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    Cat in a box, anyone?
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    Hey everyone, I'd like to see your favourite places all over the world, kin related or not, anywhere you visited! Photos, please (best shot by yourself, naturally)! I'll start this off with one of my all-time fav's: This is Akihabara, Tokyo, November 2014. Shots taken with my cell phone. This was my second business trip to Japan. I was attending a conference in Kyoto, and afterwards spent another three days in Tokyo. Best business trip in 12 years by far. I set one foot out of Akihabara station, and was thinking like "Whoaaa! I WANNA STAY HERE!!!". It's a huge, brilliant, epic anime and videogaming carnival, flooded with light and sound and life... If you ever think about visiting Japan, think no more. Just do it!
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    Here's my beautiful babies! I absolutely love my birds and don't know what I'd do without them.
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    Conga-rats @Velvet Wings! *rats doing a conga line to celebrate*
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    I think I have too many pets to share photos of all of them.. as I don't want to photobomb this place, so here is the list of everything @Tivaran and I keep together: 1 bearded dragon, 1 halmahera blue tongue skink, 1 savannah monitor, 2 argentine red tegus, 2 crested geckos, 3 leopard geckos, 3 boa imperators, 1 woma python, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python, 1 white lipped python, 2 rottweilers, 1 cat, and 2 tarantulas. I'll share a couple photos~ Here's one of the tegus, Atlas The savannah monitor, Hazel My boa, Zaria The And my bearded dragon, Marcella
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    Oh goodness, I doubt I could post an image of every one of my chickens, so I'll just share this photo of Storm with her chicks, (we've had many more clutches this year but this is likely the best photo I have currently.) The chicks have since all grown up healthy and the males have been rehomed to a sanctuary for cockerels. And also Kero my green-cheeked conure, who I don't have many good photos of on my computer so this'll have to do. She greets me every morning and asks people "What 'chu doin'?" at random moments. She has a passion for watching the washing-up being done (the dishes, to Americans), and mimics the sound of running water whenever you pour yourself a drink or turn a tap on. She's better at mimicking sound effects rather than voices as she'll often sneeze if you do and picked up the annoying habit of making the sound of when we scrape the plates clean in the kitchen. Less than pleasant on the ears lol I don't really see any of the animals with me as 'pets' though, they're my family, and I don't think I could see them as anything else.
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