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    I'd also like to chime in and encourage to trust your feelings a bit more. You seem a very rational and questioning kind of person and I know it's hard to trust yourself because I'm basically the same. That's why talking to each other is so important. In my eyes your story reads typical to a sceptical otherkin. You somehow found you were attracted to dragons from being a small child for no specific reason (of course I know Tabaluga btw, haha). That was ok back then because that's what children do. You wrote down your experiences, externalized them, played around with them. Felt good. Growing older you realized there might be more to this. It influenced your perception of the world. Then rationality kicked in and there was a phase of denial, putting it of as wishful thinking, shoving it under the table, struggling to fit in as "normal". But heck it didn't work. You couldn't just shake this off because being otherkin or not, the connection to dragons somehow is an innate part of you. So now you're back here wondering about what the heck you really are. Do you have an idea how many times I've asked this very question myself the last year? How often I ponder about if I really am a dragon or just assume to be one because I like how it feels right? I stopped counting, but you can see how much I struggle from my blog. I think it is totally fine to like your supposed kintype. That does not neccessarily mean you're a copinglink - which needs something to cope with in the first place. Yes, it could be otherhearted but it's a fine line. Also, I think there virtually is no "how a dragon is supposed to be". Dragons are hugely diverse. Some us us have fur, feathers, scales, beards.. two legs, four legs, six legs, you name it. Some are smaller than a human, some bigger as a house. Some even don't have wings. Makes you start to wonder what exactly a Dragon is, haha. So I think scepticism is good, and questioning yourself is always helpful to some degree. Being sceptic and considering to be biased keeps our feet on the ground but you can dismiss basically everything by being over-sceptic or assuming that you're biased. At some point, trust in yourself is needed. It takes time, though. I'd like to encourage to check out the other options already identified. What we definitely know about you at this point is that you're an extremely strong friend to dragons, and want to be dragon-like yourself badly. So why exactly would this be the case if you are a dinosaur? What it is that you like about dragons, and is this present in dinosaurs, too? Don't be afraid to make mistakes, that's part of real life. Again, if you run into any sort of trouble, feel free to PM me.. just indicate if I push you into the dragon corner too much. I don't at all want to do so if you realize you don't fit in there. I'll be there for you in any case.
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    Yeah.. I was also stirring my claw in a lava sea in one of my visions. Felt like stirring through honey. I totally recommend to closely note and document such experiences, especially if they come unexpected and somehow feel unusual as opposed to everyday dreams. There might still be no meaning to them, but this way you'll at least be able to put the pieces together later.
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    This is an interesting and familiar sentiment to me. While I feel that species dysphoria can be helpful for awakening for some people, I did not find it particularly helpful or present in my own awakening long ago. Being human brings so many opportunities! It's kinda neat to have thumbs and a private sphere of mind and an entire world that's been manicured for your existence, in a way. I did not feel dysphoria over being human until I was a depressed preteen. As a kid, it didn't matter that I was human; I could be both Human and Otherkin/Myself. Both could exist at the same time and they didn't necessarily conflict. I see myself as Human because I am living that reality; I see myself as elven and fae and etc because that is also a part of my reality. I don't think you need to be Not Human in order to be otherkin... and there is a dangerous element to denying lived reality, in all cases as well as in matters of identity.
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    @Shezep: To be honest, if I believed in the supernatural I would probably believe that I was taking energy from people. But as it is, I consider myself a psychological otherkin and I like to explain things empirically. So when I feel like I'm taking energy from somebody, it wouldn't make sense for me to believe that's actually happening, because I don't even believe energy exists. The most likely explanation - in my view - is just that I need to feel that on some level, as part of a survival instinct. That just seems like the best explanation for now. But I could be completely wrong, of course!
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    It seems strange to me that you can't sense this. I gets lots of feedback when I feed on solar energy, sometimes more than I'd want. I definitely feel it when other gods grant me an energy boost as well. Regular humans with no previous experience can learn to sense energy, though the time it takes can vary. Some people get it pretty quickly and some may take a few years of practice before it clicks. My teacher has had students study with him for two or three years before the lightbulb comes on. Do you sense other types of energy? Maybe you had the bad luck of finding yourself in the human equivalent of an energy-deaf body. Or maybe there's a block on you for a reason. I can see how having those previous instincts rule you in this life would be difficult to handle. In that case, maybe it's best to leave it alone.
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    I totally agree. There are many users who feel both human and non-human at the same time. It's something that was new to me when I joined here, too, and still feels a bit paradox for me. Although I have a different stance when it comes to myself, I think it's totally fine to give high value in your human side, whatever it is you connect with it, and you don't at all have to give up that side to be otherkin. Being otherkin only means to be more fully yourself, I think.
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    It's not wrong to gently shift your internal perspective to try things out for size. This isn't life or death, and it's okay to be wrong, to be right, to be right for now but in the future realize it has changed! You will never be the You That You Are In This Moment once this moment has passed--so what stays alive between changing moments? What haunts you in your dreams and deepest personal thoughts? What eyes are you looking through? Okay, zen business mentioned... it's okay to wanna be some really cool thing. I think, at heart, everybody wishes they were a dragon. But not everybody wishes they were a dragon so much that they roleplay it, journal about it, have an alternate persona with a pretty distinct and consistent appearance, etc. Shoot, I even still wish I was a dragon! (I was formerly a gateway system with a dragon member, I am now singulate and fae/elven. I occasionally see some overlap between traits considered fae and traits considered dragon and my partner occasionally calls me an "alien snake panther" which I just kinda parse as 'kinda close to the modern idea of a dragon'.) Don't feel like you're bad, or stealing, or making things up. Just feel it out, be open to any response (or no response, which is the more frustratingly common event) without judgment or expectation. Maybe you are dragonkin, or kith, or it ends up just being an artistic persona.
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    Oh, don't worry, you weren't offensive (and I hope I wasn't either!). I was just trying to clarify a few points.
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    One thing to consider if you've always felt drawn to dragons is the possibility of being dragon-hearted (being connected to dragons in some way, perhaps spiritually or mentally). Being hearted (sometimes called kith) with a creature can cause very similar experiences to being otherkin. Although being otherkin is very possible as well, while not everyone loves their kintypes there are certainly many who do so it wouldn't be uncommon. Many people are drawn to their kintypes because of their identity so being obsessed with something as a child could point to it being a kintype, of course, it could also just be something you loved/were fascinated with. Another possibility is you may have shifts coming from different places - you may have a couple of different kintypes (reptile and avian for example) or you may be both hearted and otherkin. As you mentioned, dinosaurs are also a possibility and there are certainly some who could fit and it's worth researching more! Those are just a few possibilities for you to think over, but of course only you can figure out your kintype. If you feel yourself leaning to a specific possibility that's fine, don't be worried to explore it because you feel you may be biased; your initial instincts may well be right. Just make sure to keep an open mind and explore other possibilities as well - even those you don't believe fit. Who knows, something may surprise you but if not and you find yourself ending back up at dragon you will have learnt a lot more about yourself along the way. Through exploring other possibilities, seeing what fits and what does not, you'll build up a more solid sense of your identity and be more confident in the answers you find. Self-discovery is a journey and it can be a long one. You may take a few wrong turns along the way but that's ok, most of us have. That's how we all learn and grow.
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    I'd guess a duality--or more that conflicting things can both be true. Just because I am Human does not mean I am not Fae. Just because I like my human body doesn't mean I can't also like the idea of it being different in a few ways! Or to have lots of options and change skins! There are few true opposites in life. You're definitely not alone
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    I made a big ole chunky scarf!! It is as long as I am tall!
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