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    That is a great realistic style - do you have a website link or something for the artist? And, if you’re comfortable sharing - how much did that cost?
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    Oh dear. Nice try, but I don't want to ignore this... however, I also don't really know how to help. In any case, feel free to PM and bother me with your stuff anytime if you like.
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    @Amber Well, you're definitely right about it being complex. I'm thinking of trimming it down a bit, somehow, but everything I've included seems really relevant and important to me. Maybe I could try to mention some things briefly rather than going right into them. My target audience would mainly be people who are questioning a 'kin identity themselves, but I feel like some of the stuff I want to talk about would probably be relevant for other people as well. I mean, I'd love if I could write an article that, in a more passive way, helps communicate to non-kin/non-community members that we are serious and sensible about this. Helping other people understand our weird little community is something I'd love to do. In terms of how I'm going to write it, it's definitely going to be framed in terms of my own experiences - i.e. from spending so long questioning, this is what I've learned and this is the advice I'll give to you, things I wish I'd been told at the start. I don't believe there's any rules that could be 100% useful to everyone. But I also think a lot of what I have to say would be useful to most people, since it focuses on things like self-acceptance, dealing with mistakes, how to be sceptical without being harsh to yourself, etc. I'd also say... what you wrote under that article reflects a lot of my own opinions about it. Like, scepticism and questioning are good, but there's a point where you have to accept your identity and experiences for what they are, even if it doesn't entirely make sense to you and even if there's still some chance you're wrong. We can never be "sure" of our identities. We can never be sure that what we feel is anything more than some weird part of our imaginations, but remaining in that constant state of self-doubt isn't productive. So I think it's important both to be sceptical, but also to recognise when scepticism stops being helpful and to instead focus on your present feelings and what those mean to you, regardless of why you have them.
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    Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can really relate to it and it makes me think about myself. Much of this feels strikingly similar to my kintype. I'm also not a god. Not at all, never was. There is no such thing as gods in my world. Also there is no such thing as infinite power. Monster? Well for me, it depends on how you look at it. I have a hell of respect of my spirit kintype. Yesterday in meditation I lost my physical body, turning into a plasma-like energy which would incinerate the world. I'm still confused about this, but it was me doing that, and a part of me is shocked about it. It didn't even feel bad. That's a true as hell monster. One would have any reason to be afraid of it or deny it. But it's still me, so I can't. The difference is that I never had to endure something like you have. I couldn't explain my kintype psycologically to begin with. I never had to cope with anything much (not that I know). I can now explain it all spiritually, but getting there was the hell of a trip.
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    Anytime, my dear, anytime.
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    Right. That sounds great thanks. ^^ I still doubt it's anyone else though. I know theirs possibilities. I remeber the last time we talked and I forgot to bring this up, he still asked if "that kid was still bothering me" either way, ground rules is probably a good idea. (considering either Bendys slightly short fuse, or the intentions of an unknown headmate or entity) Thanks for the help with this btw. Means a lot
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    This is so awesome, thanks so much for sharing! I should be more open to such "weird" things happening in meditation. It's incredible what the mind can do, isn't it? I mean, most people wouldn't even be able to imagine this, let alone experience it.
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    Thanks! I'll be sure to post if it happens again. ^^
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    Maybe, I often wonder if I can replicate it - but then those moments have been under my extreme stress or in danger, so I understand it isn’t a healthy option to follow haha. Best of luck though, I look forward to finding out more
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