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    I can't travel much either but I love my hometown and I have some favourite places around. Some of them in the city along the river and some of them on the mountains or in the forest Made all the pics with my phone. I hope you like them ^^°
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    I can't travel much right now, so it's been a while since I've been able to visit my true favourite place (the Canadian forest, especially around Northern Ontario)... I might still have some pics from my time there, not sure. But I do have a favourite spot a bit closer to home, too. There's this area of old woodland just on the outskirts of my town where I go walking sometimes. It's really peaceful and beautiful. There's also a few old abandoned houses near the entrance that are overgrown with plants. Very aesthetic!
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    Well, I've never been one to travel much but I do love where I live (South West England).
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    Hey everyone, I'd like to see your favourite places all over the world, kin related or not, anywhere you visited! Photos, please (best shot by yourself, naturally)! I'll start this off with one of my all-time fav's: This is Akihabara, Tokyo, November 2014. Shots taken with my cell phone. This was my second business trip to Japan. I was attending a conference in Kyoto, and afterwards spent another three days in Tokyo. Best business trip in 12 years by far. I set one foot out of Akihabara station, and was thinking like "Whoaaa! I WANNA STAY HERE!!!". It's a huge, brilliant, epic anime and videogaming carnival, flooded with light and sound and life... If you ever think about visiting Japan, think no more. Just do it!
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    I have three rats and a dumb bunny! I have a million pictures of my rabbit because he is a handsome boy.
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    Some might, though it may not be because of they're identity as an otherkin, and even still most know better than to act on such desires. As a fictionkin, I never experienced attraction except towards my lover from my canon, if that's a good example. In terms of other relationships, even friend wise, they can be difficult. But at the end of the day we're all souls. It's important to remember that when it gets difficult
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    Great pictures! I don't live anywhere near here, unfortunately, but here's a few pictures of my favorite place on earth (besides Kerguelen, Antarctica, and Alaska which I have yet to visit any of them) taken by me: (big pictures in links) https://i.imgur.com/TqKpw8c.jpg - random spot on I-80 https://i.imgur.com/UKKAFH4.jpg - Flaming Gorge https://i.imgur.com/O9GRJY0.jpg - Tetons https://i.imgur.com/zliWJrc.jpg - Lewis Lake (it's really windy here!) My favorite of the favorites, which I'll put in a picture this time: Isa Lake at Yellowstone The state I live in (not WY) has gorgeous spots, especially in the fall, but I rarely ever get to visit them. The part I live in is the ugly ugly ugly
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    I'm active here(ish) as well as on TG, though I'm much more active on discord in my own server. I'm not really sure where to find more communities
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