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    Ah, yes, I have to re-start meditating too. Well, first let me point out that meditation didn't help me to remember my dreams so much as a dream log did. In any case, there's an older thread about this here. To offer some advice, I personally I think meditating is very straightforward. You just have to find the time, a quiet place, and figure out what works best for you. It can be done sitting down, laying down, even walking. It's more important that you put your body and mind in a relaxed state and forget about real-world problems for the time being. Laying down meditation has the advantage that you won't feel your body anymore after not moving any muscle for some minutes (happens on its own, it's natural). There's no specific need for meditation music or guided meditation. Just try out what works best. I personally don't like a funny voice telling me to breathe while I'm trying to relax... I know how to breathe, haha. An important thing to consider is the time, though. When you're too tired you'll just fade away or fall asleep. Also you shouldn't have a time limit... at least I can never exactly tell how long a session will take. As soon as your mind is relaxed and your breathing is stable, you can apply different techniques. You can just wait for things to happen and take attention to what you feel, see, smell or hear. You can imagine and feel your kin body, or imagine transforming into it. Focusing on different body parts at a time usually works well. You can also try to visualize yourself in an environment of your choice. A bit like daydreaming. You can ask yourself questions, e.g. "who am I?" or "where have I been before?" and wait what happens. You can visualize a mirror and look at yourself. The tricky thing is to differentiate between things you imagine and things you don't. I'm not an expert in this since my imagination likes to go wild. But basically, I think imagination takes a certain active effort. Hence if things happen out of the blue, give you a surprised feeling, or happen so fast that you don't have time to imagine, then they're probably not imagined, at least not consciously. I've also heard people telling there's a difference in feeling between imagined and non-imagined things but to me it's not that clear at times. If you manage to stay focused and rather pay attention to things than actively imagining them, anything might happen, but you shouldn't push things. Sometimes you get something interesting, sometimes you don't. I recommend to stay focused and don't ignore any images, visions, sounds, or feelings. You might see colors, find yourself in a foreign environment, or you might meet guides who act unpredictably. Asking them questions oftentimes led to quite surprising events for me. I find it oftentimes difficult to interpret the results; it might give you a hard time to think about. In any case, I strongly recommend to write down your experiences directly after the meditation. Have a meditation log and pen ready directly next to you. You can meditate daily or multiple times a day if you have the time, but take a break when the experiences get uncomfortable or overwhelming. BTW: meditation might be a technique commonly used by some religions, but generally doesn't have anything to do with religion. Anyone can practice it. Also, I didn't hear about any meditation going physically wrong. I think one doesn't need to be afraid of it. For me, bad things usually only happen when I imagine them. However, you might see things in there you don't like, don't understand, or things that disturb you. If you meet other entities, it's best to be careful. You can't (and shouldn't) control what you see, but you should be able to interrupt the session anytime. Well, at least I am, but I can also "force-wake up" from nightmares. Learned that as a child. So far, so good.. good luck in any case! If you're comfortable, I'd love to hear about your experiences!
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