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    !!!!~ I'm so glad for this thread!~ I made some art for my new DnD character, she's a paladin gnoll named Geizil Fungimaw~ and here's one with her scars~
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    As of today, February 15th, 2019, Kinmunity 2.0 is no longer considered to be in open beta. This means that the site is stable and secure enough for every-day use. It also means that most of the core functionality of the site that was available in the first incarnation of Kinmunity has been restored and is now fully operational! This doesn't mean that more features aren't going to be added to Kinmunity; we've still got a lot planned such as: Badges (redeemable (bought with bones) and awarded (like the old trophy system)) More KinShop items! Many more emoticons for different kintypes! Kinmunity Research Platform Survey tool that can be used by both Kinmunity's administration and approved academic researchers. Kinmunity's 2018 Alterhuman Community Survey will be hosted here. Kinmunity Analytics Gathering information to help improve the site, but WITHOUT sending it to third parties like Google. Privacy is awesome~ much more! With that said, the official birthday of Kinmunity 2.0 should be cited as 02/15/2019! Let's have cake!
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    I figured this would be a fun thread to give some recognition to the artists of Kinmunity, or to the wonderful art of all the peeps here! ^.=.^ Share your beautiful art!!! I’ll start, here is a drawing I did of Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria! Took three hours using just a piece of copy paper and a pencil. ^.=.^
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    Just some snapshots from yesterday to give you an impression how my week looked like... Business stuff, a lot of standing around at our exhibition booth, organizing stuff and talking to people.
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    I'm actually a freelance artist by trade, though business has been slow lately. I do mostly fanart, particularly of My Hero Academia lately.
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    Oh goodness, I doubt I could post an image of every one of my chickens, so I'll just share this photo of Storm with her chicks, (we've had many more clutches this year but this is likely the best photo I have currently.) The chicks have since all grown up healthy and the males have been rehomed to a sanctuary for cockerels. And also Kero my green-cheeked conure, who I don't have many good photos of on my computer so this'll have to do. She greets me every morning and asks people "What 'chu doin'?" at random moments. She has a passion for watching the washing-up being done (the dishes, to Americans), and mimics the sound of running water whenever you pour yourself a drink or turn a tap on. She's better at mimicking sound effects rather than voices as she'll often sneeze if you do and picked up the annoying habit of making the sound of when we scrape the plates clean in the kitchen. Less than pleasant on the ears lol I don't really see any of the animals with me as 'pets' though, they're my family, and I don't think I could see them as anything else.
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    I currently in the process of making my own dragon art dolls! Here is the progress I made tonight! ^.=.^ The heads and claws are hand sculpted from polymer clay and their bodies will be made of faux fur!
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    I took a snapshot of the sunrise today and sent it to my fiancée. She doesn’t have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn, but I like to share the experience of seeing the sunrise together. I love this one in particular because it looks like the glow is emenating from the tree!
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    My mom had a medical emergency at here at the San Antonio tea gardens, but we still took lots of awesome pictures! This one is my personal favorite. ^.=.^
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    I found an article about how having "imaginary" friends can actually be helpful in children and teens, and a sign of creativity in adults. Also, they don't necessarily mean that someone is at a greater risk of psychosis, there are other factors for that. If the terminology bothers you you might want to skip reading it. Personally, I prefer "internal friend" to "imaginary friend." It is not nice to insult your friends by calling them imaginary. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-03-imaginary-friends-childhood-affect-adults.html
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    My boy finally ate fruit!!!!!!!!
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    Thought this could be a fun thread for people to share pictures from their day. It could be pictures of anything; your pets, a walk you took, plants you're growing, something cute/funny you saw, selfies, a pic something you drew/made, etc! My snapshot is of this cute little guy I noticed out in my garden today! Seems he's made a home in a pile of sticks/twigs I cut off the hedge a while ago and meant to get rid of but instead just left them in the corner... well now I have good reason to leave them!
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    Sometimes I like to draw or color as a form of meditation to connect with my draconic and star sides. Heres one I did recently of a male dragon. He seems familiar but I'm not sure why.
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    Just starting this overdue study for my zhuard kintype. I could finish it today as I started it but...I rather not. Made the image small because it's a wip, though I most likely will be keeping the simplified processes for this. - A blurb: Ka'nar phase is a bipedal form that predates any human guises used by zhuards- and is still used. This is the smallest and the last of the true forms a zhuard is naturally inclined towards, and is mainly used in the presence of other non human bipedal creatures. The form was small enough to be 'diplomatic' yet intimidating enough in case of any altercations. The taiber'su only allowed the most esteemed zhuards take this form- and it is almost in their image-- almost. (I'm not going to explain the anatomy here but there's a reason for everything and differences as zhuards are not really creatures of earth..) So much to discuss, so little time.
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    Took the little dragon Averros outside to take pictures on the peach tree! It’s already growing tiny peach buds! ^.=.^
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    !! I made this guy a couple weeks back. He was a hybrid challenge I did (lesser grison, snailfish, kakapo w/ references to otters, turtles, sea monsters, seals) to get my gears going. It's just a very simple concept sketch but I love him way more than I thought I would and I'm fleshing out his species, final design, etc. The sketch basically is the final design, but only a base, as I'm thinking of adding a lot of variety within the species including sexual dimorphism and subspecies, so it's a good start and shows the basics / similarities of the species. It's not very impressive but I like it mainly due to all the ideas it sprouted within my mind. I haven't had this much motivation to create something in a long while.
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    I drew a friend of mine from back home, Lugia!!
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    Got to hold one of the macaws at my local botanical gardens! It felt awesome! ^.=.^ I also have to share one of the little dragon keepers I have, made by dragon-amulet on Etsy! He’s a special boi. ^.=.^ Also yeehaw! I am having way too much fun with this little cowboy hat! That’s why I live in Texas XD
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    Here are two snapshots from today's meditation walk. It's great to have places like this just around the corner of your house! Too many people were taking a walk today though, so I only had a few moments for myself. Nevertheless, those were enjoyable.
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    I had a birthday party for one of my hermit crabs today!
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    Finally finished this oil pastel drawing! I kinda messed up the wings (bees have four total and I accidentally forgot a pair). I'm not sure what I should do with it. I might just toss it into my art portfolio and call it a day or I might send it to this state art contest.
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    All I'm going to say is it seems very wrong to laugh at a girl who, if what has been said is true, is seriously mentally ill. Mental illness is not funny. It's a serious issue and should be treated seriously, even in casual discussion. I wouldn't laugh at someone for having cancer, and I won't laugh at this poor girl for whatever she is going through in her head. Shame on all of you who do so. Have a bit of empathy. Mental illness isn't a choice, and anyone who acts in an unhealthy manner because of it is a victim of their illness. They don't deserve mockery.
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    Went to my local botanical gardens and saw a lizard! See if you can find it! ^.=.^
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    For my driving lesson today my instructor had me drive us further up into the foothills of the Cairngorms, the nearby mountain range. We went up to this cool dam and reservoir off in the middle of nowhere. It was a really nice drive. The overcast sky doesn't make for a great photo, but it did make driving easier since the sun tends to be very low at this time of year and normally gets in my eyes. Can't wait til I get my license and can do this kinda thing all the time!
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    Winter has finally arrived in Alyth, Scotland... still, I managed to drag my lazy butt out for a walk, got very soggy from the snow (my "waterproof" jacket repeatedly fails to live up to its name) and saw some round floaty dinosaurs in the river.
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    I adopted a maine coon a few days ago named Loki, and he is so sweet, loves to be a loaf!
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    Here’s my rabbit Tally with his best friend Jaxson! They get along really well. Tally seems to think Jaxson is just a large, stupid rabbit.
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    I think I have too many pets to share photos of all of them.. as I don't want to photobomb this place, so here is the list of everything @Tivaran and I keep together: 1 bearded dragon, 1 halmahera blue tongue skink, 1 savannah monitor, 2 argentine red tegus, 2 crested geckos, 3 leopard geckos, 3 boa imperators, 1 woma python, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python, 1 white lipped python, 2 rottweilers, 1 cat, and 2 tarantulas. I'll share a couple photos~ Here's one of the tegus, Atlas The savannah monitor, Hazel My boa, Zaria The And my bearded dragon, Marcella
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    Here is my Fluffy potato puppy named Lulu.
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    Shifting is an integral part of being otherkin/fictionkin to a large portion of the communities. Though certainly not essential to consider oneself otherkin or fictionkin, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where it isn’t mentioned or discussed in some form. In this article I will attempt to go into detail about the various types of shifts often spoken about in the community, in a bid to educate and inform. Of those listed below, some are widely accepted, others are debatable or even outright denied. Note: Throughout the article you will see some terms with letters in brackets (e.g. (M)ental Shifting). This signifies the shorthand form of the term, in the case of Mental Shifting, this is M-Shifting. Methods of Shifting Voluntary Shifting: Some otherkin/fictionkin are able to voluntarily evoke shifts at will. Often used when one wishes to feel more like their kintype(s) be it in a certain scenario or just because they want to. Involuntary Shifting: The opposite to the above, involuntary shifts can occur for any number of reasons. Some are triggered by certain stimuli or emotions (.e.g a loud noise, a particular aroma, stress, elation), others have no clear cause and just occur out of the blue. Non-Shifting: Not a method of shifting, but most applicable for this section. As briefly mentioned in the introduction, though uncommon, there are a number of otherkin/fictionkin who do not experience shifts of any kind (not including those who consider themselves contherian, discussed later in this article). This doesn’t make them any less worthy of the otherkin/fictionkin labels than those who do shift in the slightest. It’s part and parcel of the many different ways that a non-human identity can manifest itself. There have been instances of those who once frequently shifted but one day find themselves not experiencing them anymore. Though perhaps disconcerting for the person involved, this doesn’t at all make someone “less otherkin”. Types of Shifting (M)ental Shifting: Perhaps one of the first shifts newcomers to the community will see mentioned, it is one of the more common types of shifting in the community. These occur when one takes on the mentality of their kintype(s)/fictotype(s). For example, someone with a canine kintype could feel more inclined to react by growling or barking than a human reaction, or become more preoccupied with chasing/hunting perceived prey. A character specific fictionkin will likely find themselves presenting behaviours and mannerisms far more in line with their fictotype than themselves. For example, wording, movements, reactions. Someone with an avian kintype may feel the urge to take flight when startled, even though they rationally know this is not possible. The actions are usually subconscious and not willed on (unless one who has the ability to voluntarily shifts) and not to be confused with merely "acting". They may not always be voluntary, but they are still normally fully controllable and manageable. (Ph)antom Shifting: Along with mental shifting, phantom shifts are by far the most frequently mentioned in community spaces. They can often tie in with other types of shifting (particularly mental shifts) or even provoke them. Much like the medical term of supernumerary phantom limbs, it is the feeling/sensation of having a limb or other (usually movable) body part which is not physically there or is different to the existing counterpart. Most individuals (bar character specific human fictionkin) have kintypes that do not closely resemble the anatomy of a human body and so it isn't surprising they can feel parts of them that are "no longer there”/are absent but expected. This can happen in two different ways. Sometimes these phantom limbs will overlap parts of the existing body, but feel and "move" much more like the limbs of your kintype(s)/fictotype(s). It may also be uncomfortable if the feeling interferes with other parts of the body. An example of such a case frequently mentioned is when this occurs with the jaw and teeth. In the case of phantom limbs such as wings or a tail, they naturally don't overlap parts of the existing body. They are completely separate from any physical part of your body, but this does not make them feel any weaker or less real when experienced. A common misconception I have seen is that one can actually 'see' their phantom limbs. This is not true outside of anecdotal rare cases of extremely strong phantom shifts (only the shifter would be able to see this much like a controlled hallucination). This goes the same for those who claim others have interacted with, felt or seen their phantom limbs, it is most likely untrue. They are not physical in any way. Side Note: In some parts of the community, particularly Tumblr, the phantom sensations experienced in Phantom Shifting are referred to as astral limbs instead of phantom limbs. This is not to be confused with Astral Shifting, which will be discussed below. (D)ream Shifting: This occurs when one takes on the form of their kintype(s) or fictotype(s) within their dreams (this may be from the beginning of the dream or entail a physical transformation). Though widely accepted as a form of shifting, it is vital to bear in mind that alone dream shifts are not "proof" of one's identity, as from a scientific perspective, dreams are but a product of the mind. Whilst some people do believe dreams have a more spiritual cause, even in these cases caution should be taken and dreams shouldn’t be the sole reasoning. After all someone could dream of being a flying rhinoceros, but that does not make said person a flying rhinoceros-kin no matter how much they dream it if they have no other "evidence" to base it on. Dream shifts should be held with heavy skepticism if still in the phase of discovery, lest one be misled. (Se)nsory Shifting: Heading into lesser mentioned shifts now, sensory shifts may not sound the most extraordinary of claims out there, but there has been debate over them. It occurs when an individual gains the sensory perceptions of their kintype(s)/fictotype(s). For example, someone whose kintype is canine may find themselves to have a better sense of smell than usual. On the contrary, someone whose kintype is a mole may find themselves with reduced eyesight. Bear in mind that sensory shifting can only occur within what is physically possible of the human body and it is far more likely that sensory shifting is due to subconscious focus on the senses in question than it is to be indicative of a supernatural power or a physical anomaly. (Au)ra Shifting: Seldom mentioned in the community, this occurs when one's aura takes on the shape of their kintype(s) or fictotype(s). Due to the nature of auras, this form of shifting depends on personal beliefs. Those who hold spiritual beliefs will be more likely to state they experience aura shifting, but even then it all depends in whether one personally believes in auras or not. For those who believe in auras, it is likely that those who can see or read auras would be able to notice the change and comment upon it. (As)tral Shifting: Like Aura Shifting, this is again dependent on one's belief in the astral plane. Quite self explanatory, this happens when one either voluntarily or involuntarily shifts into their kintype(s) or fictotype(s) in the astral plane, their non-physical astral body taking the shape. Much like Dream Shifting this will most likely be a visible change to the individual and/or others on the astral plane, as it takes place within those realms and is not a product of the physical body changing in any way. (Bi)-Location Shifting: Again, another of the types of shifting dependent on one's belief. The basic idea of Bi-Location shifting is that the spirit leaves the body and travels elsewhere to roam in the form of the individual's kintype(s)/fictotype(s). In that sense, it is most likely a form of OBE experienced, with the exception that the spirit body appears in its nonhuman form and that this takes place in the physical world as opposed to the astral plane. Bear in mind that this type of shifting does not mean one would appear visible to others in the area where their other body is roaming. Although some have claimed that indeed, their bi-located body is also physical and visible to others, no proof has been found of this and such claims should be treated with healthy skepticism. (S)piritual Shifting: Occurs when the spirit/soul shifts into the form of the individual’s kintype(s) or fictotype(s). Again dependent on one’s belief system. For some people, this may be a constant thing, or temporary. Has also been used in some circles as a blanket term for some of the above shifts (Aura, Astral, Bi-Location), which involve at least some aspect of the spirit or soul changing form. (C)ameo Shifting: This kind of shifting can manifest itself in any of the above ways. The key difference is that the individual experiences a shift that is not of their own kintype(s)/fictotype(s) and instead is of another non-human being. These can occur just once, or several times. Some people may experience hundreds of cameo shifts of different species and beings, others may experience cameos of a select few species, some may just experience one or two in their lives, if any. If one infrequently shifts into a particular being, but doesn’t feel they qualify as identifying as said being, then it could easily be a cameo shift. On the contrary, if someone is experiencing extremely frequent cameo shifts, then it may be wise to look deeper into things to see if it is a kintype or in fact is just a common cameo. (B)erserker Shifting: The name originating from the Norse Berserkers, this is perhaps, minus physical shifting, the most contested in this article. Berserker shifting in the context of the otherkin community is considered to be when an individual mentally shifts into their kintype(s), but to a much more extreme level. In such a shift the individual has little to no control over themselves and may do things harmful to themselves or others as a result. There are many people who propose that the term shouldn’t be used and that doing such inadvertently encourages others to behave recklessly or not seek professional help for dangerous behaviours. The general consensus is that if someone is experiencing what they perceive to be a Berserker Shift, then all other potential causes should be ruled out first to ensure there isn't an underlying reason. (P)hysical Shifting: In the vast majority of otherkin and fictionkin circles, anyone claiming they can physically shift will not get a welcoming reception. Physical shifting entails the individual physically changing into their kintype(s)/fictotype(s), much like the werewolves and other shapeshifters of myth. This is impossible for a number of reasons. To physically change into another being would mean the body would have to rewrite genes, change bone structure, move around vital organs (or even create/get rid of some) at an extremely rapid pace. Something that would be unsurvivable biologically, and certainly not possible by the laws of physics. Even if it were magically possible, it would likely be truly agonizing and life threatening to go through the change. With this in mind, always be wary of people who claim to be able to physically shift and stick to the belief that it is not possible until proven otherwise with reliable evidence. There have been plenty of cases of people building up small followings of gullible people to boost their own egos or leech from others. There is no special gene or magical book that can turn you into another creature. Non-Shifting Categories Non-Shifting: See above. (Contherian)thropy: The name derives from the community where the term was first used, but now is used in other areas of the otherkin and fictionkin community outside of therian groups. An individual is a contherian when they do not experience shifts, but instead are in a constant state of shifting for lack of a better term. The levels of non-human/human experiences stay constant and do not fluctuate. (Suntherian)thropy: Also known as Vacillant Therianthropy. Like the former, suntherians are also in a state of being "constantly shifted" but unlike the contherian, experience fluctuations in the strength and severity of these experiences. These may be very slight in difference to drastically different from day to day depending on the individual. It has been described similar to a sliding scale. Originally Written: January 2016. Latest Update: October 2018.
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    One of my friends is doing a DnD thing and they wanted to incorporate me into it(and I used my sona and not my kinself tho; I haven't really revealed that part of me to them yet>w>;; though I do incorporate aspects from my eldritchself(bird peets) and dragonself(flat tail) into it. But that's beside the point!~ ) So basically this skele-Litch wyvern character is trapped inside a human lookin skull and in order to get out they gotta have the cursed person carrying touch it multiple times.~ With a meme to boot~
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    I would like to know if there are any other artists here! Not just those who do drawing though, if you practice sewing, ceramics, or other mediums of art, I would like to know! ^.=.^ As for my art... 1.Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria... 2.Ceramic dragon sculpture I did about a year ago... 3.A rough sketch of me! 4.A fellow dragonkin friend! ^.=.^
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    Finished tinkering and soldering this LED cube today.
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    My brain's been stuck on questioning stuff today so I doodled a nimravid interpretation of my phantom body! Definitely fits better than a leopard... Also while I was drawing this I remembered a thing I experienced multiple times during meditation, back when I could easily visit my "inner world". Sometimes when I was roaming around I'd end up taking the form of something completely unfamiliar to me - short legged plantigrade quadruped. It felt... pretty odd to me because I was used to a leggy digitigrade wolf form. Even though the plantigrade form felt natural, and was a form I took without thinking, the way the legs were proportioned and the anatomy felt alien to me in a "wait but there's not even animals like this" way (I've studied a lot of modern animal anatomy because art!). At the time I kinda interpreted this as some expression of my spirit kintypes' form, since that's always been weird. But... man, I swear it was exactly like a nimravid. I'd never even heard of these things til today. It's a pretty wild coincidence if nothing else! Nimravids overall aren't very well-studied, but dinictis is a good match for my general body shape. It's not perfect, I don't think, but it's possible I could be a species that hasn't even been discovered. If I am a nimravid, that is. Or a feliform at all. Or... even have a third kintype. I don't want to jump to any conclusions here. It's hard but I'm resisting the urge. //rambling YEA ANYWAY ART
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    I got this little precious Brachypelma hamorii today and gave it a forever home. Now it is 1,5cm +/-. In 6 years or so it will have around 13cm legspan. Then I'll know if it's a male (lives 2-4 more years) or a female (lives 15 years more). And it will be bright coloured in black and red-orange. I love this little one. It's my second tarantula.
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    I am on the river for a little walk. So, greetings to all of you ^__^
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    It might not be considered normal, but it is reasonably common for people to have spirit companions that try to help out, though I've also heard of some spirits who were not so helpful. Keep that in mind and do not blindly follow any spirit. If it gets you in trouble then, "The spirit told me to do it," is never a good defense. However, it is not normal for them to look like they're physically there in front of you. That would be a hallucination, and it may be a sign of something more serious going on. If it's not physical, then it shouldn't look physical. That means you can't always trust that your senses are accurate.
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    I'm sorry for the multitude of photos, but I got to hold babies today and I'm giddy.
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    A commission I did via a artist to give a first ever impressio from one of my Godec forms. This is a form I do experience commonly and hopefully gives a good insight in how familiar and yet alien the forms can look. This is my lion form and the first one to be brought to life via art. I know people can be a bit confused sometimes at how it can possibly look.
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    Finally did my nails today, and it took about 4 hours because I have shaky hands, but hey everyone deserves to feel pretty.
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    Hello, This is planned for implementation in the very near future! Actually, it was just implemented as of 17:14 ET!
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    ok i cant fucking type right now because im so fucking dbshdsajhdas ok ok, i had this memory of looking out at the city standing on a balcony and i turn around and see this othr grey. we were lab partners or something BUT I FUCKING FOUND HIM IRL I AM SO HAPPY sorry for the caps and lack of grammar lmao i can hardly type at all vfvhfh i am dying
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    The herbs I seeded last Monday are all growing nicely This is oregano
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    Yes I draw. Mostly of my kintype (my avatar for example), but eh..I'll share some.... As far as other creative things, I write and I am working on audio files right now- my kintype has a bunch of calls,growls and such..
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    @Velvet Wings Welp, I said I was gonna keep this quick and simple. I meant to do that. But. I got a bit carried away. *flails in art* Hope you like!
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    I can't travel much right now, so it's been a while since I've been able to visit my true favourite place (the Canadian forest, especially around Northern Ontario)... I might still have some pics from my time there, not sure. But I do have a favourite spot a bit closer to home, too. There's this area of old woodland just on the outskirts of my town where I go walking sometimes. It's really peaceful and beautiful. There's also a few old abandoned houses near the entrance that are overgrown with plants. Very aesthetic!
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    This has been implemented. The new area is called The Tavern. Please set your date of birth correctly in your profile before attempting to access it.
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    I quite enjoyed the "grill me" threads, any chance of bringing that back?
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    These are my two little hyllus diardi girls from the jumping spider family. Finnja and Lyra. Finnja is about 1,2 cm and Lyra is 2 cm. They are very calm and friendly. Never agressive or threading. Very curious about what is going on around them. Always watching and enjoying their heating lamp and the crickets.
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    These are my rabbits,Hazel and Snickers! Hazel is a mismark black dutch that I got from a breeder who couldn't show her because of her white ear. Snickers is a broken chocolate mini rex that my mom picked out.
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