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    Interesting.... very interesting. This was a good read, I like it.
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    While I feel different than you when it comes to spiritualism, I definitely second you when it comes to social interaction. It's like I can somehow mimic the behaviour of others and adapt to it to "fit in", but only to a certain degree. This seems to happen pretty automatically, to the point that I pick up people's habits and accents when I'm abroad. I've somehow learned to feel comfortable with all this, though. Also I don't think one needs to be scared about being different... there'll always be people who understand, and others who won't. It's the same in the community. However, taking care about what one says and doesn's say is always good to stay at the safe side.
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    Yeah, I get that. I often worry people won't take me seriously cause I'm a fox like so many other people (not a very common type of fox, but still), so I relate to the wolves of the therian community a lot. You can't choose your kintype, that's like the main thing therians are adamant about.
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    Yeah it's kind of hard bc half the time I think someone will just assume I'm not Wolfkin really because it is 'really common' I am wolfkin that can't change
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    @Shezep Very interesting comment! This pretty much lines up for what I meant for creatures who did not hunt down creatures, for some more godlike creatures I remember having seen. Honestly, I think preying on soul was something much more common in lesser creatures who did not have the power required to manage to protect and be worshipped. As for the sun, although I wrote creatures, I believe animism is very possibly something that works here, with "souls" of objects and concepts being able to sip into other beings or creatures. I also agree with your comment on multidimensional gods just loosing foothold in an area. Although I didn't precise it, it's definitely a concept that is familiar to me as well. I think I knew that deities had a tendency to be a bit territorial, with things like polytheistic religions being a bit smaller beings but working together somewhat, and monotheistic religion being more of the very territorial kind. Some were more than other. Thanks for commenting!
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    Well, probably everybody feels somewhat lost at some time in their life. It reads a bit like you've taken a step back, but that's not neccessarily a bad thing since it gives the opportunity to re-explore yourself. Maybe you'll find something known altogether, maybe you'll discover something new. I know you'll make your way! In any case, I'm happy you're back with us!
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