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    Just left the store really happy! I had a strong German shepherd shift with a phantom tail and ear shift. The mental shift made me almost bark as I walked. I almost felt I was an actual German shepherd walking through the store! My mental illnesses are really hurting me severely, so I’m glad this shift made me feel a lot better.
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    It's already past midnight here in Germany, so I wish you all a happy new year and a perfect start into 2020! For me, the last year was full of stress in professional and private live. But it also brought new amazing discoveries, and there's no end to them as it seems. As we enter a new decade, there's no shortage of threats to a world that is ever buzzing with life. We know so much which is worth to protect and fight for, and still there is so much we don't know, so much to find out. Within this community I've found great friends who are the most open, understanding and caring people I could ever wish to meet. Thank you all again for being here! I hope you all stay around, be curious, stay who you are, and be whatever you are! I'll continue to learn, explore and help as good as I can as we enter this new decade together!
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    Today I woke up with a sense of peace that I don't often feel. I've decided that I'm going to keep that feeling with me throughout the day, for as long as I can. I'm going to stop rushing through things, take time to think and breathe, and stop worrying so much. I even put a hair tie around my wrist so I'd remember
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    Went to a really nice Airbnb yesterday! It's was a really lovely time to just be a free bunny last night but... ended up getting super sick and have a fever now, so y'know, that's cool ( :
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    Sorry everyone for being so inactive here the past few months! Life has thrown a lot of hurdles my way this past year but I'm doing my best to get things back on track. Here's hoping next year will be better! I wish you all a very happy Christmas/festive season. Whatever holiday's you may celebrate I hope you all have a wonderful time! Kinmunity will always be very special to me and I thank each and every one of you for being here. You all contribute to making this place a lovely, friendly, welcoming environment and spark so many interesting discussions and topics. Wishing you all the best of luck for your adventures to come! - Velvet & Torahmi
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    Ahh, finally out of school for the day >.< Time to relax!
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    I'm finally back! And I've had a ton of time to think about my identity. I think I can finally talk about being a Lilin with some amount of certainty.
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    I think it's funny that my parents don't view half the things I do as therian-esq. I literally just tripped and made a loud yip-bark, but because I've made all sorts of sounds since I was little, it went unquestioned. And it's like, all the time. I yip when I'm startled, I whine a lot, I even accidentally growl and bark sometimes on accident and it just slips past my parents.
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    Ahhh so tired! It's only halfway into the week, but I can't wait for the long weekend! I just wanna rest and go on mini-walks.
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    So, just a heads up. Due to medical reasons I'm going to be sleeping very little for the next 1-3 weeks. I probably won't have enough mental clarity to post here, so I'm probably going to be quiet for that time. But hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!
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    Welp, got some unusual warm weather today. It feels like spring.
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    I need to be on more!
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    Sorry about all my radio silence. I’ve been busy the last while, getting a new job, moving, and all sorts of stuff.
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    Hello! a new bunny here that wants to meet and talk to people
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    Actual footage of Bendy and I trying to cofront
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    happy 2020 its party time
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    aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndd I'm going into panic attack send help plz
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    Hello fellow animals and creatures,You can call me track. im 14 and i use she/her pronouns. im always open for roleplaying,pack invites,or even just getting to be buds! now on to my therian stuff. Track is a Polar wolf dog hybrid(arctic wolf,white wolf.) she is very calm and understanding. Even though she seems like she is the rightful omega she is not in any pack and stays as a lone wolf,respecting pack boundaries and rights. any chance of being in a pack will always have her howling with joy. Her favorite meat is fish and enjoys chewing on berries and cambium (The inner part of bark.).She is often found near human boundaries so often because she is friendly near dogs and just needs someone to play with. Awoooo!
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    hmmmmmm, I want to blog sometime soon but I dont know what to write.... any ideas? please I have writers block
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    (watching Pearl play her new pokemon game is absolutely precious. She gets so exited about the little guys. )
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    Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates! Sorry I haven't been around much, I'm in Wales and didn't bring my laptop.
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    I wish merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year to all kinmunity Frome Faynna the wolf
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    I wish a merry Christmas and happy holiday season to all and everyone of you, in whichever corner of the multiverse you are! May these days be peaceful for you, your families and all your dear ones! Thank you also for making this community such a friendly, wonderful and colorful place! I'll continue to do my best in supporting and helping everyone!
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    if you're bored an you know it break a chair *loud crash in the background*
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