matter how small that donation may be! ^.=.^ Truly however, it really depends on what everyone else wants to do! ^.=.^
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    Howldy! I helped host something like this last year elsewhere and I was surprised at the number of artists who chipped in - and of the quality of their work! I turned September into Sketchtember and made the whole month a "test your skills and help others grow, too!" event. A few members absolutely astounded me and I didn't even know they had artistic abilities to begin with. At the very start, I (and two others) gave a decent list of potential prompts to help members with artist blocks consider new things to try. In my challenge, I made the focus on trying to get everyone to sketch a little every day - if people completed whole pieces, that was fine, and if not, that was fine too. I just wanted to encourage steps toward progress and improvement. While the challenge I posted was for September specifically, it seemed to really help some members feel more comfortable sharing their artwork and it really helped participants feel more connected with each other. The community likewise benefitted from arts! Doing something more consistently, throughout the year, is something I'm trying to work on and encourage others to do. It can have very positive impacts on morale. Ironically enough, I'm horrible at motivating myself to do art, so if KM decides to try to support something like this, I'll try to chip in, too! I'm a newbie here, but would be more than happy to help share some suggestions if needed! -ZN
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    Yes, let's assume that someone would ask me that question. I've thought about a way to describe what my identity means to me beyond giving an explanation for the typical shifting phenomena. I found that for me, being a dragon actually explains a lot of things. First thing I came up with was the obvious species dysphoria when looking at dragons in media, and the fact that I'm almost personally offended when I see dragons being depicted as evil monsters, or attacked by some "noble knights" who actually didn't even bother to find out why the dragon's doing what it does in the first place. But ok, that could also be explained by just liking dragons, which I certainly do. Then, there's the fact that I always somewhat felt uncomfortable to be with people and had problems to adapt to them. Others would probably say that I'm not too bad in that, but it's just hard for me and I can't be around people for too long. I actually prefer to be alone quite a lot of time when compared to others. Now that could also be explained by social anxiety or, to put it more mildly, shyness. Which is not an unusual trait. Maybe it could also be explained with me being an empath, which is a more or less accepted concept but unfortunately lacks further scientific explanation. Next, there is the fact that I was apparently born with certain abilities and urges... things that I was never told to do or learned how to do, and behaviours I have been showing since I was a very young child. Others would maybe call those "talents". In my case, there is the urge to protect the environment. Also, there is both the interest in as well as an extraordinary skill to understand and handle technology. Afaik, both of those were extremely strong traits for me from the age of around 4 or 5. I can remember that around that age or even earlier, my parents gave me a toy helicopter, which had electric parts in. I was fascinated and immediately started to try and understand how it worked. First I was very careful and a bit frightened about the thing, but soon enough, I'd take it apart and put it back together. I would do that with everything, also soon I became known for being able to repair things more or less instinctively. I think this is something that can't really be explained... Talents? Where do they come from? I don't even believe in them tbh, I rather believe that you can learn things. My urge to protect nature would drive me to ask other kids not to throw stuff away, collect rubbish, and become active in a local nature protection initiative. My parents thankfully always supported both my environmental and technology interest and in turn, I always tried to combine them, trying to find ways using technology to help to protect nature. Which ultimately led me to be a renewable energies scientist. Adding to this, somewhere along the path I took as a child I realized that it felt wrong to be addressed as human. Tbh I never took any value in "being a human", I didn't want to be one and didn't want to be called such. So it seems that I searched for an answer to the question "what am I". It seems I would - for some reason - consider flying creatures, e.g. the falcon. Looking down to the landscape from high places fascinates me. Well, also not too unusual. But in my case, somewhen through some thought processes I really can't unravel any more - and maybe backed by some shifting I sadly didn't write down and mostly don't seem to remember - I came up with the explanation of "I'm a dragon whose primary taks is to protect life and nature on Earth, and came here intentionally to learn about technology because it seems threathening". I actually came to believe there were more such dragons, called them "Guardians" and started to write down a story about them somewhen at the age of 16, I think. Now what I mean to say is that believing that I'm a dragon with that task provides a logical answer to the questions and feelings of my life. It puts everything under a common umbrella, and - as oftentimes said - everything falls into place. It gives me a reason why I'm here, what I'm doing here, why I do that and why I have the skills do it. It totally gives my life sense, so to say, and does this in a way I feel much, much more comfortable with than adopting any religion. Any other explanation to my state of being I've considered is at some point flawed and leaves some questions unanswered. If I adopted such a "non-dragon" explanation, there'd be nothing more I could do to explore the questions left open, hence they will stay unanswered. On the other hand, if I accept that I am a dragon, I can actually go on and explore myself along that path. I'm trying to do that - as far as time allows - since end of 2018 after an involuntary hell-of-a-fusion-shift, and I've found new things that just seem to fit into the draconic spirit explanation; they don't break it, but extend it and give new insights. In the end, I don't know if the term "dragon" is completely right, but it's still the best term I have, and I feel happy that I can tag myself with that. What about you? Does your kin identity also give you this kind of answer? Feel free to leave a comment, I'll be thrilled!
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    These are all gold, so I figured I'd share a few favorites from my own collection:
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    It's update time again! Awoo~ who doesn't love a good update? Ambassador Program Starting today, we have launched a new program intended for administrators of other sites within the alterhuman umbrella of communities. We're calling this our ambassador program, and it grants access to a new section of Kinmunity called the embassy (available under the resources tab for approved ambassadors). Ambassador status allows administrators of notable resources within the alterhuman community to have access to specialized resources on Kinmunity developed for the purpose of assisting other resource administrators. We are continuing to expand this system, but it has launched with the following features: Current Features Security Command - a database of known predators, trolls, spammers, and scammers. Ambassador Chat - private chatroom and Discord channel for discussion between ambassadors. Ambassador Forum - private forum for discussion between ambassadors. Planned Features API access to Security Command - this will allow ambassadors access email addresses, IP addresses, and Discord IDs over a JSON API. In layman's terms, this allows the owners of sites that are members of our ambassador program to write scripts to automatically ban known offenders; we'll provide some, of course! Ambassador Directory - this will be a special area within our links directory that lists websites participating in the program and their ambassadors. We'll give `em a featured listing too. Various other resources. Click here to apply for ambassador access! Removed Features KinCash System & Shop - It'll be back; it is temporarily disabled due to bugs and stability issues.
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    I like that the J variant is him but a disaster and pretty much is me (insert bad kin joke here) Im... a DOCTOR! *drops tools* Oh no this is fine. *grabs hammer* TIME FOR HEAD OPENING.
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    We have noticed a lot of spam and abuse coming from the following email providers: 163.com 126.com yandex.com mail.ru Due to the consistent patterns of abuse from users of these services, and the fact the providers of these services are unwilling to answer or respond to our abuse reports, we have blocked the use of email addresses provided by them. If you are already a member of Kinmunity and you used an email from any of the above services to register, you will be asked by the system to change your email address before you gain access back to the site. If you are a new member or are attempting to use the contact us form, you will not be able to use these addresses. Thank you for understanding!
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    We're all 096.
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    He's a psycho and its great.
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    It may seem like we haven't been doing much over the last month or so, but that couldn't be further from the truth. This update has a ton of new features for you guys and gives the site some much needed TLC. New Features Status updates have returned; you can now post status updates on your profile and leave messages on others' profiles. The reaction system IS enabled for statuses -- because doesn't somebody being helpful deserve to be rewarded, regardless of what section of the site they're on? Please do not abuse this - like and dislike reactions are neutral and should be used in most circumstances. Friendly profile URLs have been enabled. Your profile URL will be updated when you logout and back in, or when you edit your profile. Instead of requiring a user ID (ex. https://www.kinmunity.com/profile/1.naia), your username will simply be your URL (ex. https://www.kinmunity.com/profile/naia) - you're welcome! Our Discord bot is now linked with #stdc on mibbit - you can participate in the "Serious Therianthropy Discussion Chats" simply by joining #ehowl on our Discord server when it is time. You're welcome! The groundwork for user-to-user instant messaging has been laid. You will soon be able to send instant messages to your friends using our global chat system, similar to the style you're familiar with from Facebook and Tumblr. Old Kinmunity had this feature, but it was largely disjointed and disintegrated with the site. This implementation integrates tightly with the site and its theme. Oh, and you can also have chat rooms open alongside IMs example below: Changed Features We've changed the way KinSpots and Howls work. You need to be auto-confirmed to submit content in either area, plus you now need to be eighteen years old or older to post in the Howls forum or post a KinSpot. This is to help protect minors in the community. You can now be in multiple chat rooms at once when using our global site instant messaging system. We're working on making our Help Documentation more robust and informative. Bug Fixes A ton of speed and stability fixes have been applied; this will make the site run smoother and faster. Several visual inconsistencies around the site have been fixed.
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    I mean, that's really the risk with putting your general location on any site, is it not? That being said, we could discuss removing KinSpots that use a user's actual address.
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    Helllllllllllllloooooooo folks! Pearl here throwing an update at you all! I have a lot to talk about today, so brace thyselves. *guitar strum* So, first and foremost, my parents are still on thin ice. My dad has been more or less kicked out, and no longer sleeps here. He visits during the day, of course. It's hard to hear the conversations my parents have through the thin walls, my dad begging for things to go back to normal. But that's not what mom needs, She needs her space, which is normal. But of course, my dad doesn't understand. You know what it's like seeing a grown man cry? (..Not since Henry..) So, it's been stressful. I'm doing my best, though. I have to stay strong, for my brother. He's only nine. His birthday is next week, too. So, yea. Im holding in there, but the stress is draining. Some of you may know that I feed off others emotions. It of course, doesn't help that my hormones on a massive spike right now. Ugh, this is the epitome of suckiness my dudes. Time to get less sucky! Those of you that follow my page may have already seen my status update a few days ago. So, Bendy and I have finally managed to connect via telepathy. (Hello). I wouldn't call us a system, as we by no means share this body, even though he can "front". This is most likely a form of possession, due to him being, well, a demon. We've both been very happy with the outcome, despite keeping the link up does drain me a little. (We can always drop it, angel.) This is perhaps our greatest comfort regarding how far apart we've been, and the struggles of life. In a way, we have each other again, even if it's not physical. (<3) He may even be interested in talking to some of you as well. I cannot describe how reliving it is to be in contact again. Third on the list, I've finally made peace with Joey. That is to say, I've forgiven him. I don't like him still, but liking and forgiveness are two very different things. It's very freeing to let go of the anger and bitterness that was really doing nothing but holding me back. Facing him again was terrifying to say the least, but it was time we both realized that holding on to all that wasn't doing anything for either of us. I don't know where he's gone now, what afterlife waits for someone like him. But in all honesty, I hope after he's endured whatever he's earned, he gets a new life. A chance to reinvent, so to say. Isn't that why we get life? Who's to say. Not me. Thats sadly all I have to cover. I mean, I did think it'd be longer but I guess I tend to not type long things. Thanks for reading, as always. Feel free to comment below about this entry, previous entries, ect! I always love to hear your feedback and stuff. See you next time guys! Pearl's out!
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    People seem to find and use the "Contact Us" option on the bottom of the site. I feel like I should just add a blurb there about media contact and academic contact. Update: As suggested, this has been implemented. I opted to make it part of the "Contact Us" form. People seem to have no issue finding that.
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    We welcome academic research and are completely open to it, provided information about ethics approval is provided to me or a member of our management team. We are rather skeptical towards the media and those making documentaries, for obvious reasons: I Think I'm An Animal My Life As A Therian Our resources exist for the good of our own community, and it would be inappropriate to have advertisements soliciting researchers and media people on the home page of our site.
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    I agree with you both. Minors putting their full address as KinSpots is not acceptable and it puts their privacy and safety at risk. We discourage anyone from posting of anything more than city / state in our KinSpots system, including our adult users. Essentially, we feel that city/state is information that people probably already have on their Facebook or other social media profiles for public view. However, because of repeated incidents with minors posting too much information about themselves in the system, we have raised the age requirement to post a KinSpot to 18+. We have also updated our help documents to reflect the new age requirement and removed the "Post a KinSpot" step from the new member checklist.
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    As has been said in various places, Kinspots are good for visualizing how many Therians or Otherkin are near to you, especially for the purposes of meet ups. Adults should be allowed to post their location for this purpose, and I see nothing wrong with the Kinspots. It’s up to the individual to take the risk with putting their general location, which while I can understand concern for people putting their real locations, is again, up to the individual. If you have concern over a minor putting their actual address however, you can PM a mod and mention it to them and we can handle it. As has been said in various places, Kinspots are good for visualizing how many Therians or Otherkin are near to you, especially for the purposes of meet ups. Adults should be allowed to post their location for this purpose, and I see nothing wrong with the Kinspots. It’s up to the individual to take the risk with putting their general location, which while I can understand concern for people putting their real locations, is again, up to the individual. If you have concern over a minor putting their actual address however, you can PM a mod and mention it to them and we can handle it. I could see the age being bumped to 18+ for both though.
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    Hello Amber, it's me again! Hope you don't mind, I genuinely enjoy debating with you, even though neither of us are going to change our stances anytime soon, but it's always interesting to see how someone else thinks on matters of philosophical theory! So here I am! I don't really participate in Therian discussions, as I'm not a Therian, and I think very... differently... than most Therians, so I figure it would be a waste of my time to try to just watch these days without participating. So I didn't see the original conversation you mentioned, so I'll just be talking from my own observations. I personally think that shifting is a human only phenomena, solely because we don't have any evidence that non-human animals have the same sense of self-awareness that humans do. I would actually be most likely to accept dolphins, and maybe whales, close to that subject as they are intelligent, and have complex forms of communication and language. But I do believe a sense of self-awareness, and language are the cornerstones of sapience. Yes, non-human animals are sentient, but I don't believe they are sapient, and as such a divergent sense of identity just doesn't seem logical, nor realistic, in my opinion. If it did show up, it would mean a sense of complex understanding of self versus others, individual identification, as well as the ability to communicate the difference. Perhaps our differences in opinions result from the different beliefs we have towards language, and communication. A species that cannot communicate complex thoughts to others just isn't self-aware to me. One needs complex language to be able to think to oneself. Think of feral children, if they aren't found young enough, then they'll never be able to assimilate back into society because their brain can't comprehend the complex languages of humans and how to communicate. So yes, thinking without language would be fast, it wouldn't be very specific, and wouldn't allow for abstract thought, which is a sign of higher awareness, and sapience itself. A good example would be death. Animals don't understand death like a species that utilizes language would. They avoid death because biology tells them to. Perhaps, (A very hard perhaps) individual examples of animals might show signs of understanding far different than their average counterparts, but that hasn't been proven. Humans (and by extension any other truly sapient species should we come across them in the future) can think about the abstractions of death, about the moral and philosophical quandaries of death. Yes animals have been shown to mourn, but the communication needed for that to become self thought isn't there. That isn't to say that animals are inferior to humans, because that would imply an outside, objective scale of worth towards humans, which as far as we know just doesn't exist. Humans are not better by nature of being humans, but by the fact of our sapience, that does make us more advanced socially. I think romanticizing animals in harmony with the environment is a bit of a fallacy, because any species will take full advantage of the environment it finds itself in, to the point of killing all other species in their ecological niche, and destroying the local biome. And this isn't forced by humans, the only reason isolated biomes have a sort of harmony, is that multiple species are predating upon each other. It's less harmony, and more just structured destruction. (a paradox yes, but I find those fun) Also, I find it really intriguing about environmental protections that most world powers are actually the best at it, considering that people like to claim first world countries are the worst. It's countries like India, and China, places people like to act like are the best at it, that are the major pollution and environmental destruction centers. Modern culture is actually very concerned with environmental protection, as well as animal conservation, with a few outliers that are just more noticed. Look at how people react to animal abuse, very violently in most cases. Yes, most people in modern countries aren't going to give up their comforts on a crusade for the environment. Yes, that's good and all, but as far as people are sure of, they only get one life, and wanting to live it comfortably is, in my opinion, understandable and quite acceptable. I, personally, think that intelligence is worth its prices. We are coming up with beautiful tech to save the environment. We are beating the capricious cruelty of biology with science, medicine, and social awareness. Children, both human and animal, can live lives happily when without intelligence to create these solutions, would have died either in the womb, or as a child. We can raise a child with disabilities, again both human and animal, that animals would have left for dead, with love and make their lives happier, and less painful. We save animals that we find and give them lives of peace and love with no real expectations except to be loved in return. Most people will save their pets over people (human and animal) who aren't a part of their family. Most humans consider their pets their family, and will spend a lot of money making sure they are happy and loved. Scientists and veterinarians spend their time, energy, and money, coming up with ways to save animals, to care for them when no one else will, which is something that barely any animal would be willing to do in the wild. Almost all cross species friendships are not in the wild, and occur only because humans give these animals lives where they can seek happiness, not constant survival. Whereas animals will just abandon the sick if they aren't getting better. Weak and sickly babies will either be abandoned, or killed to make room for healthy children. Animals that don't fit the mold die just as much from their own species as other species. Look at swans, they will drown the babies of other water fowl to make sure their children have a better chance of survival. Animals aren't perfect, and are in fact, much more cruel than humans by and large. Yes, humans can be evil, and it does mean more because it's a choice, but evil humans are not as common as the cold brutality of animal nature. The rampant romanticization of animals is, to me, naive, considering the kind of acceptance that Otherkin (As a whole) claim they want to receive from humans would never be given by animals. If an animal were to experience shifts like that of Otherkin, then they would be shunned, and probably die, or go insane if they were truly aware. Humans are in a lot more harmony with animals than people give them credit for. Again, I like discussing this kind of thing with you Amber, because you have such a different frame of mind than I do, and it's always intriguing to me.
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    Well folks, I have an announcement (we have an announcement!) Bendy and I have found a way to semi-link our minds, allowing us to communicate far easier, and occasionaly switch who's in control. I wouldn't call us a system, but there will be a good chance we'll both be around from now on! (Im not always available, though. And I might just not want to talk.) He can be grumpy im sorry.
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    Status updates are back!!
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    It's not an image I know but it could still be used as reaction t.co_k7fk9ZFSIi.mp4
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    Over a year ago we recognized that myself, Iros, Farly, Faylinn, Icarus, and Mimi are a subsystem. This created much confusion in terms of who we are, our fictotypes very much included. Though it did take us a few months until we got to the point where we could accurately identify who is in our subsystem, for the most part we assumed our fictotypes were shared. With a year past, through self grilling and examining our identities more closely, we may not actually be shared with our fictotypes. Our fictotypes divide very evenly among our subsystem with me going to Goner Kid, Iros going to Mew, Farly and Faylinn going to Tinkerbull, Webber going to Icarus, and Mimi going to Matt. With this we may not be polykin with multiple shared fictotypes, but rather one kintype and one fictotype. Then we're realizing we may not actually be a subsystem at all, but rather a collection of system members who temporarily fused (perhaps integrated?), and although we share a deep connection to each other we might not be a subsystem. Because of this, we're going to try to drop the subsystem brackets. We're also going to try to work on our system spreadsheet to remove our subsystem and place ourselves in the correct locations. We still have much to examine among ourselves. We might be wrong, but for now this feels like the best option, and there's nothing wrong with being wrong. Our group is of course still close and we're definitely still going to work together even if not a subsystem like we originally thought. -Max [Reptilian + Goner]
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    @KingLeonhartofTheDawn I think you'll like this one
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    We have discussed this matter in length in private messages before. You were receiving massive amounts of reputation points from users on the same network, and even the SAME DEVICE as you. I went through the "top 10" reputation users and adjusted those who received a significant amount of their reputation points from suspicious sources, or who received a considerable amount of likes in contrast to the other positive scores. This was done in order to balance the system and be fair to those who contribute high quality content. It is not a fair system when relatives or alternate accounts grant reputation to short posts with little discussion value. Speaking very bluntly; the activity on your account was consistent with abuse of the system, and could have resulted in forfeiture of all your reputation points. This was not done, you were simply adjusted to a fair number. We are currently attempting to issue recounts for the entire site now that likes are neutral reputation points, so you'll likely notice changes in other user accounts (including my own) in the coming days. We will also be including rules for the rating system in our site guidelines to help clarify any confusion that people may have. These changes (along with previous changes, such as restricting reputation in certain areas) were made in response to user feedback, specifically about users and their friends "gaming the system" without having the content quality to back it up. Kinmunity is a resource, not a clique or club for friend groups. Hope this explanation helps!
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    Teenagers are mean and they will bully people who they perceive as different. I experienced massive hassive when I was in High School, and even had one of my tails damaged and ruined. At this point, since you being a therian is already out in the open, I don't see any reason in attempting to hide yourself at this point. Identifying as a therianthrope does not make you a psychopath, as I'm sure you already know. People start to undergo changes at this point in their life, which is normal and natural. From experience, I don't think that "tell somebody" is enough advice alone. There are people who sweep stuff like this under the rug, so here is what I recommend: Document the harassment. Keep a written or digital record (on your phone, perhaps?) of the bullying that occurs. Include time/date, what was said and done, and if possible the name or descriptions of the ones harassing you. Tell an assistant principal or principal This will be your first rung in the chain of command. Provide copies (but keep originals) of your documentation. Allow them reasonable time to resolve your concern. Tell your local superintendent If school officials refuse to resolve the matter, inform your local school district's superintendent. A nicely worded email with your documentation and an explanation does wonders; perhaps have a trusted adult go through the email with you. Contact your state's department of education If things cannot be resolved at the local level, there is usually an "Assistant Superintendent of policy" or somebody with a similar title within your state's department of education.
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    One thing I feel I should add, is that when you ignore them or anything in that strain. I cannot stress enough to make sure that it doesn't come off as condescending. Most bullies are people who can't control a certain aspect of their life and bully others to have some form of control. If you act condescending when ignoring then it will not have the desired effect, it will instead create a personal vendetta against you, which you do not want under any circumstances. And I don't want this to come across mean, but like @Red-in-Tooth stated earlier about the gear. Remember, there is a time and place for everything, and if gear is getting you bullied at school, then it's not worth it, considering how its making you feel. I mean this with great sympathy, wear it at home, wear it all the mall (If there's one you go to) or out at the park, but if it's bringing you this level of stress, then perhaps its time to temporarily leave it at home. I dearly hope that this resolves itself without violence, and everything ends up better in the long run, but I would seriously think about leaving the tail at home. It's an obvious symbol to latch onto, for angry people to use against you. Also, remember, they're people too, and might have bad things going on in their lives. It doesn't excuse their behavior, but it's good to remember that, and make sure you act on it. Don't antagonize them, or talk about them to other kids you don't completely trust, because it could get back to them and simply make it worse. Also, if they are pushing you down stairs, you need to report them, because that's really dangerous, and you could get very hurt even if its a small staircase.
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    Hello friend! I understand how you feel, as I have been bullied all my life... The best thing you can do is to tell a trusted adult or a teacher about what is happening. The kiddos will get in trouble, however stand up to them as best you can, by even just giving them a bad look and ignoring them the rest of the time. Bullies only want attention, and most of the time don’t expect to get in trouble. Roll your eyes at them and show those bullies that you do not care for them. I have no respect or tolerance for bullies, don’t let them take away your happiness friend. Be who you want to be, without fear of judgment from strangers who aren’t worthy of your presence.... When you get the chance, tell a teacher or a trusted adult first, and everything should be taken care of.... If you need help or any advice I’m here for you friend, as my inbox is always open... ^.=.^
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    One of the first things to understand and appreciate is that not everyone needs to know or that they need to be part of or involved in. The matter itself is already a very private thing and it should be carefully weighed where, when, and how it is shared with others, if ever at all. The world outside, particularly in public and among the general populace, is probably the place one should want to be most careful, a school included. Being different, at all and for any reason, is going to attract negative attention and get no shortage of heckling. Being overtly different, such as by wearing a tail, is going to amplify that. So what is to be done? Foremost, tell them to leave you alone, that you do not need to answer to them, and give them a consequence if they do not. Tell them that you will tell a teacher, counselor, or principal, that they are harassing you, and that they need to leave you alone. If they continue, do not hesitate. Do not antagonize, argue, confront, debate, or interact with them, instead go directly to someone you trust who will address it. Do not stop there, write down every time they do this, when, where, how, what happened, the time, and similar, keeping a report of it. Turn it in to the person you trust so they can show the people they need to. Second-most, weigh one's options about how one shares and conducts themselves. Wearing "gear" is a notoriously overt way to garner a lot of infamy because it is so obvious. It might make one feel more complete and expressive, more true to themselves, but that might not actually be true at all. Is that one thing worth having people who legitimately do not and will not understand heckle constantly over? Probably not, consider things more subtle, be them jewelry such as necklaces or brackets, but keep them subdued and not flashy but meaningful. Accept that if one is going to wear something like a tail to express themselves, it is going to affect the way people will interact and behave, with nothing about that capable of being changed. Be smart, weigh the options, figure out what trades can be made and what can be put up with. Third-most, having a theriotype or being otherkin does not make a person a psychopath. If anything take heart in the fact they understand everything so poorly they cannot even name-call correctly. Remember that these are just words so they only have power over you if you let them. Roll your eyes and ignore them, show them nothing effects you about this. If they cannot get a rise out of you with words, you take away their largest weapon. But do not forget, they cannot touch you, and if they put their hands on you in any fashion not approved of, do exactly what I suggested earlier of immediately going to someone who can do something. I hope that this proves useful, @kyro. This is the most basic advice I can lend about dealing with people and in general. It might not be ideal but neither is the situation and neither is the way people treat us for being ourselves when we are doing no harm to anyone.
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    You tell someone. A teacher, another adult. Keep records of the harassment if possible. Also, those kids don't deserve explanations. Don't give them one. That's how nastier, potentially future destroying rumors begin.
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    Personally I never experienced romantic attraction to my theriotypes specificly other than a sense of friendship/family. Further than that I don't like giving more information about this topic. It's a bit too sensitive in the community to discuss publicly in my opinion, and much of a too high risk for me personally, words get twisted around too easily. However I do wanna add a few notes on Others here If I may I disagree with your first sentence. General definition of Zoophilia/zoosexuality: an erotic fixation on animals that may result in sexual excitement through real or imagined contact. General definition of Beastiality: Sexual relations between a person and an animal. I note especially: Beastiality is a synonym for zoophilia, but a distinction is sometimes made between bestiality, a sexual act with animals, and zoophilia, sexual arousal from contacts with animals By this: There is a huge difference between Zoophilia and Beastiality and I think you are not aware of this (and 'romantic attraction' is not officially seen as beastiality/zoophilia!) (if you are aware: I don't think it's correct to thread them as equally bad. A person experiencing zoophilia has no choice, one experiencing beastiality does have) zoophilia (which is the same as zoosexuality) is where one is sexually attracted. This does Not include romantic attraction btw. Like any attraction, this is out of human control. It's like telling a gay person 'you can't feel sexually attracted to other males', it's something that simply happens and the person might hate and dislike this but cannot change it other than trying to manipulate themselves to change. Which rarely succeeds with success. Beastiality is any sexual action with an animal. So not just sexual attraction. This is indeed a choice. But I wish not to share opinion due sensitivity of the topic. I don't see drawn human/animal things as anything related to Zoophiles/Beastiality. It's just art and usually antropormorphic. Officially seen it's not directly seen as zoophilia/beastiality in any way. True, very rare in the community in my experience. Sexual attraction is way higher than sexual 'action' however. I believe the percentages are lower than in the furry community and normal human-community eitherway. Thanks for hearing me out! WOOF! PD
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