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    Ah, yes, I have to re-start meditating too. Well, first let me point out that meditation didn't help me to remember my dreams so much as a dream log did. In any case, there's an older thread about this here. To offer some advice, I personally I think meditating is very straightforward. You just have to find the time, a quiet place, and figure out what works best for you. It can be done sitting down, laying down, even walking. It's more important that you put your body and mind in a relaxed state and forget about real-world problems for the time being. Laying down meditation has the advantage that you won't feel your body anymore after not moving any muscle for some minutes (happens on its own, it's natural). There's no specific need for meditation music or guided meditation. Just try out what works best. I personally don't like a funny voice telling me to breathe while I'm trying to relax... I know how to breathe, haha. An important thing to consider is the time, though. When you're too tired you'll just fade away or fall asleep. Also you shouldn't have a time limit... at least I can never exactly tell how long a session will take. As soon as your mind is relaxed and your breathing is stable, you can apply different techniques. You can just wait for things to happen and take attention to what you feel, see, smell or hear. You can imagine and feel your kin body, or imagine transforming into it. Focusing on different body parts at a time usually works well. You can also try to visualize yourself in an environment of your choice. A bit like daydreaming. You can ask yourself questions, e.g. "who am I?" or "where have I been before?" and wait what happens. You can visualize a mirror and look at yourself. The tricky thing is to differentiate between things you imagine and things you don't. I'm not an expert in this since my imagination likes to go wild. But basically, I think imagination takes a certain active effort. Hence if things happen out of the blue, give you a surprised feeling, or happen so fast that you don't have time to imagine, then they're probably not imagined, at least not consciously. I've also heard people telling there's a difference in feeling between imagined and non-imagined things but to me it's not that clear at times. If you manage to stay focused and rather pay attention to things than actively imagining them, anything might happen, but you shouldn't push things. Sometimes you get something interesting, sometimes you don't. I recommend to stay focused and don't ignore any images, visions, sounds, or feelings. You might see colors, find yourself in a foreign environment, or you might meet guides who act unpredictably. Asking them questions oftentimes led to quite surprising events for me. I find it oftentimes difficult to interpret the results; it might give you a hard time to think about. In any case, I strongly recommend to write down your experiences directly after the meditation. Have a meditation log and pen ready directly next to you. You can meditate daily or multiple times a day if you have the time, but take a break when the experiences get uncomfortable or overwhelming. BTW: meditation might be a technique commonly used by some religions, but generally doesn't have anything to do with religion. Anyone can practice it. Also, I didn't hear about any meditation going physically wrong. I think one doesn't need to be afraid of it. For me, bad things usually only happen when I imagine them. However, you might see things in there you don't like, don't understand, or things that disturb you. If you meet other entities, it's best to be careful. You can't (and shouldn't) control what you see, but you should be able to interrupt the session anytime. Well, at least I am, but I can also "force-wake up" from nightmares. Learned that as a child. So far, so good.. good luck in any case! If you're comfortable, I'd love to hear about your experiences!
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    *looks at the date* *looks at my profile* *looks at date* OH! Its been a year? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, its a year since I've joined. This has been a great year for me kin wise, and honestly? I owe it to yall! When I first joined, I honestly had little idea about myself despite being awakened for a couple years. I hold this to not having a proper place to discuss and ponder. Over time,as you all know, I've learned a lot more! Be it how to psy-link, my own creator, or just how to cope with kin stuff in general. I've learned I love helping newer kin, keeping peace in the community, and keeping out trolls. I've learned about so much, and I really couldn't have done it without all of you! Im so glad I made an account and Im so glad I met you all. Im looking forward to more years and more learning and meeting more friends! I'll be with you all every step of your journey and keep you posted on mine Thanks so much, KM!! You've really made me feel like I belong and are like another family! Stay inky, I love you!
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    Yes, you can have two theriotypes, but not two therians because owning people is wrong. Sounds like you had a great time playing with the kids though!
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    Use of Kinmunity is governed by our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. These documents require that members "be respectful to all cultures, beliefs, and ideas." We do not use nor do we support the use of trigger lists, topical blacklists, kintype blacklists, named blacklists, or any similar concept. If a member repeatedly is discussing topics that make you uncomfortable, we trust you to handle this like a reasonable adult. This could mean: Politely messaging the member and explaining what bothers you, and seeing if they are willing to accommodate you, within reason. A member is NOT required to do this. You'll get more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Using the "ignore" tools available to all members of Kinmunity so that you no longer see this member's post. Taking a break from our site, if necessary, to prevent further exposure to triggers. If a member is harassing you, intentionally triggering you, or otherwise behaving in a rude or aggressive way towards you, please report them to our staff team. Our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable and this type of behavior is never okay. The reason we do not support blacklists or trigger lists is because they can alienate or discriminate against large groups of people simply to accommodate one member's discomfort, which we will not ever do.
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    yay! I dont often fully shift, but I often have ph fangs
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    I’m so glad you’re here!
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    The truth is that we all have human bodies and human brains. Socially speaking, we've all grown up surrounded by humans, and if we didn't behave like humans we couldn't function in this world. Given all that, pretty much the only time someone feels 100% like their kintype or theriotype is when they're in a middle of an extreme mental shift. Those do happen, but they're pretty rare. For most people it fluctuates, which is why it's called a shift. Although for some people, it's a constant blending of the two. But, there's this sense that even when the human side governs your actions, that it's not really your natural state of being. Personally, I get a sense that I'm a spirit that is pretending to be human. I'm pretty good at it, and I sometimes enjoy it. Being human does have its perks that I couldn't enjoy otherwise, but it doesn't feel like the real me. I feel like a foreigner who is fluent in the language and I enjoy the food and many of the customs, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm not from around here. When I'm calm and relaxed, and no one is watching, my center feels like something else. I'm not sure if that answers your question or not. Hopefully it helps?
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    I am so proud of that title. It really is the little things. Thought I'd try out one of these blog things. (I really really need to get a better, less blurry cover image if I'm gonna regularly post here though, yikes!) Might be fun to write down my thoughts even if no one reads it. And what better way to start it off by talking about how I came into the therian community? And what better way to start that off by talking about how I was an eccentric child who worried my psychiatrist by pretending to be an animal? Yeah, when I was around 6 or 7 I was high-key obsessed with rats and mice. If I quantified my life based on the niche animal obsession phases I went through, which I can do worryingly easily, rodents were my first phase. I had two pet mice because my mom wouldn't let me have rats in the house. And if I had known what therianthropy was at that age, I'm sure I, urged by bias for my then-favorite animals, would have said I was mousekin. My psychiatrist, according to my mom, was actually concerned for me because I insisted I was a mouse. Now, obviously, I am not mousekin, and never was -- this was just a case of a child with an overactive imagination pretending. But I consider it the first inkling I had that I might not be entirely human. I probably latched onto mice because that was my favorite animal at the time. The second animal phase I went through was cats. And I became convinced I was "part cat". I was older then than I was during my mouse phase and it was no longer the imagination of a young child. At this point, I would say I knew I was a therian, although I didn't quite have the words for what I was feeling or the idea that past lives might have been the cause and had no idea there was a community of people out there who felt the same. (I was also, at the time, pretty sure I was part bird too, ha.) I even started a little gaggle of kids at the summer camp I went to who all identified as part animal. (Hm. I wonder if any of them ever ended up finding the therian community like I did. Guess I'll never know.) Then I stumbled across otherkin. Of course it was a Tumblr post making fun of them. At first I laughed and moved on, thought, these people are crazy! But it stuck with me and followed me. And I thought about the distance I felt from the rest of humanity, my memories of fully believing I was a cat. When I caved and looked more into it, and first heard about phantom shifts, everything fell into place. That's why I tried to react to things by moving ears that weren't there and a tail that didn't exist. It made sense and I leaned into it. I was a therian. Naturally, I assumed I was a cat. Because what else would I be? But then I fully focused on the phantom shifts I was having and realized that for some reason, I could feel a long muzzle, longer than a cat's, and a tail that was just a little too bushy. I say "for some reason" because I'd never really been that into foxes, honestly. Or canines in general. I'm really more of a cat person. It took me completely by surprise. So I'm a fox, I thought. But something still felt wrong; I didn't feel a sense of that's me when I saw pictures and videos of red foxes living it up in the woods. Then my family went on a trip to Arizona and I felt at home. I mean really, really at home. I felt like I was made for the desert. I'd always had a hunch, that I would love the desert if I ever went even though I'd never been in my life, like some part of me missed it like a home I had left behind. (But for some reason I never put two and two together? It seems obvious in hindsight.) So what fox lives in the Sonoran desert? Well, swift foxes, duh. I was never very good at geography. Couldn't place my own hometown on a map. (That's an exaggeration obviously but it really is almost that bad.) The thing is, swift foxes and kit foxes are so similar that some zoologists consider them the same species. There's no way to tell them apart from a picture alone. The only real distinguishable differences are a slight size difference (kit foxes are a bit smaller, cat-sized one might say, which I'll say contributed to my mistaken cat identity), and accursed geography, the bane of my very existence. So I believed I was a swift fox for years. I'd talk about my deep dive into cringe culture for a couple years and the denial of my identity out of embarrassment and fear that my friends would destroy me on sight with ridicule if they knew, but I already explained that pretty well in my intro post. So now I'm back and better than ever, especially because I decided to check up on the specific geography of southwestern fox species before coming back into the community as a swift fox and discovered to my horror that it's kit foxes that live in the Sonoran desert, you idiot, but what's done is done. I'm back, I'm something new now and maybe I'll come back to this to talk about that but I'm still a fox too, that's that I guess. Oof, this is long.
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    Nope. No one knows I'm otherkin irl. I've only ever discussed that area of my life online . . . and even then, it's all hidden behind usernames and profile pics. I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to exposing all that in my personal life.
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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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    Where do I start with this fello?? Back in the astral, while I'm getting myself situated in my new home, I was putting wards and other protective stuff around my astral home and physical apartment!~ And( this is important) how I do this I visualize those places in a colored glass tinted snowglobe/bubble that usually represents warding/protection along with some sigils for safe keeping. So I thought to myself 'hey, coming to the astral without any wards/protection things is dangerous too. I should probably do one for myself.' And I did! But first I had to do the same process what my dragonself did, but just not that extensive since this side of me is willing to be upfront about things. What I saw was my small impy-self; bird peets, skull mask, small (everything looks so different when I change sizes XD), floofy from my head down to my shoulders, an even pouch on my belly. 'Sweet' I thought 'now I gotta put this in a safe place.' Where do I put it?? In my pouch of course! I'm not kidding that it's like a pocket dimension of its own, thing is everything is blank black and floating in there, doesn't matter what size the object is (or entity) I can fit them in there so long I willed it. If anyone put their hand inside they'll just feel my belly if I didn't want anyone in that protected space I have there!~ {really like a personal bag of holding~) The cool thing is that this pouch isn't really limited to this version of myself, my middle and larger ones have it!~ I think my sword is there still even after my eldritch side 'retirement' I just gotta do a little searching in there. It looks rather empty but I'm still sorta hopeful to see it there regardless. ;w;/ In my dreams and in the astral sometimes I change size usually depending on my emotions but most I can do it at will!~ The middle size is about the size of an average human, that and the smaller impy self usually is where start at if I shift into the eldritch side. I can’t tell yet if the bigger me is wearing a skull mask or if that’s my actual head, though I’m sure I’ll find that out in the future. (lil pic of them below) No matter what form in I'm pretty defensive to anything who threatens my friends and family. Although I don't pick fights with everything I see but do tend to be snippy and bitey (even if it's just roughhousing) And this is my amorphous form [yes a jared me;] I can't really revert back into(what I think is) my basic form, it can take any size just as much as my constant forms here. Mostly when I'm depressed, furious, or hungry is when I'm able to change back to this. I remember in my dream someone had really hurt a good friend of mine and it pissed me off horribly to the point I changed back to my basic form and filled the room up with... Well, me. I manage to consume the guy but I was still plenty angry after the incident. It took me a while for my friends to calm me down, but they manage to do so. Another incident of me doing something like this in a dream is when I was hiding in a cell. I don't think I was being held there against my will just... staying there and making the room look like This, It was green and lush like a forest, it even had light shining down from the 'sky' as if it's the outside. If I didn't know any better I'd think this barred door led to the outdoors. But in reality, it was just me making it look like it. A guard got a little too curious and got too close to the stump, the scenery vanished and the guy was gon along with it, What's left was an grey concrete cell and an uncomfy looking bed, after it was all said and done I was my small impy self and walked out of there satisfied.
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    A dragon’s soul is strong and furious, therefore all dragons should take pride in how strong they are! I’ve been going through a lot of stuff medically, I’ve been hurting yet I keep going because I am strong and I am a dragon/draconian. Every dragon should take pride in who they are, but not just dragons, everyone should take pride in how strong they are and how they can go through so much. One of my new sayings is, “I’m thankful for my struggle, because I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.”, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger I’m so many ways that you may not even realize it! Keep going and keep being strong like you’ve always been! ^.=.^
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    The mobile website would always work, correct.
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    If someone doesn't want their parents to know that they're otherkin, isn't the solution not to download the app? You should be able to keep using Kinmunity the way that you always have, I don't think I've ever seen an app entirely replace the mobile website.
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    I really want to try meditation because I have dreams but rerely remember them, plus the dreams I remember are weird ones If I were to begin meditation to figure out more about my otherkin self, where would I start? Please recomend me places to start. I am atheist, yes but I do believe in reincarnation and I believe that meditation doesn't have to be religious(It's used for mental health as well) I've heard certain storys of meditation going wrong physically but I mean I just want advice I will begin researching in the meantime
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    In my childhood tigers were my favourite animals, they're so strong and stealthy and beautiful. Sometimes I felt like a tiger and I went up stairs on all fours when I was a kid. I'm kind of a loner but for some reason I'm still drawn to packs. My parents always said I was stealthy and I had very strong legs. I love looking at tiger pictures too.
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    I really love dogs, I'll see what different dogs I can find.
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    Well, I've watched some wolf pack stuff and I feel really drawn to packs. I researched about foxes but they don't really form big packs, so I'm not sure. I was thinking about wolves possibly.
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    Ooooops... i used the wrong word! Heh, better edit that! Thanks for pointing that out!
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    It's good that you are still discovering! I think I might've been domesticated by humans at some point because when a stick is thrown I want to chase it (it's probably just me still pretending to roleplay as a dog when I was outdoors with my brother)
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    I woke up suddenly out of a nice procrastination nap to write this down. Hear me out. We all agree that the order Carnivora is over-represented in the therian community and there have been many theories on this, ranging from spiritual to psychological. I'm going to take the spiritual side of things for this one. (Now, I'm only sort of spiritual about therianthropy. I tend to waffle. I'm still not sure whether I believe in souls and past lives. But let's say for a moment that they exist.) What if souls are naturally drawn toward bodies that are genetically similar to the one they remember or are used to? Before you say, wolves aren't genetically close to humans at all! -- take a look at these taxonomy trees: https://research.amnh.org/paleontology/perissodactyl/node/55. The left one is based on morphology, and we're going to completely ignore it because categorizing species based on morphology hurts the little taxonomy nerd inside me. Focus on the right one. It's based on genetics. See how close carnivores like cats and wolves are to primates? See how close ungulates are too, also some common 'types (at least compared to, say, amphibians)? Even rodents and rabbits are more common than marsupials and manatees. And yes the alliteration there was on purpose. But Uncanny, you might say, what about apes? Why aren't there more of them? Why aren't they completely dominating the therian community? There are many therians out there who are unawakened, this is widely accepted. It's possible that there are multitudes of ape therians who are unawakened simply because of how similar animals like chimpanzees are to humans, and they don't notice anything's unusual about their experiences. I'd imagine it'd be even harder to notice if they were a contherian. (So based on that, I'm always wowed by ape therians who figured it out. I don't know anything about being an ape therian but I imagine that takes some real self-understanding.) And on that note, imagine being a Homo erectus kin or something. How would you ever know if you weren't some kind of past life shift wizard who knows themself and their kintype perfectly? This would also explain why we see so few fish and even fewer invertebrates compared to mammals and reptiles and birds. Anyways, just a theory and I'm sure there's plenty of holes in it. But honestly, at the end of the day, who really cares that bad if the community is majority wolf? Wolves are cool. Keep being you, wolfkin, and don't let anyone tell you your theriotype is "too common".
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    I'm growing out my nails to see if they could be more like claws. The process is going well so far, I feel closer to my therian self Half of the time I feel like I have fangs, and I don't really know if this is normal; but considering I shift involuntarily, it could be Ever since finding out I was therian (and even before) I just randomly growl/bark sometimes because something hurts or something of that sort. I find it hard not to do it in public, but I have trained myself Hopefully my claws grow long
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    Hey,thanks for adding me here i’m thunder,male, and i am of course a wolf therian i’m black with yellow/amber eyes! thanks, can’t wait to meet everyone
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    miku miku dance babyuyuyyyy also is someone gonna get that bot outta here
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    Well, for me the thing is that I don't actually know how it feels to "be human" - honestly, I only know how it feels to be "me". And that apparently feels like a dragon / energy entity who walks around in a human body right now. Yes, I do participate in human society and sometimes I might more or less ignore that I'm a dragon, if that's what you mean. Yes, I try to keep my body in good health and shape, even train it to make it look and feel a bit more to my liking. I know how that body feels alright. But I think all of that doesn't make me less dragon or more human. At the end of the day, this human body is only a disguise and I only pretend to be human. So to answer your first question, I'd say I feel fully kin. It doesn't make sense to me to half identify dragon and half human. I've once said that I'm probably as much a dragon as you can currently find on earth - until someone found a real dragon walking around (gosh, I'd love that!) But... what doesn't make sense for me may make perfect sense for you. Hence, answering your second question: of course you can identify part human and part animal, and still be a therian. Our definition of "otherkin" says: "People who identify either partially or wholly as one or more non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner.". Same for therians. You can totally embrace your human part and animal part at the same time. Makes quite a lot of sense if you're a past-life believer, just to name an example. I'd even say it's awesome to feel so positive about your human and animal sides at the same time!
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    Yeah, I get that. I often worry people won't take me seriously cause I'm a fox like so many other people (not a very common type of fox, but still), so I relate to the wolves of the therian community a lot. You can't choose your kintype, that's like the main thing therians are adamant about.
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    Yeah it's kind of hard bc half the time I think someone will just assume I'm not Wolfkin really because it is 'really common' I am wolfkin that can't change
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    I do not share with anyone, publicly that is, my belief system or my experiences. People have a difficult enough time reaching to grasp religions and spiritual beliefs, or just pure philosophical ethos, to make room for that engagement. I do, however, always make it a point to teach them about various points of view on a matter of that regard no matter where I personally stand for the sake of knowledge and broadening their sense of opinions. The only people I have ever shared it with are the select few who are extremely close to me in our relationships. Which is to say, virtually no one. There are those I have been around who have their suspicions, certainly, yet they only ever posed questions for clarification and in many ways I explained my world and what I perceive in comparable ways they would understand. For example, most Westerners have a good enough - not good, make no mistake - understanding of what a "spirit animal" is and making appeals to that tends to go over very well. It is, I confess, less about what is said and rather how it is said with careful use to never say too much; I could not say something as "I can only experience and see myself as a prehistoric cat and I often feel strong urges and biases that way." but I could say something like how I came to understand my "spirit", which I never state outright that it is myself. As for the ongoing question of gear, no, I take no part in anything overt. Everything that is, is subtle and covert with reason. Tattoos, necklaces, even color of clothing and so on are all highly circumstantial; one could always be suspicious of it, if they knew what to look for and made deep, critical comparisons, but regularly people do not. They tend to move on conversationally and conceptually although a nod to it or another question later is not unlikely when pieces start to fall in line. In essence, it is forever a dance of tempering what is shown, said, and done. What is thought is something else altogether.
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    Hello! Konnichiwa! Name: Call me Lilac Age: 15 Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/her Sexuality: Lesbian Demisexual Kin: Gray wolf (pretty sure) Awakening: Was very recent. Short ver: Saw Daniel Padilla's video on Otherkin. Heard Naia's story amd related to it on another level. Did research and found out I was Therian. Long ver: Look at my profile Likes/Hobbies: Anime, Cosplay, (Learning to) Bake, (learning to) cook, Sewing,Learning Japanese, YOI!!!, Dan and Phil, Disney, KH, DDLC, RP, MCR( Their music is good), Shipping(I have who knows how many ships), P!ATD, Crafting, Drawing, Painting, and Watching Youtube. Extra: I often use Japanese words and british euphemisms and spellings
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    henlo fellow wolf therian!! i'm ayir, nice to meet youu!!
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    Tis a quiet and empty house, so quiet you can hear the squeak of a mouse. In comes me, a disaster gay; to possibly make your day. The dust in the house started to dance; this only began with a glance. She finally came out to all of 'home' there was no need for a howl to withhold. 'I am a wolf and I am proud, I will say it nice and loud.'
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    A fictive doesnt really have to do with kin, it has to do with systems. A fictive is an introject based on a fictional character. An introject is an alter that is based on a person in the systems environment. This can happen because the character or person is comforting to the person and so forms as a defense against trauma (which is why systems form). Introjects of abusers are also common persecutor alters.
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    This is a personal report from a two-days reiki seminar I attended. Note that I'm just posting my very individual experience and opinion as it came across. I wrote the following report of the second day 1.5 weeks after the seminar. I still have very mixed feelings about it, mostly caused by a couple of things that happened this day. The day was basically dedicated to practical training. We started with a guided mediation, during which I took my usual laying posture. Listening to the meditative music, I more or less ignored the guiding voice, visualized myself as usual and flooded the whole place with blue energy. Interestingly I could clearly feel the house dog lying right next to me, touching me with her paw and obviously enjoying the energy bath. I felt the dog leave shortly before the meditation ended; afterwards, I saw her lying in the other corner of the room as if nothing happened. This left me very puzzled. Nobody saw if the dog was really lying next to me because everybody had their eyes closed; the reiki master stated that the dog might have been there spiritually, too. I also felt the dog's presence and touching during the reiki initiation at day one. We then went to using the reiki energy for different things. I first worked with visualizing my own blue energy until the reiki master mentioned that I should use the "white" energy of the universe. After that hint, I took care to visualize using white colored energy from the surroundings of the universe. We first were teached a technique for "chakra cleaning" which basically breaks down to letting energy flow between the inner body chakras. This was said to be neccessary to "keep them open" and was recommended to be done daily. Afterwards, we jumped straight to using reiki for letting energy flow into our own body and mutually into other bodies during a few partner excercises. The most "difficult" excercise was giving a full-body treatment which included letting energy flow into the partner's chakra spots, but also knees, legs and feet (IDK why the chakras are not important in the lower extremities, but very important for the upper body). We were instructed to connect to earth and sky energies, let reiki energy flow through our own body, then "smoothen" the partner's aura by three hand movements, and accordingly letting reiki flow through our hands held above the lying partner's body, selecting the spots and the distance intuitively. Afterwards, we were instructed to "roughen" the partner's aura up again by three more rushed hand movements, disconnect from the energy, offer our thanks to ourselves and the universe, and finally wash our hands (at least symbolically by rubbing them). It was a very ritual-like way of energy work. Giving the treatment, I felt like not doing much, but rather acting as an antenna and channel for the energy; receiving it I felt a bit of prickling in my feet, but nothing special apart from that. After the excercises we had a short closing round when my partner indicated that a surprisingly high amount of energy seemed to have floated into my neck chakra, which is responsible for finding truth. She also indicated that it felt like I'm searching for something - which is definitely true in many aspects but could be said for most people. Finally we received a document which confirmed that we'd completed reiki grade 1, were invited to take additional seminars, and said goodbye. I didn't at any time mention my otherkin identity, but I did mention ley lines and dragons one time. The reiki master didn't know about that and didn't make any further comment. Somewhen during the excercises we talked about spirituality and "being grounded". The reiki master and also the other participants clearly indicated that I was not at all grounded. Taking a look at how I lead my daily life, this is something I disagree on; but it was probably logical that the impression came about by the way I presented myself and talked about my spiritual experiences during the weekend. It was indicated that I urgently needed grounding by opening up my lower chakras, since not being grounded would be a very bad thing which could cause severe illness; also the reiki master mentioned that I had much work to do in that regard and that "humbleness is a clear sign of being grounded". Given her reproachful look and voice, I understood that as an accusation and it was the main reason for my hard thinking process after the seminar. The day after the seminar I was thinking heavily about the learnings. I found that "being grounded" is sometimes described as fitting your astral body and soul completely into the human body. Now that is something that's obviously impossible for me. I won't try to fit a dragon's soul into a human body. Hence, I feel I need to find another approach and a new balance between spirituality and real-life. The seminar was interesting, but didn't teach me much I didn't know yet or couldn't have learned from public sources. And all in all, I still don't see a sound theory about reiki that would be more concise than my own thinking. My identity has once again become stronger. All energies I felt at that weekend, including what the reiki master did during the initiation, were way weaker than what I'm used to from previous experiences I discovered on my own. What concerned me most was the attitude of the reiki teacher to give obscure and unclear answers to basic questions, e.g. on the question "How do you know the color of chakras?" she answered "Because I can see them", but didn't explain how. I now think that the initiation and chakra cleaning is not really neccessary, but rather used to bind people to the help and superiority of the reiki master. I could strongly feel energies before the initiation already, and that feeling didn't get stronger so the initiation didn't do much. The attitude of the reiki master of taking authority, telling me that I'd be getting ill if I don't ground myself, that I should be humble (towards her, maybe?) and just needed to believe what she says doesn't sit well with me at all. It seems like typical techniques of a religion or cult, used to manipulate people to make them depending on the master's advice, and having them pay for more seminars. Realizing that made me quite angry, and I was reminded how important it is to question authority. It's very difficult to sort out spiritual learnings under these conditions... which part of the learnings is valid, and which part is just hocus-pocus made to lull people? I think I'll rather learn from own experiences, introspection and freely available sources. But I've also learned to trust myself and my feelings more, found that my mindset is greatly different from others, and that I must never forget who I am and what I am. Maybe that's a learning that could be generalized.
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    Howldy! I helped host something like this last year elsewhere and I was surprised at the number of artists who chipped in - and of the quality of their work! I turned September into Sketchtember and made the whole month a "test your skills and help others grow, too!" event. A few members absolutely astounded me and I didn't even know they had artistic abilities to begin with. At the very start, I (and two others) gave a decent list of potential prompts to help members with artist blocks consider new things to try. In my challenge, I made the focus on trying to get everyone to sketch a little every day - if people completed whole pieces, that was fine, and if not, that was fine too. I just wanted to encourage steps toward progress and improvement. While the challenge I posted was for September specifically, it seemed to really help some members feel more comfortable sharing their artwork and it really helped participants feel more connected with each other. The community likewise benefitted from arts! Doing something more consistently, throughout the year, is something I'm trying to work on and encourage others to do. It can have very positive impacts on morale. Ironically enough, I'm horrible at motivating myself to do art, so if KM decides to try to support something like this, I'll try to chip in, too! I'm a newbie here, but would be more than happy to help share some suggestions if needed! -ZN
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    I feel this discussion not uncomfortable at all.. it's a real life problem. Thanks to @Naia Okami for splitting up the cost, that'd have been the first thing I had asked. The two other communitites I'm in (non-otherkin related) seem to be financed by an association resp. an online shop. But I think this may be too complicated for us. Such things also have to be put on a legal basis. Great idea. We could also turn it around: a member could "award" a donation for another member doing some artwork, or even researching a complex topic and writing a library article about it.
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    So if anyone has been observing, though I haven't posted on this site in a good month or two, I have not been actually away. As I used to do, I've been lurking, watching, inferring, and waiting. And though I was tempted to simply just leave, I made a decision, and one that I gave a great deal of though at that. I am not going to be bullied away simply because I don't subscribe to the party line. How I was treated was bullying, plain and simple, and though I am mature enough to simply just deal with it, it must be addressed. I will continue to be here because I have as much of a right as anyone else if this site allows impressionable kids to be here, then I, an actual Otherkin, deserve to be here as well. I have made my point repeatedly, and been proven time again by this website that my assertations are correct. Alas, appeals to logic are not something that many here seemingly respond to, when compared to appeals to emotion and ideals, which have no basis in discussion, are favored and treated as end-all, be-all ways of shutting down dissenting speech. This site has left me with a bad taste in the mouth towards other Otherkin, simply because I was told before this whole dilemma that this site wasn't like that. It was different from the other places that simply couldn't even handle someone having a different opinion than their own, and had to use emotion based arguments in order to perform an attack on character, instead of actually refuting my statements. In my time away I have thought about a lot, and either changed my stances on some things, or only crystallized them further. I will not lie, many Otherkin make me laugh as their absurdity, when they act high and mighty, then cry and whine about how mistreated they are by the average, and normal, people outside of their subculture. And unlike many people, I do not require anyone else's validation and confirmation about my identity. Because I am secure in it, it doesn't bother me when someone has stances or opinions that are contrary to my own, because I am a grown adult, and I don't need hand holding. Hand-holding, especially on the internet, for adults only shows that you shouldn't even be on the internet, because the internet is an exchange of ideas, and opinions, and people have strong ones, ones you are not going to like, and painting them as hateful when your own evidence is both contradictory and not logical, is astoundingly immature. I don't think kids should be on this site at all because many kids below the age of 18 are simply so starving for attention from everyone that they will begin to force themselves to take on an identity that isn't them simply to fit in. By not only welcoming them with open arms, encouraging them that they are Otherkin, is actually really psychologically manipulative. The assumption that one isn't Otherkin, and should really think about the reasons why they feel like they might be Otherkin, and to be upfront and tell them that it's not fun to have a divergent sense of self image and physical image at all should be the default because we aren't some secret group that so many people are a part of, we're a small group of neurologically different humans. It's not something that's just so deep and spiritual, that is like a new outfit to make you more interesting. It's a condition that will impact you, your self image, your mental health, and your relationships for the rest of your lives. Otherkin isn't like fashion or music, where it's a matter of taste and preference, being Otherkin is knowing that your mind isn't the right shape anymore and something went wrong and changed you somewhere back in the past. And when someone says that they "don't know what I am yet" or that they "have thought I was multiple different things" is a big red flag to me, as it shows that they came in with the mindset that they are inhuman without any real provocation, then just make something up to fit in, and then change later when they want to, really bad vibes from people like that. By not being skeptical about someone at the age of 14 claiming they are non-human, considering it's in the age range where bio-chemistry is really fucking with their minds, is actually doing more harm than good for these kids as a whole. You're telling them that they can do whatever they want with no social repercussions. This mindset is what's created "woke" and "cancel" culture, horrifying tools of censorship, and oppression, which has lead to positively encouraging people towards joining, and lauding, actual domestic terrorism with groups like Anfita. You are saying, technically, to be introspective and think about it but that we'll treat you as a full fledged member of this identity until future notice, but really saying, "You're Otherkin and you can be anything you want, even if it's not true, even if you're not Otherkin." This is what leads to kids claiming to have lists of kintypes that are based on forced shifts and lies, and fictotypes because they can't differentiate between liking and identifying with a character and being and identifying as that character. Just wait a year or two when that character isn't as important to them anymore, and they now have to carry it around as a weight in order to pretend they weren't the exact thing they said they weren't. It leads to them forcing delusions upon their own minds in order to fit in among all the others who have done the same, creating a horrible negative feedback loop of lies, delusions, and immaturity. I know there will be claims and cries of, "Fenrir! How could you even?! Being critical and skeptical of children who don't know any better is so wrong and uncultured! You'll only cause more problems for them later!" Which is wrong. And here is why! 1) I could even quite easily! I do it quite often, really. I even every day, it's very freeing. 2) Yes, some children are very deep and might know but that chance is so small, and very rare. Most children under the age of 18 don't even know who they are as humans yet, much less that they are some sort of inhuman entity. We should be encouraging them, and every Otherkin while I'm at this, that they are human first and foremost. Even if you believe you weren't human in a past life, you are now, and denying that would be the same as denying that past life by that very logic. That not every single on of their personality traits has to be connected to being Otherkin, or every interest tied to your alternative identity. I love cephalopods, personally, I adore them and think they are so cool, but that's my own personal interest. It has nothing to do with my Truth, and I don't need to try and force a connection because I am mature enough to know that not everything about me has to tie to a single personal trait. Your labels don't have to be so interconnected that they are functionally the same thing, you are a collection of labels. A collection of traits and tags that connect and form the information that is you. They don't all have to be super meaningful, and it's better that some aren't. I used to love seeing how fast it took me to swim out to the dock each time I went swimming at the ponds, not because it had some grand connection to my Truth, but simply because I wanted to get better each time, and for my parents to praise my skill. 3) It's actually much better for these kids to be faced with skepticism and logic, because this will teach them to be critical themselves, and to judge information on a case-by-case basis, rather than letting emotions make their decisions for them. Many "problems" in society today aren't actually the big problems we are told they are, but the appeal to emotions blinds people from seeing beyond the smokescreen of lies and misinformation masquerading as fact. We are creating people with separatist mindsets, who think that they are so different, and that they should be treated differently than the "normal" people, when we should be creating a culture of integrationists, who seek to show normal people that we're normal as well, just with some odd traits and beliefs, but still people as well. The separatist mindset, and the activism associated with it, will only bring about what I dub the "collapsing the acceptance threshold." By demanding so much, and expecting every crazy idea to be accepted by everyone or your a bigot is only making the average person more hateful of you and everything you say, and is only going to set back the acceptance of subcultures by decades because people will decide, "Hey, you know what? I'm tired of being called a bigot by these people. They are crazy! And you know what else? Fuck them, they think they're better than all of us, well, we'll show them that they're wrong." It's only creating more division and derision towards the people who have real alternative life systems, who simply want to be accepted, because the people who are creating this culture will simply decide it wasn't fun and cool anymore to pretend to be a part of the group now, so whatever towards the people they fucked over, time for the next place to have fun. 4) I have personally been on both ends of the dilemma, and believe me, having someone be skeptical of me, and really force me to look at my stances and my feelings, and beliefs was actually the best thing that someone could have done to me, considering the horrible state of mind I was in. I was very confused, and I latched on to whatever identity made me "special" enough to be noticed, and whatever would get me attention because I felt so empty and alone and in pain. People encouraging the kind of mindsets we as Otherkin are encouraging in teens and kids is only making it harder for them to be honest, because all they want is to be loved and accepted unconditionally, even about things that aren't actually accurate about them, and the mindless acceptance of such beliefs is only going to make this even worse, until lying about who you are to be accepted is the new norm (FYI it already is and is ruining modern society.) Being loved and accepted are noble desires, and I do believe are good things, but accepting things that are false, or are delusions are not going to help anyone in the long run, only make things much worse. Now, I know that many of you here will not agree with me, probably never agree with me, and guess what? That's fine by me. I have made my opinions known, and will answer actual questions about them, and defend them if I need, or change them if given real evidence of them being wrong. Appeals to emotion don't sway me anymore, because I know now that doing what's right isn't doing what your emotions tell you, it's doing what is best even if you don't like it. Just as one can be open minded and accepting without accepting everything under the sun. I find it quite liberating to be so diametrically opposite to many of the residents here. It shows, right out of the box, that I'm willing to make myself a pariah to stand by my beliefs. My beliefs, forged by deep though, philosophy, and logic, are what make me myself. I judge everything, case-by-case, and make my own decisions on them, and you can see that by the fact that I will say what I believe, even if no one else likes that opinion. That I have the willpower and backbone to belief what I believe even if those like me hate me for it. Just like how I walked away from the Democratic Party, or how I turned from feminism once I saw that it was actually not about equality, but women superiority, pushing me towards egalitarianism and being anti-feminism and pushing for the equal treatment of men in modern society, and how I refuse to participate in the LGBT culture because it's incredibly toxic and a time bomb, or how I advocate for capitalism, or stronger borders and an anti-globalist agenda, among many other things. Does that mean that I'm going to go to threads I know I won't agree with, then get upset about it? Hell no. I'm not immature, or stupid. Wanting to be outraged is a huge indicator of immaturity, and one that I don't want in my life anymore. Just as asking someone a question when you know they won't give you a answer you like is immature, as is expecting them to cave in to your emotion based demands and character attacks, and force them to change to your own way of thinking is both immature, and downright offensive. Do I expect to change the minds of anyone here with my words? No. Not really. I know y'all won't like what I have to say, but, alas, I am going to say them anyway. I can be friendly and kind to those who don't believe as I do. That is sadly something that people today have not learned to do, or even that it exists. Attacking people who believe differently than you, and using emotion based attacks, and character attacks to end a discussion only makes them hate you, and hate your side even more, whereas logic and proof will help change the minds of those who oppose you much better, just like how right-wing commentators are proven to be better at de-radicalizing people than liberals who only make people they come into contact with much more radical. oh and by the way y'all I asked my trans friends about that whole thing and I was told time and again I wasn't being transphobic, so
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