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    Hi there ^^ Im hazel (or keiko, my fursonas name) Ive been in the kin community for 6 years and the furry community for 7!
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    As usual, we've been hard at work behind the scenes working to improve Kinmunity and to add new features for everybody to enjoy. These updates are relatively minor, but they should improve the experience for all of our users. New features Kinmunity <-> Wolf Howl Association You are now able to link your Kinmunity and Wolf Howl accounts. Head over to your Kinmunity profile and edit it. You will notice an "Affiliated Accounts" section. Enter your Wolf Howl username there without the @ symbol in front. (Go to https://www.kinmunity.com/settings/ and click the "Edit Profile" link on the right. Go to your Wolf Howl profile and under profile metadata, enter "Kinmunity" as the title and a link to your Kinmunity proflile as the value. (Go to https://wolfhowl.me/settings/profile and do this in your "Profile metadata" section.) On your Wolf Howl profile, the link to your Kinmunity profile will be highlighted in green and have a verified checkmark next to it. Your accounts are officially associated. Congrats! KinSpots Update Members are no longer listed and separated by usergroup. This was changed because we felt it could possibly subject staff members, VIPs, and gold donors to unnecessary attention. Instead, you will now see users you follow in their own little area. This can potentially help you find friends to go to cons with and such! Privacy enforcement has been enabled. Even if you provide your entire address to the KinSpots system, it will now be hidden from view. This change has been suggested for quite a while by our users in order to protect privacy. This may result in slightly inaccurate listings (a user appearing to live on the north side of a town, rather than the south side, for example) but we feel it is a worthwhile trade off for user privacy and still allows visualization of where others are for planning meetups and such! KinSpots now show certain profile information on the pop-up view. Currently this includes: gender identity, pronouns, and primary identity. This will hopefully help you find others like you to connect with at a glance. Remember: you can always view more from their profile. Embassy Update Sites which have a relationship with our embassy have been "featured" in the links directory. The last five admissions to our program are now also listed on the index page of the embassy. The embassy index page has been updated and now shows: last 5 admissions to the program, latest 5 security threats, latest fediverse blocking advisories, news from Kinmunity, and the latest affairs within our communities. Speaking of the fediverse block list, that is now a thing. We publicly list servers within the fediverse that we advise blocking. The list can be accessed here. Only ambassadors and Kinmunity staff can add to it, though! Other announcements We are no longer affiliated with Plural Hub Plural Hub implemented a policy that gives its staff members the ability to decide who may and may not have staff status on affiliate sites. As an autonomous resource, this is not something Kinmunity can consent to. As such, we have delisted with them. We have received $42.04 out of the $100.00 required to renew our IPS license. We only need $57.96 more to reach our goal! If we reach it within the next three days, everybody who has donated for it will receive VIP Status for one year, even if you've only donated a dollar! CLICK HERE TO DONATE Thank you! I hope everybody continues to enjoy the site; let me know if there's anything I can do for you!
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    Disclaimer: Time traveling transgender wolf girls do not make good pets.
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    While you probably weren't looking, we've been hard at work making updates to Kinmunity to ensure we remain the best alterhuman community on the internet. New(ish) features Wolf Howl Mastodon instance / social network is now open to the public! Wolf Howl is a Mastodon instance which particularly caters to members of the alterhuman community, including, but not limited to: otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, furries, and the other hearted. Wolf Howl is a social network that functions in a way similar to Twitter. Users are able to micoblog using 500 character awoos. Unlike Twitter, Wolf Howl supports advanced privacy and security options, content warnings, and more. Wolf Howl is part of the greater fediverse. Wolf Howl users can interact with users from other servers that are part of the fediverse. While Wolf Howl is a service provided to the public by Kinmunity, it does not utilize the Kinmunity Passport authentication system. Wolf Howl registration and login is separate from Kinmunity. This is intentional. Keybase Support is included at launch. You can see an example here: naia's wolf howl, naia's keybase. The KinShop is back. Users will now earn bones for posting and other events again, as they did prior to the system being disabled. Rulesets involving the KinShop have been re-enabled. Affiliate program has launched. Affiliation applies a higher level of cooperation and agreement between communities than simply being a member of the ambassador program. Affiliated communities will work closely together with Kinmunity in order to strengthen availability and quality of alterhuman resources on the internet. Affiliates are listed distinctly in our links directory and a mutual promotion agreement exists between Kinmunity and its affiliates. Wolf Howl has been automatically admitted into the program, as it is a subservice of Kinmunity. Our instant messaging and on-site chat service has been updated; primarily in the form of interface improvements. As has been long suggested by our members, our Discord server has been revived and is operating at full capacity. Full searching of your private conversations is now possible. Bug Fixes Several bugs regarding loading of messages within the on-site instant messaging and chat system have been fixed. Several bugs impacting our Links Directory have been fixed. Bugs impacting the use of the KinShop have been fixed. Several speed and stability improvements have been made; the site should load faster throughout use, including during periods of high traffic. Several security improvements have been made. Enjoy! Attention We are aware of issues still effecting the KinShop. Please be patient as we debug these.
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    Greetings, While I agree with @Shezep that there is some overlap between the concepts, I am if the perception and persuasion that the core idea is not too dissimilar from otherkin or a theriotype. A good deal of the idea in either of those cases does lie in the idea that the physical body and physical world do not relate to the astral, mental, spiritual, etc, experience otherwise and I see no reason they would not fall into the same larger collective, @Anachronistic. Generally speaking however, while they do all fit into a larger category, they are distinctly removed from one another at least by the fact a telltale trait in them is that they are in-human. There is some debate where this falls for say, a human fictotype, but it can be understood that such a thing in itself is not human either other than in concept. Again, this leads me to believe these constellations of experiences are closely related but are distinctly removed. As you noted, "generational dysphoria" as an idea would be a relative to species dysphoria and gender dysphoria although obviously it would be unique in itself versus then and the overlap, while present, would be distinct.
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    It sounds like you should look around for communities that deal with reincarnation. I have heard a number of stories about people who have a strong identification with their human past lives, and who go and research those other time periods, and even go to visit the relevant locations. It's an interesting phenomenon, but it doesn't really overlap with the otherkin community. A quick search for "reincarnation community" turned up a few leads. I wish you luck! I'm sure you will find people who have had similar experiences.
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