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    This time, I've got both good news and bad news. Good News 132 custom cat emojis have been added to the site! Bad News Wolven theme is temporarily disabled; an update to it is in the works.
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    Hello to all who may read this! Welcome to this new club which is open to anybody, and everybody. We all know there is a scarce amount of dear specifically for therians and otherkins to really express themselves, especially those with kintypes not common at all. So at times, we must wiggle our "creative noses" and create some things! If you have made anything that makes you more comfortable with your kin I would love to see!
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    Hello everybody, I'm Lanayru. I'm happy I found this community that seems and feels safe and protected. It has been a while since I was a member in a real online forum other that facebook or tumblr. I'm only testing the waters here first and see if it's a good place for me. You all seem to be nice and I look forward to join your family here. At the moment I feel a little lost and don't know where to start so I'll take my time look around (and look for an indroducing-thread, until now I've not seen something like that, I'm sorry). I don't know if it's appropriate to just join in on conversations yet without saying hello and reading through definition-posts or something like that. Carefully I read the forum rules and will always keep them in mind. Unfortunatly I'm not a native English speaker but I'll be careful with my sentences. I'm sorry if what I'm saying seems a little incorrect because I couldn't find the exact word or my grammar isn't always on point. Sometimes I use a translator from my native language to English and the outcome doesn't always feels right. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What brought me here. I always kept what's inside me for myself, as a secret, but I new since I was little that I had a deeper connection with water, especially deep waters, beautiful lakes or the ocean. Naturally I spend as much time as I could in the water, swimming diving, dreaming and feeling the connection. It fills me with such happyness and sentiment just thinking about it now. In the summers I was always either in the pool of my best friend, in the big lake near our place or the local swimming pool. After I found out my friends didn't share this experience, I was baffled, but thought they just prefered other things or weren't that melancholic like they said about me (not in a nice way). While growing up I got even more interested in marine things, mermaid lore sailing stories (oh, i love them), mythology and became more longing and invested (sometimes maybe a little too much maybe, ahihi). My other friends weren't interested in such things so I kept it for myself furthermore. I tried to fit in but just became depressed overtime, beginning to feel different and lonely. At least my dreams (do you know about lucid dreaming?) and water-sessions gave me strenght and hope, at least I still had the sea and relaxing in the waters. Even though later I made friends who were a little more accepting so I could talk about some things a little (but not telling them everything I wished I could share) it wasn't until I found tumblr that I finally found some people who were talking exactly about the things that I was always thinking. I'm sure many of you know the feel when you suddenly see a textpost with exactly the thoughts that were only in your head and you thought you were the only one who was feeling that way. I'm so happy. And I'm sure you all know that even tumblr isn't the sefest place (fb is better but isn't either). I know about this community (and others) from tumblr and thought I should give it a try. This is just a little snippet of my inner me and how I'm connected to the sea. There is so much more and more specific, but for now I want to becareful, I hope you can understand. At first I want to be sure what kind of a community this is and be more aware of rules and etiquette here. I'm sorry. But I'm looking forward to share so much more and engage with you all. Thank you, Lanayru
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    Scrolling through my Facebook I saw a friend posted this interesting article about a shark that could be over 500 years old, making it the oldest known living vertebrate. The scientists do admit there is a margin of error for aging the shark, but that even if they are incorrect these sharks are the longest living vertebrate species we know of in the world! https://mymodernmet.com/greenland-shark-oldest-vertebrate/?fbclid=IwAR38qSYNIatj4zaFPzNxhGaXM24iJdNhkCeQv60Xg9JzGiDzjxB07mHD3jo
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    You're absolutely making sense, Charias. You're rationally and seriously addressing a very fair and complex question. I'd also like to second the statements made by @Cipher. However, let me try to add my own peak to that "philosophical hill" - for anyone willing to follow me up there: Correct. But I think we can safely formulate an even stronger statement: none of us can know for sure exactly how any other being thinks, including other humans or other animals. That means: if I would claim to you that I would think like a human, you could still ask me to prove it and I... couldn't. Neither can you. Because there is just no standard pattern of how a human is supposed to think; even if there were such pattern, I still wouldn't know exactly how you think, so I couldn't verify that your thinking actually matches the pattern. Hence, neither of us can prove that they're thinking like a specific animal, or a human; and still, neither of us can disprove an according claim. In other words, we have to trust that everybody thinks just like they do. And that "paradox" imo leads to exactly three viable options to handle personal people's beliefs which can not be scientifically proven, e.g. the otherkin belief. I'd like to point out that I only refer to beliefs which are reasonably, consistently and persistently taken, and that are not used to reason any violence against other beings, be it mental or physical. This includes, but is not limited to, the belief in the existence of god, the belief to be transgender, or the belief to be otherkin, but e.g. excludes beliefs taken temporarily for sheer fun. Having said that, the three options are as follows: 1) We call all of these beliefs wrong 2) We trust only part of the believers, i.e. we accept only a part of the beliefs and call every person who believes otherwise either wrong or even mad 3) We trust all of the believers, i.e. we accept all of the beliefs, regardless how strange or impossible they might seem Now, in my opinon, only option 3) is acceptable. Let my try to outline why I think so. First of all, taking option (1) would essentially mean to call most of the world population wrong. Also, I think it would consequently lead to accepting only things that can be explained by science; however, science fails to explain phenomena we constantly experience. This would e.g. include the phenomenon of conciousness, or feelings like e.g. love. These things would break down to be sheer consequences of electric signals in our central nervous system, the emergence of such would be mostly unknown. In some cases, e.g. the phenomenon of "phantom limbs" as consistently reported by otherkin, not even the biological use would be known. Now, to be honest, this is a fair assumption, but it is one that I just don't want to take because it leaves far too many effects unexplained, including those I'm constantly experiencing myself and can not deny. Coming to option (2). Now, first of all, because none of the beliefs can be proven better than another, there is no rational reason to accept only part of them. For example, there is no physical observation that verifies the existence of god; on the contrary, current physics' state of knowledge rather indicates the opposite. The same is the case for a person claiming to be transgender: the physical observation indicates the opposite. And yet the same is the case for otherkin. Hence, none of these beliefs is generally more or less provable than another. Secondly, the approach of accepting a specific belief just because the people taking it are in the majority can also be no rational reason, but would simply be unfair. Finally, I'd like to point out that history shows that taking option (2) was used to reason wars against believers who were classified to have the "wrong" belief. People have died in these wars. All in all, this makes option (2) completely inacceptable for me. Which leaves only option (3): accepting all of such beliefs. Now, what does that mean? It essentially means to take a "working assumption". In science, this term denotes an assumption that needs to be taken although it can not be proven. I will make the implications clear. For example, if a person consistently and persistently claims the personal belief that god exists, and names reasons for this belief, I have no other choice but to accept the working assumption that god actually does exist for that person. If a person likewise claims to be a man in the physical body of a woman... I have no other choice than to accept that this person really is a man in the physical body of a woman. If a person likewise claims to be a wolf in the physical body of a human... I consequently have no other choice than to accept that exactly this is actually the case, as unlikely as it may seem. Now, many otherkin perfectly match the criteria of consistently, persistently and reasonably taking their belief; the previous post is a good example: @Charias explicitely names the reasons. The motivation for this belief is oftentimes not even externally triggered; many otherkin take their belief although nobody has ever explicitely told them to do so (which is, by the way, a general difference to a religion). Hence, I have no other choice than to accept that this perception is actually accurate: a person who rationally, consistently, and persistently believes to be non-physically a wolf.. is actually non-physically a wolf. As for how this can be, there are multiple explanation models. The concept of reincarnation is one of them. There are others, e.g. the multiverse hypothesis, but this is not the place to discuss them. I'd finally like to point out that the above is a personal opinion of mine which admittedly could be called quite extreme. Maybe I've made a logical mistake. Hence, I'll be more than happy to enter a discusson about it. For the time being, I wish you all the best for the treatment of the headache which emerged by studying this text !
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    Obviously, we never will know exactly what an animal thinks or what it feels like. We're simply interpreting our perception of the world based on what we can research about other animals, and it is by nature a human experience; just one that questions philosophically what it means to be human or nonhuman, and interprets personal experiences as being like those of something nonhuman, for however much we know of them. People who experience phantom or "ghostly" limbs of wolf paws or bat wings have an obvious nonhuman trait that they can look up and research. After that, it's moreso a journey of faith and self-understanding.
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