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    I have also struggled with strong dissociation at different times in my life--I am currently in a phase of great wakefulness and a sense of belonging in the world and I do not dissociate nearly as often as I used to. For me, my previous kin identity as Divinity and a gateway system were directly linked to being so disconnected and alien to the material reality around me. My otherkin identity was very much a way of expressing and experiencing my dissociation with more meaning and direct integration into my sense of self. Being kin and using that mythological framework helped me form an identity and continuous sense of self in a world that I experienced as very broken, nonsensical, and impersonal. You may or may not find a similar sense of continuity in otherkin circles. Only time and your own explorations will tell. In this much less dissociative time of my life, my kin experience has changed drastically. I am now singulate, and no longer ID as Divine kin--I see all beings as divine by grace of existing and therefore no longer see divinekin as a separate, special category for myself to inhabit. I ID solidly as an elf, and fae, and all other detail is best explained with my personal religion. I can sort of map out where things started changing by labeling experiences with my kin identity on a timeline. You may find a timeline of your experiences helpful, as well. And even then, we don't much divide ourselves by kind here on Kinmunity. Therians and mythological otherkin, psychological and spiritual theories of kinness, systems and singulates all come here to feel a sense of community and to find a place of belonging. I generally find the otherkin community as a greater whole to be very welcoming. @Avonmora is VERY right in saying that we walk with one another. Whether you turn out to be kin or not, whether you remain as you are or become more or less wakeful to the material world around you, you are welcome here. So, if anything; here is the circle. It is wide and broad and varied, and that is what makes it so beautiful. Not everyone here will understand what you say from direct experience, but we all just want to share with one another. Sometimes you may need to give further examples or try rewording something for somebody with a different experience to grok a bit more clearly. You may also need to ask the same of our fellow kinfolk here.
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    Kasdeya is right in saying that the 'divide' is mostly in how you choose to explain your identity. It's also not a really strong 'divide' here on Kinmunity; for example, I understand my kin identity in both spiritual ways and psychological ways. I know for a fact that my neglectful home environment as a child led me to live more in my head than in the material world--I felt shunned and ignored, which caused me to miss the phase of Identifying-With my family, cultural, and species group. Because I did not identify as a white human from kentucky in a christian-cultural region, I had to fill that void with something else--at the time, even though i did not use those words, I was Alienkin. Psychologically, I know I did not Fit In Here: There fore, I Must Be From Somewhere Else. It took on a spiritual element as a mythology of HOW an alien become a young human girl. I'm also just generally a spiritual person and have my own personal religion. I believe that my Goddess has made me in her image, as I am an expression of Her Infinite Forms. She has made me a human body to live in this human world, and has given me contact with my Elven/Fae/Spiritual soul so that I will awaken to my true duty as her Servant. In this way, I see "Elf" and "Fae", my kintypes, as symbols for why she has made me this way and symbols for what my task is--to serve Her body as planet Earth and Nature. Somebody with a different life path and a spiritual outlook similar to mine may have different symbols for their holy duty on this planet--for example, I have a beloved friend whose social role is to be a trickster. He reminds people around them that their beliefs are not solid stone and that they need to double check their priorities and whether they are doing the right thing by shining a rude, joking light on their assumptions. If he knew of kin, I am fairly certain he would be Coyote and Faekin. He's a spiritual person but does not follow a rote religion because structure chafes him lol. There are others whose spiritual perspective on their kintype is more that they have been reincarnated in a sequence of lives, and sometimes another life of theirs very strongly influences this one; usually implying that their Soul is wise and is giving them "wolf flavor" or "cat flavor" or "dinosaur flavor" or "unicorn flavor" or "car flavor" or "cartoon-character flavor" in order to give them tools and perspectives to live This Life in a way of spiritual benefit. Or--it could also just be unintentional, and that's just how reincarnation works, and it's not to "live a better life for the Soul"! Depends on the person. A person with a more psychological perspective on their kintype may say "Well, it clearly makes sense that my kintype is a shark. I have a cutting wit and a need to explore and wander, and I love depths and mystery and the simplicities of Not Knowing What is Below, and mammal-like people don't always understand me. I really really really feel like I AM what a shark represents than what a human represents." Or "I just get so many recurring memories of being a dog. I really feel like I'm THERE when I have these memories, and it shows up a lot in my everyday life. I can't beat this feeling that I AM this dog I keep thinking of or remembering." <--That one is an example of a non-spiritual perspective that includes dreams or memories of a different lifetime without a reincarnation belief requirement. You don't have to know Right Now And Forever the origin and mechanisms of your kinness. Those may change over time--for example, I was originally SOLELY spiritual about my kinness, but over time have understood more and more the psychological influences on my awakening and kintypes and perspectives. Just pay attention to your experience and abandon all "shoulds." See what's really there when you remove pretenses and observe your experiences. You may find that you FEEL catgirl kin, but that the word "catgirlkin" doesn't seem to fully convey how you feel about your experiences--you don't have to use any certain words. For example, I don't like "elfkin" for myself. I like "of elvenkind", like a cultural description. I'm cool with faekin though! It just takes listening to your unique life. Good luck and please ask any further questions around the forum! You don't have to have yourself 500% figured out to enjoy your time here and the community.
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    From what I understand, the spiritual/psychological divide is more about how you choose to explain your identity. When asked where it came from, "I don't know" is a perfectly valid answer. You don't need to put yourself in one category or the other. And - in my opinion - none of us really understand otherkinity anyway. We're all just guessing. Personally, when I say that I'm a psychological otherkin, what I'm really saying is: "I don't believe in the supernatural, so it has to be something psychological instead." If you do believe in the supernatural then it really could go either way. Or some third way that we haven't even thought of yet. So I guess what I'm trying to say is: The psychological vs. spiritual thing is mostly academic. You don't need to worry about it if you don't want to, but if you do, prepare for lots of uncertainty.
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    Well, as I see it, spiritual therianthropy/kinnity can be caused by a number of things. Reincarnation, misplaced souls, soul pieces, and other instances, but I think these seem to be the most 'popular' theories on the spiritual side. As for psychological, this is something I've been trying to figure out myself, but I've asked some people and have done some of my own thinking on this. Psychological kinnity may very well just be: I was born therian/kin, nothing more, nothing less, just as you are born a human and a sex. You're perception of yourself may change, but it's just something you were born as. It may also be that you've grown up around cats and have, over time, begun to develop cat-like habits and have come to identify as a cat. Or, perhaps, you may have imprinted on cats from a young age and it has since become a part of who you are, similar to the theory prior. As for whether or not you're kin, only you can come to that conclusion. But, a word from someone who's struggled with this: You may at times feel human and at other times animal. It is rare that I ever feel fully wolf and, having grown up in a human society with human things, there are times where I feel human. But there is no denying that I have non-human experiences. Whether these are figments of my subconscious imagination or whether they are truly a part of me, I've come to settle on that I identify as a human with the mindset of what I perceive to be a wolf, or, in other terms, that I identify as a wolf. Gah, I feel like that was worded really formally, but yeah, I hope you figure things out! It won't be easy and your own opinions might change from time to time, but in the end you are who you are! Good luck!
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    Is it possible to have a lot of kintypes? Yes it is, and some people do. If you have a long list of types, are the more experienced otherkin going to look at your list and think "Are you really sure about all of those?" Also yes. A person might have had dozens of past lives, but not all of those are going to count, because not all of those are going to make enough of an impression to have an important effect on your current life. Some of them are like "I used to be that. It was interesting, but that's not me anymore." Then it's simply a past life, and not a kintype. Some people think that having memories is the ultimate test to see if something is a kintype, but it's not. Memory is extremely fallible. Sometimes you forget things that happened, and sometimes you remember things differently from how they happened, and sometimes you can "remember" things that never happened. Put someone in an awkward situation, ask them leading questions over and over and they'll confess to crimes they didn't commit. It's a known thing that happens. Humans are terrible about remembering properly. If you become obsessed with a scenario, imagine it over and over, your mind will helpfully provide you with more details to flesh it out. If memories can't be trusted then what? You look at things that go deeper. Look at your long term habits and tendencies. What kind of person have you "always been?" What are the things you end up doing without thinking about them? If you tell it all to go away, which parts of it refuse to leave? If you stopped interacting with your canons for a couple years, would those types stick around? Another suggestion is that when you have a lot of different types, look at where their attributes intersect. What things do they have in common? Could they be parts of something else? For example, I have a lot of types listed in my signature, but in truth they're all different aspects of the same thing. But ultimately, I can't read your mind, and I don't know how many kintypes you have. I don't know what kind of investment you've made into each of them. And no one else can decide those things for you. Don't worry about what is normal or ok and just be you. That's what the whole otherkin thing is about anyway, being yourself, whoever or whatever that may be.
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    I don't know if I'm spiritual or psychological. I'm very spiritual about my soulbonding and don't fully understand the psychological side of things because my brain just doesn't work that way. I only understand the metaphysical and spiritual side of stuff. But I don't know where my otherkin identity fits in at. I'm not even 100% sure I am otherkin. I consider myself a catgirl and take that form in our headspace, when I can actually visualize myself, I also get phantom ears all the time. But I'm unsure about all of it. Is it normal to not know which side you fit into? My core beliefs say I should be spiritual about it, but it doesn't feel like a spiritual thing to me. I can be spiritual about my soulbonding, but otherkin just is what it is. I'm a catgirl and thats all there is to it. Its not something I'm spiritual about, but it also doesn't feel psychological cause my mind doesn't seem to factor into it. I am what I am. I don't feel spiritual or psychological about being human, thats just what I am in this world. Maybe I was never a catgirl before and only started to be one in this world and this life. That would make it more psychological. I don't believe I've had past lives. Its all really confusing to me.
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    Letme preface this with saying, whether or not you're otherkin, this community will walk by your side. They're probably the best and most accepting group of people I've been a part of. Now to be otherkin is to feel that you, on some level, feel that you are non-human, be this in part or completely. That is the bond which pulls together this community. Personally, I feel non-human, but I've only truly realized this a few years ago. I am a therian, meaning I identify as an animal, but there are also fictionkin (identifying as a fictional character), plantkin (though I haven't met any), and a number of others. There are also kith (those who identify with as opposed to as), and copinglinkkin (those who turn to kinnity as a coping mechanism). It may be that you haven't awaken (realized you're non-human) and, by some force, you've been led here, or you could just be seeking out people who will accept you. Either way, I hope you the best on your journey of self-discovery.
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    I'm certainly not an expert, but those sound like symptoms of disassociation. There are otherkin who share some of those feelings of not belonging. I've personally always felt like I was visiting this world rather than really belonging in it, but my sense of not-belonging sounds mild in comparison to yours. What you're describing could be caused by being otherkin, or it could be caused by something completely different. Otherkin are people who internally identify as nonhuman beings. So far you've told us about who you are not, but not much about who you are. I don't have enough information here to tell you where you might fit in. The only way to know if this site fits your needs is to try it out. Go ahead and make an introduction in the Scent Rolling area and if you need a label, just say that you are "questioning." I'm genderfluid myself, and we do have other multiple systems around that you can talk to.
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    Hello, my name is Ash, and I am a Mackenzie Valley Wolf therian. I go by they/them pronouns, and hope to have a good time in the Pack!
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    DISCONTINUATION OF DISCORD CHAT SERVICE Effective 02/05/2020, Kinmunity will be discontinuing our Discord chat service. This decision is being made due to the security and privacy concerns that have arisen over the years regarding how Discord treats voice/video/screen-share calls, as well as text messages. Specifically, on 01/12/2020, Security researchers Joseph Bingham and David Wells reverse engineered the Discord client and discovered that voice and video communication is decrypted and meddled with by the Discord server. These findings were independently verified by Kinmunity Administration. It is our belief that encrypted communication is pointless when an omnipotent overseer has the keys. Further more, we hypothesize that Discord only uses the encryption to provide its users with a false sense of security. TL;DR - Discord is MITMing all voice/video chat traffic. While the Discord server is closing, we have two alternatives. 1. Kinmunity has an on-site chat available at https://kinmunity.com/chat 2. IRC is available (server: irc.wolfhowl.me port: 6697 (ssl) channel: #kinmunity) and can be accessed via our web-client as well: http://chat.wolfhowl.me/#kinmunity We feel this measure is an adequate response to security concerns we have with the Discord platform. Namely, that it cannot be trusted for staff-to-staff communications, we we also don't trust it for our users. Effective immediately, no new users may connect to our Discord. On 02/05/2020, the server will be deleted.
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    44 thousand years puts it at the oldest yet, and it contains pictures of human-animal hybrids. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/11/world/oldest-rock-art-humans-scn/index.html
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    Maybe purchasable badges, akin to the Administrator, Guardian, and VIP badges? Like, you could buy a badge that says "FICTIONKIN" or "THERIAN", or you could even go into "WOLFKIN" or "BIG CATKIN" if you'd like something more specific. There could also be system badges, like "ENDOGENIC", "TRAUMAGENIC", or "PLURAL SYSTEM". You could also include pronoun & pride flag badges. I think it could be just a fun little thing that could add some items to the shop and give some normal members a little flair! You could also add something that allows you to enable or disable certain badges you've bought. For example, one day I want to have the label "WOLFKIN" because I'm in a wolf shift, but I don't want to have "FICTIONKIN" because I'm not in that shift. So, I turn off "FICTIONKIN" and turn on "WOLFKIN", but I could still turn "FICTIONKIN" on if I wanted to later. That way, users don't have to re-buy a label just because they didn't want it for a little bit. ---- Also, related to badges (not technically a shop item, but it has to do with money) Badges for those who donate to the site, possibly a name color as well? (Maybe blue or green so it isn't confused with the mods' reds and oranges?) Just to give a little incentive to donate, even if it is small.
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