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    Where's some Washington (USA) Therians?? Need more friends!!!
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    Hey um hi My name is Mara I am new this is my first day and 3day knowing why I felt the way I i do.
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    Coming up with a last name is hard.
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    Heya pal! I know you posted a thread in the welcoming forum, but I thought I'd send you a personal welcome! My name is Pearl, I'm an ink being, nice to meet you! ...anyway, I'm gonna say something, and it might sound crazy. I think we might know each other, I saw you- or someone very similar- in a period of astral travel. I know I may be mistaken! But I wanted to check. Either way, I'm very happy to meet you!
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    Hello! I’m new here and I’d love to make friends!! I am a DID System and have Non-Human Alters, The main being me, Glimmer! I am spiritual Cat-Dragon!! I’ve only recently awakened though. ^w^
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    Hello Naia, I came across the otherkin community because I saw some videos of you that you had made, where you talked about what it is like to be otherkin, the struggles you went through, and I felt compelled to find you and tell you what a brave and total badass you are. The legendary, Naia Ōkami! And by some fortune, I ended up here. I didn’t know there were so many others who felt like I do; I feel like I’ve found a long-lost home/family. Thank you for making a platform where so many of us can come together, feel safe, and be validated. You’ve created something wonderful, and you are an absolute blessing. -Star
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    hewwo??? hewwo mistew banshee?
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