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    Ok so I always do this weird thing where I wrap myself up in a blanket and put a little bit of it over my head like a hood and everyone thinks it's weird but I found this today- The hood part is kinda smol on my thicc head but its sO SOFT AND IT'S PINK AND OMG IT HAS LITTLE CAT EARS THIS IS MY AESTHETIC AAAAAAA
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    If ammonites (the mollusks) ever get brought back from the dead, I want to see at least one named Tobiah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobiah_(Ammonite)
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    Isn't that the name of a band-
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    Look what I found at Walmart today
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    I had a really nice lucid dream this morning. First time ever, I was able to fly away from my old house without any anxiety of immanent desctruction. Also saw no planes crashing. And this time it lasted longer than usual, a few minutes I think. I was mainly concentrating on flapping my wings and gain height. Still a great achievement.
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    Progress is finally under way again on this whole weird creature thing I am currently experiencing. A lapse in mental health put a temporary stop to it but things are progessing again. It is still a whole confusing mess but I feel confident I am close to breaking the mystery if I find the right clues. The answer is close and yet still far away.
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    Today I found out two interesting things. The first one is something I came across by researching Chinese dragon mythology. Apparently the Chinese dragons are helpful, friendly and protective god-like creatures. I need to investigate that further, but the thing I came across was the so-called "dragon pearl". It seems the Chinese say that, if swallowed, such pearl could turn a human into a dragon... not that I think that's possible, but it's just an interesting aspect. It could relate to the necklace I've seen in one of my first meditations. The gemstone on there was round shaped like a pearl...a dragon pearl, maybe? The second thing relates to a specific skin sensation I'm used to have since ages. It feels like a "pin and needles" thing, like tiny ants or small electric pulses propagating under my skin. It usually happens when I'm feeling very positive about something, and can also be triggered by touches or temperature differences. It doesn't have anything to do with numb limbs, but it always starts at my lower back (no, not that low ) and can propagate to almost the whole body if I allow it. I can control it to a certain extent. It's not at all uncomfortable or disturbing. Now, up to now I thought this would be completely normal, but today I found it's an abnormal medical condition called "Paresthesia". It feels like an energy stream propagating through me. I didn't yet manage to let it flow through my whole body yet, but I think it once reached my head. Felt awesome. The funny thing is that during my 2018 m-shift, I actually interpreted that feeling as positive feedback from a part of my consciousness which seems to be dormant. That seems quite far-fetched, but you know... this actually proved very, very helpful. I got the same (very strong) sensation involuntarily yesterday again while thinking about a hypothesis about magic and emotion in the Multiverse of Minds. There also is an antagonist feeling which manifests as a very uncomfortable sensation in my stomach. It seems to indicate that something (e.g. an idea) is very bad. It happens rarely, but when it does I typically omit the idea, which makes the feeling vanish without any sign of medical condition afterwards. Maybe this is just the draconic version of having a "stomach feeling", haha. Since it seems completely harmless I don't see any reason to have it medically treated. I would actually strongly object against that because I think it helps me.
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    i’m so happy and gay,,,,,i love sakura so much.....
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    new memory! I was in the bathroom, and then I had a day dream- I was laughing, with Monika. She was blushing, possibly hinting towards a relationship. It was either late sunrise or early sunset. We were in the clubroom and we had moved two desks to face one another.... Il try to post two visuals (of a drawing) of the memory
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    Welcome to my profile. I am brand spanking new as you might have guessed. I wanted to join the community because there aren't many other people like me.. There is no sense of community in any of my spaces like this. I'm starving for it.. It's apart of me to need the energy as.. well it's what I am that feeds form it. Please don't hesitate to say hello- I'm rather friendly neighborhood vamp.
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    Unpopular opinion: it's perfectly fine to cosplay characters of a different gender than yourself. You'd be surprised how many people get worked up about this.
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    My back muscles are hurting a bit. Well I guess the 175 lbs deadlifting set yesterday did have some effect, haha
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    I thought that I should tell my fictionkin memories, for curios people. Maybe, I'll find a canon-mate or something... If I don't need to, cool, I just want to do it anyway. Phoenix Write- (part one) I was originally sitting at a lunch table with a group of people, but I decided to go and sit at a almost empty table. Miles Edgeworth was already sitting there, I slightly remember seeing him reading a law book, or something... I'm pretty sure it was a law book... then we look at each other and were about to start a conversation. (I had this variation of the dream many times after, then one day the memory had a new part to it) (Part 2) The bell had rang, and I needed to use the restroom, so then I walked into the boys room. (at this point in time, I was not to sure who I was, however, I thought to myself, that it had to have been a boy.... I also had the variation of the dream many times after) (Part 3) After I walked into the bathroom, I put water on my face, for some reason, and looked in the mirror, and that when I saw myself, Phoenix Write. (At this point, I knew who it was because I saw my reflection in the mirror.) So ya... those are my Phoenix memories... I keep having all three of them quite often now... Hopefully I get another part to the UwU! I'll give you guys full detail of my Yuri memories some other time.... Probably right after this... Byeeee
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    Hi, I'm new... I look forward to learning more about Kins and other stuff.
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    Someone: Draw a horse in 20 seconds Me:
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    Me with all the likes you guys are giving me today: (seriously tho thank you all ilysm ) (cat drawing thing isnt mine btw soz)
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    Right, it's been a month and the feelings (though still kinda ambiguous) are still there, so I'm giving this a try: hello, I for some reason identify as a nimravid. I'm a nimravid. I'm a weird toothy non-cat. I'm an extinct feliform. I am saying all these things to see whether it feels weird or not, and so far it doesn't. We'll see how this plays out!
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    Returned from Rome earlier today. The trip went well, but now I'm spent. A good night's rest will make it better.
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    Yay new hard drive! I wasn't able to get on kinmunity for a bit and now I can do all the things again, I'm so happy
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    We need more people here on kinmunity!
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    Sometimes when I thought I had it all figured out there comes something across me that begs further investigation. I did experience wingless dragonlike shifts before but never placed it with anything thinking it could have been my imagination or just from a known form. This seems a consistent thing what is not close to the dragonform due to the position my neck seems to lock into. The neck seems to be on the same level as the rest of the body where the dragonform has a clear neck that is not locked into that position. I was never really aware of an creature matching this. I thought of crocodiles or similiar but the limbs that are seperate tells otherwise. It seems more higher from the ground. When I drew the thing what seems to reinforce something that can look like a crocodile but isnt. That is where I came across Rauisuchus, a predator I was not familiar with at all but matched the drawing perfectly in terms of rough bodyshape giving me a clearer picture. The skeleton seems dragonlike but wingless. Megalania was something to consider too but the bodyshape is closer to this animal. The question from here now seems to be what is it exactly. Cameoshifts or something more then that. If that is the case then the question is could it be connected to the Godec kintype that is known to have forms that resemble Earthly extinct creatures with alien elements meaning a form that can be added since I am still not confident I have found all the forms that I used to have. I know I can confirm the current 6-7 forms but there is still a possibility it could be more then the ones I am currently aware of. It can also be like the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and at least be a seperate thing. Whatever the case is and turns out to be, I can at least put a creature to the shifts that I hadnt a idea of what it could be. Time will tell what the case will be in the end. For now I am not claiming anything either way. I was just looking to draw it on paper to put an image to them. It was more coincedence that I happen to come across this creature when reading about some extinct animals as I usually do.
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