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    While I appreciate your effort in creating a blog about dragon information, a lot of this information is wrong. I have studied dragons in heraldry and mythology as far back as the fourteen century and no where does it state that wyverns are less intelligent than western dragons. This is pure d&d fact only. Wyverns were also original dragons and the western dragons came later, with only the french and brittish making the distinction. In many countries, there is still no disctinction and a wyvern is a dragon, period. You can also preach all you want about how wyverns are "basically shove the body plan of a wyvern onto the qualities of a western dragon and create this fire-breathing non venomous two legged lizard with forearm wings that in reality doesn't really exist in mythology.", when you claim to be a modern fantasy dragon, yourself. You do not get to define what a dragon is or isn't, and the way you worded this makes it sound like you claim that people who identify as more modern fantasy dragons/wyverns are non-legitimate, which is a very rude thing to do.
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    There might be a copy-paste-mistake: 'Animal-Hearted - A person who is other-hearted identifies WITH one or more non-human animals, rather than AS. ' Was it meant to be: '...who is animal-hearted ...' instead of '...who is other-hearted...' ? Thank you for the whole article btw!
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    As a note though : As a french people who read a lot of european dragon mythology, I have encountered the wyvern body plan associated with fire breathing or just the name european dragon. The label european dragon honestly doesn't mean much in folklore, just that it is a reptilian looking chimera/monster with usually, venom/fire/wings and other draconic characteristics. A very good exemple of this would St George's dragon, usually represented with a wyvern body plan, and breathing fire. It is interesting to note that he seem to have been venomous in the tale, though, but most european dragon were. Iirc, it may have been a christian thing associated with hell to make dragon breathe fire?
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    I am a cedar tree. Any other phytanthropes?
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