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    A dragon’s soul is strong and furious, therefore all dragons should take pride in how strong they are! I’ve been going through a lot of stuff medically, I’ve been hurting yet I keep going because I am strong and I am a dragon/draconian. Every dragon should take pride in who they are, but not just dragons, everyone should take pride in how strong they are and how they can go through so much. One of my new sayings is, “I’m thankful for my struggle, because I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength.”, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger I’m so many ways that you may not even realize it! Keep going and keep being strong like you’ve always been! ^.=.^
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    Tis a quiet and empty house, so quiet you can hear the squeak of a mouse. In comes me, a disaster gay; to possibly make your day. The dust in the house started to dance; this only began with a glance. She finally came out to all of 'home' there was no need for a howl to withhold. 'I am a wolf and I am proud, I will say it nice and loud.'
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    Howldy! I helped host something like this last year elsewhere and I was surprised at the number of artists who chipped in - and of the quality of their work! I turned September into Sketchtember and made the whole month a "test your skills and help others grow, too!" event. A few members absolutely astounded me and I didn't even know they had artistic abilities to begin with. At the very start, I (and two others) gave a decent list of potential prompts to help members with artist blocks consider new things to try. In my challenge, I made the focus on trying to get everyone to sketch a little every day - if people completed whole pieces, that was fine, and if not, that was fine too. I just wanted to encourage steps toward progress and improvement. While the challenge I posted was for September specifically, it seemed to really help some members feel more comfortable sharing their artwork and it really helped participants feel more connected with each other. The community likewise benefitted from arts! Doing something more consistently, throughout the year, is something I'm trying to work on and encourage others to do. It can have very positive impacts on morale. Ironically enough, I'm horrible at motivating myself to do art, so if KM decides to try to support something like this, I'll try to chip in, too! I'm a newbie here, but would be more than happy to help share some suggestions if needed! -ZN
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