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    Is it possible to have a lot of kintypes? Yes it is, and some people do. If you have a long list of types, are the more experienced otherkin going to look at your list and think "Are you really sure about all of those?" Also yes. A person might have had dozens of past lives, but not all of those are going to count, because not all of those are going to make enough of an impression to have an important effect on your current life. Some of them are like "I used to be that. It was interesting, but that's not me anymore." Then it's simply a past life, and not a kintype. Some people think that having memories is the ultimate test to see if something is a kintype, but it's not. Memory is extremely fallible. Sometimes you forget things that happened, and sometimes you remember things differently from how they happened, and sometimes you can "remember" things that never happened. Put someone in an awkward situation, ask them leading questions over and over and they'll confess to crimes they didn't commit. It's a known thing that happens. Humans are terrible about remembering properly. If you become obsessed with a scenario, imagine it over and over, your mind will helpfully provide you with more details to flesh it out. If memories can't be trusted then what? You look at things that go deeper. Look at your long term habits and tendencies. What kind of person have you "always been?" What are the things you end up doing without thinking about them? If you tell it all to go away, which parts of it refuse to leave? If you stopped interacting with your canons for a couple years, would those types stick around? Another suggestion is that when you have a lot of different types, look at where their attributes intersect. What things do they have in common? Could they be parts of something else? For example, I have a lot of types listed in my signature, but in truth they're all different aspects of the same thing. But ultimately, I can't read your mind, and I don't know how many kintypes you have. I don't know what kind of investment you've made into each of them. And no one else can decide those things for you. Don't worry about what is normal or ok and just be you. That's what the whole otherkin thing is about anyway, being yourself, whoever or whatever that may be.
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    Transgender Day of Visibility It's March 31st, which is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. This day is focused on transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination and hate crimes that have occured against us world-wide. Recent actions by state governments in the United States, particularly Idaho's action to prevent transgender citizens from amending their birth certificates (disgustingly signed into law today of all days), serve as somber reminders as to why such awareness efforts are still needed. Please take some time today to remember victims of violent hate crimes, and to support your trans friends and relatives.
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    howdy! I'm relatively new to this community and know very little about my kintypes (I know I'm polykin) and I'm certain a few aren't even known creatures. But, I am 99.9% sure of is that one of my kintypes is a dog or (more likely) a wolf dog. and I really want a collar. I don't know why, I've always been drawn to canines (specifically dogs) and collars. the only issue? I'm scared of what people will think. for starters, a "human" wearing a collar is usually looked upon on a... certain angle. this would be fine if I wasn't a minor. I'm worried of what people are gonna think if I go out wth a collar in public. and another thing: a lot of the collars designed towards humans have a very... clear purpose. this makes me shy away from getting one. and the biggest problem: my family. there is no way I think my mom would buy me a collar, especially since I'm a furry and she's a bit misguided on what furries are. and even if somehow I can afford a collar, she probably will yell at me if I try to wear it anywhere. then theres my grandma who was clearly upset when I got a side cut, and when I bleached my tips, and when I wanted an eyebrow piercing, and when I brought up trans (as an umbrella term) stuff, so she will definitely lecture me about "my generation" if I wear a collar around her and I'm not sure what to do. any suggestions? thanks!
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    Letme preface this with saying, whether or not you're otherkin, this community will walk by your side. They're probably the best and most accepting group of people I've been a part of. Now to be otherkin is to feel that you, on some level, feel that you are non-human, be this in part or completely. That is the bond which pulls together this community. Personally, I feel non-human, but I've only truly realized this a few years ago. I am a therian, meaning I identify as an animal, but there are also fictionkin (identifying as a fictional character), plantkin (though I haven't met any), and a number of others. There are also kith (those who identify with as opposed to as), and copinglinkkin (those who turn to kinnity as a coping mechanism). It may be that you haven't awaken (realized you're non-human) and, by some force, you've been led here, or you could just be seeking out people who will accept you. Either way, I hope you the best on your journey of self-discovery.
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    I'm certainly not an expert, but those sound like symptoms of disassociation. There are otherkin who share some of those feelings of not belonging. I've personally always felt like I was visiting this world rather than really belonging in it, but my sense of not-belonging sounds mild in comparison to yours. What you're describing could be caused by being otherkin, or it could be caused by something completely different. Otherkin are people who internally identify as nonhuman beings. So far you've told us about who you are not, but not much about who you are. I don't have enough information here to tell you where you might fit in. The only way to know if this site fits your needs is to try it out. Go ahead and make an introduction in the Scent Rolling area and if you need a label, just say that you are "questioning." I'm genderfluid myself, and we do have other multiple systems around that you can talk to.
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    From yesterday forward, Kinmunity will be keeping accounts of what is donated during a donation drive, and where that money goes. We feel this is a good way of helping people see exactly what their contribution does for the site. Each drive that is held, I will update this thread with the spreadsheet explaining incoming and outgoing funds. NOTE: The spreadsheets are updated manually, so a donation that shows up in the donation tracker may not show in the spreadsheet until the next day. COVID-19 Site Maintenance Assistance Fund
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    By purest understanding it would have the following implications. First is that if it only arises during manic episodes, it is purely psychological because it has an overt relation to that state of mind; it is born of the psyche and impacted by it. Second, because assuming that is true, it is most reasonably one of two things - either a coping link by the individual to express and channel their period of mania, or a subset of their core personality that is amplified to a state of notable difference during mania, rendering it a typical theriotype. Third, while obviously triggered in this instance by an episode, this does not negate it being a spiritual element, however, that does not mean it should serve as an excuse to give in to an episode. One can, really perhaps should, rationalize an altered state of being during a manic period as say, an expression of self, all while recognizing it needs to be kept in control and balance as with anything else. It should not serve as an excuse or vice versa, even if one believes that is them or knows that to be them, the true self. This is more or less the same sentiment as not using a theriotype or therian beliefs system to excuse any sort of behavior or go without receiving proper treatment, say by professional counseling or regimented medication.
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    44 thousand years puts it at the oldest yet, and it contains pictures of human-animal hybrids. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/11/world/oldest-rock-art-humans-scn/index.html
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    It all works differently for different people. Members of a plural system could be splits from you, they could be spirits that moved into your headspace, they could be tulpas that you created and breathed life into, they could have just appeared in your mind without being splits or from other worlds. Its just different for everyone, but it all falls under plurality. I believe my headmates are spirits that moved into my headspace. They all had lives in other worlds, then the majority of them died and ended up here. My headspace is like an afterlife for them. They are not disembodied souls cause they all have their own bodies. Not all of them are dead, but most are. The living ones are just ageless now. One of the living ones is still able to travel between here and her own world, or at least a part of her own world. A person can have a combination of different types of headmates. They can have some splits, some soulbonds, and some tulpas. I only have soulbonds. Most are outsourced, a few are insourced. But the insourced ones still came from other worlds, so they're partially outsourced.
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    They're not imaginary friends because they're not imaginary, they're real people. I consider my headmates to be just as real as I am. They are all people in their own rights with their own thoughts and feelings separate from mine. They all had their own lives before coming to me, they have their own lives in the headspace. I did not make them up like you do an imaginary friend. They came to me from other universes. If you're referring to tulpas, they are a lot like imaginary friends but you breathe life into them and they become their own individual people. The practice is not new and is actually a very old Tibetan practice.
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    No because they were fan characters so they still came from outsourced worlds. A tulpa does not show up fully formed with their own personality and backstory, that develops over time as you nurture them into a person. All of my characters came to me from other worlds with personalities and backstories already intact.
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    If they're characters that you created, wouldn't that technically make them Tulpas instead
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    All of them are considered headmates. I don't know anything about daemons, but I know a bit about tulpas and a lot about soulbonds. A tulpa is a being you create in your own mind, like planting a seed. You plant a seed and you take care of it and nurture it until it matures into a person. A soulbond is a fictional character that usually moves into your headspace from outside, like from another world or universe. I have nothing but soulbonds, 4 being my own original characters.
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    Always a wonder how such a rich, enormous history is present even if not written yet modern people, foolish as they are, regard therian psychology or therianism as "new". The fact that the concept predates any major civilization and ties itself back directly to the earliest creative works is proof enough it has always existed, just that people now have been consumed by their own anthropocentrism; that because they are apart from all the natural world conceptually, only the human one must exist.
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