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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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    Yeah I've been a little wary at posting this at first and in general. These up and coming dinosaur games don't know how to act and like to rip sounds right from obvious sources without changing them.../..BUT there is a bit of curiosity around how zhuards sound like. This is just a preview-- I have more files but I'd like to listen to and tweak them depending on how I feel about them. Most are correct. I will continue making these- just another way to bring my one of my kin species to life. The descriptions provide a little lore/information about the sound you are listening to. -----HEADPHONES ARE BEST------(as I used headphones to create these, you get a better feel for everything) https://clyp.it/vohqdq5i?token=6f2d1af4cdf2a9d2dbdf3dc5d862fb32 https://clyp.it/ht52hx3l?token=a7d55f4d0a6875ebbc2617e5ed6cc285 https://clyp.it/vlvf0z4z?token=51d5c8c0f25c275a9ffba3f66cc6bc87
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    I found an article about how having "imaginary" friends can actually be helpful in children and teens, and a sign of creativity in adults. Also, they don't necessarily mean that someone is at a greater risk of psychosis, there are other factors for that. If the terminology bothers you you might want to skip reading it. Personally, I prefer "internal friend" to "imaginary friend." It is not nice to insult your friends by calling them imaginary. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-03-imaginary-friends-childhood-affect-adults.html
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    I’ll start off by saying that there’s a difference between a random but perfectly normal feature about your body, and having a nonhuman identity. Being otherkin and what have you is a non-physical experience at its core (based on identity), and so if you’re looking for things that point you towards an otherkin identity, look inside you first and see if there are feelings you have that you would label nonhuman. Some people are just colder than others, and it’s perfectly normal and human. In fact, if you come to the conclusion you’re not otherkin, that’s perfectly fine! There’s nothing inherently special about being otherkin. But I would definitely reflect on what you’re feeling, and if what you can come up with is simply “my skin is often cold so my friends call me an Undead,” then, in my opinion (which is just one of many potential opinions), I would not view that as otherkin by itself. Hopefully that helps!
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    This was a bad April Fools joke. Yesterday. I was approached by a representative of iterally.media (they are known for owning KnowYourMeme and eBaum's world). While originally not being interested in their offer to purchase Kinmunity, an offer was made in excess of $10,000 for the acquisition of the site and its contents. As of today, I have accepted that offer. What this means Beginning on 04/15/2019, the post editor will be updated to allow embedding content from KnowYourMeme. Beginning on 04/26/2019, user accounts will be merged with KnowYourMeme accounts. Effective 04/01/2020, the site will be owned by literally.media For privacy reasons, member email addresses will be anonymized and removed from our database prior to 'handing over the keys'.
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    ok i cant fucking type right now because im so fucking dbshdsajhdas ok ok, i had this memory of looking out at the city standing on a balcony and i turn around and see this othr grey. we were lab partners or something BUT I FUCKING FOUND HIM IRL I AM SO HAPPY sorry for the caps and lack of grammar lmao i can hardly type at all vfvhfh i am dying
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    I would highly recommend that everyone signs up to receive notifications from Have I Been Pwned. It is a free service that informs you if you've been impacted by a data breach. I can personally vouch for it as I've been signed up for quite a while now. Generally speaking, passwords obtained from data breaches are hashed and the attacker doesn't have the actual password itself. However, this doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about and changing your passwords when such exposures occur is always considered good measure. Kinmunity Security Tips Use a strong password that you don't use anywhere else. A strong password is eight characters or more and contains mixed case letters, numbers, and symbols and isn't a common choice (such as Abc123456!) Consider using a Password Manager to store your passwords, so that you can use a unique password for each site. I recommend Dashlane! Your password should NOT be: A person's name or a date which is significant to you, or anything that a friend or acquaintance of yours can easily guess. Kinmunity will not allow you to use a password that our scoring system rates below "Fair". Setup Two-Factor Authentication. This will require you to present both something you know (your password) and something you have (your mobile phone) in order to login to Kinmunity. We recommend that you use the Authy app. Never share your account or password with anyone. Kinmunity staff will NEVER ask for your password. Your password will only be requested by this site "https://www.kinmunity.com" over a secure connection.
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    This is meant to touch on some common biases I see crop up a lot on tumblr, new otherkin, etc. Note that 'bias' doesn't necessarily mean a heavily slanted extreme opinion, but often just an illogical opinion that an argument should not be based on if it wishes to stand firm. Bias is building the house on sand, so to speak. Definitions taken from Wikipedia, but these are quite common definitions you should find in any psychology textbook or scientific research manual. My additional comments are added in [bracketed italics], and any sections I find particularly relevant are underlined. Confirmation bias - the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions. In addition, individuals may discredit information that does not support their views. [I feel like this is a major problem for the otherkin community.] Self-serving bias - The tendency to claim more responsibility for successes than failures. It may also manifest itself as a tendency for people to evaluate ambiguous information in a way beneficial to their interests. Anchoring - The tendency to rely too heavily, or "anchor", on one trait or piece of information when making decisions (usually the first piece of information that we acquire on that subject). Anthropomorphism - The tendency to characterize animals, objects, and abstract concepts as possessing human-like traits, emotions, and intentions. [One of the most common biases I see in the community, for obvious reasons. Do animals experience emotion? Yes, but we cannot call it by human terms or claim that animal personalities are similar to our own, because we do not have a window into their minds that tells us exactly what they are thinking.] Bandwagon effect - The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Curse of knowledge - When better-informed people find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people. [I'm including this because I do see a lot of older folks being very aggressive in their correction of misinformation. I understand that having been in the community for such a long time, it is aggravating to see history repeat itself and definitions become more and more twisted plus humans are just plain stubborn all the time, but I don't know, maybe because I'm newer I still have an idealist idea of a gentle approach? ALSO please don't take this to mean I'm talking about anyone specifically, just that this is something I do see in general.] Focusing effect - The tendency to place too much importance on one aspect of an event. [Dreams are a good example. I may be a dragon in one part of a dream, but the same dream may also contain me riding a rainbow through the castle.] Stereotyping - Expecting a member of a group to have certain characteristics without having actual information about that individual. [Anti-kin obviously do this a lot, but it can also apply to stereotyping certain creatures based on assumed traits, such as "all angels are sweet and good" or "all demons are violent and angry".] Subjective validation - Perception that something is true if a subject's belief demands it to be true. Also assigns perceived connections between coincidences.
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    I've never been a too emotional being, but I always loved to be out in the nature. I felt I belonged there. But end of 2018 something happened to me, something changed in my brain. And the world turned upside down. What you read next is not made up. It happened to me, today and here. EDIT: I've blocked the blog entry at this time because I'd like to direct the talk to the discussion thread. Thank you for posting any feedback or questions there! Since the weather was super fine today, I did a short walk. I live in a house at the edge of a small village; outside, there is a small hill. There are only green fields there, and oftentimes there's nobody around. When I go up there, I can easily look 6 miles over the hilly countryside. So I walk up the hill on the farmer's lane, nobody else is there, there are trees and grass at both sides and nature all around me. And as soon as I walk 100 meters away from my house and look at the plants, I can feel... this is where I belong. But it's more than that. It feels like.. nature and life, that is me. All of it, every stone, every flower, every tiny insect, every bird, even the air. And then I can feel... life. Energy. Insanely strong and overwhelming energy and I feel like... some would call it love, but I better describe it as "I am them. They are me. All is one". It's damn hard to explain I tell 'ya. I have done this three or four times since beginning of the year, and it always happens. Sometimes I'm wearing headphones and listening to music, which makes me feel it even stronger, but that is not needed. Today I didn't and found that the feeling does not come from the music, it comes from me and from nature. I just only need to open all my senses, and listen to myself. It also doesn't feel like it comes from my brain, it's.. deeper, inside, heck.. I don't know how to put this. My soul? My heart? Also, this is not imagined. I know how it feels to use my imagination. I don't need to do anything, it just happens. When I see a stone, my rationality can tell me it's a stone and it's not moving and made from minerals and cold and heats up in the sun... and then my imagination jumps on and visualizes how the stone feels if I touch it, how it could feel to be a stone and so on. But when I switch off all of this, and don't think about anything, I would still.. still get that energy feeling, only by listening to all my senses. When a bee would fly by, I'd get an energy burst that would run through me like an electric surge. When I'd concentrate on a grass stalk I would get another energy feeling. When I see a bird, I would feel it. When I walk over certain places, I would get an energy surge from Earth. Finally when I returned, I looked up to the sky, and I immediately knew: this is where I belong, where I should be. It's always like that. As soon as I'd only listen and open up myself, it would start. Don't get me wrong: I embrace all of this, I'm utterly fascinated. But what the heck happened to me?? Is it the ability to open up my energy field, is it a new sensorial skill? I think it's more than just sensing. I can control if I want to sense or not; I can switch something like a protection shield on and off (it's switched on by standard, thankfully). I feel my own energy, and I can control it. I can spread it over other things, burst into blue plasma - I can do it in nature just as I do in meditation, and if I do it in nature, my body feels unreal, everything I see feels unreal, but the energy feelings I get are ridiculously strong. I know I could do this before, but it was never so insanely strong, and it didn't fade since beginning of 2019. I didn't even meet animals or touch a tree today; but from earlier walks I'm sure if I would have done that and opened my senses, I may have fainted from their energy. It even seems that some of the animals notice if they turn on their senses. This is way, way beyond just enjoying nature, it's a feeling of... being nature and animals that's so wickedly overwhelming. I'm catching for breath, I'm coming back from the walk all confused and shaking my head and asking myself "what the heck was that"?? Nobody ever told me how to do that, I'm not a religious guy at all, I didn't read any esoterical stuff during christmas, all I did was listening to music and reading a fantasy comic with dragons in and looking at dragon pictures... and boom, my world was turned upside down. I need help to understand this. I have my own theories, but I've opened a thread to discuss... if you're a guest reading this, please feel free to leave a comment. Please note: I don't want treatment. This is absolutely not an illness. Something tells me this is the greatest skill I've ever aquired in my life. I just only want to understand it. I also don't need a god or a religion; all of this is about me and nature and Earth. Religios explanations will be appreciated, but I will not attribute this to a deity being because I don't feel that this is right. Thanks so much for reading!
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    I noticed we have a den for qualified researchers to post studies, but we don’t have any specific den to discuss science related things that are specific to the otherkin community. Perhaps more educational and science talk would help others introspect better and we could make theories to question the realities of our identities. For example, talking about the historical studies of reincarnation and soul departure, animal instinct and behavior, geology of our planet or other worlds, multiverse and astronomical theories, or just environmental science. It does not have to be implemented if it isn’t necessary, however it’s just an idea I thought of. ^.=.^
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    As many of you are likely aware there is currently a bug making it difficult for users to log in to Kinmunity. On logging in to the site you are then asked to create a new account with a new username/email. Upon doing so you are then able to log back in to your usual account. We realise this is causing a lot of difficulties/confusion and apologise for the inconvenience. I'm sure Naia will have this issue fixed as soon as she is able! If you are accessing the site through a secure, private device it may be best to avoid logging out in order to avoid complications, however if you are on a shared/public computer this is obviously not advised. To help us clean up any duplicate accounts while this bug is going on, each time you need to make a new account please reply below with the alternate username you have created (those who already posted names in the bug thread need not repeat them). Alternatively create easy to identify usernames (i.e. velvet_secondaccount1, velvet_secondaccount2, etc...). I'll try to delete dupe accounts asap to allow you to reuse your alt emails if you need to repeat this process. Again we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope this issue will be fixed soon!
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    Within the therian community, "lycanthrope" generally isn't used to indicate a wolf therian/werewolfkin - it's used to refer to people with clinical lycanthropy: those who have the delusion of having physically changed into a wolf/werewolf (or sometimes another creature), or that they are fully capable of doing so. Because of that, being a lycanthrope in that fashion is very unhealthy -it's a mental condition associated with schizoid disorders, and is not something easy to live with for those that experience it (clinical lycanthropy is, from what I've read, exclusively a negative experience: those who have it often fear that they will turn into an animalistic form and injure people). Because of this, I'm quite against having it as an option for primary identity. Clinical lycanthropes need treatment and support that we, as otherkin, are not knowledgeable or qualified enough to provide. If someone primarily identifies as a clinical lycanthrope, my advice for them would be to seek medical help. And all that also makes it very confusing if someone decides to use the word "lycanthrope" to refer to a lupine theriotype, because most of us do read it as the clinical sort rather than the literal. So while lycanthrope is technically one way to refer to someone with a lupine theriotype, we have very good reasons to avoid doing so! I hope that all makes sense, Kamoe! It's a very complicated subject, and of course not something that everyone is aware of.
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    Copy of what I said on discord: I don't use IRC, I'm not familiar with it and I'm less likely to check it. If we did move the chat I would make an effort to check it each day but I probably wouldn't be on all the time. Discord is just always open when my computer is and if anyone posts anything I'm alerted. I feel I'd be less active on IRC. Although as I said I'm not familiar with IRC at all so if I tried it maybe I'd like it but, ah, discord is just more convenient for me. Honestly I think a lot of people feel the same and I can't see switching to IRC making the chat any more active. I'm also not the best at small talk so some sort of discussion topic would be good. Whenever a discussion topic has popped up it does tend to draw people in to add their thoughts, so having some sort of question of the week type thing may help (I'd be happy to help with that if you'd like, as I'm sure most of the staff would be!). In terms of the technical side of things, privacy, etc... I can't say too much. Those aren't topics I'm overly clued up on, but it doesn't personally bother me in relation to discord. In terms of activity, I feel that would likely be hindered rather than helped by switching, which is why I've voted no. (The question of the week suggestion I mentioned was posted on discord by @beanjamoose )
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    So many times, I've tried to articulate exactly what my spirit kintype is - but I've never found a way to describe it that feels exactly right. I even stumble over the label sometimes; I'm certainly a nature spirit, though I can't help but think I'm just... nothing like what most people would imagine when they hear that. Before this, I said I was an energy being - which, again, isn't wrong. But that always felt too ambiguous, and weirdly... clinical? Like trying to say I'm a spirit without any connection to spirituality (which I certainly am not). And before that, I said I was a demon. That word still rings true to me, but it has too much baggage. Celestial is the same; certainly true, but not in the way you'd assume. So many times I've tried to find a way to describe myself. And today, I guess, I'm going to try again. 4.4 billion years ago, there was a planet, floating in orbit around a star; no different from any other small rocky planet, really. Just another lifeless orb in the vastness of space. But, by some coincidence, there was nearby another, smaller planet - and the two were on a collision course. Scientists call this hypothetical planet Theia. It is theorised that the two planets collided in some immense, catastrophic impact, and that Theia's remains - over time - eventually came to form two moons that then - over an even longer span of time - merged into one. If you look up into the sky on a clear night, you can still see the remains of old Theia up there; but we just call it the Moon. And the larger planet, the one which survived the impact (mostly) intact, was Earth. That impact is my oldest memory. It's hard to put into words exactly how I remember it; it's all so vague and confusing, but this... feels right. Ultimately, I've learned to trust that feeling when all else has led me astray. In this chaos of heat and energy, suddenly there was... me. Except, I wasn't much of a "me" at all. A massive, unfeeling, barely conscious mass of-- I guess, residual energy? Or perhaps some sort of imprint left behind by it all. I certainly didn't exist in any form before that point. The feelings associated with this memory are incredibly vague and hard to understand, but there's impressions of heat and light and certain movements, trajectories; flows of gravity, magma and debris. One of the clearer impressions I get is of being flung from non-existence into the core of the Earth, to which I've been spiritually bound ever since, like some part of me is coiled around the planet's heart. And that... that's where my story starts. In some desolate rock, alone, floating in the void of space. I used to wonder why those early memories are the clearest to me but, reflecting on it, I think I know the answer. Most of my existence was spent in a state of... quasi-consciousness, with no thoughts, no feelings, no desires. I didn't even have a form. I was... kind of... just... the planet? The Earth itself? Rock, gas, magma, metal. Eruptions and earthquakes and lightning storms. I watched it all, impassively. For a couple billion years, that was my existence. That's all I was. Everything, but barely anything at all. And I think the reason I remember that more clearly than anything else, is because that's how I spent the longest period of my... "life"; and the period after that, while certainly slow by human standards, to me felt like an overwhelming flurry of rapid-fire changes - I can remember the aeons before that because nothing really happened besides the planet's natural volcanic activity. There wasn't much to remember. So I suppose it's easier to wrap my mind around that, strangely enough. Then my memory starts to get even hazier, and I only have the briefest impressions of what happened next. I know that at some point, life began to evolve - starting off as tiny, self-sustaining chemical systems that eventually isolated themselves from their surroundings, and formed what we call "cells". I don't remember that specifically, but I've done a lot of research on it; it's something I've been curious about for... probably obvious reasons, and what I've learned so far gives me the most misplaced feeling of nostalgia. I know that over time I developed some affinity for these early lifeforms as they diversified and became more complex... but I don't know how that happened. People tend to think of life as a thing that just randomly appeared out of nowhere (even atheists tend to have this idea that life suddenly happened somehow, like a single spark that eventually led to all of us) when in reality it was more... gradual and ambiguous. Again, I'm going off science here, not memory, but it does fit in pretty solidly into the 'kin feelings I have regarding this. I guess where I tend to stumble a bit is that... at that point in time, I had no emotions, no thoughts, nothing even vaguely resembling what most people would consider "consciousness"; those things are all biological, and I only learned to experience those things much later, after I'd lived many lives as animals. So I don't know what it is that made primordial-me take an interest in life. I guess the thing I associate with it is... this weird feeling of, I guess what could be equated to wonder? Or awe? But I don't know what those feelings mean in a non-biological entity. I've felt the feeling before, but I can only comprehend that stuff when I'm m-shifted, and even then... well, I usually end up with a nasty headache if I try to analyse it, and never made any headway regardless. I don't think it's something a human can understand. Not even me. But what I do know is that there was enough of that feeling that primordial-me decided to take some interest in these life-things, and that's the first decision I ever made. First time I ever had intention or a purpose. It's the foundation on which the rest of my actual traits as a spirit being are built upon. Whenever, whyever I decided to do that - that was the moment I stopped being a bunch of sentient rocks and started being an actual thing. Something with thoughts and ideas and meaning. So, suffice to say it's a very important part of my identity as a spirit-thing. And my purpose is... basically to live and remember. I don't protect. I don't effect things. I just do what I can to preserve the story of the Earth. A lot of people in modern times, when they think of nature spirits, think of like... benevolent, peaceful tree people or something. I am the... polar opposite of something "benevolent" and "peaceful". Look at it this way: all life on Earth survives, and is as diverse as it is, because of death. It's thanks to mortality and mutation that life can evolve into new forms, and withstand certain environments. And it's the story itself, not any individual being or species, that I aim to preserve. I'm a watcher. I watch the struggle and I think the pain and death is beautiful. I think that birth and life and seeing things thrive is beautiful as well. I see no line between the two. I don't protect life; the only thing I protect life from is outside interference, and from being lost from all memory forever. It's not that I don't empathise with an animal that's dying: it's just that if I tried to interfere with that, I would be robbing that meal from other animals which I love equally, right down to the microorganisms that decompose it; and I'd be robbing that animal's ecosystem of nutrients that would be produced as it rots. Spirit-me sees all life as inherently equal, no matter how small or "insignificant" it might seem to a human. Spirit-me would see a human as being no better or more valuable than a single bacterium living in that person's gut. One of the things that becomes eminently clear when you exist for so long is that all life - all species - are temporary. And it's the death of one kind that leads to the rise of another, so of course spirit-me wouldn't even try to change that. Instead, spirit-me honours the lifeforms it cares for so dearly by remembering them. Living as them, feeling all the fear and pain and happiness, dying, remembering, doing it all over again for aeons. Cataloguing every bit of it. Preserving it, so that their struggle always has meaning - because there's something there that remembers it, and understands it, and sees where it fits into the ridiculously complex mosaic of life. Hence... why I'm here now. As a human. Yep. I don't get access to the shit tons of past life memories that spirit-me has hoarded away (thankfully, for my sanity's sake) but. I mean. Good news, everything I experience here is probably going to be remembered by some spiritual monstrosity until the Earth is consumed by the Sun, and among that ridiculous hoard of memories will be some pretty damn spicy memes. The "guardian" part of my spirit-self is a bit harder for me to wrap my head around. Thing is, spirit-me has nothing against all the things humans have done to the planet. It sees humans as animals, and it sees all the chaos we've caused as just another mass extinction, no different than any other the planet has been through. So what the heck is it protecting life from? I mean, I'm not sure, but I know it's something. And I know that something tends to get translated to "outside interference" in my mind. What the hell does that mean? I mean, I don't actually know? I do know that spirit-me has serious problems with certain beings that humans call "gods". I don't know why that is. Do gods meddle? Maybe gods meddle and that makes spirit-me mad. Spirit-me doesn't like anything that meddles with the natural order of things, good or bad. Would explain why spirit-me tends to threaten any gods I try to interact with... and also would explain some of the ominous thoughts I've had coming through when I m-shift. But the impression I get is that whatever battle spirit-me is waging, it's losing. Badly. I also get the impression that the only reason I still exist at all is because I can't die short of the Earth itself being destroyed, which of course no spirit entity would be capable of doing even if they wanted to. But all that is really hard to wrap my head around, because frankly it sounds ridiculous. I didn't even believe in gods until these weird memories started leaking through, then I started casually practising witchcraft and met a few myself. It sounds made up, but at the same time I know it's not something I would make up. Because I find the idea of any of that being even remotely true to be absolutely, existentially terrifying. I can't think of a reason why my subconscious would invent such a confusing narrative that I can't even understand, that also happens to be really stressful and unpleasant for me to deal with? But I digress. I suppose... one of the other Big impressions I get from my spirit-self isn't so much related to my kintype itself, but... weirdly enough, to humanity. And it's another one of those "yep, not sure how to deal with this so I guess I'll just ignore it and hope it never becomes relevant to anything" things. To put it plainly, spirit-me doesn't consider humans to be natural. At all. Like, it so blatantly thinks our species is a result of some sort of "meddling" (of the aforementioned ambiguous type), and yep, I don't know what it actually attributes this "meddling" to. But it considers humans to be integrally broken. We're something that absolutely should not exist. But it doesn't hate humans, because it considers humans to be victims. It pities us, as a species. Nah, instead it hates whatever unknown force is apparently responsible for whatever it is that makes humanity so "broken". And like, personally, as an individual, as a human? I can... kinda see it. Humans are so fricking weird. We screw with the natural order of things in a way that no other animal ever has. So I guess... maybe something did "break" us? But I don't know what, and I don't care to know. All I know is that spirit-me wants to tear whatever did it into tiny pieces and then possibly eat those pieces (or... maybe not, actually. It would find it distasteful to eat something so loathsome. So basically, whatever this thing is, my spirit-self doesn't even see it as worthy to be food. Nice). Appearance-wise, my spirit kintype is incorporeal - it doesn't have a body. The closest thing it has to a body is the Earth itself. I think it does have a form it takes in certain situations, though. Well, I say "a form", but really it's more like... it can take any form it wants, but the forms it takes all share a kind of theme. I used to picture it as a big black dragon, but I think that was me projecting traits onto it to make it easier for me to understand and deal with. And frankly, I don't know what form this thing actually "is", or whether the forms I attribute to it are from me or it. Doesn't really matter either way. To me, I see it as this polymorphic mass of shards of igneous rock (specifically something resembling obsidian or basalt), held together by this glowing stream of energy the colour of fire and heat and lightning. It is an inherently animalistic being, having learned all its emotions from lives lived as animals, so its forms also tend to be animalistic in nature - but always twisted and grotesque, like something trying to mimic life without actually being alive. This feels more symbolic than literal to me - I think it chooses to represent itself that way. So if you wanted to imagine what this thing might look like, imagine an asymmetrical beast of black stone whose form seems to take elements from a massive variety of different species without truly resembling any, with limbs and mouths and eyes all in weird and terrible places; something whose form is constantly shifting and morphing from one horrifying thing to the next. That is me. But despite all the, uh, love for death and seeming apathy towards most things outside of its own sphere, I don't think my kintype is "bad". I feel like a human seeing it would certainly peg it as some kind of demonic aberration before they flee, screaming, but. It feels the full range of animal emotion, and that includes things like love, affection, sympathy. It was hard for me to really grasp this at first, because to me - as someone who had no idea what was going on or what any of this meant - all I saw was some rage-filled monster. But it's not really. It's... if anything, I'd say it's sad. And it's in constant mourning for all the species that have been lost to time, with only stone to mark their passing. I'd even go as far as to say it does have some kind of benevolent streak, but only insofar as it hates to see life wasted. In a way I guess I perceive it as something that feels this constant, inescapable conflict - because it really does love life. It loves animals and plants and every other weird thing that lives on this weird planet. But it also knows those things have to suffer and die, because that's the way of the world. It is pretty telling that I switched from first to third person while writing this. It's hard to see this thing as being actually me. Like, I know it is me, but it's so different from what I am now, as a human. So in some ways it's easier to refer to it as something separate, even when I know it isn't. Plus, there's plenty I think and feel as a human that's completely different from what my spirit-self feels. And ultimately? When it comes to my life here, now? None of this matters. I'm no different from anyone else. I don't see myself as any different. Honestly, the only time I ever even have to deal with this spiritual baggage is when I shift (which is rare) or when I'm practising witchcraft or energy work, or when I'm interacting with my deities (in which situation I can usually shove spirit-me into some corner and ignore it; plus, like, my main man god dude is completely aware of my "baggage" and is cool with it so it's fine). But I am the most flaky, lazy witch out there so even that doesn't come up often. So yeah. Weirdly enough, though this kintype is absolutely the most deep and integral one to me on a spiritual level, it's not something I think about often and certainly doesn't have as much presence in my daily life as my theriotype/s do. And it is definitely not something I feel the need to express or embrace. I can accept it, but. That's it. Acceptance is as far as this goes. Might be obvious by now why I struggle with labels. I feel most humans would pin this thing as a god, but it is absolutely, definitely not a god. I used to call myself a demon, and like I already said - that still fits. I'm a morally ambiguous nature chaos thing. Certainly fits some definitions of "demon." And on a more literal level you could argue that I'm literally a spirit of the Earth itself; my spirit-self sees itself as being quite literally the Earth's soul, but that's a big ass claim to make and I'm certainly not gonna try and argue for that title. So, I mean. Most obvious label. I'm a big, scary nature spirit. Works well enough for me. Oh, and that's one more thing I should probably cover if I'm making this write-up as thorough as humanly possible: in the past I've toyed with the idea that I might be a "shard" of this thing, in the same vein as a deitykin would be a godshard. Welp, after much thinking, I've realised that that's probably not the case. My spirit-self doesn't seem to have shards or divide itself up. It seems like it prefers to live one life at a time, and focus all of its being on the single life it is living. So yeah. I'm literally the avatar of the whole thing. Obviously you can't cram an entire planet-size energy mass into a single human body, but as far as I can tell, the rest of spirit-me goes dormant while some part of it incarnates. It's sleeping, basically. It's asleep, I'm the dream. Yeeep. So. I guess, to anyone who actually read this: make of it what you want. I feel like I probably have one of the most outlandish kintypes on this site. And yep, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous this all sounds. As always, I'm more than happy to... try and answer any questions anyone might have. Seriously, grill away - I actually appreciate it. Make me doubt myself, if you can. I might edit this later to add more information if I feel like I've forgot anything. This took me days. I never want to write about spiritual bs EVER AGAIN. Agh.
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    Personally I feel my feline phantoms all the time and my argonian phantoms pretty often, but not constantly. You certainly don't have to have phantoms all the time to be considered therian/otherkin/kith! Everyone experiences things differently, some may never experience any phantoms or shift at all. Otherkinity/therianthropy is an identity as something non-human (while kith/otherhearted is identifying with). The experiences that go along with the identity are personal to each individual.
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    The angelkin community is like the king of quality memes and ridiculous drama, if I do say so myself. Fallen angel memes take the cake for me, though.
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    I love the songs from the band Heilung. If you listen to their music or even just take a look at their visual expression on stage, you'll probably see why. I think this is an especially good pick for this (big part of it being the animalistic sounds) but that's just my tastes: Not sure if this is correct, but the translation I've found is: "Dripper, Greedy, Ravenous, Slippy, Swaying one Hail, Hail, Hail I dedicate to the spear, Gagaga, Gagaga, Gagaga I yell resoundingly Thought, Memory And he's called Allfather Mighty Thuler, Wise one, Striver, Wolfspeaker, Welcomed one, Pale one, God of witches, Inciter Chieftain, Readhead, Hooded one, Wandwielder, Famous lord, God of the hanged, Nebulizer, Needed one, Yulefather, Evenhigh, Attacking rider, Allfather, Victory tree, Father of victory, One with a missing eye, God with painted shield, Flashing eye, Shieldshaker, Leader of the crowd, One with knowledge, Shaggy-cloak wielder, Guardian of secrecy, Terrible one and Stormy one" Some information on the band, found in the top comment on their song "Krigsgaldr": "For those who are confused on the time frame of what this is representing, it's not necessarily "Vikings," and more or less not Neolithic. It's Proto-Germanic she's singing here, and in most of their music. It's Pre-Migration Period, 600 years before the Vikings, ~1st Century CE til ~550 when Elder Futhark broke into Younger Futhark. It's based on historical linguistic reconstruction and snippets of text found archeologically and through Tacitus & Saxo Grammaticus, some of which were carved in runes on bone fragments, or described pejoratively by Latin writers, who described the throat singing as like "howling dogs," when it would sound provisionally like in this video, inferred by the Sammi, Mongol, Indigenous Greenland, and Faroese traditions which survived the ages relatively unchanged. Then they kinda do this English language "rap," which is based on descriptions of Galdralag and Seiðalag -- no surviving examples of which exist outside of very, very scant snippets in the Poetic and Prose Edda, and in descriptions by Saxo Grammaticus and possibly by Tacitus. The low growling and hissing, the forked fingers, is based on descriptions of Seiðr magic. That kind of image survived in the inspiration of "witches" which Christians were afraid of deeply, who were real people practicing a similar indigenous artform, and came to become an abstracted meme of its own that evolved & mutated into the 21st century in a vague smear of pop culture idioms." The full live LIFA performance can be found here (if you're interested but sensitive to flashing / consistent pulsing lights, 1:03:08 to the end is to beware of or avoid):
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    The Multiverse of Minds (MoM) is a philosophical hypothesis I formulated end of 2018. It basically extends the classic multiverse hypothesis, which is usually adopted by fictionkin to explain their experiences. It is currently not possible to scientifically prove the MoM hypothesis; it is just a proposal and thought experiment. The MoM hypothesis basically states that our physical earth universe is one out of many physical reality marbles (PRMs). The concepts observed by physics, e.g. time and space, only have relevance inside a PRM, and different PRMs don't need to have the same physical laws. A PRM is emerging due to an intersection of mindscapes. A mindscape is attributed to a conscious mind of a living being called the Mindscape Owner. In particular, everybody of us has one. Mindscapes are generally infinite multidimensional structures which are contained in the Multiverse of Minds; however I consider the number of mindscapes non-infinite. Mindscape owners can fill their mindscapes with anything they can imagine given they are skilled enough, but they can not ultimately influence the mindscapes of others. They can also create physical realities within their mindscape, and create intersections between their own mindscapes and others. A PRM is a physical reality created within such intersection. Mindscape Owners are sometimes described as "energy beings" or "spirits" - but in the end, everybody of us is such a being. If a mindscape owner decides to enter a PRM, it is represented therein as a physical being (e.g. human or animal), but can also appear as a member of a plural system. A PRM is typically of much less dimensional complexity than the mindscapes which are intersecting, and the abilities of single mindscape owners within a PRM are very limited. A PRM is basically designed such that it can host the physical representations of the intersecting mindscape owners who reside in there as observers. The MoM hypothesis generally allows the concepts of reincarnation, past-life memories, future-life "memories", out-of-body experiences, fictionkin and other effects reported by otherkin community members. It emphasizes that earth is a place which is meant to communicate, recover, learn, teach, invent, inspire and be inspired. Also it postulates that our physical universe is continuously created by every being which resides therein, while still allowing the existence of gods which could be interpreted as highly skilled Mindscape Owners. Please feel free to discuss the hypothesis in this thread or ask questions in the comment section!
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    “My friend, if you can’t beat your problems eat your problems, that’s what I do as a dragon, tastes delicious!”
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    It all comes down to what you believe, but honestly, you could have been anything in a past life (in my opinion). I lived as Shadow the Hedgehog as well as a Dragon, so being Fictionkin as well as Otherkin is possible, as is being a Therian at the same time. I believe if reincarnation is the result of my otherkinity, nothing should really stop me from moving on from elsewhere, aside from a sort of spiritual barrier maybe. You could always look into other things that could make you have a separate kintype, such as psychological reasons or even alternate spiritual reasonings. Keep researching before you jump to conclusions on your kintype though--fictional characters are made to be relatable, remember. That's how you get engaged in a story. I recommend taking some time away from the source of your newfound possible kintype, then engage with it to see if that feeling remains regardless. Take your time, and good luck!
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    Alright, so kinda trigger warning? (Mental hospitals and past depression woop woop) Alright with that out of the way, I have met few public therians/otherkin face to face. But the first one I met, I swear I will never forget this chick as long as I live and breathe. A few years ago, I kinda freaked out after my life was kinda taking a tumble. I began to not want to live and became suicidal. Thankfully one of my parents caught be before I caused any real bad damage to myself. They did however send me to a mental institution where they hoped I would get better (and I did ^.=.^). Whoever ran the place really didn't organize the people in the hospital however. You'd have your fresh out of jail "I killed a man with this thumb" type of people mixed with your average suicidal patients and of course the good ol' crazy "if you turn your back to me I'm gonna try to rip out your hair" types. This lead to some interesting interactions. Of course on my first day I was nervous and a huge wreck. But the majority of us were all in for some type of suicidal behavior so I met a very helpful and supportive group of friends (hey if you're going through hard times right now, and you feel like ending it, finding some people that you can relate with and talk to are like a friggin gift from above). There was one person who joined our group off and on. I'll be referring to her as Scarlett since that was her wolf name and would flip her life if we called her anything different. Scarlett was in there since she attacked her family and people at school. She walked around on all fours alot, but it wasn't very graceful and often left her looking like a blind demon looking for their contacts on the ground. She held the record for most times put under sedatives to stop them from hurting anyone. Whenever we were let outside she would not let us come near a certain corner of the basketball court, she claimed it at her territory and was even caught multiple times 'marking' her territory (even though there was a very clean toilet not even 9 yards away). She tried and successfully bit me after I wouldn't give her my extra beef taco I had earned on good behavior. If she ever escapes and kills someone or something I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms. And with all of this running and biting and peeing in inappropriate places you'd think she slept like the dead right? Wrong! She would spend almost the entire night howling or barking or something to keep us all up. She would sleep a little during outside time and during school time. Honestly I get everyone expresses their otherkin or therian identity in many different and unique ways, but love of great dragon Gods don't behave like this! I might end up posting more stories of her since this stuff was just the regular daily routine, and I was in there for a few months with her ( I left before she did, I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years)
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    -Which communities they’re a part of (or if that’s too personal, how many they’re a part of) -What sorts of Therian media they engage with (social, forums, podcasts, etc) -This may be part of the basic questions, but if they have an overall positive or negative opinion of their theriotype(s)/kintype(s) -How long it took them from first learning about Therianthropy/otherkin to figuring out their ‘type (or the first one, for polykin) That’s off the top of my head, anyway.
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    Elders are members of Kinmunity who have made a significant amount of contributions to our site; and who have the tenure, reputation, and behavior befitting of the position. Along with the ability to apply for the position of Helper, Elders have the following abilities on Kinmunity: Elders can give twenty-five ratings per day, up from ten. Elders can give "High Quality" and "Low Quality" ratings. Elders have access to a special forum and Discord channel. Elders have a special badge under their name signifying their status. The "Elder" status is automatically awarded to users who meet a certain criteria. When it comes down to it, all one has to do to become an Elder is contribute to the community, have patience, and be voted in by your fellow members. You'll automatically reach Elder status once: Tenure You've been a member for at least six months and one day AND Contribution You've contributed at least one-thousand items of content AND Reputation Your reputation score is fifty or above AND Behavior You have less than two active warning points. Once you meet the criteria listed above, you'll receive a message from KinBot the "Elder" flag has been applied to your account. The process is automatic and nothing needs to be done by you or our staff team. There are a couple of unique conditions that would cause you to not automatically receive Elder status, and those are: You've been automatically granted Elder status before, and it was revoked by a staff member. (In this case, you wouldn't be eligible for automatic promotion again) A staff member of Kinmunity has set the "Elder Lock" status on your account. (In this case, you would not be eligible for promotion until the lock has been cleared)
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    Dont know how to explain it but for now I will take a break from the community. I am not leaving forever but temporarily. I guess the main reason is my anxiety problems which the cause of is not yet identified but I am so scared to say the wrong things at the moment, a main reason I dont really post anymore. I guess a other problem of mine is that these problems combined with my low natural self esteem also created the idea in my mind that I am not really a part anymore, people dont like me and so on. My mind is just under a lot of pressure at the moment and need to relax first. I dont know how long this break will be but I fear in worst case scenerio a couple of months.
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    Here’s some positivity for all of you! Each and every one of you are special, as we all affect the world in a good way somehow. If you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, remember that there is no one else like you in the world and that you’re fighting to become even greater each day, no matter how small that step is! Be sure to remember your strengths over your weaknesses, those strengths truly make you who you are! ^.=.^
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    I've always interpreted Yoshiko/Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine as angelkin of some sort. I'm aware that she is supposed to be a sort of parody of those who never outgrew their "edgy" phase, but it's not done in way that's too disrespectful imo. She shows a lot of signs of being otherkin including expressing that she is an angel since she was a child, insisting that her friends refer to her as an angel. It's really cute when they do recognize her as having her own beliefs because it makes her really happy and it just fills me with so much joy There is also a wolf therian in the Netflix original show "Glow." I haven't watched it yet myself, but I found this nice interview with the therian character's actress where she is pretty respectful (albeit uses some kinda off terminology) in regard to the character's identity:
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    @Charias Down at the left hand side of the footer there is a "Theme" option which lets you select your theme. To change the background image up in the header where notifications/PMs and such appear there's a "Change background image" option.
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    Obviously, we never will know exactly what an animal thinks or what it feels like. We're simply interpreting our perception of the world based on what we can research about other animals, and it is by nature a human experience; just one that questions philosophically what it means to be human or nonhuman, and interprets personal experiences as being like those of something nonhuman, for however much we know of them. People who experience phantom or "ghostly" limbs of wolf paws or bat wings have an obvious nonhuman trait that they can look up and research. After that, it's moreso a journey of faith and self-understanding.
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    I have implemented this as a bones shop item!
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    We as therians and otherkin should all know that the very survival of our planet’s nature and environment should be something very important to take care of as much as possible! Glaciers have been melting, flooding has become more intense, hurricanes are coming earlier and later in season, wildfires have been rampant, humans are causing another mass extinction, carbon dioxide has been increasingly warming the planet, coral has been dying, landfills are only getting bigger, and so on! Multiple warnings from climate scientists have been ignored by the government however, and it seems it is up to we the people to take care of it now huh? There are many organizations and ways that we can protect the environment, and ensure its survival and prosperity, even if it is just a small step! The time is now to make a step, because a few years from now, we may have wished to try harder. First of all, the proof!... Glaciers retreating and their effects on the climate and the world... https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/how-do-we-know-glaciers-are-shrinking?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products Fossil fuel effects on the atmosphere and global warming... https://www.climateactionreserve.org/resources/climate-change-facts/ The sixth mass extinction... https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/biodiversity/elements_of_biodiversity/extinction_crisis/ Hurricane intensity over time... https://www.neefusa.org/nature/water/increased-hurricane-intensity Our oceans in danger... https://nca2014.globalchange.gov/highlights/report-findings/oceans With all of the evidence stacked up against the denying of climate change and the future of our planet, it still happens! There are ways we as citizens of the earth can do to help, it doesn’t have to cost money either! As for ways to help!.... ^.=.^ Ecosia is a search platform that makes money off of advertising, and uses that money to plant trees, including in areas where specific species of tree are endangered, and in deforested areas!... https://www.ecosia.org/ World Wildlife Fund is one of the world’s major climate conservation organizations that focuses on the most endangered elements of our planet, and including our precious endangered species! They have a huge database on climate science and information on endangered species!... https://www.worldwildlife.org/ Consider volunteering at your local wildlife center or animal shelter! Cleaning up litter from beaches, caring for forests, helping out animal rescue shelters, planting trees locally, and participating in recycling programs are all wonderful ways to spend time helping the world around you! ^.=.^ Conserve energy! Turning off lights that you’re not using, using electronics and television less, not charging electronics too much, and not leaving your car running are all good and easy ways to conserve that energy! ^.=.^ Clean the water! Our oceans, rivers, and Great Lakes are all in danger from pollution and climate change! Maybe volunteering to clean out trash from bodies of water would help, however making sure trash doesn’t blow away in the wind also helps as well! ^.=.^ Use reusable bags! Plastic bags are one of the main dangers to many marine species like sea turtles, fish, birds, and even crabs! Use less plastic bags by buying reusable bags and using them when you go to the grocery store or any other store really! ^.=.^ Consider donating to places in crisis! With this coming summer, drought and wildfires can desperately hurt local communities, so maybe giving a small bit of change or spreading the word out to friends would be a major help to those in need during those critical times! ^.=.^ Buy locally! Big companies are known for destroying and reaping the earth of it’s resources! If you don’t have the money to buy local goods, there’s no need or pressure too! However there’s just something so very wonderful about home grown goods and supporting a local family in need! ^.=.^ Go out and appreciate nature! The world around us is very beautiful, and nature is very fragile and precious. Maybe go out and see the beauty that the world has to offer! Look at the sky, the ocean, your local tree, and even look below on the ground for critters! Sometimes we take the nature around us for granted, however it’s all very important in the big cycle of life. ^.=.^ Of course, none of these are an obligation, however it would be wonderful to help the world around us the best we can! For those who wish to make a difference, these are all some of the many ways we can educate ourselves and care for the very nature around us! For too long much of humanity has been destroying the planet and it’s life force for the sake of “prosperity”, and it’s time some of us make this change! What is your view on climate change? How can we stop the destruction of our planet by the rich together? Please tell me your thoughts below! Thanks for reading all! ^.=.^ ~Lunastre
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    Identifying phantom shifts?
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    I believe mental shifts are quite the spectrum of experiences. There isn't a single way of how to experience them, which accounts for the answers you have received. Really, the main thing it constitutes is: shifting into a mindset less human-like and more alike one's kintype. As long as it fits that criteria, I'd say it's a form of mental shift, so both of the examples you describe fit the bill, just on different ends of the scale. There's no lower or higher threshold for strength and no minimum amount of time it has to last.
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    Oh boy, welcome to plurality! Addy answered some of your questions really well. I agree with all Addy said. I'm sort of new myself, but I've spent many, many hours researching plurality and all its variations. I'll try to help you as much as I can, because learning terminology to help describe your experiences can be really helpful! From reading your blogpost, it seems most likely to me that Draculara is a soulbond, but you may also want to look into tulpamancy and tulpas if you feel like you created her rather than accidentally 'adopted'/bonded to her. I'm a skeptical that either of these labels fit my headmates, so I just call them... Headmates. 'Fronting' is indeed just who's in control of the body. You may also want to look at 'co-fronting' and 'co-consiousness'. Headmates who are co-conscious don't control the body, but may see the outer world and check in/talk with the fronter with relative ease. They may easily step into front. Metaphorically speaking, I like to think of the front space as a chair with a keyboard and microphone and motion controls or something to interact with the outer world, but the space is only big enough to comfortably fit one person. A co-fronter would have to squeeze in, sit on the fronter's lap, or each of us half sit on the chair, or else they would knock the fronter out of the frontspace. The conscious space surrounds the frontspace, and can fit multiple individuals in as they watch the outterworld and can talk with the fronter. While your headmate isn't fronting or co-conscious with you, you may still be able to "check in" and talk with them, like you're calling across the room to them, or telephoning them. I encourage you to check in and talk with Draculara about how she thinks of plurality, and how she thinks she's connected to you! Some headmates are very opinionated on the matter. Good luck! Feel free to ask us any questions!
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    As many people have already stated, fictionkin, otherkin, therian, etc is not a cult by nature. Tho kin cults DO exist and they tend to prey on young people who are new to the concepts or just figuring out their identities. That does not mean that every kin group or community you come across online is a cult. There are warning signs of cults, one being that they try to control the way you think and don't like you thinking for yourself.
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    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from playing video games over the years, it would have to be, let your imagination run wild! Imagination and creativity can change the world, and people, in so many ways, from scientists making inventions, to game developers creating stories and games that people will love for generations. Don’t be afraid to make new ideas, create stories, and think outside the box, as maybe you could change someone, a community, or the world one day~ ^.=.^
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    Hello, The best way to do this is to create a custom activity stream that includes everything you want to see, minus that forum. https://www.kinmunity.com/discover/?do=create
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    I had a really nice lucid dream this morning. First time ever, I was able to fly away from my old house without any anxiety of immanent desctruction. Also saw no planes crashing. And this time it lasted longer than usual, a few minutes I think. I was mainly concentrating on flapping my wings and gain height. Still a great achievement.
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    I appreciate that a community may require a diverse input from those who seek its growth..or even survival in this day and age on the web with its ever changing mediums. I for one appreciate this forum resource as I am not so fluent yet at using instant messaging. As I get my bearings here I will consider a small contribution towards the bandwidth and plugins I use and all. Corvid.
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    Thank you! I hope everyone likes the badges, because I’m really proud of em!
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    Sometimes when I thought I had it all figured out there comes something across me that begs further investigation. I did experience wingless dragonlike shifts before but never placed it with anything thinking it could have been my imagination or just from a known form. This seems a consistent thing what is not close to the dragonform due to the position my neck seems to lock into. The neck seems to be on the same level as the rest of the body where the dragonform has a clear neck that is not locked into that position. I was never really aware of an creature matching this. I thought of crocodiles or similiar but the limbs that are seperate tells otherwise. It seems more higher from the ground. When I drew the thing what seems to reinforce something that can look like a crocodile but isnt. That is where I came across Rauisuchus, a predator I was not familiar with at all but matched the drawing perfectly in terms of rough bodyshape giving me a clearer picture. The skeleton seems dragonlike but wingless. Megalania was something to consider too but the bodyshape is closer to this animal. The question from here now seems to be what is it exactly. Cameoshifts or something more then that. If that is the case then the question is could it be connected to the Godec kintype that is known to have forms that resemble Earthly extinct creatures with alien elements meaning a form that can be added since I am still not confident I have found all the forms that I used to have. I know I can confirm the current 6-7 forms but there is still a possibility it could be more then the ones I am currently aware of. It can also be like the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and at least be a seperate thing. Whatever the case is and turns out to be, I can at least put a creature to the shifts that I hadnt a idea of what it could be. Time will tell what the case will be in the end. For now I am not claiming anything either way. I was just looking to draw it on paper to put an image to them. It was more coincedence that I happen to come across this creature when reading about some extinct animals as I usually do.
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    Yep, exactly. Quite honestly, this article is not directed at people who have gotten to the point of eventual acceptance in their identity journey. It's more for people entirely new to otherkin, who may have come at it from the wrong information. I've had people try to tell me that there's no functional difference between someone who only pretends to be otherkin "for fun" (but doesn't believe anything about themselves is actually nonhuman) and someone who actually holds the beliefs they claim, and I've been told by someone in full seriousness that they confirmed a whole kintype within 5 real-time, non-exaggerated minutes of beginning to play an idle app game - and they couldn't understand why I thought them saying that was a joke. It's not an article meant for people who over-question, really, but to warn against the idea of 'don't question anything ever', which ends up simply as roleplaying rather than actually holding an identity. Just gentle reminders when you're starting the journey and are new and excited by everything. The extreme other end isn't good either. I don't believe endless, repetitive cycles of frustrating doubt are healthy either. The goal, I feel, is more to get to a place in your identity where you are comfortable with what you experience, and not so unsure that one question from someone can bring the jenga tower crumbling down. I believe the answer to that question can be as simple as "All I really know is that I have these experiences and I call myself an X, and I'm fine with not trying to puzzle every last detail out" - and that that answer should be acceptable to older community members.
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    I can't tell you how many times I've tried to use the mood indicator and there just weren't any that quite fit. We really need more options on there, such a melancholy, or it's sunnier counterpart, contentment. There's probably a ton of others that would be worth adding by I can't really think of them off the top of my head
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    Grabbed up some new gemstones! Some obsidian, fluorite, garnet and hypersthene! I didn't know of hypersthene until yesterday--it's so pretty and stripy! (Not my image) Look at it!
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    Historically, Kinmunity has been against the idea of trigger lists and forbidding discussion on an arbitrary basis. These lists are known to get long and illogical quite fast, and arbitrarily limit a community's discussion based on the needs of a few or one member. A study was done at Harvard last year in which it was found that trigger warnings actually do more harm than good for a person's mental well-being. The site does have ignore list functionality that can be used to block users who post content that makes you uncomfortable; and a user will never know that you have ignored them. I have considered the idea of adding a per-user configurable filter, but I ultimately decided against it because it could seriously fragment discussion and be detrimental to people's mental health. I hope you still feel welcome on Kinmunity and continue to use the site, and you can definitely reach out to any member of our staff team if you need anything!
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    I'd be interested to how many began identifying as non-human before finding out about therianthropy/otherkinity - maybe phrased as something like "Did you consciously identify as non-human prior to finding the otherkin community?" or something along those lines. Also maybe something like "Did you experience shifts before discovering otherkin?" with multiple choice answers of things like "Yes, mental shifts", "Yes, phantom shifts", "No, but I did after", "No, I don't shift", etc. to specify exactly what their experiences are with that. And maybe "Did you associate yourself with your kintype's species before awakening?" (this could probably be worded better but basically asking if they always had a connection to the species that is their kintype). Oh, also: "Have you ever misidentified your kintype/s?" with answers "No", "Yes, once", "Yes, many times", and "Unsure" I'll post again if I have any more ideas! (Hmm... it'd be cool if you could let us know what questions are already going to be included. I assume there's gonna be the typical stuff like "Are you otherkin, therian, both or neither?" and that sorta thing)
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    I came out as trans to a school counsellor and she was amazingly supportive!
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    There are nearly an infinite number of personal spiritual beliefs that are held worldwide to this day. Although personal spiritual beliefs are highly subjective and personal, the rules are hardly “anything goes” when it comes to spiritual Otherkinity. Otherkinity is characterized by identifying as non-human on a deeply personal and integral level in a non-physical sense. Most Otherkin generally share the same kinds of basic experiences. It is not so much the “what” of our experiences that makes all Otherkin different, but the “why”. For spiritual Otherkin, this “why” is answered by one’s personal spiritual beliefs. Otherkinity and Religion Personal spiritual beliefs may be a part of one’s personal religion or they may not be. Otherkinity in itself is not a religious belief. There is no religion that specifically mentions identifying as non-human in one’s current life as a physical human being. This is not to be confused with the widespread beliefs about reincarnation, as one can still believe in reincarnation and experience past lives, including non-human past lives, without identifying as non-human now. Otherkinity, Spirit Animals, and Totems It is important to make a distinction between these three ideas. Although similar, they are all fundamentally different, but similar enough to be confusing for many. Otherkinity, as stated above, is characterized by identifying as non-human. This identity is an integral part of the individual, and therefore cannot be seen as separate from the individual. A Spirit Animal or Spiritual Guide is a spiritual entity that is typically seen as one’s personal guide in life or spiritual matters. This entity is seen as a separate entity from the individual. Therefore, a spirit animal or spiritual guide is not one’s kintype. A Totem is a non-human creature that is used to represent an individual or a group of individuals, such as a family or clan. For example, the country of Wales uses a red dragon to represent their nation. A totem animal is not an integral part of one’s identity, and is therefore not a kintype. Finding Reliable and Relevant Resources There are tons and tons of resources and ideas regarding personal spiritual beliefs and practices that are available on the web today. Not all of these guides and practices are plausible, healthy, or safe, and many of them are either not relevant or may even be misleading when it comes to spiritual Otherkinity. Here are some tips on what to be wary of when looking at spiritual resources, and what to avoid. Avoid resources that claim the impossible. Many spiritual guides claim to be able to teach you to achieve feats that may be considered miraculous or outside of the realm of human possibility. But if it sounds too good to be true, then avoid it. Namely, avoid resources that claim to be able to teach you or guide you in physical shifting. Physical shifting is highly implausible given what we know about physics and the human body. Even magic wouldn’t be able to make it possible. Avoid resources that claim to be able to teach you how to “become Otherkin”. Otherkinity is an integral part of one’s identity, and therefore one can never “become Otherkin” through magical means. Be wary of resources that claim to be able to cause you to awaken. Remember that awakening is just the slow gradual process of discovering that you identify as non-human and discovering your kintype. The same goes for guides or techniques that claim to be able to “find your kintype”. Finding your specific kintype is normally a slow process of gradual self-discovery and research. There are no magical means for speeding up the process. Finally, be wary of groups or individuals who claim to be able to “read” your kintype or who try to tell you what your kintype should be. Otherkinity is a part of who you are. No-one, not even other people who are Otherkin, can tell you whether you are ‘kin or not or what your kintype is. Only you know what your internal experiences feel like, therefore only you can decide for yourself whether you are Otherkin or not, or what your kintype is. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and Meditation What these three techniques have in common is that they are all altered states of mind commonly used by Otherkin as tools for self-discovery and exploration. While practicing these techniques it is important to remember to keep a level head about what one experiences through them because they are states in which the mind is altered, and therefore heavily subject to the user’s thoughts and desires. This is especially true with lucid dreaming and astral projection, since the user has control over the dream or the astral plane. These practices are often used by Otherkin to aid their experience, whether it is for self-discovery or just for relaxation or the joy of the experience. However, because these experiences are heavily influenced by the subconscious thoughts and desires of the user, they are not a solid foundation to base one’s identity upon. Dreaming that you are a fox is not enough to make you a fox therian, and so on. Granted, Otherkin do certainly experiences dreams in which they are their kintype, but it is not the entire basis of their identity. Dreams in and of themselves are just a result of the brain processing memories while one is asleep. Dreams are highly symbolic representations of the dreamer’s subconscious thoughts. Therefore, always take things experienced in dreams with heavy skepticism.
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    I got my acceptance letter from the college I've wanted to transfer to, along with a scholarship
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    January. That time of the year when I feel most snow leopard. Any month in Winter tends to bring it out, but it always seems that it isn't until after the Christmas holidays here that the cold sets in proper here and we get below zero. Sadly there hasn't been any snow on the fells thus far but hopefully that'll change soon! That's when it really begins to feel like home. Many times smaller than the Himalayas, gods, nothing could rival the majesty of those mountains, but here is good enough for this floof living thousands of miles away.
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