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    Allow me to explain! It does not have to be implemented by any means necessary, however, I believe it would be fun for artists of all types and levels to participate in a monthly drawing event, with a theme of course!... For example, every month there can be a them for any of the artists of KM to draw, and one of the first themes can be things related to otherkinity, such as one’s own kintype, where one lived in their true life, a scene from a memory, wings, tails, or any concept that can relate to the world itself!... Perhaps there can also be a place in the KM gallery for these art pieces! ^.=.^ Even then however, the art contribution doesn’t need to stop at just fun contests! Artists like myself can put some of our profits from commissions we get, whether they’ve from members of KM or not to the site donation pool! I believe it would be a nice idea, though it does not have to be done if it is not necessary, although of course I would host the themes and the art contest days if no one else wants to! ^.=.^ Tell me your thoughts! ^.=.^
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    Besides a monthly, just for fun art contest, I would also suggest maybe having some KM members do some art trades with each other, randomizing who draws for who!... Which would be completely optional by the way! Perhaps once September rolls around, I could start the little art contest with the simple theme of one’s own kintype in their most vivid memory or something like that!... Maybe we can also make “banners” for clubs and other parts of our profile pages from the art we do!... ^.=.^ Perhaps another thing an artist like myself can do is post their commission info for other members on Kinmunity, and some of the proceeds from the commission money received from those on KM who have bought from them can go into the donation pool, and to new features, no matter how small that donation may be! ^.=.^ Truly however, it really depends on what everyone else wants to do! ^.=.^
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