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    Heyo Amber. I haven't been on for a while but since you posted this to our mutual discord server I figured I'd drop by... I know that feel of having that tiny grain of doubt. It's not always there in such a way that I can feel it, but it definitely proves challenging. I both do and don't want to get rid of it as a finality in either direction seems scary to me. In regards to the spiritual contact with other dragons, or spirits in general, I can't really say if it's a help. After all, the grain of doubt whispers, they could all be elaborate creations of my imagination. To me it's sort of like dreaming, you don't know for sure if you are or not until you wake up. I feel I won't find in myself the cure for my doubt, it will come from another source...
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    That sounds great! And like a big adventure, too! Hope it'll all go well... don't be concerned about the flying BTW, I always found it fun. I only recommend to be at the airport early. If you don't know the procedures, you might be glad to have an extra hour.
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    Hell yeah dude! Happy you’re able to move out and be in a better situation.
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    That's awesome news, I hope the move goes well for you and I'm sure you'll have a great time in Las Vegas!
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