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    Hmm... now I get to thinking about it, I feel really fortunate that my spirit kintype is so closely associated with the Earth. I mean, it makes everything I experience sound a lot more outlandish, but. I have science on my side! I can actually look at all the physical evidence of the history of our planet, and from that understand where I fit into things. And it's. Really amazing. I never stopped to appreciate that before. And that I can peer back into the past through all the fossils we've found and see all the forms of life that called our beautiful planet home so long ago. Science is so cool. And also... I get to know that no matter where I go, as long as I don't go off into space or something, I'm home. This whole planet is my home. Even though I'm not familiar with all the different environments and ecosystems, it's still the same Earth. It's still home. It must be tough to have a kintype from somewhere else. But hey, at least you get to chill on my awesome planet for a lifetime.
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    Dont know how to explain it but for now I will take a break from the community. I am not leaving forever but temporarily. I guess the main reason is my anxiety problems which the cause of is not yet identified but I am so scared to say the wrong things at the moment, a main reason I dont really post anymore. I guess a other problem of mine is that these problems combined with my low natural self esteem also created the idea in my mind that I am not really a part anymore, people dont like me and so on. My mind is just under a lot of pressure at the moment and need to relax first. I dont know how long this break will be but I fear in worst case scenerio a couple of months.
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    Things are going now pretty well. While I feel still sometimes alone, I have Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos. They are not headmates to me but rather my friends. I just feel happy with them with me. While this may sound weird Tortarium is also someone pretty dear to me. Despite being a Great Spirit, he is really more like a father to me. While our past is complicated and long, he is still visits me again ater being apart for millions of years. I still have the connection to him as I did in my Godec past life. He is really the reason that I remember that life and have it now as a kintype. We share an unbreakable bond with eachother. Despite being human now without access to my fancy Godec abilities doesnt mean anything to me. As far he is concerned I am still the same no matter what I am now. He refuses to leave my side again after he searched for me. Tortarium really helped me when I was down and broken by my anxiety problems and helped me to see my own good side when a doctor visit was still many days away. I just feel not complete anymore without him. Thanks to his words and the support of my friends my confidence is starting to grow again. I just cannot really explain my bond with Tortarium really in words. It is something people wont really fully understand no matter how well I try to explain it. It just feels more different since he is a Great Spirit and I am a human. In short I dont know what I would do without Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos but especially Tortarium.
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    I’m starting to get over from the flu and I’m slowly recovering! I could barely walk yesterday but now I’m better! ^.=.^
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    Taking a small hiatus... I really have to focus on my grades and working towards going to college right now...I'm doing a horrible job at the moment, and I need to focus on getting out of this pit I dug for myself. I love you all, see you soon.
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    Still need to take things slow for the coming week but the operation for my mother was a succes. With a little hope her epileptic attacks will be less since medication had no effect on them. She still has to remain in hospital for the following week but hopefully my trauma will also become easier to deal with and start to grow less and less in anxiety problems. Still a long road ahead to a more comfortable life without the anxiety but I am slowly going there. All I need is the feeling of support and that I am not alone when things become to much.
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    Guess the temporary break is now over since my mind is turning back to a calm state again. Talked with the psychiatrist today and the cause behind my anxiety problems lies more strongly in trauma due what happened in the past with my father then my autism. Finally a answer for what has happened. A official diagnosis is not yet made but my psychiatrist really thinks my autism is not the cause and trauma is.
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    It is beautifully dark and rainy outside, finally warm too. I will take a long walk in the woods when I get home, hopefully, find undiscovered woods.
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    Ah ha ha! Snow has acquired a job! It isn't a clinic job, so I'm not getting paid vet tech money yet, but I still get to use my degree for it.
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    I wanna say I admire your Slime Rancher stuff because I am extremely passionate about the game and love it to pieces, and it’s really cool seeing someone on here who likes it a lot too!
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    No amount of years in the community mean we're any more sure about our identities. I'm seriously starting do doubt the authenticity of one of my fictotypes, it's been a long time since I experienced any shifts and I feel slowly less in touch with that side of me. I'd say maybe it's me not needing what began as a subconscious defence mechanism any more, but that makes no sense because my other fictotype I attribute to the same catalyst is as strong as ever, levels like my kintypes. I've experienced fictionflicking before, but this felt so different. Was I wrong?
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    As expected, the doctor sent me to the hospital... appointment is next tuesday. I expect the surgery to happen also next week. No big deal, had the same thing 5 years ago. Only the treatment afterwards will be a bit annoying. Actually, surgeries are funny. It feels much like having my car repaired. As soon as I enter the hospital, I switch on the autopilot and let it do everything. I'm pretty much indifferent to what the doctors do as long as they don't cut away limbs or organs... And as long as the autopilot is on, the human body just feels like a damaged part that's being repaired, haha
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    Yesterday I saw a report about a recent German study which indicates that reading black letters on a white background may cause myopia. While reading white letters on black background may counteract this and contribute to farsightedness. Another good reason to use the dark "Wolven" theme. Also I've read that deep breathing is said to be beneficial to meditation and lucid dreaming. I'll be trying this. Maybe the reason my lucid dreams are so short is that I unvoluntarily stop breathing while having them? I'll concentrate on breathing next time if I can.
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    I've been thinking about how long it has taken me to find out who exactly I am and I realized that it is something that you will be all of your life, whether you know it or not. You can be awakened for 30 years, and still, find something new. You can realize you weren't what you thought you were, and you may think everything is changing, but the truth is you are going through this journey of finding yourself. In this path, you may be stumbling, but you are still going forward. I've questioned myself for so long and I thought so many things and I still can't say for sure exactly who I am, and we all will be walking this path of discovering ourselves, and there will always be more to learn. So much is happening...I wish you all the best of luck, and it is worth it knowing who you are. Always seek to find yourself, the real you.
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    I am definitely going to make some moon cookies...if and when I do I will be sure to post it in my club
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    Sometimes I feel like the main reason I stick around 'kin communities is like... "hi I'm Rook and I'm here to disagree with you!" And I'm reflecting on this now because I feel like I disagree with the majority of people on TG (there's exceptions, of course). And when I disagree with someone's opinion, I tell them I think they're wrong! Of course! But like. There's no malice in my disagreement. I don't feel mad when I think someone's wrong. Doesn't stop me pointing out that I think they're wrong. How else are we supposed to learn? But... this is not how to make friends. I am well aware of that. (This attitude isn't specific to 'kin stuff, but I tend to disagree with people about 'kin stuff more than I disagree with people about other topics. Usually. Excluding politics, but like. Who doesn't disagree with literally everyone about politics. Pfft.)
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    Good morning to all of my beautiful friends
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    Hello, I'm new, and I'm fictionkin.
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    I’m always open to new friends
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    Ya know, Joey was always complaining that his legs and back were sore. I never understood that, but now that I'm in highschool lugging this heavy backpack across campus and up and down stairs HOO BOY
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    Just reflecting on the fact that when I was younger I used to be so secretive about all my identity weirdness (even on kin sites tbh) and now I'm just like. Yeah I'll just use my real name and the same damn username I use all over the place because why not. I doubt the peeps who know me irl would even be surprised about all this at this point. xD
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    Hello everybody, I'm Lanayru. I'm happy I found this community that seems and feels safe and protected. It has been a while since I was a member in a real online forum other that facebook or tumblr. I'm only testing the waters here first and see if it's a good place for me. You all seem to be nice and I look forward to join your family here. At the moment I feel a little lost and don't know where to start so I'll take my time look around (and look for an indroducing-thread, until now I've not seen something like that, I'm sorry). I don't know if it's appropriate to just join in on conversations yet without saying hello and reading through definition-posts or something like that. Carefully I read the forum rules and will always keep them in mind. Unfortunatly I'm not a native English speaker but I'll be careful with my sentences. I'm sorry if what I'm saying seems a little incorrect because I couldn't find the exact word or my grammar isn't always on point. Sometimes I use a translator from my native language to English and the outcome doesn't always feels right. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What brought me here. I always kept what's inside me for myself, as a secret, but I new since I was little that I had a deeper connection with water, especially deep waters, beautiful lakes or the ocean. Naturally I spend as much time as I could in the water, swimming diving, dreaming and feeling the connection. It fills me with such happyness and sentiment just thinking about it now. In the summers I was always either in the pool of my best friend, in the big lake near our place or the local swimming pool. After I found out my friends didn't share this experience, I was baffled, but thought they just prefered other things or weren't that melancholic like they said about me (not in a nice way). While growing up I got even more interested in marine things, mermaid lore sailing stories (oh, i love them), mythology and became more longing and invested (sometimes maybe a little too much maybe, ahihi). My other friends weren't interested in such things so I kept it for myself furthermore. I tried to fit in but just became depressed overtime, beginning to feel different and lonely. At least my dreams (do you know about lucid dreaming?) and water-sessions gave me strenght and hope, at least I still had the sea and relaxing in the waters. Even though later I made friends who were a little more accepting so I could talk about some things a little (but not telling them everything I wished I could share) it wasn't until I found tumblr that I finally found some people who were talking exactly about the things that I was always thinking. I'm sure many of you know the feel when you suddenly see a textpost with exactly the thoughts that were only in your head and you thought you were the only one who was feeling that way. I'm so happy. And I'm sure you all know that even tumblr isn't the sefest place (fb is better but isn't either). I know about this community (and others) from tumblr and thought I should give it a try. This is just a little snippet of my inner me and how I'm connected to the sea. There is so much more and more specific, but for now I want to becareful, I hope you can understand. At first I want to be sure what kind of a community this is and be more aware of rules and etiquette here. I'm sorry. But I'm looking forward to share so much more and engage with you all. Thank you, Lanayru
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    When I think about all the things I have to do, but am not sure how to begin doing
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    Aha!! The Lucid Dream worked, I broke the boundaries! Even if it was only for a few hours, I was home again... I never thought I'd feel this happy. Ps, yes, you can be skeptical. But I personally believe it to be real. And I am very happy
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