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    @Amber Thank you! It’s definitely helped me a lot! No worries though, I am always sure to question each command and sign carefully, as each sign can be interpreted differently. I have my own free will and the Infinite Lord always wants everyone to make their life how they choose! ^.=.^ Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria doesn’t give me direct commands here, his commands are his laws I remember from the past! ^.=.^
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    Great to hear that you've found support and strength through the Infinity Lord! Though I have to say that I wouldn't want to life in a world where I'm required to bind my mind's life to a god after my physical body died. That would make me feel quite uncomfortable... I want to be free to take my own decisions, and I take responsibility for them. If you allow, I'd just like to offer a word of caution. When people tell me they'll listen to commands of god entities, that always concerns me a bit. I think commands could sometimes be misunderstood. Hence I propose to carefully think about what the Infinity Lord tells you, and see for yourself if it makes sense and helps you.
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