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    Oh boy, welcome to plurality! Addy answered some of your questions really well. I agree with all Addy said. I'm sort of new myself, but I've spent many, many hours researching plurality and all its variations. I'll try to help you as much as I can, because learning terminology to help describe your experiences can be really helpful! From reading your blogpost, it seems most likely to me that Draculara is a soulbond, but you may also want to look into tulpamancy and tulpas if you feel like you created her rather than accidentally 'adopted'/bonded to her. I'm a skeptical that either of these labels fit my headmates, so I just call them... Headmates. 'Fronting' is indeed just who's in control of the body. You may also want to look at 'co-fronting' and 'co-consiousness'. Headmates who are co-conscious don't control the body, but may see the outer world and check in/talk with the fronter with relative ease. They may easily step into front. Metaphorically speaking, I like to think of the front space as a chair with a keyboard and microphone and motion controls or something to interact with the outer world, but the space is only big enough to comfortably fit one person. A co-fronter would have to squeeze in, sit on the fronter's lap, or each of us half sit on the chair, or else they would knock the fronter out of the frontspace. The conscious space surrounds the frontspace, and can fit multiple individuals in as they watch the outterworld and can talk with the fronter. While your headmate isn't fronting or co-conscious with you, you may still be able to "check in" and talk with them, like you're calling across the room to them, or telephoning them. I encourage you to check in and talk with Draculara about how she thinks of plurality, and how she thinks she's connected to you! Some headmates are very opinionated on the matter. Good luck! Feel free to ask us any questions!
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    Heyo Amber. I haven't been on for a while but since you posted this to our mutual discord server I figured I'd drop by... I know that feel of having that tiny grain of doubt. It's not always there in such a way that I can feel it, but it definitely proves challenging. I both do and don't want to get rid of it as a finality in either direction seems scary to me. In regards to the spiritual contact with other dragons, or spirits in general, I can't really say if it's a help. After all, the grain of doubt whispers, they could all be elaborate creations of my imagination. To me it's sort of like dreaming, you don't know for sure if you are or not until you wake up. I feel I won't find in myself the cure for my doubt, it will come from another source...
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    This is so very fascinating, Drakmanka... I wish I'd have a similar starting point for finding out about myself. Have you actually considered that what you remember could come from more than one life, I wonder?
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    I feel exactly the same. I'd absolutely love to be normal and would do anything to be able to be. I'm thankful to have gotten to the point now where, after years of effort and hard work, I can put on a pretty convincing act of normality and can blend-in to an extent and easily befriend people (some people might even call my persona charismatic). But at the end of the day, it's only that--a mask, an act. There's still always that constant fear in the back of my mind of being "exposed" as the imposter I am. Of people seeing right through me and finding out the truth and then shunning me once more. And I hate that. I think a lot of the people wishing to be anything but normal don't really understand just how difficult a life it can be. And that a lot of them mistakenly think that normal equates to boring which just isn't true. You can be an incredibly interesting person but still be otherwise very normal! It's just so tragic that all these kids are being brought up to think that being normal is a bad thing. This is a very lucid point. Echo chambers can be incredibly dangerous. I make a point of surrounding myself with people that disagree with me (I think it's impossible to find anyone that does agree with you on literally 100% of everything anyway but I digress) as I think that that is healthy and ideal. Obviously you don't want to just entirely surround yourself with people who think your identity is false or anything, but you don't want to be surrounded entirely by yes-men either. Like everything in life, I think balance is key! As a physicist, I feel obliged to mention that the multiverse explanation is one of the problems I have with fictionkin along with not understanding how you could be and identify as a specific individual (especially one that hasn't physically existed and is the product of someone else's imagination). This is all obviously no problem if you take the psychological approach and think of it all as imprinting but I don't see how a spiritual explanation makes sense personally. As I mentioned earlier, I'm more than happy to be proven wrong but I don't feel like I'll ever have the opportunity for anyone to try and convince me due to fears of them feeling "invalidated" (god, I hate that word). I think part of that though is also the mistaken identification of beliefs with one's self. A lot of people seem to identify far too strongly with their beliefs and so mistakenly see an attack on their beliefs as an attack on them personally so view people disagreeing or being skeptical of their views as a personal attack when it's not. When I'm questioning someone and their beliefs, I'm not doing so because I dislike them or in an attempt to discredit and degrade them, I'm merely doing so because I'm a curious individual who tries to seek the truth and feel that I might learn something from them! I love everyone and you have to do a lot to get me to dislike you so there's no malice in it whatsoever. Yeah, and that's how it should be I reckon. Polite and respectful disagreement whilst keeping an open mind. I'm actually very pleased that you're skeptical--it's good to have someone with a different view to discuss things with. I do also believe that a lot of it is, as you said, a symbolic connection creating a feedback loop although the one thing that keeps me from seeing that explanation as sufficient enough in of itself is that I have felt the need to consume blood for as long as I can remember and long before I even knew what vampires were. So, as much as I'd love a purely psychosomatic explanation, I can't really explain how the blood thing could be a result of unconscious identification with the myths of vampires if I wasn't even aware of them at that point. Although, it's very possible that it has been further reinforced by them. But no, I welcome any and all questions and am glad we're not entirely on the same page on this one. The shit-talking humans thing is a big turn-off for me too if I'm entirely honest. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand it! But I don't condone it. I think it just puts us in a vicious cycle where each side justifies treating the other poorly based on the other's rhetoric. I don't think someone who isn't alterhuman and comes along to see stuff like "I hate humans, they should go extinct!" is going to become more sympathetic and understanding toward us but rather the opposite. Replace humans with any other group, i.e. "I hate Jews, they should all go extinct!" and you'll see just how repulsive such statements sound and how unsettling they are. I think it only serves to set people against us. I've been treated very poorly and even attacked due to my race/ethnicity in the past so such generalizations of people and justifications for treating them as lesser just feel obscene and repugnant on a very fundamental level to me. I think the onus is on us to rise above such rhetoric and set a better example.
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    @Ambrose I totally concur with what you've said! I do think this modern internet culture has resulted in the demonization of being "normal." Like you said, I sure wish I was, it would make my life so much simpler. I wouldn't have to constantly repress inhuman urges and desires. I wouldn't have to worry about trying to talk to others in a way that makes sense. I wouldn't have to be plagued by the sense of not belonging. Like, that's just the Otherkin things negatively impacting me, combined with the other shit in my life, gosh golly gee wiz I would kill to have a "normal" life where I could just be happy and be like everyone else. That sounds like a dream come true for me. Like imagining being able to just interact with other humans like I wish I could would be so amazing. But alas, I cannot, and I must work towards it as a goal. I'll never be able to reach it, but it sure is an admirable goal. But these kids these days are being brainwashed by washed up millennials and Xers who think the world is actively a horrible place, and is so oppressive, that being "normal" is a sign of being the "Oppressor." Don't get me start though on that, I won't shut up, but I digress. I will definitely say that there are youngsters who are so deep, and have genuinely looked into their hearts to figure themselves out. And let's be honest, with a critical eye, you can usually pick them out from the rest easily. But the others are using being "other" as a fashion statement. For lack of a better term, they're posers. They don't actually care about the pain, sadness, and sense of being apart with no way to get back that people who are "other" suffer, and not just Otherkin. Many people will pull the "But being young is the time to figure this stuff out." and yes, I will agree. But there's a different between claiming to be something without any actual depth, and questioning. I, wholeheartedly, think questioning is great! Like being honest enough to say that you're not sure is so admirable to me, because you're open to the possibility, but you want to learn more before you claim a label is very mature. Unfortunately these children aren't mature, think they know everything, and everyone else has to bow before them and their "reclaimed" meanings. I feel so bad for the few teens who have already figure it out, because they are lumped in with the others. And these quirkquestors, as I'm going to call them, are making the genuine struggle these true teens are facing seem two dimensional and hollow. I think this desire to be special is also contributing to this sense of "the world is out to get me, and anyone who doesn't agree is the BAD GUYS!" because they have to be right, and being wrong is something they can't comprehend, especially about identity. I know most of it stems from the fact that they want to be like the older generations, having a "righteous" cause to fight against. To go down int he history books are having fought for the "right" thing, and so they'll make up problems to fight for. This is very widespread in today's media, but you needn't look any further than Tumblrkin. They believe that they are the SOLE authority on what is good, and what is EVIL. Like I've mentioned before, I've been called a nazi for the stupidest shit, I've seen people called more evil than fucking HITLER for pointing out the hypocrisy behind many Tumblrkin. Like fucking WHAT?! And before anyone implies it, no it wasn't a troll. It was a 14 year old person with like 20 kintypes who then sent DEATH threats to them. The worst thing about it, is that we can't do anything without dealing with the cause of it, which is so much bigger than us. (I remember when fandom culture was sweet, and loving, and creative, and supportive. Look at it now. It's hell compared to what it used to be.) I definitely agree with you, certain opinions create the dread of talking about them, even if you would want to be wrong, because you feel like people will pull out the torches and pitchforks. Like especially Fictionkin. I'll be straight up, I don't believe in it, at least from a spiritual perspective. I can understand it from a COPING point of view, because someone CANNOT be someone else. It doesn't work that way, unless it's from a coping perspective. Fictional races or species I can understand because in the end you are still you. But I've never been given a well explained explanation of Fictionkin beyond "Well, Multiverse!" I think it's lazy and makes me roll my eyes because I know if I bring that up, it'll just turn into . Like get me to believe not try to guilt me or force me to believe, and I'll change my mind, but I can't say that because people'll assume I'm "invalidating" them. I don't believe in that term either, because it's such a loaded word, because as I've said before, if you are deriving your validation from others, then that is the problem here. I've said it before elsewhere, and I'll say it until I die, being in any echo chamber of ideology will never be a good thing. It's always good to have someone you completely disagree with on many things as a close friend. It makes you think about why you believe what you do. People asking me questions that made me pissed have, historically, been some of the most important questions to me. Even if I passionately disagree with the statements behind them, they have allowed me to know I disagree beyond the shadow of a doubt. You can't oppose something if you don't understand it. I'll probably be the first to admit that my belief structure is convoluted, complicated, and just plain bizarre, but I've accepted that some people will never accept me, and that's okay. I live for me and not for others, and as such, I don't feel the need to be defensive about it. Like if someone asked me about it, I'd do my utmost to explain it as well as I could, but I don't ever expect people to accept it, or even understand it. If they think I'm crazy, well, whatever, I don't care. Like, you Ambrose, I don't understand the who vampire thing. I think, in my opinion, that it's probably a psychosomatic response created through some sort of symbolic connection to the myths of vampires (excluding the supernaturally aspects, as you've noted) that's creating a sort of feedback loop in you. Does that mean it's correct? Not at all, but as of right now that's my opinion. And with all opinions I'm open to having my mind changed, but some things are just too ingrained in me to be willing to change for others without some sort of proof. But you obviously believe in it, and my confusion isn't going to change that. It's the same logic behind other things as well. I'm aware that I do love talking about myself, which is funny to realize now because as a teen I hated myself passionately, but I love when people ask me questions, I'll honestly answer pretty much any question as honestly as I can, because if people want to understand me then I feel flattered, and have my ego fluffed up, even if it's from a point of negativity. Like they took time to ask, they were thinking about me enough to do it. Even if it's just pure shit, I still get the ego boost because it's like, "I consumed your thoughts. You were inspired to be a jackass about it, but that means you felt something about it from me, which means.... I win." @LunastreDraconis@Amber About the whole talking shit about humans thing, it doesn't matter to me about whether or not they had bad experiences, or have PTSD about it. They are grown ups, and they are making the choice to act on those feelings, and broadcast them. I have been hurt by certain groups of people before, mainly women, to the point where it's hard for me to trust them at all. I assume they're all out to use me and hurt me, but as a grown adult, I recognize that is a dangerous point of view, and totally inaccurate to generalize in that matter. I have the urge to default to that, but I make the choice to not let my past continue to hurt me, and acting on that ingrained feeling won't solve anything, just make it so I'm hurting more. So, yes, I feel bad for them, but I still judge them for it, and will never just let it go. That may come across as harsh, but I've dealt with people using those excuses to be cruel to me, and I will never tolerate that kind of behavior. It is rude, hateful, and completely uncalled for.
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    To add to my original comment since I wrote it late at night and I was extremely tired, I am not usually skeptical of younger people in the otherkin community, since we are supposed to be an accepting group who are willing to help others, even if they are young. Younger kin need more support and advice now then ever, and I know when I was younger I never got that kind of support and advice about my identity, and it messed me up a bit. I know it can be hard to understand why younger kids can have outlandish identities, however in the end they are figuring out themselves, they need this support that we give to any other member, and in my eyes, shunning them away wouldn’t be right in my eyes. Not saying you’re opinion is wrong or bad! I’m just giving this input from my own beliefs and experiences! ^.=.^ Even still however, a lot of younger members are not ready to be questioned about their identities, or feel uncomfortable with grilling, criticism, and the like. Social anxiety and one’s own comfort zone ties into that, and sometimes questions aren’t welcome just yet, which I believe is just fine!... Another thing however, I know that many people in the community and even in the world have been treated badly by people, have seen the terrible things that humans have done, and have a general distrust towards people. That anger shouldn’t be put on all humans, however I can see where it stems from, having PTSD myself... While I know I have such an extraordinary identity, I don’t mind being questioned whatsoever, and I know to be civil and mature to any question. However there are many members in the community who are not ready for questioning, and I don’t put the blame on them one bit. Everyone’s comfort zone should always be respected when it comes to grilling!... ^.=.^ I’m not saying you’re wrong or invalid by any means! I’m just providing the extra input that I meant to put in the night I wrote that comment! Hallucinations can do that to you!...
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    Well your initial post didn't read offensive to me at all... I'm usually never assuming people want to be offensive unless it's obvious. If I even start to feel a bit offended (happens extremely rarely) I also start to think like "hang on.. did I really get this right?". I'm not easy to offend, haha. I'm not generally skeptic about youngsters in the community, but I'm trying to understand. It's quite natural that you've got to learn lots of basic things when you're young of age, and as an old geezer I try to help to the best of my abilities. Course there are youngsters who really don't want to learn at a given time... in that case, I fear there's nothing much we can do. I've also learned that some (not all) people easily feeling offended or even telling they "hate all humans" seem to have experienced extreme hardship and mistreatment from others, e.g. being abused, and seriously hurt. Oftentimes leading to PTSD. I'm talking about hardship on a level I never ever went through, and I don't even want to imagine for I'd be hurt by that alone. In that case, hate and the feeling of being threathened can be a defence mechanism. That's something I try to take into account. Of course it's still not OK to transfer that hate to others.
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    You’re doing very well questioning friend! Keep up the wonderful work! ^.=.^
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    Oh, this is a beautiful, sweet little thing! This brings associations of gentle colors, pastel or otherwise, dusk/dawn and soft things in general. I especially like the middle verse - "untwine" and "unraveling" and paws enveloped by sand. I also like that you've kept the rhyming consistent! It's a far cry from my own, somewhat chaotic, rhyming patterns ^^
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    I’m glad you feel at home here friend! We’re always going to be here to support you, me especially! ^.=.^
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    Since it's a kithtype and not a kintype, there's probably not much need to get worked up about it too much. And no one is one-dimensional. We all have different aspects to our personalities. I'm glad you found something that you relate with so well!
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    @Shezep Thank you friend, that means a lot to me, and I appreciate the understanding, and the support from you and the rest of the wonderful members of Kinmunity!... I will definitely share plenty of pictures in the threads when I get to certain places, and be sure to wave on the astral, and watch out for the I-10 construction.... ^.=.^ @Amber You’re constant support and encouragement always keeps me going, and I truly appreciate it. I’ll be okay in the end, it’s just a healing process that takes time, and mending of course. I greatly appreciate the support and I consider our friendship a true blessing!... ^.=.^ @Drakmanka Thank you friend, I truly do appreciate it! I believe going on this vacation will help me connect with my true draconian heart, and with the heart of nature as well, hence I am very excited to go! I’m certainly glad going to Southern California was a wonderful experience for you!... Also, it’s a pleasure to meet you here friend! Feel free to post in any of the threads! ^.=.^ Everyone’s continued support and understanding truly means the absolute world to me, and I treasure all of my friends here, with all of my true draconian heart and soul. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night! ^.=.^
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    When you make this trip, you'll be passing by my neck of the woods. I firmly believe, especially after visiting southern California last year, that living in this environment protected me from a lot of issues too. Being deprived of this place even for a week did damage to my dragonic soul. I mended partially when I decided to bring home a baby giant Sequoia. Watching it grow this summer has done things for me I haven't felt since I was very young, before I awakened. I hope coming here will help you as it has helped me.
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    I'm also not annoyed, only a bit concerned. I personally never experienced anything like you describe, so for sure I can only understand a tiny glimpse of what you've been making through. But as @Shezep said, you're impressively strong facing all this. Hence while being concerned a bit, I'm absolutely convinced that you'll make it through this! I'm more than happy to support you on this yourney, even if there's not much that can be done from remote. But maybe lending an ear and talking about things will go a long way...
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    Definitely a good sort of series on your blog. It really helps illuminate your general feelings, recollections, and information of you, and your original home.
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    OMG, really? XD
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    You won't believe it. I've read it.
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    That's what I call a dragon's spirit.. you're doing great, my friend! Your draconian heart will help you all your life! Don't ever deny yourself and don't think little of yourself!
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    amber. You're an Empath. That's literally the exact definition of what this psionic skill you've acquired amounts to in every sense. Empaths feel and sense the experiences of others around them as if they're that being. Some empaths are what's called touch empaths, where as you touch an object, you understand how it can be itself through its own will. Other empaths, understand the emotional bond between objects. You're basically, an emotional camera. Which absorbs and soaks up the energy imprints around you from other beings. You have shutters to control the effects, and zooming capabilities in how every being experiences their current or now moments. The successor ability to being an empath is a time sensitive. And the precursor to an empath is a realm shifter. sometimes, empaths are called dream walkers, because of their ability to paint accurate and detailed pictures, based on the photograph of another soul consciousness. Dream walkers usually experience their abilities in the astral while asleep. Empaths are consciously aware of their abilities more so than not. If you've ever heard of touch telepaths, an empath is an upgraded version of this type of mental communication. You're a part of the psy network now, amber. Not that there's one that presents itself directly through metaphysical means as of yet, but that's what's happening.
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    Sounds difficult, im really sorry. I know we don't really talk, but if you ever need someone to vent to, I'm here, studios honor.
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    To answer some of your questions, being plural has nothing to do with being otherkin. Some plurals can choose who they share headspace with, such as soulbonders choosing which characters they bond to, but for the most part its not something you choose. Some people are born plural, others become plural later in life. You are right about headspaces, in that its a place that exists in your head, tho not all plurals have them and not all that do consider it to exist within them. Some consider it to be an alternate dimension that their headmates live in, and they just happen too be connected to. These are also called inner worlds, soulscapes, or wonderlands. They can range from something as simple as one room, to something as vast as an entire solar system. Fronting is basically what you figured it means. It just means someone having control of the physical body. Theres also co-fronting which is when two or more people share control of the body. Draculara sounds like she could be a soulbond. If you want more information on soulbonds, I'm always happy to answer questions, or at least try to.
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    I love the vocalizations! Obviously I'm not a zhuard, but my species has a similar rumble-growl-purr thing.
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    @Amber Thank you! It’s definitely helped me a lot! No worries though, I am always sure to question each command and sign carefully, as each sign can be interpreted differently. I have my own free will and the Infinite Lord always wants everyone to make their life how they choose! ^.=.^ Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria doesn’t give me direct commands here, his commands are his laws I remember from the past! ^.=.^
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    @VelvetInteresting idea... @Charias: maybe a bit far fetched, but can you rule out that the "leopard" is some representation of a new system member? Good luck from my side, too, this seems to be quite complicated...
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    Alright, I suppose I'll try. Thanks for the advice. If my theory is correct im sure Bendy and I could find a way to kick that dickweed out for good. Either way, im certain whatever the reason for these dreams is interesting.
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    Fascinating, thanks for sharing! I'd be interested to know how this identity relates to your feelings for other marine creatures or dinosaurs... maybe a topic for another blog post?
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    Oh dear. Nice try, but I don't want to ignore this... however, I also don't really know how to help. In any case, feel free to PM and bother me with your stuff anytime if you like.
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    @Amber Well, you're definitely right about it being complex. I'm thinking of trimming it down a bit, somehow, but everything I've included seems really relevant and important to me. Maybe I could try to mention some things briefly rather than going right into them. My target audience would mainly be people who are questioning a 'kin identity themselves, but I feel like some of the stuff I want to talk about would probably be relevant for other people as well. I mean, I'd love if I could write an article that, in a more passive way, helps communicate to non-kin/non-community members that we are serious and sensible about this. Helping other people understand our weird little community is something I'd love to do. In terms of how I'm going to write it, it's definitely going to be framed in terms of my own experiences - i.e. from spending so long questioning, this is what I've learned and this is the advice I'll give to you, things I wish I'd been told at the start. I don't believe there's any rules that could be 100% useful to everyone. But I also think a lot of what I have to say would be useful to most people, since it focuses on things like self-acceptance, dealing with mistakes, how to be sceptical without being harsh to yourself, etc. I'd also say... what you wrote under that article reflects a lot of my own opinions about it. Like, scepticism and questioning are good, but there's a point where you have to accept your identity and experiences for what they are, even if it doesn't entirely make sense to you and even if there's still some chance you're wrong. We can never be "sure" of our identities. We can never be sure that what we feel is anything more than some weird part of our imaginations, but remaining in that constant state of self-doubt isn't productive. So I think it's important both to be sceptical, but also to recognise when scepticism stops being helpful and to instead focus on your present feelings and what those mean to you, regardless of why you have them.
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    Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can really relate to it and it makes me think about myself. Much of this feels strikingly similar to my kintype. I'm also not a god. Not at all, never was. There is no such thing as gods in my world. Also there is no such thing as infinite power. Monster? Well for me, it depends on how you look at it. I have a hell of respect of my spirit kintype. Yesterday in meditation I lost my physical body, turning into a plasma-like energy which would incinerate the world. I'm still confused about this, but it was me doing that, and a part of me is shocked about it. It didn't even feel bad. That's a true as hell monster. One would have any reason to be afraid of it or deny it. But it's still me, so I can't. The difference is that I never had to endure something like you have. I couldn't explain my kintype psycologically to begin with. I never had to cope with anything much (not that I know). I can now explain it all spiritually, but getting there was the hell of a trip.
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    This is so awesome, thanks so much for sharing! I should be more open to such "weird" things happening in meditation. It's incredible what the mind can do, isn't it? I mean, most people wouldn't even be able to imagine this, let alone experience it.
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    Dear Charias, thank you so much for sharing this with us. This is the reason why I chose to join this community. I am not scared. Honestly, not in the least. I'm just amazed and happy to have you here.
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    I've been following you since I came back (lol I was gone what, a week?) because you sound like me. Except I'm still like "I dunno???" In my case, it's four kintypes I'm really questioning. I'm thinking right now there are four consistent possibilities and the rest are my NUMEROUS cameo shifts. Four or three, depending on if I figure the two similar ones are actually the same thing. These would be double-crested cormorant and anhinga (the original two, and extremely similar to the point I suspect I may be just one) but now with what I'm thinking is grizzly bear and a type of non-avian dinosaur not yet specified. LOL that makes it sound like I'm getting diagnosed with a mental disorder. NAD-NOS. Well, I suppose we're all crazy here. But these additions are based on all the signs I've had for years but frankly ignored due to only wanting to have one possible identity. I was reluctant enough to add the anhinga to my list of possibilities.
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    @Cipher Yeah, my family doesn't hunt either so it's gonna be interesting learning! It's not a big part of our culture here at all. I don't think I've ever met someone in the UK who actually hunts? Which is surprising because there are a lot of invasive species here and they're all good game! Rabbits, hare, squirrels, pheasants... all sorts really. One thing I was surprised to learn is that you don't even need a permit to hunt some animals here, just the land-owner's permission. Most native species have specific hunting seasons, but the main game species are all non-native or wildly overpopulating, so a lot of them don't actually have hunting seasons. Since they're considered pests, you can take them year-round. Beyond that... I'm not sure how it works with large game since you'd need a real gun for that and those are... very much not something that's easy to get hold of here! But for small game you can use an air rifle, which you don't need a licence for. Also another thing is it's illegal to hunt using alternative weapons like bows/crossbows here (I think for ethical reasons?). But yeah, it's literally just buy a decent air rifle then find some farmer who's willing to let you hunt on their land. The main problem I'm facing is that I'm not sure where I can go to practice... eh, I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it though! Fishing is similar in that you just kind of buy a rod then find someone who'll let you fish on their land. There's a few species that are restricted and you need a license to catch (salmon, for one) but with most common freshwater fish it's just a matter of knowing when the open season is, and knowing how to identify the different types so you don't take something protected, restricted or out of season. Fishing the ocean is pretty much the same (I'm not sure I'd do that personally though! Plus like, I don't have a boat and I'm not planning on getting a boat lol).
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    I would like to switch to a local/personally-hunted meat diet myself. I wouldn't mind farmed meat if it was from a local (ie, not factory) farm/butcher or like, if I raised my own chickens and used some for meat myself kind of thing. However, my family never grew up hunting or farming (beyond a veggie garden in the summer) and we've lived around pretty annoying/not-good-people who hunted so it would be a big learning curve for me (on the upside, I know plenty of people in the area who hunt). Personally though I would like to bow hunt rather than use a gun. How does hunting work in the UK? I know here in the US everyone just goes to DMV or the local game department for their fish/game licenses but then they can just go buy a gun at the outdoor sports store and get on with it during hunting season. How does it work for you?
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    I wish I could like a comment more than once, haha! But honestly. I'm so sure of my identity and have been for a LONG time, yet somehow convos always went like this: Me: Ah, phantom wings, what a life! Person: Ok birds have wings are you sure you're not a bird? Me: Yeah, just scroll through my account and see all the times I debunked that. Besides, birds don't have [insert very specific alien anatomy that is only found on banshees] which is something I consider very important. Person, ignoring me and frantically Googling 'winged animals': ok and what about...... pterosaurs?
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    Yeah, I get that sometimes too because of my specificity as Lucifer. When I talk about my phantom shifts, some people have asked things like "harpies have a similar shape, have you looked into them?" or "are you sure you're not a dragon or another mythical creature like a griffin?" Fortunately, I'm in a very comfortable and relaxed place with my identity most of the time, and I have a ton of writing about myself that I have saved. My answer to that "are you SURE you're not [x]?" question tends to be an easy dismissal. I usually say something along the lines of "That would be nice and simple, but while I do love dragons, that's really as far as it goes and no deeper." Because dragons, for example, just aren't me. Have I done meticulous research on them and compared them to my experiences? Eh, no, because I feel I have no reason to. If you don't feel anything towards a certain animal and clearly don't identify as it, that should really be all someone else needs to know. Just a "meh, interesting, thought about it, not me." I haven't really gotten push-back after that. I've got plenty of other experiences and detailed things that just keep building and building throughout my life, and I find that when people ask me the most basic "are you sure" questions, it's dull. Like y'all, I've long since moved on from that stage of questioning and you're still hung up at the beginning.
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    Now that's really an adventure, walking one mile through the night, first-time flying... Wow! I'm glad you didn't regret your decision! Yeah, it's not the first time I hear about this helicopter parent thing. You really sound like you broke loose, hope you enjoy your new freedom!
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    That sounds great! And like a big adventure, too! Hope it'll all go well... don't be concerned about the flying BTW, I always found it fun. I only recommend to be at the airport early. If you don't know the procedures, you might be glad to have an extra hour.
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    Hell yeah dude! Happy you’re able to move out and be in a better situation.
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    That's awesome news, I hope the move goes well for you and I'm sure you'll have a great time in Las Vegas!
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    Interesting. I can relate to what you feel about past lifes. Given how old my own soul feels, one would expect that I've led many past lifes, but I can't (yet) clearly remember any. At the same time, it seems I was born to this world with certain abilities and goals which have led me through my life, and apparently have sent me onto a certain path. It seems that I only "remember" what is needed to fulfill a certain task here, and I have the feeling it was me who set myself that task.. learn about society and technology, check if it's dangerous to the planet, learn what can be done about it.
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    @NoPetalsLeft well, we'll see how the poll goes, but thank you for the input!! I'll be sure to keep it in mind. Also I feel you with the anxiety.
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    Hello Amber, it's me again! Hope you don't mind, I genuinely enjoy debating with you, even though neither of us are going to change our stances anytime soon, but it's always interesting to see how someone else thinks on matters of philosophical theory! So here I am! I don't really participate in Therian discussions, as I'm not a Therian, and I think very... differently... than most Therians, so I figure it would be a waste of my time to try to just watch these days without participating. So I didn't see the original conversation you mentioned, so I'll just be talking from my own observations. I personally think that shifting is a human only phenomena, solely because we don't have any evidence that non-human animals have the same sense of self-awareness that humans do. I would actually be most likely to accept dolphins, and maybe whales, close to that subject as they are intelligent, and have complex forms of communication and language. But I do believe a sense of self-awareness, and language are the cornerstones of sapience. Yes, non-human animals are sentient, but I don't believe they are sapient, and as such a divergent sense of identity just doesn't seem logical, nor realistic, in my opinion. If it did show up, it would mean a sense of complex understanding of self versus others, individual identification, as well as the ability to communicate the difference. Perhaps our differences in opinions result from the different beliefs we have towards language, and communication. A species that cannot communicate complex thoughts to others just isn't self-aware to me. One needs complex language to be able to think to oneself. Think of feral children, if they aren't found young enough, then they'll never be able to assimilate back into society because their brain can't comprehend the complex languages of humans and how to communicate. So yes, thinking without language would be fast, it wouldn't be very specific, and wouldn't allow for abstract thought, which is a sign of higher awareness, and sapience itself. A good example would be death. Animals don't understand death like a species that utilizes language would. They avoid death because biology tells them to. Perhaps, (A very hard perhaps) individual examples of animals might show signs of understanding far different than their average counterparts, but that hasn't been proven. Humans (and by extension any other truly sapient species should we come across them in the future) can think about the abstractions of death, about the moral and philosophical quandaries of death. Yes animals have been shown to mourn, but the communication needed for that to become self thought isn't there. That isn't to say that animals are inferior to humans, because that would imply an outside, objective scale of worth towards humans, which as far as we know just doesn't exist. Humans are not better by nature of being humans, but by the fact of our sapience, that does make us more advanced socially. I think romanticizing animals in harmony with the environment is a bit of a fallacy, because any species will take full advantage of the environment it finds itself in, to the point of killing all other species in their ecological niche, and destroying the local biome. And this isn't forced by humans, the only reason isolated biomes have a sort of harmony, is that multiple species are predating upon each other. It's less harmony, and more just structured destruction. (a paradox yes, but I find those fun) Also, I find it really intriguing about environmental protections that most world powers are actually the best at it, considering that people like to claim first world countries are the worst. It's countries like India, and China, places people like to act like are the best at it, that are the major pollution and environmental destruction centers. Modern culture is actually very concerned with environmental protection, as well as animal conservation, with a few outliers that are just more noticed. Look at how people react to animal abuse, very violently in most cases. Yes, most people in modern countries aren't going to give up their comforts on a crusade for the environment. Yes, that's good and all, but as far as people are sure of, they only get one life, and wanting to live it comfortably is, in my opinion, understandable and quite acceptable. I, personally, think that intelligence is worth its prices. We are coming up with beautiful tech to save the environment. We are beating the capricious cruelty of biology with science, medicine, and social awareness. Children, both human and animal, can live lives happily when without intelligence to create these solutions, would have died either in the womb, or as a child. We can raise a child with disabilities, again both human and animal, that animals would have left for dead, with love and make their lives happier, and less painful. We save animals that we find and give them lives of peace and love with no real expectations except to be loved in return. Most people will save their pets over people (human and animal) who aren't a part of their family. Most humans consider their pets their family, and will spend a lot of money making sure they are happy and loved. Scientists and veterinarians spend their time, energy, and money, coming up with ways to save animals, to care for them when no one else will, which is something that barely any animal would be willing to do in the wild. Almost all cross species friendships are not in the wild, and occur only because humans give these animals lives where they can seek happiness, not constant survival. Whereas animals will just abandon the sick if they aren't getting better. Weak and sickly babies will either be abandoned, or killed to make room for healthy children. Animals that don't fit the mold die just as much from their own species as other species. Look at swans, they will drown the babies of other water fowl to make sure their children have a better chance of survival. Animals aren't perfect, and are in fact, much more cruel than humans by and large. Yes, humans can be evil, and it does mean more because it's a choice, but evil humans are not as common as the cold brutality of animal nature. The rampant romanticization of animals is, to me, naive, considering the kind of acceptance that Otherkin (As a whole) claim they want to receive from humans would never be given by animals. If an animal were to experience shifts like that of Otherkin, then they would be shunned, and probably die, or go insane if they were truly aware. Humans are in a lot more harmony with animals than people give them credit for. Again, I like discussing this kind of thing with you Amber, because you have such a different frame of mind than I do, and it's always intriguing to me.
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    @Amber Thank you for the reply, as well as for answering my questions. I stand by my comments, but I completely understand where you were coming from now, so I apologize for my passive aggressive, (and pissed) tone, I am used to having to defend myself against attacks on my character through horrible accusations, so I have built up an automatic defense system when I get upset about things of that nature. I tried to keep it calm, but when I'm angry, sometimes I can't tell if I'm staying calm, or letting my anger through. And about mod replies, now I know, so I'll know if you are! I mean, hopefully, something like this won't happen again. But let's be honest, it might, but I'll definitely try to swear less in the future. (I swear like a sailor in person, so I restrain myself a lot here, but sometimes it slips through and I don't even notice it) Like I said, everyone's allowed to live their lives how they desire (as long as all parties are consenting, and no one is getting hurt without said consent) I am just a firm believer than no one is obligated to believe others beliefs. I did read your theory, @Amber it was definitely interesting. Like I mentioned, definitely brings to mind our mini debate about consensual reality. It is actually really intriguing to me how we both have similar theories, but our seem to go in two different directions. I think that's a fascinating show of different of perspective, and the funny thing is that both of our theories could be correct, or we could both be so off the mark that it'd be comical, but it still shows the inherent difference between two people. But I appreciate us being able to discuss those kinds of things from an open, and engaging, point of reference. And don't worry about replying fast! I was just hoping that you'd like it. I was actually really surprised where my notes ended up going. Before I posted these, they were a small collection of notes (Mostly just words and names of powers and items) and some vague ideas I had, but I had oodles of fun coming up with new ideas, and the formatting was uber cool to do! I will mention that each clade, and especially each race, is based around certain flaws, and mental illnesses or disorders. Not a one for one, but inspired by and created around the idea. Consider them all with great pros (Power) and great cons (Most likely agonizing deaths, and insanity brought about by the stress of power and lack of humanity [I use that ironically but in regards to the lack of grounding they end up having]
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    Oh dear... now I need to try and calm the waves myself. So actually, my previous post was not meant as a mod post at all. If that would have been the case, I'd have referred to the site guidelines. I would have probably posted the same as a regular member, although I'll admit that I felt even more like I should do so having my mod role in the back of my head. Let me shortly explain my intention. First of all, I'm sure that everybody of us has high interest in improving the public reputation of the otherkin community. And that, as I said, absolutely includes us demonstrating to express and openly discuss controversial opinions and beliefs, as well as actively questioning our own beliefs. Public blog posts like this one are a fantastic way to do so! Now, I personally prefer to do so in a calm and open manner and environment. In other words: I'm not a fan of ranting at all. So, reading through the comments, I felt quite some tension coming up and I feared that this might escalate even more. So I actually only meant to ask everyone to calm down and not use exaggerate language. Without actually wanting to offend, blame or attack anyone. I now think it would have been better to explain this a bit more in the first place, and my use of the term "abusive language" was probably wrong. I sincerely hope this statement cleared things up. The fictionkin related part of my post was really only to express and offer a different opinion on the subject, and pointing to an already existing thread to discuss the thinking that led me to this opinion. Nobody is in any way obliged to discuss it, agree to it, or read it, by any means. Also I don't at all intend to shut down anyone's opinion - instead I'm absolutely encouraging everybody to freely state their opinions and beliefs, as said above. That especially includes you, @KnightFenrirWulfhart. Like many others on this site, I find your experiences and opinions extremely interesting. Please continue to state them. I perfectly know that you respect different beliefs and opinions - so do I. Finally, I don't have any problem with long texts. I'm sorry if that impression has come across. I know that oftentimes there is much, much thought put into such texts, and I enjoy reading very much. I've read the Supernal Beasts post already with just the same fascination as your other posts, @KnightFenrirWulfhart, and I did have a few questions that came to my mind... sadly I didn't find the time yet to formulate a comment. I'll probably do that next weekend. I hope I could make myself clearer a bit... I'm looking forward very much to further discussions with all of you!
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    I used abusive language in my replies? Where? I wasn't aware of doing so, sorry, but I apologize if I did. That wasn't my intention. And great, thanks @Amber, I'll check it out! As I said, I have no inherent problems with fictionkin and find it all explainable from a psychological perspective, I just have yet to hear a spiritual explanation that I find satisfactory and coherent. And I still don't fully understand how you could be someone else. I'm more than happy to discuss it and learn more. When I say I am skeptical, I don't in any way mean that I think they're all lying or delusional or anything of the sort, only that the concept as I currently understand it doesn't make sense to me. I'm always more than happy to be proven wrong and shown otherwise. I actually enjoy it. Shows me that there's always more to the world beyond my current understanding and more things to find out!
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    So, I don't want to add another wall of text to the pile... I understand this is meant to be a rant, but could we lower the emotion here a bit? After all there is no need to express one's opinion using abusive language or capitalized wording... Last but not least since this is a public blog. My current opinion about fictionkin is different from yours. I know the concept may be difficult to wrap your mind around, but I've read very interesting and valid reports from some fictionkin experiences. And I think that it is indeed possible, yet complex, to construct a coherent Multiverse hypothesis which basically explains the existence of fictionkin. I have put quite some thought into a scientific-style description of such, also to explain my own experiences. I'm actually a bit sad the general fictionkin community doesn't seem to have invested that level of thought, at least not as far as I've seen. My idea relates to philosophy, quantum physics and physical cosmology; if you'd like to discuss it, I'd like to invite you to do this here.
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    I have to say that I completely agree with your rant. Obviously you want to remain considerate of others' identities and remain open-minded....but not so open-minded that your brain falls out. I hate how being skeptical or not agreeing with someone's beliefs automatically makes you a backwards and bigoted buffoon. I don't get it one bit. If we don't discuss things and expose ourselves to other ideas then how are we supposed to evolve and grow as people and move closer towards what is the Truth? If we can't have opinions or hold our own beliefs (having to agree with everyone else's kind of prevents you from having your own definitive ones) then how are we even supposed to function in life? Obviously we can never prove anything with 100% certainty but you have to act as though some things are true regardless of whether or not they can be definitively proven otherwise you have literally nothing to go off of in life. I feel like especially with a lot of the new and younger folks (although that's a generalization as there are some very intelligent and sincere young people around), their identities aren't genuinely held. It's more like a game, a fashion accessory (like they expect me to believe they've put enough thought and contemplation in to truly identify as twenty different things?), or roleplaying. I feel sorry for them that they feel the need to pretend to have a non-human identity to be adequately interesting and special enough but I don't think that blindly unquestioningly accepting them helps them either. I think giving them the opportunity to question their identities and why they have them is more beneficial as there's an underlying problem there that needs to be addressed and that is that there's no problem with being normal! Being normal is great! I sincerely wish I was. I feel like there's a huge pressure on kids these days to be unique and special and that being normal is looked down upon and that's partly why so many of them are driven to identities like these. Being surrounded by people who do nothing but validate you is dangerous. Of course, we should still treat each other kindly and respectfully but there's no reason why you can't do that whilst disagreeing! I'll fully admit I'm quite skeptical of fictionkin as I don't really understand it but I'm more than happy to be proven wrong on it. I'd love to have a discussion about it and have someone explain it more in-depth to me but I feel like I'd get crucified if I ever was to voice my skepticism on it. As an example, I must admit that I was initially rather skeptical of you @LunastreDraconis but I am glad to say that now after hearing you talk about it and reading your posts and everything, I have been convinced that you are indeed genuine even if I do still have a few questions. And I personally don't see a problem with that. People change and our opinions change too. I know I also have a very unusual and outlandish identity but hold nothing against anyone for being skeptical of mine (frankly, if I was you people and someone claimed to be a real life vampire, I would be incredibly skeptical too) and I completely understand why they would be. So I welcome any questions anyone has about my identity and would hope that everyone else is the same. I don't like getting attacked just for questioning things and don't think that's the right way to have things. It's also incredibly unproductive. For example, let's say someone is very skeptical of my identity. If they are too afraid to question me then they're just going to remain totally unconvinced and unbelieving. But if they feel like they're allowed to question me then I then have the opportunity to quell any doubts they may have and explain things to me which could end up convincing them of the validity of my identity. Much better outcome if you ask me. So I feel like there isn't really anything to lose by encouraging questions and conversation.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you Knight, we should not all be obligated to believe everything someone says about their identity. I know I have a bit of an outlandish identity, however I don’t expect everyone to believe what I believe, and that is just fine, each to their own. Everyone can believe what they wish, and that’s totally okay! However I do have a problem when others lash out at me when I ask them something or disagree with their opinion and identity. I am always open to civil debate and discussion, and I will always be mature to any question, even if someone is trying to get a rouse out of me. The mindset that “We have to believe absolutely *everything* in the otherkin community” kind of misses the point of introspection and questioning in of itself honestly. I don’t think you are being a “jerk” or being “rude” when giving constructive criticism to an idea in the community that others believe. We all can believe what we want to believe, however that also means respecting when others don’t believe what you believe.... I think the fine line is crossed though when constructive grilling turns into aggressive grilling, and people are just being plain out ignorant and mean to others when doing so. As long as that doesn’t happen then things should be okay!... ^.=.^
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