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    There is no such thing as AWTOK, and physically shifting is scientifically impossible. Please abandon your irrational belief that p-shifting is possible. If people are claiming they can or have p-shifted, they are lying to you.
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    The library is primarily for resources and articles. I feel that the library area needs to remain dedicated to resources and non-fiction. However, depending on the popularity of this suggestion, we may be able to add a subforum under Books, Music, & Art for member-contributed fiction. Would this be acceptable?
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    When you have a full-body phantom shift while you're out in public...
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    Also, dat moment when you forget how to operate meatsuit
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    Hey, you know what'd be great to add to the library too? A "to do list" of sorts, like topics that need (more) covering and such. I think that'd be good! --Alder
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    When you're carrying something in your mouth when your hands are free & somebody points this out to you
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    When you've been having terrible shifts all day, but can't show it in front of everyone, but then you get to leave
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    I have already told you, several times, why I think you are different from a therian. You are your own thing, which is not bad to be, but I will not go into that again, because I do not want to talk about it forever. If you did not understand what I meant then, you probably still won't. If you can not move on without two more things, then you are still in the trap. There's nothing I can help you with if you insist on doing that. Learning to get along with people takes practice. The only way you can improve there is by practicing and listening to feedback. The first rule is, no one is required to agree with or believe in you. My kintype is that I'm part of a god. Do you know how many people on this site say they don't believe in gods? I wouldn't have very many friends if I insisted that they all believe and "join me on my journey." They can be my friends whether they agree with me or not. If you think people have to agree with you in order to be your friend, then that is a trap.
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    Have you ever heard of the story of the monkey trap? Hunters would go out into the jungle and bury jars in the ground. In the jars, they'd place a piece of fruit. Later, a monkey would come by and grab the fruit, but once the monkey made a fist around the fruit, it would get stuck in the narrow hole in the jar. The monkey would be trapped there because it refused to let go of the fruit no matter what. I don't know if that's a true story or not, but it sounds like what you are doing. You are hanging on to things that are leaving you trapped and unable to do things differently. "Pantherian" is your trap. I've already told you, I think what you are is different from what a therian is. Insisting on getting likes and comments before you continue is another trap. Sometimes in life you just have to keep moving forward whether people agree with you or not. If you want to make friend here, play some games in the chit chat threads. Write your blog posts. Understand that not everyone will agree with you and that's ok if they don't. You can't make friends by arguing with people, or by trying to bribe them with love and caring. You make friends by participating in conversations that aren't arguments, and by listening to others. All the threads I've seen you make are about you. Participate in threads that aren't about you too.
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    Oh my. What a Christian response. So Christian, exactly what Jesus would want. /sarcasm That is totally messed up. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. As long as no one is hurt by another's religion, people should be left alone to believe whatever they want.
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    When everybody in your sources fandom mischaracterizes you and makes you out to be a horrible person.
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    When you're dysphoric and feeling a bit hopeless, then that lovely Pokemon battle instinct kicks in.
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    So I'm a bit scared to submit this suggestion, but I'm going to do it. let's get to the point; A fiction version of the library, where approved stories relating to Otherkin/Therian topics are. Basically just high quality stories people have written about or including Otherkinity and Therianism.
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    Me: My fictionkin is part of my identity, sure, but it's not ~literally me~ because I know I'm not them, I'm them but I'm also who I am in this life too-- Tumblr post: drags my fictionkin for legit reasons supported by actual examples from the show Me: --Alder
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    Getting a sudden, intense shift like
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    When my inanimate-machine-mental-shifts stop me mid sentence.
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    Is it just me, or is the level of immaturity and childishness in the wider otherkin community worsening with every day?
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    Topic Idea: What does it mean to be Otherkin? I'm available around 9 EDT that day.
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    As a practicing Catholic, and a competent one... What you have done in their eyes and by the definitions within the catechism... Is heresy. So listen. While they are wrong about it being devil worship, they are right that it is incongruent and in breach of christian belief. You do what you wanna do, if you are Christian, what you do in your life in regards to Wicca and such is between you and Jesus, however, I would word it much better than that to your parents. "Hey ma and pa, I'm off to commit blasphemy in the eyes of God!" Doesn't work so well, "Hey, I'm gonna hang out with Dave for a few hours, I'll be back by dinner," is totally cool. Listen, I am a larper, my larp is listed as a boy scout explorer post. I don't tell my boss that I'm taking the weekend off to go dress like a knightly wolf man and run around beating people with modified plumbing equipment. I tell my boss that I'm an adult leader in a boy scout explorer post and this is our monthly camping trip.
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    Some Christians genuinely believe that those who do not follow their beliefs are in danger, and a parent who believes their child is in danger is a powerful force. Trust me on that. I am a parent, and as such I have to back up the old "their house, their rules" routine, barring any actual abuse. I assume you're a teenager? You'll be an adult sooner than you think. Freedom of religion doesn't actually kick in until you're eighteen, assuming you are in the US, and even then if you're financially dependent, you might still need to make compromises. That's just how the world works.
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    Who is a cheerleader's favorite god? Ra! Ra! Ra!
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    When the Apache helicopter joke stops being funny.
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    These attacks keep getting closer and closer to home. Now Manchester, I hurt for everyone caught up in the bombing. :(
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    Just a few emotes we think would be a nice addition to the current lineup on the site ^u^ Blushing wolf with smile (for when you feel flattered or humbled) Blushing wolf without smile (for when you just feel embarassed) Wolf licking lips And also a suggestion for an edit to the wolf: The head should be tilted a bit since canines tilt their heads when they're confused or interested in something. --Alder & Elliot
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    I am hesitant to share this here as I've had issues with an individual who was once active here and an ex-friend of mine "stealing" from my kintype, taking bits and pieces and adding it to their own constructed identity (it happened too many times to be a coincidence), but I'm gonna take a chance.
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    I am a huge fan of one Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes. I love his quirky personality and I love his playstyle. As an added bonus, I have a good enough Junkrat impression that I became briefly famous for it back when I used to do streaming. I even had a small fanclub for a while. This was made for me by a member of that fanclub.
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    Non-wolf ones would be nice. I'd imagine most of the 'prey' species here are hesitant to use wolf-emoties. If the rest aren't coming back, then I'll continue to rely on the standard and original versions ;-) :-) :-| :-( as well as some in my gif-image library
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    When someone stands too close in front of me on one of those strong I-feel-like-a-giant-box days:
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    When I see someone complain, in front of me, about how all otherkin are "cool things like dragons and wolves and tigers" and never "lowly animals like pelicans or seagulls or rats"
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    After careful consideration, I definitely have a secondary kintype which is most likely a draft horse. However, I felt that I was agile in some way rather than an entirely, enormous muscular horse. That was when I happened to catch Frozen on TV. The horses immediately caught my attention I began to do some research into them. They're known as Fjord Horses who are native to Norway. They're not only used as a draft horse but for dressage and jumping. At first I was skeptical. The overall shape of he horse didn't look exactly right but then I saw them with "socks." I have always felt a sort of feeling towards socks and a coloring on the muzzle. Therefore, I believe that my second kintype is a young fjord horse.
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    Aaaand here we go! I finally made myself an avatar representing my kintype! https://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/208165Profilpic22.png (if it don't works...)
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    I was listening to "My Name is Human" by Highly Suspect and ended up reading the Wikipedia article for that song...this is what I found: That's pretty straightforward to me.
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    Cultured meat, also called synthetic meat, cell-cultured meat, clean meat, and in vitro meat, is meat grown in cell culture instead of inside animals. It is presumed that the consumption of such a product could solve many problems associated with traditional agriculture, such as the effect on the environment and animal cruelty. Some suggest it may even be healthier than traditional meat, as cultured meat would not need antibiotics. My question to you is this: supposing it is indistinguishable from traditional meat in appearance, taste, and texture, would you eat it, knowing it was grown in a lab and not in an animal? Either way, why? I would especially like to hear any vegetarians or vegans opinion on the matter. I think I would, personally. Once the process is sufficiently refined to bring the cost down, I can only see benefits to it all.
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    remedying the bad quality of my picture, here's a cleaner one:
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    This is a difficult topic for me to address; it's one I've stifled into the back of my mind all my life. Every time it rears its ugly head, I say to myself, "No, you have no need for that." The machine in me sees it as so illogical, inefficient, a situation where the risk of being hurt far outweighs any sort of benefit. It's not about sex, either. I know I don't want that. But then I look around. I see all of my friends paired off. My siblings, my roommates, they all have "significant others". It makes me wonder-- am I missing a core and vital part of the human experience? If I was sent to this life to experience humanity, am I not fulfilling my purpose here by not allowing myself to seek an asexual significant other? Does being asexual mean that I can't have a companion in life? I know that's not the case. I've analyzed these thoughts. 1. Have you ever seen a soundboard flirt? No. We don't do it. Stack that on top of the social awkwardness autism causes, and ya get one doofy guy who's completely blind to even the most forward and brash of advances. I don't know what flirting is. I don't know how to do it. When I've asked my close friends and family to explain it to me, they say things that make no sense to me. Why is being kind to someone implying that you want sex out of them? That's what I've gathered flirting is: sexually charged being-nice. I strive to be a kind person in all I do. I compliment people, I smile, I tell stupid jokes because I want to make people feel good and happy. If that's flirting, how many people have I inadvertently hurt by being oblivious to their interests in me, or by mistakenly leading them on? 2. I'm still trying to figure out exactly why it is, but people around me don't seem to view me as approachable in such a way. This isn't a sad thing, really. It's just a fact. I'm an obese, short, disabled transman that identifies as a mixing console. I come from a family of politically-liberal rednecks. I'm gruff, I smoke a pack a day, I make crude jokes, I'm a messy eater, I cook in bacon grease, and I wear the same style of clothing everyday (which usually consists of cargo shorts, man-sandals, and flannel shirts sans sleeves a la Larry the Cable Guy.) I'm not exactly human society's ideal date. Don't think I'm being self-deprecating here. I know myself, and I like myself as I am. I do the things I do, eat the things I eat, and wear the things I wear because they make me feel happy and good about who I am. The issue lies entirely in other people. I just gotta find someone who likes all those things and doesn't want sex. That's a pretty small pond to be fishing in. 3. It's a very human thing that my mixing console mind doesn't want any part of. My physiology wants it, my psychology does not. I'm conflicted between mind and body. Can my body convince my mind that intimate relationships are a good thing? It's sure trying to, but then every time I see a couple go through a bad break up, I nope right on outta there. 4. Related to the above, I don't handle negative emotion very well. I break down fairly easily. It's something I've worked on a lot. I'm nowhere near as bad as I was as a kid, but I avoid things that could potentially arise negative emotion as much as I can. I have anxiety related to the fear of negative emotion. My negative emotional reactions as an autistic person have always been what gets me in trouble, gets me fired, gets me dumped. I don't get angry, I get sad. I sob when I'm sad, a purely physiological reaction to the very powerful emotions I feel. I fear relationships because I don't want to be sad. Going back to the title of this post - is it possible for a mixing console soul to fall in love with a human soul? I still don't know if I'm capable of it. I think I'm going to seek resources for asexuals. I don't know-- I want someone to hug when I'm sad, and I want to be the one someone else goes to for a hug when they're sad. I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I don't want to be alone my entire life. It's conflicting with a good portion of my identity. I may or may not accept it, but I'm thinking about it. I'm analyzing and processing.
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    I'm not religious, but I do have a few spiritual beliefs and I used to meditate a lot. I try to still, but I tend to forget... I usually try to meditate for a while before I go to sleep, but it's not "true" meditation, really. More like relaxation. I fall asleep before I can really get into a meditative state. I'm actually going to go meditate in a minute though! I'm going to have another shot at lucid dreaming. *crosses fingers* I have had a lot of interesting experiences while meditating. I actually remembered a lot of my past life as a wolf through meditation, and met an "echo" version of my old pack who still actually hang around in my headspace. I've met spirit guides too. And I used to spend a great deal of time just exploring my headspace and internally mapping it out. It's basically just a huge tract of taiga surrounded by snowy mountains, and there's a big lake too, and a single cabin which me, my dae and my fictive headmate like to hang around in. I'm feeling all nostalgic for it now. I haven't managed to properly get back there in a while. Meditation is hard when you're an adult and you're kinda stressed all the time. :( Really, though, trying to describe all the notable experiences I've had while meditating would take hours! It's kinda crazy how much weird and interesting stuff happens while you're exploring your own mind.
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    1: I have nightmares involving escalators on a regular basis. In real life I'm not actually scared of them in real life, but I fell down one as a kid. 2: I was born exactly on due date. 3: I have an above 100% hearing score, and am unlikely to lose the higher and lower ends of my hearing range as quickly as most people when I age. 4: Due to the damage in certain parts of my brain due to meningoencephalitis, I don't see in 3D in the same way that normal people do. This does however improve my aim, I am a natural at both archery and shooting. 5: The same brain damage also left me with a very unusual sleep pattern. Occasionally my sleep will fall into a pattern where I may not sleep for several days, and then sleep non-stop for several days, if left to my natural patterns. During the time without any sleep, I will function without any issues associated with sleep deprivation, this is entirely natural to my body. There are only issues if the period of extra sleep afterwards is disturbed.
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    What an interesting topic. I will be more than happy to contribute. c: My omnivorous alien kintype is advanced with bio technology. From what I understand, used cellular agriculture ("lab-grown meat") as their main food supply. Anytime I hear this kind of topic being passed around makes me feel a little giddy. cx Kintype aside, I am a vegan and I have been for a good several years. I am a vegan because I want to reduce the harm caused to sentient beings to the best of my ability. I do admit, having cultured meat is a very good start to having cruelty-free products and to reduce the Environmental Impact of Animal Agriculture. Though it is still in the theoretical stages and it is not yet proven, it appears that cultured meat would greatly reduce environmental impact. Lab-grown meat that would reduce the suffering on our animals and our planet? Sign me up! As a vegan who wants to have a teeny carbon-footprint, I am ecstatic to hear that sort of news! However, it is all still in its early stages. The creation of in vitro meat will be made in factories to develop this product. So, we do have a trade-off to think about. Another thing that I would take into account is that the cultured meat themselves would be made from the stem cells of living animals. Even so, the most efficient way of extracting those stem cells is by slaughtering those animals that are needed. Another is the growth medium used for the extracted cells. So, in that case, it is still not cruelty-free nor vegan. So, as is, I will not go ahead and eat the products. I still will say that this is a very good start in the right direction.
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    oh boy we're making bad jokes, here's one i made up a long time ago- What's a wolf's favorite kind of sweater? a-wool!
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    My name is Gryff, and I'm a fauntaur. And I'm guessing your first thought was, "neither of those are real words." It's true, I made both of them up. Gryff is a nickname I've used for a very long time. But more importantly, "fauntaur" is what I call my kin type. I had to make up that word, because I can't quite pin it down. I'm writing this for people like me, who don't exactly know what their kin type is, and want to find out. It's for people who truly know they are otherkin, but don't know much beyond that. When it comes to spending time in the kin community without being able to figure yourself out, I'm pretty much the expert. As people who know me are tired of hearing, I've been at this for 16 years or so. There has never been a point when I was 100% certain about my kin type. And in such a situation you might feel, reading what people say on the forums, that you're alone. You might feel like you can't really be kin, because if you were you would have figured more of it out by now. But don't worry about that. I know it isn't really helpful to say this, but it's ok to not know; it takes a long time to figure out. It's also frustrating, annoying, and sometimes even depressing to not know what you are. The good news is, there are things you can do to at least get closer to the answer. These are methods that have worked well for me, and I hope they work for you as well. If you ask somebody how to figure out your kin type, the first thing they will tell you is that you should meditate. And even if you don't think you're able to do so, try it anyway. Meditation takes so many forms. Try solo meditations, walking meditation, general guided meditations, and guided meditations with a specific purpose. Even if you don't get much from it, when you find the method that works best for you, you may find more than you expected. There are other common methods out there as well, but you can find them anywhere. If those things work for you, great. If they don't, though, I've found other things to be helpful. These are the kinds of things that some will tell you to avoid, as they can lead to false positives, but sometimes you don't have a choice. These methods are for those of us who have tried the traditional methods already, for quite a while in some cases, and just can’t get any traction. Hopefully by the time you reach this point you already have at least a vague idea of what you are. One thing I've found to be helpful is research. Try to figure out what jibes with the ideas you already have. If you find the right thing, it may click. For example: for a while I've been reasonably sure that my kin type has the top half of a human and the bottom half of either a goat (i.e. a satyr/faun) or a horse (i.e. a centaur). Researching those two things didn't help much. But then I started reading about the mythical forebear of satyrs, the god Pan. That clicked immediately. Granted, a click isn't much; that's certainly not enough for me to say that I'm definitely a satyr/faun. But it's a step in the right direction at least. Research everything that even remotely connects to what you think you are. You never know which branch will lead you to what you need to know. Another thing I've found useful is just throwing yourself behind a theory for a day or two and seeing what feels right. Keep in mind this isn't about "trying on" different kin types on a whim, it's about seeing whether a theory feels right. For example, my demon theory came pretty much out of nowhere. But for a couple of days, calling myself a demon felt more right than calling myself a centaur ever did. Again, it's not a lot to go on, but it's progress. The key is to be careful to not let yourself get too used to the idea when you’re trying this. Remember that it’s a trial. Make sure you limit the length of the trial, because if you go for too long, you might just end up convincing yourself that it’s true because you’re used to it. So just try it for a few days, and see how it feels. Maybe it just doesn’t sit right, and you know to try something else. But if it does feel right, it’s another avenue to explore. The next thing I'd recommend is taking what your research has told you about a species and see if it fits. Everyone here will tell you, quite rightly, that having traits similar to a creature does not make that your kin type. A lot of people would suggest not even thinking about that at all, but if you've reached this point, there may not be much choice. My example for this one is particularly tenuous: I'm sort of entranced by music. When a song I like is playing, regardless of where I am, I can't help but sing it, for example. This I've considered may be related to the connection between fauns/satyrs and music. Of all of the things I've talked about here, this is the one my peers would most likely take issue with. And again, it is extremely tenuous. But even that is better than nothing. Once you've done all of this, you might have a reasonably solid idea of what your kin type might be. You won't know for sure, but at least you'll hopefully be a bit more comfortable with your theory. But if, like me, you still aren't sure, you need to go to the final step: just be you. If you trust anything I say, knowing more or less what my kin type is, you must at least be open to the possibilities of mythic kin. And, especially if you believe they're the same thing (I don't), you are probably open to the idea of fiction kin. Fiction and mythology are vast and endless. Beyond that, some believe there are other universes, filled with creatures we've never imagined. Maybe you don't know what your kin type is because it's something you've never heard of before. Maybe it's one of a kind. If you're like me, that isn't a very satisfying conclusion. After all, you want to be able to say that you are something, and don't want to feel like the (potential) answer you found isn't really an answer at all. This ties back to a question you've probably been asking since the beginning of this: what is a fauntaur? A fauntaur is a creature whose top half is that of a human and whose bottom half is either a two legged goat, four legged goat, or a four legged horse. It may also be a demon of sorts, depending on how you define such things. Most likely it is at least something akin to a demon and has two goat legs and spiral horns. In other words, it's short hand for what I more or less believe about my kin type. And having that name to call yourself makes a bigger difference than one would think. It's the difference between not knowing what you are and knowing what you are. It makes conversation easier. Most importantly it fills a void, and thus makes your search feel less urgent. As such, it helps you take your time. Because that’s what you need: time. It takes ages to figure these things out. And having a working theory of what you are makes that easier. Just, again, remember the difference between a theory and certainty. These are things that have been very helpful for me, and I hope they can help you as well. One size definitely doesn't fit all, and none of these ideas are substitutes for the usual methods of figuring things out. They're the emergency tools. Above all else, don't rush to figure out your kin type. Let it be uncomfortable and take your time. Even the things I'm recommending work best if you at least have a foundation to start from. Some people will tell you, should you use these ideas, that you're doing it wrong or that you're not taking things seriously. Don't worry about that. This is your life and your experience. Keeping our peers on the right track is important, but not everyone has the same right track. Stay on yours and you'll reach the station soon enough.
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    Generally this place is my second home...Why shouldn't I show myself then?Haha, It's me then ;DUmm... yes it works 0_o--- Post updated --- Wait...Is that a T-shirt with "Dragonforce" logo? XD cool.
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    Lets have some fun! I know this is a very ego based forum. Ego not as in the psychology "id, ego, superego" group, but, and I use the term very liberally, as a representation of the idea of the self... But this time i want to explore the idea of no-self Here on KM we're all about discovering our "true selves." In one way or another, we all believe in the existence of a "self" that is transcendent of the culmination of all that is physically "you." Most of us believe that there is an essence of ourselves, our consciousness if you'd like, that is the actor and observer in our lives. Your arm didn't reach for the glass of water. "You" told your arm to grab the water, as a result of "your" own free will. But what is your consciousness? Is it a result of higher cognition, or is it a result of a unchanging soul? Or maybe it's something else, a quirk of psychology? What if I told you that no region of the brain controls consciousness... and that there is no way to prove consciousness exists in other people. What if I told you that consciousness is an impermanent, subjective experience? That is, what if there is no "you"? As I write this, I'm chewing on the back of my hand. I don't know why I do it, and I certainly did not consciously start doing it. If that is the case, and no consciousness "actor" made the decision to chew on my hand... then who is chewing on my hand? It's not "me", yet here I am physically gnawing. Okay, now that you're intrigued: (or bored out of your mind, I know I'm not very interesting) The idea of no-self came from the Buddha himself. I'm irreligious so I can't comment on the exact religious connotations in Buddhism itself. However, concept is interesting beyond the scope of Buddhism: no-self means there is no unchanging, permanent essence of living things. Much like how the physical you is not a collection of the molecules of your body, "you" are not the collection of "your" beliefs, experiences, and whatever else. To be fair, Buddha didn't explicitly say whether or not the self exists when asked. No-self is not saying "there is no such thing as the self", it is saying "asking whether or not the self exists is an irrelevant question" No matter how you define the line between "self" and "other," the notion of self involves an element of self-identification and clinging, and thus to the Buddhists: suffering and stress. This holds as much for an interconnected self, which recognizes no "other," as it does for a separate self. If one identifies with all of nature, one is pained by every felled tree. It also holds for an entirely "other" universe, in which the sense of alienation and futility would become so debilitating as to make the quest for happiness — one's own or that of others — impossible. The questions that you should ask are not "Is there a self? What is my self?" but rather "Am I suffering stress because I'm holding onto this particular phenomenon? Is it really me, myself, or mine? If it's stressful but not really me or mine, why hold on?" Because to Buddha, having an identity is suffering. Holding on to your identity, contorting the world around you in order to fit that identity, it causes undue anguish on the mind. Be like water, my friends. Be fluid but incompressible, have form when necessary, and be mouldable to become anything necessary. Water has no essence, yet it still is. True freedom is not finding yourself, but losing it. Guppy22 out. *mic drop*
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    It took me a very long time to shake off Mormonism. I wouldn't want to offend any Christians and this is not a blast at Christians directly, (I have a great many Christian friends,) but for those of you who may not know, Mormonism is an extremely closed circle of Christianity with highly structured beliefs and no wiggle room. What is, is, in their perspectives. From the time children are born, they are immersed in the circle and taught at least two days out of every week that they need to abide by the Mormon rules or else they will, for lack of a better phrasing, never get to see their families ever again because they will never get eternal life. Family is very important to them--in fact more important than anything else, so when one family member leaves the fold there's intense panic. In my personal life, my parents are very Mormon. They raised me just fine, and I actually appreciated my life as a Mormon for a good 16 or so years. I was kind of happy. Not completely, but kind of. When I hit self-discovery stage and pulled out of the closed circle, a lot of ugly things happened. I was chased out of my parents' house twice. I lost contact with multiple friends. I was constantly hounded by men from the church pounding on my door weekly begging me to come back to church and repent so that I could have eternal life with my family and be saved from the "Second Coming," which is their most popular name for the apocalypse. When my own father discovered I'd moved to the Left Hand Path, he called me evil and horribly screwed up. And as I said, it took me a very long time to shake it all off. I felt abused by the church, and used. I felt like I'd been a tool for their growing numbers--a blind follower duped into believing in some salvation that may or may not actually exist. I read stories from ex-Mormons and realized... we were all practically trauma-survivors who'd been awakened. Again, not wanting to step on any toes here, but personally I view dogmatic religion as very dangerous and damaging to not only the psyche, but to families, and probably a lot of society. It's impossible to force everybody on the entire planet to accept a single religion. Although I know a lot of Right Hand Path principles are healthy and genuine, the church I left did not use them for personal growth, and it left a very bad residue on my life. They used their strict guidelines and gospel to scare followers into obeying, "lest they be burned at the last days." And I kid you not... one of their principles that must be followed to is pay tithing to the church or else you will be burned alive and sent to hell when Christ comes. And... that's a lot of trauma to shake.
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    People in the chat kept saying I was cute when I shared pictures of myself so I might as well post some photos of myself. All of these photos were taken by my mentor at the Renaissance Faire I work at. The costume I'm wearing is a steampunk outfit I'm working on! [spoiler=Photos]
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    When I was a kid, I developed a theory that Linkin Park (my favorite band) were kin, or at least one of them. I identified so much with a lot of their songs, and I still do.
  48. 2 points
    I'll play! Here's my face, lol.
  49. 2 points
    I must admit my hair's grown out a bit since taking this photo, but it's still pretty recent as of September. This human vessel isn't too shabby, now is it~?
  50. 2 points
    Here's the human me. Why not?
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