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    Not a finished drawing but a sketch that I'm working on. I've never drawn a ferret before so I hope he looks... well, like a ferret, hehe. At one point he was looking more otter-like but I think this doesn't look too bad now. xD Hopefully when I start using pen I don't mess it up too much. @Pinkdolphin
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    Back from my vacation that was sans computer or tablet, or even a sketchbook. Coming back into things, and nothing really big after that last drawing. I really like this, it's pretty minimalist and I might think about a framed poster or board for it. Well, after cleaning it up a bit. This is apart of a larger set or drawings featuring this individual.
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    Hello! (*・ω・)ノ I think it would be beneficial to actually remove several of the emojis we use here. While many of the categories are okay, I am particularly concerned about some of the animal categories, with the cats group being the worst offender. Many of the emoticons are identical to one another, making the list unnecessarily long and confusing. For example, : angry : and : aggravated : are and respectively. There are many other examples of this, such as : welcome : and : welcomeback : ( and ) , as well as : smilej : and : smilegif : ( and ) . Not only are the emoticons themselves repetitive, but the things that they are meant to represent are also often very redundant. If we return to the first example, "Angry" and "Aggravated" are synonyms. The two can be used interchangeably, so having two separate emojis for them is not really necessary. The inclusion of these duplicates makes these areas of the emoji menu vastly more confusing to navigate. Because of this lack of simplicity, people are likely less inclined to use the emojis that they may otherwise very much enjoy. These categories of emojis (wolves, cats, panthera, etc) also reflect the kintypes of a large portion of Kinmunity's users. And while representing individuals with those kintypes was a wonderful inclusion, it is rendered fruitless if the interface in which they are used is not very easily operated. Because of this, I feel it would be beneficial to remove any duplicate emojis to clear up the cluttered menu. Thank you for your consideration! (* ^ ω ^)
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    This was a bad April Fools joke. Yesterday. I was approached by a representative of iterally.media (they are known for owning KnowYourMeme and eBaum's world). While originally not being interested in their offer to purchase Kinmunity, an offer was made in excess of $10,000 for the acquisition of the site and its contents. As of today, I have accepted that offer. What this means Beginning on 04/15/2019, the post editor will be updated to allow embedding content from KnowYourMeme. Beginning on 04/26/2019, user accounts will be merged with KnowYourMeme accounts. Effective 04/01/2020, the site will be owned by literally.media For privacy reasons, member email addresses will be anonymized and removed from our database prior to 'handing over the keys'.
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    I.. realised that "quick sketches" are not a thing I can actually do, because I have no self control and get carried away really easily aha. So then I was like. Okay, whatever, give in to the art! Hope you like! ~ ~ ~ Okay, I'm opening up three more slots! Same rules/etc. apply as before, and... I mean, based on this thread you can probably see that I take a while to get these things done, so bear that in mind if you make a request~ ^^
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    Two pieces for a friend's travel shrine.
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    One of my friends is doing a DnD thing and they wanted to incorporate me into it(and I used my sona and not my kinself tho; I haven't really revealed that part of me to them yet>w>;; though I do incorporate aspects from my eldritchself(bird peets) and dragonself(flat tail) into it. But that's beside the point!~ ) So basically this skele-Litch wyvern character is trapped inside a human lookin skull and in order to get out they gotta have the cursed person carrying touch it multiple times.~ With a meme to boot~
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    A small 'thumbnail' as I do not want to 'blow up' the thread because my images are waaay too big (bigger than everyone elses, anyway). You can see this with a bit more detail (also her charater study) in my gallery HERE and HERE (no tumblr because it's acting weird currently..)links go right to deviantart: You can see the very old ref of her as well there. You can probably see it well enough.
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    Thank you. I'll do my best for KM and it's members.
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    This is probably one of the drawings I'm most proud of ^.^
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    ♡ 𝐼𝓃𝓉𝓇𝑜𝒹𝓊𝒸𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 ♡ Hello everyone! (*・ω・)ノ Today I would like to introduce you to one of my niche interests: unusual websites! I have decided to begin listing the ones that I stumble upon here so I can share their beauty and strangeness with the world. Or at the very least, the world of kinmunity. I will likely be updating this and adding to it as I find/remember more. Feel free to share your own in the comment, or tell me your favorites! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strange and Scary: Happylander: A giant cat and not much else. Could be scary or funny depending on your opinions. Drive Me Insane, turn lights on and off in a man's house and write on his computer screen. The Dating Site for Ghosts! Recordings of People's Last Words Before Plane Crashes A website dedicated to the conspiracy theory that time is cube-shaped and every day is made up of 4 days (There's also a lot of fascinating history behind this one, this video covers it well!) A mysterious un-named website requiring a login Ways that the world might end Nails (I'm not even sure how to explain this one honestly...) Strange and Funny/Cute: Doughnut Kitten Pet The Dog Chihuahua Spin A button that makes everything OK I am Awesome An adorable army of pixelated doggos An army of swimming corgis A pug licks your screen A unicode snowman just for you! A bunch of flying salmon Strange and Pointless: Literally Just a Crouton Chess that plays itself A trippy volcano (WARNING! BRIGHT FLASHING COLORS!) Infinitely open doors This site that just screams "HEEEEEY" and "HOOOOO" at you forever IsMyComputerOn.com A livestream of grass growing Fresh Air: The useless fan Is it Christmas? An interactive toilet paper roll that makes my cat self very happy Literally just a dime Scroll up or down to make Falling Guy fall RGB (Warning! Bright colors and loud sounds!) Falling Falling Just a ninja with a flexing arm Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The World Yet? A website akin to an animated Piet Mondrian painting Strange but interesting: The Blue Ball Machine HackTest, a game I can't even figure out the first level of Honestly just a mess... A site that somehow always has the perfect image to point at your pointer The site where I found one of my favorite songs (ONLY WORKS IF YOU ALLOW FLASH) A browser extension that removes all the text from websites Windows 93, a site similar to a windows 95 desktop but with even more aesthetic (This is a big favorite of mine!) The last page of the internet
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    I'm a little bit concerned in all honesty, so I do hope this does go well. Regardless, welcome, meme overlords. Edit: Wait. Oh my chaos. DAMN IT. Throws the date out the window.
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    Hi everyone! I wanted to have a place to post my work for this forum! Just as kind of a comprehensive. list of the Achievements, trophies, and Emoji I've done! Please see my Gallery for everything, but I want to host the basics here! ACHIEVEMENTS (earned)| | Make your Mark (Posting an intro) | Bones! (Based on the amount of bones you earn!) PURCHASABLE (bones) | (Coming Soon) EMOJI (Mixed) | (Coming Soon) Special/Custom | (;) I will update this as time goes on. Be ready! Sunbie (He/Xey)
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    So I found this purse today and I literally squealed omg i'm in L O V E THIS IS MY AESTHETIC TBH
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    Not to be a downer but you honestly may want to avoid anything to do with BCR. They're sketchy as hell and want big cats to go extinct. This site has a bunch of info and evidence. Warnings for animal abuse and stuff as well. Shame that a good sanctuary/rescue for big cats doesn't exist at all. At least. It sure doesn't seem like one does.
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    Here is another picture I took! My peach tree blooming! ^.=.^
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    All your photos are so nice! Here's a pic of one of the places I did some work at in Alaska last fall:
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    A beautiful waterfall from when I went to the Japanese tea gardens in San Antonio about two months back! It truly was a beautiful sight to see! ^.=.^
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    After 11 hours of hard work, I finally finished a colored drawing of my almighty astral guardian, Prince Alaphraxxas! I totally failed on the galaxy pillar but oh well, it happens ^.=.^
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    If ammonites (the mollusks) ever get brought back from the dead, I want to see at least one named Tobiah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobiah_(Ammonite)
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    I'm really proud of this tiny cactus tbh
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    Look what I found at Walmart today
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    Brown - Teddy Brown and Black Mix - Squeakies Black - Sylvester New Addition (Not Pictured) - Rubix I'm getting a fourth one tomorrow from a co-worker! My goal is to have five guinea pigs at one time. Note: I did not name any of them.
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    There are wolves, foxes, jaguars/leopards/cheetahs, dragons, and deer, but not much of anything else. There are a few other big cats, a female wolf variant, a cow, horse, some birds, and 4 sonic characters. I'd love for some insects, fish, dolphins, seals, bison, sharks, whales, frogs, lizards, and other such things to be implemented. Perhaps have some sort of thing where people can request new animals for emojis so everyone's happy because they can just request one?
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    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from playing video games over the years, it would have to be, let your imagination run wild! Imagination and creativity can change the world, and people, in so many ways, from scientists making inventions, to game developers creating stories and games that people will love for generations. Don’t be afraid to make new ideas, create stories, and think outside the box, as maybe you could change someone, a community, or the world one day~ ^.=.^
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    She's had the title for about a day or two now, but I figured I'd announce once she settled in. Congrats to @Velvet as our first community manager. She has been in the otherkin community for nearly 20 years and her friendly attitude and contributions to the site have not gone unnoticed.
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    Made a spooky little doodle~
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    So... today I coloured the drawing that I drew last week...
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    Hello, The best way to do this is to create a custom activity stream that includes everything you want to see, minus that forum. https://www.kinmunity.com/discover/?do=create
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    @LunastreDraconis Whenever you post pictures of that tree I can't help but see a dragon... (please excuse my awful dragon drawing skills )
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    Really- I encourage anyone to look at the full size (and read the lore if interested) here or tumblr here This image is smaller and does not do it justice imo. The zhu is me- finally..I hardly draw Allen/myself. I really like the way she came out even though she's not really the main focus. (..and now I'm speaking in third person. Listen, writing yourself as a character is hard xD).
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    Maybe purchasable badges, akin to the Administrator, Guardian, and VIP badges? Like, you could buy a badge that says "FICTIONKIN" or "THERIAN", or you could even go into "WOLFKIN" or "BIG CATKIN" if you'd like something more specific. There could also be system badges, like "ENDOGENIC", "TRAUMAGENIC", or "PLURAL SYSTEM". You could also include pronoun & pride flag badges. I think it could be just a fun little thing that could add some items to the shop and give some normal members a little flair! You could also add something that allows you to enable or disable certain badges you've bought. For example, one day I want to have the label "WOLFKIN" because I'm in a wolf shift, but I don't want to have "FICTIONKIN" because I'm not in that shift. So, I turn off "FICTIONKIN" and turn on "WOLFKIN", but I could still turn "FICTIONKIN" on if I wanted to later. That way, users don't have to re-buy a label just because they didn't want it for a little bit. ---- Also, related to badges (not technically a shop item, but it has to do with money) Badges for those who donate to the site, possibly a name color as well? (Maybe blue or green so it isn't confused with the mods' reds and oranges?) Just to give a little incentive to donate, even if it is small.
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    April fools.
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    Nope, visualisation to me seems like some strange magic power I don't possess and find very hard to comprehend. But yes, to follow Naia's example if you're curious you're welcome to visit my AMA thread and ask about it. -pokes link in signature-
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    Now when it comes to gardening, our two neighbours follow completely opposite approaches. The people on one side are trying to do it more "natural" which results in a nicely organized chaos: ... whereas the neighbours at the other side (YES, I just walked from one side of our house to the other) are constantly struggling to obtain and maintain an english lawn and are always annoyed because they quite obviously can't: Our own garden is somewhere in-between, but I'm clearly favoring the natural approach. I want to see everything growing and not being punched down by chemicals. I'd even let the root voles in our garden do what they like.. mind you, there's a very fine line between a Guardian Dragon and a Gardening Dragon
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    Went to a really nice, fancy shmancy restaurant with my family after my big brother got accepted for a job! I got spaghetti and cake! ^.=.^
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    Progress is finally under way again on this whole weird creature thing I am currently experiencing. A lapse in mental health put a temporary stop to it but things are progessing again. It is still a whole confusing mess but I feel confident I am close to breaking the mystery if I find the right clues. The answer is close and yet still far away.
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    My pretty teal hair! I’d be lying if I said Sailor Neptune wasn’t a factor in my color decision. I want to cosplay her eventually and this is sort of a dye trial run. I’ve compared it here to my real hair color, which is just a medium brown. I didn’t bleach it, and I think it turned out very lovely! I used L’Oreal Colorista teal 10 if anyone’s curious.
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    You don't have to have a name at all. Your kintype/theriotype is not a separate entity from yourself, so it doesn't need another name. It's just you.
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    The criteria is automatic confirmation, I linked to the help document explaining its criteria above. @Effervescent-Daydream - Your account is already auto-confirmed. With that said, this suggestion has been implemented.
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    Me and my bestie found the actual nose of the earth. Earth's nostrils.
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    Today I found out two interesting things. The first one is something I came across by researching Chinese dragon mythology. Apparently the Chinese dragons are helpful, friendly and protective god-like creatures. I need to investigate that further, but the thing I came across was the so-called "dragon pearl". It seems the Chinese say that, if swallowed, such pearl could turn a human into a dragon... not that I think that's possible, but it's just an interesting aspect. It could relate to the necklace I've seen in one of my first meditations. The gemstone on there was round shaped like a pearl...a dragon pearl, maybe? The second thing relates to a specific skin sensation I'm used to have since ages. It feels like a "pin and needles" thing, like tiny ants or small electric pulses propagating under my skin. It usually happens when I'm feeling very positive about something, and can also be triggered by touches or temperature differences. It doesn't have anything to do with numb limbs, but it always starts at my lower back (no, not that low ) and can propagate to almost the whole body if I allow it. I can control it to a certain extent. It's not at all uncomfortable or disturbing. Now, up to now I thought this would be completely normal, but today I found it's an abnormal medical condition called "Paresthesia". It feels like an energy stream propagating through me. I didn't yet manage to let it flow through my whole body yet, but I think it once reached my head. Felt awesome. The funny thing is that during my 2018 m-shift, I actually interpreted that feeling as positive feedback from a part of my consciousness which seems to be dormant. That seems quite far-fetched, but you know... this actually proved very, very helpful. I got the same (very strong) sensation involuntarily yesterday again while thinking about a hypothesis about magic and emotion in the Multiverse of Minds. There also is an antagonist feeling which manifests as a very uncomfortable sensation in my stomach. It seems to indicate that something (e.g. an idea) is very bad. It happens rarely, but when it does I typically omit the idea, which makes the feeling vanish without any sign of medical condition afterwards. Maybe this is just the draconic version of having a "stomach feeling", haha. Since it seems completely harmless I don't see any reason to have it medically treated. I would actually strongly object against that because I think it helps me.
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    The MLP I bought for my boyfriend before he died. I don't remember how we got on the subject, but one night years ago we started talking about wanting rainbow ponies. And I promised him that I would get him a rainbow pony. So I did. After he died, his sister sent it to me in the mail. Its still painful to look at, but I keep it sitting on my desk anyway.
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    Honestly I'd be cool with like a day. If someone is going to ragequit, it's probably not gonna happen within a day, and even if it does, there probably won't be a huge impact on overall content.
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    @Curious Canine Sorry friend, slots are full at the moment! I'm a slow worker, aha. But once I'm done this round of art I'll probably open slots up again! ^^ @Jahfari Aaa finally got this done! Sorry for the wait! Turns out wolf colours are way harder than I thought, aha. I hope you like~
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