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    I'm actually a freelance artist by trade, though business has been slow lately. I do mostly fanart, particularly of My Hero Academia lately.
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    Went to my local botanical gardens and saw a lizard! See if you can find it! ^.=.^
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    For my driving lesson today my instructor had me drive us further up into the foothills of the Cairngorms, the nearby mountain range. We went up to this cool dam and reservoir off in the middle of nowhere. It was a really nice drive. The overcast sky doesn't make for a great photo, but it did make driving easier since the sun tends to be very low at this time of year and normally gets in my eyes. Can't wait til I get my license and can do this kinda thing all the time!
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    Thought this could be a fun thread for people to share pictures from their day. It could be pictures of anything; your pets, a walk you took, plants you're growing, something cute/funny you saw, selfies, a pic something you drew/made, etc! My snapshot is of this cute little guy I noticed out in my garden today! Seems he's made a home in a pile of sticks/twigs I cut off the hedge a while ago and meant to get rid of but instead just left them in the corner... well now I have good reason to leave them!
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    I would like to know if there are any other artists here! Not just those who do drawing though, if you practice sewing, ceramics, or other mediums of art, I would like to know! ^.=.^ As for my art... 1.Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria... 2.Ceramic dragon sculpture I did about a year ago... 3.A rough sketch of me! 4.A fellow dragonkin friend! ^.=.^
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    I thought it would be a cool idea if we added color variations to the already existing kin emojis such as the wolf, dragon, and cat. We could change the format of the emojis where at the top you have cat, wolf, dragon, and when you hover over it you get a dropbox of the color variations, with the symbol of locked or unlocked, and we can unlock the different colors with bones. Just an idea I thought I would share because I'm sure those of us who use the emojis who don't exactly have the color would feel it's more personalized.
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    ok i cant fucking type right now because im so fucking dbshdsajhdas ok ok, i had this memory of looking out at the city standing on a balcony and i turn around and see this othr grey. we were lab partners or something BUT I FUCKING FOUND HIM IRL I AM SO HAPPY sorry for the caps and lack of grammar lmao i can hardly type at all vfvhfh i am dying
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    Ahh this thread is so wholesome! Here's my day...a lazy day and snowy day at home, doing chores with the kitty.
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    The herbs I seeded last Monday are all growing nicely This is oregano
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    Today has been a very lazy day, but I took a picture of the sunset!
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    Winter has finally arrived in Alyth, Scotland... still, I managed to drag my lazy butt out for a walk, got very soggy from the snow (my "waterproof" jacket repeatedly fails to live up to its name) and saw some round floaty dinosaurs in the river.
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    I adopted a maine coon a few days ago named Loki, and he is so sweet, loves to be a loaf!
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    Here’s my rabbit Tally with his best friend Jaxson! They get along really well. Tally seems to think Jaxson is just a large, stupid rabbit.
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    I usually do digital and traditional art. If you'd like to check me out, I usually post everything to my DeviantArt. I'm a furry, so I draw my 'sonas a lot, as well as Sonic characters, birds and just random dragons! I'm starting to teach myself watercolour paint, so hopefully, that will eventually look good. Other creative things, I've tried my hand in lapidary and have carved a few bits of agate and rhodonite. If it counts, I also do a lot of vulture culture type things--displays of bird feathers, pinning out wings, etc. I'm looking into doing some form of fursuit making as well as sculpting when I have the money.
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    Yes I draw. Mostly of my kintype (my avatar for example), but eh..I'll share some.... As far as other creative things, I write and I am working on audio files right now- my kintype has a bunch of calls,growls and such..
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    I... spend many painstaking hours half-sketching things in biro then end up never finishing them, if that counts! :P I also make dog stuff. :3
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    D If I had remembered, I'd have taken a picture of the AMAZING pineapple tacos I made today! Oh well. Still have the, uh, lime!
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    Didn't do much of interest today, but here's a pic I took on my evening walk! I love it when its dark out. So atmospheric~
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    Here’s some positivity for all of you! Each and every one of you are special, as we all affect the world in a good way somehow. If you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, remember that there is no one else like you in the world and that you’re fighting to become even greater each day, no matter how small that step is! Be sure to remember your strengths over your weaknesses, those strengths truly make you who you are! ^.=.^
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    @Charias Down at the left hand side of the footer there is a "Theme" option which lets you select your theme. To change the background image up in the header where notifications/PMs and such appear there's a "Change background image" option.
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    This time, I've got both good news and bad news. Good News 132 custom cat emojis have been added to the site! Bad News Wolven theme is temporarily disabled; an update to it is in the works.
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    Scrolling through my Facebook I saw a friend posted this interesting article about a shark that could be over 500 years old, making it the oldest known living vertebrate. The scientists do admit there is a margin of error for aging the shark, but that even if they are incorrect these sharks are the longest living vertebrate species we know of in the world! https://mymodernmet.com/greenland-shark-oldest-vertebrate/?fbclid=IwAR38qSYNIatj4zaFPzNxhGaXM24iJdNhkCeQv60Xg9JzGiDzjxB07mHD3jo
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    @Velvet Wings Welp, I said I was gonna keep this quick and simple. I meant to do that. But. I got a bit carried away. *flails in art* Hope you like!
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    So, I'm now out as trans irl to a total of three people, and they're all supportive! One of them said they're willing to help me get a binder without my parents knowing~
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    I came out as trans to a school counsellor and she was amazingly supportive!
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