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    A close friend of mine drew me a picture of me as my Gorilla Kintype in more of an anthro style but omg I love it so much ^M^
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    Due to a lot of time and meditating I have gotten a lot of information from my past lives! Not to mention I also have Leland now!
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    It was actually your profile I couldn't see, LMAO! I was wondering how the cormorant friend was doing. Anyways, hope you're alright!
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    Hello! Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy your stay! while you're here come check out the Springwood pack!
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    Well, it's been a while! But I'm back again with a new laptop. Life has been a bit odd in lockdown without the internet! But I still found things to keep me busy. It's good to be back here again though and I hope everyone is keeping well and safe!
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    I had an amazing dream last night! I turned into a fox and in my dream I made a giant jump! It was fantastic! I love these dreams!
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    UH What just happened ...ok so in the car while my mum was driving my dad home just a minute ago, he was talkin and he said he’s an animal (he was slightly tipsy but he truly believes it).So i said ‘no youre not, youre human’ just to get him to say more as i was curious,and he said ‘no i’m part animal’ so i said “what animal then?”,he replied “wolf” And he was being serious.So he explained how he is like a wolf inside not just human-and how ‘turks have wolf in them’ and about how in Turkey the wolves are very important and helpful (hes from turkey if you didn’t guess lol) i’m just amazed that he said that cuz he doesn’t know anything about me and otherkin etc, but wow it’s cool that we have that in common!
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    I'm currently 60% through with reading "C.G. Jung's Map of the Soul" by Murray Stein, which is an introduction into analytical psychology. It's the first book about the topic I read. I used to be very, very wary of psychology because I expected that it would invalidate both our nonhuman identities and the ideas of spiritual causes. But at least for C.G. Jung's theories this is not the case. In fact they deliver great support by providing a toolset which, despite meant for the human psyche, apparently can be applied to an alterhuman mindset. Furthermore, they leave an open door to spirituality. It's not at all easy to understand, but still highly recommended for anyone who aims at gaining a deep level of self-understanding. I'll probably write an article about my findings and application to my own psyche as soon as I'm done with the reading (bear with me, it could take a while).
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