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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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    As of today, February 15th, 2019, Kinmunity 2.0 is no longer considered to be in open beta. This means that the site is stable and secure enough for every-day use. It also means that most of the core functionality of the site that was available in the first incarnation of Kinmunity has been restored and is now fully operational! This doesn't mean that more features aren't going to be added to Kinmunity; we've still got a lot planned such as: Badges (redeemable (bought with bones) and awarded (like the old trophy system)) More KinShop items! Many more emoticons for different kintypes! Kinmunity Research Platform Survey tool that can be used by both Kinmunity's administration and approved academic researchers. Kinmunity's 2018 Alterhuman Community Survey will be hosted here. Kinmunity Analytics Gathering information to help improve the site, but WITHOUT sending it to third parties like Google. Privacy is awesome~ much more! With that said, the official birthday of Kinmunity 2.0 should be cited as 02/15/2019! Let's have cake!
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    Dear friends, today it's been exactly six months since I joined Kinmunity. Six months of self discovery, learning, sharing experiences, and mind changing. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you. Everyone reading this, thank you so much for being here! You make this community the fantastic place that is is, and I wouldn't want to miss a single one of you. When I took the decision to join, I really didn't know what to expect. If you've read some of my other posts, you'll probably know that I've been hiding my non-human identity from family and friends, both irl and online, for more than two decades. So joining this site was quite a big step for me with a lot of questionmarks. Would the community accept me for what I am? I knew there were many dragons, so being a dragon would be accepted no problem. But what about an ancient dragon guardian who protects earth, has a quite critical view on human society, is as old as life itself, and whose existence is bound to life? A practically immortal astral-spiritual being? Would that be accepted? And if it was, would I feel comfortable within the community? Would exposing my identity feel right in the end? How would it be influenced by doing so, would I change? When I joined, I first gave only basic information about my identity and didn't talk much about the guardian dragon stuff. But I quickly saw that everybody was very friendly, open, and welcoming, so after a few days I decided to go fully open. I felt the community deserved to know me as good as I happen to know myself at any given time. In the process, I found that I was accepted for being true and honest about what I am, for telling what I know, but also what I don't (yet) know. I even found members with very similar experiences. So, how did it feel? Being accepted, just for what I am, although having told about all this? Being able to talk about myself, to be myself, without being faced with incomprehension, without people laughing at me or calling me invalid, childish or mad? Being able to talk to others who identify as non-human, just like me? Wow.. just wow. It felt totally awesome, and it still feels that way. Also I found many, many things I didn't understand. I was thinking: "Whoaa, a wolf! Haaa, this is the first wolf I ever talk to, it's soo exciting! Hang on... people can have multiple kintypes?? What is a soulbond? A tulpa, never heard of that? A plural system... what kind of system are we talking about?? Oh, so there can be multiple identities sharing a physical body? No way.. hey, that's super cool! How does it work? " It went on like this for a couple of weeks. There was no shortage of amazing findings. At the start I was overcautious and I needed a while to get on speaking terms. But then... then the time came when I spoke to the first dragon I ever met in my life. Soon enough, I spoke to many others. It's... hard to describe what that meant to me. Here' what my mind told: "Oh-my-dear! I'm talking to... other dragons . And they're not bots, they are not role playing, they don't joke. They're serious and they are valid, just as serious and valid as I am. They are real. " That was an incredible feeling. It was a breakthrough, and it gave me tears to be honest. So, how did that all change my identity? I shall say it got stronger, reconfirmed, clearer. Today I know more about it than anytime before, but you know how it's like.. for each question solved, two new ones come up. Aye, let's make that four or five maybe. Alas, there's more to come! I won't stop finding out more about myself just yet; sometimes, there's more time for that, sometimes there's less. Sometimes the findings are spectacular, sometimes less. Some experiences just flood me out of nowhere, some need to be worked out. I will continue to train the skills that seem to be at the core of my existence. When I get confused, I know that there are many friends here who are glad to help. And at the same time, I'll help others to the best of my abilities! Someday, I'll eventually meet otherkin irl - and maybe someday meet a dragon, that would be absolutely awesome! Maybe someday I eventually will be more open to one or two very close friends, or at least find out if they would understand. But for the time being, I'm just thankful for the past six months - thanks, Kinmunity!
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    Starting 02/07/2019, users must meet a set of criteria for their account to be automatically confirmed. Accounts that are not confirmed will not be able use certain features of Kinmunity. The criteria required for confirmation is low enough to not cause a lot of headache, but high enough that there's little return on investment for abusive people. IN ORDER TO BE CONFIRMED: Your account must be at least seven (7) days old. You must have posted at least fifteen (15) pieces of content. Once you meet criteria, you will be automatically confirmed by our system and your restrictions will be lifted. It may take up to twenty four hours after you meet criteria for the system to promote you; please be patient - it's well worth the wait!
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    I found an article about how having "imaginary" friends can actually be helpful in children and teens, and a sign of creativity in adults. Also, they don't necessarily mean that someone is at a greater risk of psychosis, there are other factors for that. If the terminology bothers you you might want to skip reading it. Personally, I prefer "internal friend" to "imaginary friend." It is not nice to insult your friends by calling them imaginary. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-03-imaginary-friends-childhood-affect-adults.html
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    Shifting is an integral part of being otherkin/fictionkin to a large portion of the communities. Though certainly not essential to consider oneself otherkin or fictionkin, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where it isn’t mentioned or discussed in some form. In this article I will attempt to go into detail about the various types of shifts often spoken about in the community, in a bid to educate and inform. Of those listed below, some are widely accepted, others are debatable or even outright denied. Note: Throughout the article you will see some terms with letters in brackets (e.g. (M)ental Shifting). This signifies the shorthand form of the term, in the case of Mental Shifting, this is M-Shifting. Methods of Shifting Voluntary Shifting: Some otherkin/fictionkin are able to voluntarily evoke shifts at will. Often used when one wishes to feel more like their kintype(s) be it in a certain scenario or just because they want to. Involuntary Shifting: The opposite to the above, involuntary shifts can occur for any number of reasons. Some are triggered by certain stimuli or emotions (.e.g a loud noise, a particular aroma, stress, elation), others have no clear cause and just occur out of the blue. Non-Shifting: Not a method of shifting, but most applicable for this section. As briefly mentioned in the introduction, though uncommon, there are a number of otherkin/fictionkin who do not experience shifts of any kind (not including those who consider themselves contherian, discussed later in this article). This doesn’t make them any less worthy of the otherkin/fictionkin labels than those who do shift in the slightest. It’s part and parcel of the many different ways that a non-human identity can manifest itself. There have been instances of those who once frequently shifted but one day find themselves not experiencing them anymore. Though perhaps disconcerting for the person involved, this doesn’t at all make someone “less otherkin”. Types of Shifting (M)ental Shifting: Perhaps one of the first shifts newcomers to the community will see mentioned, it is one of the more common types of shifting in the community. These occur when one takes on the mentality of their kintype(s)/fictotype(s). For example, someone with a canine kintype could feel more inclined to react by growling or barking than a human reaction, or become more preoccupied with chasing/hunting perceived prey. A character specific fictionkin will likely find themselves presenting behaviours and mannerisms far more in line with their fictotype than themselves. For example, wording, movements, reactions. Someone with an avian kintype may feel the urge to take flight when startled, even though they rationally know this is not possible. The actions are usually subconscious and not willed on (unless one who has the ability to voluntarily shifts) and not to be confused with merely "acting". They may not always be voluntary, but they are still normally fully controllable and manageable. (Ph)antom Shifting: Along with mental shifting, phantom shifts are by far the most frequently mentioned in community spaces. They can often tie in with other types of shifting (particularly mental shifts) or even provoke them. Much like the medical term of supernumerary phantom limbs, it is the feeling/sensation of having a limb or other (usually movable) body part which is not physically there or is different to the existing counterpart. Most individuals (bar character specific human fictionkin) have kintypes that do not closely resemble the anatomy of a human body and so it isn't surprising they can feel parts of them that are "no longer there”/are absent but expected. This can happen in two different ways. Sometimes these phantom limbs will overlap parts of the existing body, but feel and "move" much more like the limbs of your kintype(s)/fictotype(s). It may also be uncomfortable if the feeling interferes with other parts of the body. An example of such a case frequently mentioned is when this occurs with the jaw and teeth. In the case of phantom limbs such as wings or a tail, they naturally don't overlap parts of the existing body. They are completely separate from any physical part of your body, but this does not make them feel any weaker or less real when experienced. A common misconception I have seen is that one can actually 'see' their phantom limbs. This is not true outside of anecdotal rare cases of extremely strong phantom shifts (only the shifter would be able to see this much like a controlled hallucination). This goes the same for those who claim others have interacted with, felt or seen their phantom limbs, it is most likely untrue. They are not physical in any way. Side Note: In some parts of the community, particularly Tumblr, the phantom sensations experienced in Phantom Shifting are referred to as astral limbs instead of phantom limbs. This is not to be confused with Astral Shifting, which will be discussed below. (D)ream Shifting: This occurs when one takes on the form of their kintype(s) or fictotype(s) within their dreams (this may be from the beginning of the dream or entail a physical transformation). Though widely accepted as a form of shifting, it is vital to bear in mind that alone dream shifts are not "proof" of one's identity, as from a scientific perspective, dreams are but a product of the mind. Whilst some people do believe dreams have a more spiritual cause, even in these cases caution should be taken and dreams shouldn’t be the sole reasoning. After all someone could dream of being a flying rhinoceros, but that does not make said person a flying rhinoceros-kin no matter how much they dream it if they have no other "evidence" to base it on. Dream shifts should be held with heavy skepticism if still in the phase of discovery, lest one be misled. (Se)nsory Shifting: Heading into lesser mentioned shifts now, sensory shifts may not sound the most extraordinary of claims out there, but there has been debate over them. It occurs when an individual gains the sensory perceptions of their kintype(s)/fictotype(s). For example, someone whose kintype is canine may find themselves to have a better sense of smell than usual. On the contrary, someone whose kintype is a mole may find themselves with reduced eyesight. Bear in mind that sensory shifting can only occur within what is physically possible of the human body and it is far more likely that sensory shifting is due to subconscious focus on the senses in question than it is to be indicative of a supernatural power or a physical anomaly. (Au)ra Shifting: Seldom mentioned in the community, this occurs when one's aura takes on the shape of their kintype(s) or fictotype(s). Due to the nature of auras, this form of shifting depends on personal beliefs. Those who hold spiritual beliefs will be more likely to state they experience aura shifting, but even then it all depends in whether one personally believes in auras or not. For those who believe in auras, it is likely that those who can see or read auras would be able to notice the change and comment upon it. (As)tral Shifting: Like Aura Shifting, this is again dependent on one's belief in the astral plane. Quite self explanatory, this happens when one either voluntarily or involuntarily shifts into their kintype(s) or fictotype(s) in the astral plane, their non-physical astral body taking the shape. Much like Dream Shifting this will most likely be a visible change to the individual and/or others on the astral plane, as it takes place within those realms and is not a product of the physical body changing in any way. (Bi)-Location Shifting: Again, another of the types of shifting dependent on one's belief. The basic idea of Bi-Location shifting is that the spirit leaves the body and travels elsewhere to roam in the form of the individual's kintype(s)/fictotype(s). In that sense, it is most likely a form of OBE experienced, with the exception that the spirit body appears in its nonhuman form and that this takes place in the physical world as opposed to the astral plane. Bear in mind that this type of shifting does not mean one would appear visible to others in the area where their other body is roaming. Although some have claimed that indeed, their bi-located body is also physical and visible to others, no proof has been found of this and such claims should be treated with healthy skepticism. (S)piritual Shifting: Occurs when the spirit/soul shifts into the form of the individual’s kintype(s) or fictotype(s). Again dependent on one’s belief system. For some people, this may be a constant thing, or temporary. Has also been used in some circles as a blanket term for some of the above shifts (Aura, Astral, Bi-Location), which involve at least some aspect of the spirit or soul changing form. (C)ameo Shifting: This kind of shifting can manifest itself in any of the above ways. The key difference is that the individual experiences a shift that is not of their own kintype(s)/fictotype(s) and instead is of another non-human being. These can occur just once, or several times. Some people may experience hundreds of cameo shifts of different species and beings, others may experience cameos of a select few species, some may just experience one or two in their lives, if any. If one infrequently shifts into a particular being, but doesn’t feel they qualify as identifying as said being, then it could easily be a cameo shift. On the contrary, if someone is experiencing extremely frequent cameo shifts, then it may be wise to look deeper into things to see if it is a kintype or in fact is just a common cameo. (B)erserker Shifting: The name originating from the Norse Berserkers, this is perhaps, minus physical shifting, the most contested in this article. Berserker shifting in the context of the otherkin community is considered to be when an individual mentally shifts into their kintype(s), but to a much more extreme level. In such a shift the individual has little to no control over themselves and may do things harmful to themselves or others as a result. There are many people who propose that the term shouldn’t be used and that doing such inadvertently encourages others to behave recklessly or not seek professional help for dangerous behaviours. The general consensus is that if someone is experiencing what they perceive to be a Berserker Shift, then all other potential causes should be ruled out first to ensure there isn't an underlying reason. (P)hysical Shifting: In the vast majority of otherkin and fictionkin circles, anyone claiming they can physically shift will not get a welcoming reception. Physical shifting entails the individual physically changing into their kintype(s)/fictotype(s), much like the werewolves and other shapeshifters of myth. This is impossible for a number of reasons. To physically change into another being would mean the body would have to rewrite genes, change bone structure, move around vital organs (or even create/get rid of some) at an extremely rapid pace. Something that would be unsurvivable biologically, and certainly not possible by the laws of physics. Even if it were magically possible, it would likely be truly agonizing and life threatening to go through the change. With this in mind, always be wary of people who claim to be able to physically shift and stick to the belief that it is not possible until proven otherwise with reliable evidence. There have been plenty of cases of people building up small followings of gullible people to boost their own egos or leech from others. There is no special gene or magical book that can turn you into another creature. Non-Shifting Categories Non-Shifting: See above. (Contherian)thropy: The name derives from the community where the term was first used, but now is used in other areas of the otherkin and fictionkin community outside of therian groups. An individual is a contherian when they do not experience shifts, but instead are in a constant state of shifting for lack of a better term. The levels of non-human/human experiences stay constant and do not fluctuate. (Suntherian)thropy: Also known as Vacillant Therianthropy. Like the former, suntherians are also in a state of being "constantly shifted" but unlike the contherian, experience fluctuations in the strength and severity of these experiences. These may be very slight in difference to drastically different from day to day depending on the individual. It has been described similar to a sliding scale. Originally Written: January 2016. Latest Update: October 2018.
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    Is it possible to have a lot of kintypes? Yes it is, and some people do. If you have a long list of types, are the more experienced otherkin going to look at your list and think "Are you really sure about all of those?" Also yes. A person might have had dozens of past lives, but not all of those are going to count, because not all of those are going to make enough of an impression to have an important effect on your current life. Some of them are like "I used to be that. It was interesting, but that's not me anymore." Then it's simply a past life, and not a kintype. Some people think that having memories is the ultimate test to see if something is a kintype, but it's not. Memory is extremely fallible. Sometimes you forget things that happened, and sometimes you remember things differently from how they happened, and sometimes you can "remember" things that never happened. Put someone in an awkward situation, ask them leading questions over and over and they'll confess to crimes they didn't commit. It's a known thing that happens. Humans are terrible about remembering properly. If you become obsessed with a scenario, imagine it over and over, your mind will helpfully provide you with more details to flesh it out. If memories can't be trusted then what? You look at things that go deeper. Look at your long term habits and tendencies. What kind of person have you "always been?" What are the things you end up doing without thinking about them? If you tell it all to go away, which parts of it refuse to leave? If you stopped interacting with your canons for a couple years, would those types stick around? Another suggestion is that when you have a lot of different types, look at where their attributes intersect. What things do they have in common? Could they be parts of something else? For example, I have a lot of types listed in my signature, but in truth they're all different aspects of the same thing. But ultimately, I can't read your mind, and I don't know how many kintypes you have. I don't know what kind of investment you've made into each of them. And no one else can decide those things for you. Don't worry about what is normal or ok and just be you. That's what the whole otherkin thing is about anyway, being yourself, whoever or whatever that may be.
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    I’ll start off by saying that there’s a difference between a random but perfectly normal feature about your body, and having a nonhuman identity. Being otherkin and what have you is a non-physical experience at its core (based on identity), and so if you’re looking for things that point you towards an otherkin identity, look inside you first and see if there are feelings you have that you would label nonhuman. Some people are just colder than others, and it’s perfectly normal and human. In fact, if you come to the conclusion you’re not otherkin, that’s perfectly fine! There’s nothing inherently special about being otherkin. But I would definitely reflect on what you’re feeling, and if what you can come up with is simply “my skin is often cold so my friends call me an Undead,” then, in my opinion (which is just one of many potential opinions), I would not view that as otherkin by itself. Hopefully that helps!
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    Yeah I've been a little wary at posting this at first and in general. These up and coming dinosaur games don't know how to act and like to rip sounds right from obvious sources without changing them.../..BUT there is a bit of curiosity around how zhuards sound like. This is just a preview-- I have more files but I'd like to listen to and tweak them depending on how I feel about them. Most are correct. I will continue making these- just another way to bring my one of my kin species to life. The descriptions provide a little lore/information about the sound you are listening to. -----HEADPHONES ARE BEST------(as I used headphones to create these, you get a better feel for everything) https://clyp.it/vohqdq5i?token=6f2d1af4cdf2a9d2dbdf3dc5d862fb32 https://clyp.it/ht52hx3l?token=a7d55f4d0a6875ebbc2617e5ed6cc285 https://clyp.it/vlvf0z4z?token=51d5c8c0f25c275a9ffba3f66cc6bc87
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    It’s more complicated than just disabling the reaction system on status updates unfortunately. This is the cleanest way to not have the issue of the reaction system on status updates, and especially since the status updates don’t add much to the site and wind up buried, it’s not a huge loss. If there is overwhelming support for having status updates, we might be inclined to revisit this decision, but as it stands, I think this decision was fine, personally.
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    Maybe purchasable badges, akin to the Administrator, Guardian, and VIP badges? Like, you could buy a badge that says "FICTIONKIN" or "THERIAN", or you could even go into "WOLFKIN" or "BIG CATKIN" if you'd like something more specific. There could also be system badges, like "ENDOGENIC", "TRAUMAGENIC", or "PLURAL SYSTEM". You could also include pronoun & pride flag badges. I think it could be just a fun little thing that could add some items to the shop and give some normal members a little flair! You could also add something that allows you to enable or disable certain badges you've bought. For example, one day I want to have the label "WOLFKIN" because I'm in a wolf shift, but I don't want to have "FICTIONKIN" because I'm not in that shift. So, I turn off "FICTIONKIN" and turn on "WOLFKIN", but I could still turn "FICTIONKIN" on if I wanted to later. That way, users don't have to re-buy a label just because they didn't want it for a little bit. ---- Also, related to badges (not technically a shop item, but it has to do with money) Badges for those who donate to the site, possibly a name color as well? (Maybe blue or green so it isn't confused with the mods' reds and oranges?) Just to give a little incentive to donate, even if it is small.
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    This was a bad April Fools joke. Yesterday. I was approached by a representative of iterally.media (they are known for owning KnowYourMeme and eBaum's world). While originally not being interested in their offer to purchase Kinmunity, an offer was made in excess of $10,000 for the acquisition of the site and its contents. As of today, I have accepted that offer. What this means Beginning on 04/15/2019, the post editor will be updated to allow embedding content from KnowYourMeme. Beginning on 04/26/2019, user accounts will be merged with KnowYourMeme accounts. Effective 04/01/2020, the site will be owned by literally.media For privacy reasons, member email addresses will be anonymized and removed from our database prior to 'handing over the keys'.
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    You didn't think being out of beta meant no more site updates did you? I certainly hope not! We've got quite a few new features for everyone, some bug fixes, and a small bit of maintenance done on this particular update. Enjoy~ New Features Profile Privacy has been implemented; you can now choose to show your profile to the world, members only, or staff members only. Avian, Fox, Ungulate, and Big Cat emojis have been added. Thanks to @Jethero for creating them and donating them for use on Kinmunity! The Kinmunity Research platform is up and running at research.kinmunity.com and we've also made a forum titled Zoology Lab for approved academic researchers to communicate with members. We're currently working on the 2019 Alterhuman Community Survey and could use your suggestions! The Kinmunity Analytics system is now enabled; analytics will be kept on Kinmunity's servers and such data isn't sent to third parties like Google or Facebook. Analytics help us see how people are using the site and what we need to improve! Bug Fixes A bug preventing users with IPv6 addresses from connecting to the site in some cases has been resolved; please allow 24-48 hours for this DNS change to propagate. A bug fix involving the processing of account deletion requests has been fixed. Maintenance Several security updates have been applied to ikari, the server that Kinmunity runs on.
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    A commission I did via a artist to give a first ever impressio from one of my Godec forms. This is a form I do experience commonly and hopefully gives a good insight in how familiar and yet alien the forms can look. This is my lion form and the first one to be brought to life via art. I know people can be a bit confused sometimes at how it can possibly look.
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    All I'm going to say is it seems very wrong to laugh at a girl who, if what has been said is true, is seriously mentally ill. Mental illness is not funny. It's a serious issue and should be treated seriously, even in casual discussion. I wouldn't laugh at someone for having cancer, and I won't laugh at this poor girl for whatever she is going through in her head. Shame on all of you who do so. Have a bit of empathy. Mental illness isn't a choice, and anyone who acts in an unhealthy manner because of it is a victim of their illness. They don't deserve mockery.
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    ok i cant fucking type right now because im so fucking dbshdsajhdas ok ok, i had this memory of looking out at the city standing on a balcony and i turn around and see this othr grey. we were lab partners or something BUT I FUCKING FOUND HIM IRL I AM SO HAPPY sorry for the caps and lack of grammar lmao i can hardly type at all vfvhfh i am dying
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    I would highly recommend that everyone signs up to receive notifications from Have I Been Pwned. It is a free service that informs you if you've been impacted by a data breach. I can personally vouch for it as I've been signed up for quite a while now. Generally speaking, passwords obtained from data breaches are hashed and the attacker doesn't have the actual password itself. However, this doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about and changing your passwords when such exposures occur is always considered good measure. Kinmunity Security Tips Use a strong password that you don't use anywhere else. A strong password is eight characters or more and contains mixed case letters, numbers, and symbols and isn't a common choice (such as Abc123456!) Consider using a Password Manager to store your passwords, so that you can use a unique password for each site. I recommend Dashlane! Your password should NOT be: A person's name or a date which is significant to you, or anything that a friend or acquaintance of yours can easily guess. Kinmunity will not allow you to use a password that our scoring system rates below "Fair". Setup Two-Factor Authentication. This will require you to present both something you know (your password) and something you have (your mobile phone) in order to login to Kinmunity. We recommend that you use the Authy app. Never share your account or password with anyone. Kinmunity staff will NEVER ask for your password. Your password will only be requested by this site "https://www.kinmunity.com" over a secure connection.
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    This is meant to touch on some common biases I see crop up a lot on tumblr, new otherkin, etc. Note that 'bias' doesn't necessarily mean a heavily slanted extreme opinion, but often just an illogical opinion that an argument should not be based on if it wishes to stand firm. Bias is building the house on sand, so to speak. Definitions taken from Wikipedia, but these are quite common definitions you should find in any psychology textbook or scientific research manual. My additional comments are added in [bracketed italics], and any sections I find particularly relevant are underlined. Confirmation bias - the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions. In addition, individuals may discredit information that does not support their views. [I feel like this is a major problem for the otherkin community.] Self-serving bias - The tendency to claim more responsibility for successes than failures. It may also manifest itself as a tendency for people to evaluate ambiguous information in a way beneficial to their interests. Anchoring - The tendency to rely too heavily, or "anchor", on one trait or piece of information when making decisions (usually the first piece of information that we acquire on that subject). Anthropomorphism - The tendency to characterize animals, objects, and abstract concepts as possessing human-like traits, emotions, and intentions. [One of the most common biases I see in the community, for obvious reasons. Do animals experience emotion? Yes, but we cannot call it by human terms or claim that animal personalities are similar to our own, because we do not have a window into their minds that tells us exactly what they are thinking.] Bandwagon effect - The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Curse of knowledge - When better-informed people find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people. [I'm including this because I do see a lot of older folks being very aggressive in their correction of misinformation. I understand that having been in the community for such a long time, it is aggravating to see history repeat itself and definitions become more and more twisted plus humans are just plain stubborn all the time, but I don't know, maybe because I'm newer I still have an idealist idea of a gentle approach? ALSO please don't take this to mean I'm talking about anyone specifically, just that this is something I do see in general.] Focusing effect - The tendency to place too much importance on one aspect of an event. [Dreams are a good example. I may be a dragon in one part of a dream, but the same dream may also contain me riding a rainbow through the castle.] Stereotyping - Expecting a member of a group to have certain characteristics without having actual information about that individual. [Anti-kin obviously do this a lot, but it can also apply to stereotyping certain creatures based on assumed traits, such as "all angels are sweet and good" or "all demons are violent and angry".] Subjective validation - Perception that something is true if a subject's belief demands it to be true. Also assigns perceived connections between coincidences.
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    You're absolutely making sense, Charias. You're rationally and seriously addressing a very fair and complex question. I'd also like to second the statements made by @Cipher. However, let me try to add my own peak to that "philosophical hill" - for anyone willing to follow me up there: Correct. But I think we can safely formulate an even stronger statement: none of us can know for sure exactly how any other being thinks, including other humans or other animals. That means: if I would claim to you that I would think like a human, you could still ask me to prove it and I... couldn't. Neither can you. Because there is just no standard pattern of how a human is supposed to think; even if there were such pattern, I still wouldn't know exactly how you think, so I couldn't verify that your thinking actually matches the pattern. Hence, neither of us can prove that they're thinking like a specific animal, or a human; and still, neither of us can disprove an according claim. In other words, we have to trust that everybody thinks just like they do. And that "paradox" imo leads to exactly three viable options to handle personal people's beliefs which can not be scientifically proven, e.g. the otherkin belief. I'd like to point out that I only refer to beliefs which are reasonably, consistently and persistently taken, and that are not used to reason any violence against other beings, be it mental or physical. This includes, but is not limited to, the belief in the existence of god, the belief to be transgender, or the belief to be otherkin, but e.g. excludes beliefs taken temporarily for sheer fun. Having said that, the three options are as follows: 1) We call all of these beliefs wrong 2) We trust only part of the believers, i.e. we accept only a part of the beliefs and call every person who believes otherwise either wrong or even mad 3) We trust all of the believers, i.e. we accept all of the beliefs, regardless how strange or impossible they might seem Now, in my opinon, only option 3) is acceptable. Let my try to outline why I think so. First of all, taking option (1) would essentially mean to call most of the world population wrong. Also, I think it would consequently lead to accepting only things that can be explained by science; however, science fails to explain phenomena we constantly experience. This would e.g. include the phenomenon of conciousness, or feelings like e.g. love. These things would break down to be sheer consequences of electric signals in our central nervous system, the emergence of such would be mostly unknown. In some cases, e.g. the phenomenon of "phantom limbs" as consistently reported by otherkin, not even the biological use would be known. Now, to be honest, this is a fair assumption, but it is one that I just don't want to take because it leaves far too many effects unexplained, including those I'm constantly experiencing myself and can not deny. Coming to option (2). Now, first of all, because none of the beliefs can be proven better than another, there is no rational reason to accept only part of them. For example, there is no physical observation that verifies the existence of god; on the contrary, current physics' state of knowledge rather indicates the opposite. The same is the case for a person claiming to be transgender: the physical observation indicates the opposite. And yet the same is the case for otherkin. Hence, none of these beliefs is generally more or less provable than another. Secondly, the approach of accepting a specific belief just because the people taking it are in the majority can also be no rational reason, but would simply be unfair. Finally, I'd like to point out that history shows that taking option (2) was used to reason wars against believers who were classified to have the "wrong" belief. People have died in these wars. All in all, this makes option (2) completely inacceptable for me. Which leaves only option (3): accepting all of such beliefs. Now, what does that mean? It essentially means to take a "working assumption". In science, this term denotes an assumption that needs to be taken although it can not be proven. I will make the implications clear. For example, if a person consistently and persistently claims the personal belief that god exists, and names reasons for this belief, I have no other choice but to accept the working assumption that god actually does exist for that person. If a person likewise claims to be a man in the physical body of a woman... I have no other choice than to accept that this person really is a man in the physical body of a woman. If a person likewise claims to be a wolf in the physical body of a human... I consequently have no other choice than to accept that exactly this is actually the case, as unlikely as it may seem. Now, many otherkin perfectly match the criteria of consistently, persistently and reasonably taking their belief; the previous post is a good example: @Charias explicitely names the reasons. The motivation for this belief is oftentimes not even externally triggered; many otherkin take their belief although nobody has ever explicitely told them to do so (which is, by the way, a general difference to a religion). Hence, I have no other choice than to accept that this perception is actually accurate: a person who rationally, consistently, and persistently believes to be non-physically a wolf.. is actually non-physically a wolf. As for how this can be, there are multiple explanation models. The concept of reincarnation is one of them. There are others, e.g. the multiverse hypothesis, but this is not the place to discuss them. I'd finally like to point out that the above is a personal opinion of mine which admittedly could be called quite extreme. Maybe I've made a logical mistake. Hence, I'll be more than happy to enter a discusson about it. For the time being, I wish you all the best for the treatment of the headache which emerged by studying this text !
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    I quite enjoyed the "grill me" threads, any chance of bringing that back?
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    One of the most important things to consider before delving into the contents themselves is addressing the matter of, "Can I accept that it both does and doesn't work?" By that I mean there are not universal standards that apply and there is ample debate on and about a number of qualities of what makes up otherkin or theriotypes or anything in that sphere. There are some general universals, just not many. The real difficulty comes from sitting down to sift apart that which is from that which is not, which is more or less a self-exercise alone. Reading can help to understand it but one is going to find a lot of contradictory content on the surface, say the disparity of psychological versus spiritual, as there are many who are one or the other and argue it from those angles. It is going to take introspection and thinking about oneself and what they really are and what that really means. One does not choose their type as a result - coping-links adopt a type, that is what makes them distinct - and there is an important difference between identifying as and being something. Because in one case, one is adopting an identity but holding it as a choice when it isn't and the other is embracing what is. As result, there is no "fit". Either one is something or not, this may be many somethings or a few, although more often than not it is just one thing and in a number of cases, it is not what one might desire for themselves. So making this distinction is important in each capacity, as otherwise the entire endeavor is flawed and is a game if merely convincing the self of what the true self is. To use an example, many people, those normal and mundane, convince themselves they are "good" and that it is the world against them rather to any observer one realizes their goodness is false piety in the agnostic sense; they are as bad and as guilty as any other person, no universal saint are they. But they pursue and live this obsession to themselves and it makes their lives very difficult, the reality that they do bad things and they must reconcile them. In a way, the experience of one's types are similar if they are invented, manufactured rather than organic. Memories are a rarity, it should be noted. The majority of otherkin and company do not experience memories of other lives and believing in that in the first place requires a system and framework that permits concepts as reincarnation or various elements of quantum theory, which is to say these are exclusive, just that not all subscribe to them and those who do are not always those who experience memories. It is also very difficult to separate memory from fantasy, so much so that this in itself is a strong argument against the community as a whole. It takes not only practice but the execution of understanding and the use of approach to memory to discern what is a flight of fancy or what truly is recalled. This nebulousness typically takes a strong understanding of psychology and a certain type of personality to analyze critically and effectively, but even that finds challenge and debate. Thus memories are not only not assured to exist, they are not assured to be true. Awakenings happen in many different ways but almost all of them function in a form that is a realization of the self, or a persona in the case where the individual has coerced themselves into believing this is them; a persona being a "mask" one adopts to act out something, see what many shamans and indigenous people do in spiritual communion and revelation to understand these things, but know it is not limited to. An awakening is exactly as described, it is as if one moment one was totally unconscious and unaware of themselves as they are, rather than they were, and the next there is a sense of disparity - that something has changed profoundly. Now the mind is excellent at convincing the body of anything, the phrase "Mind over body." is scarily true, but there is something special to an actual awakening to the self that is both fulfilling and frightening. This is part of the transformation process, and I mean this in the sense of actualization and individuation not anything else, and it represents a sum of an individual rather than them being many parts or playing out only certain parts. All the agreeable and disagreeable things, as analytical psychology would phrase it, are combined together into one continuous mosaic. It is everything that individual is made up of and no one thing rules the other. They are, in mind, complete. But we must recognize this is not the case in the majority of kintypes or theriotypes and so on; many are still incomplete, thus they are in the process of this described existence. What does that mean however for an awakening experience? Rather than being the sum of the journey, it is generally the start, because each individual has their own process. Some begin very early, often prepubescent childhood, others only later in life, and some "rediscover" it. I myself knew from very early on, from the earliest recognition of the I that I was what I am and I lived that for a while in childhood where that is all acceptable. Pretending to be a "tiger" or a big cat at any instance, trying to act like one, learning about them, mirroring behavior, doing those things which humans regularly do not do in demeanor, all of that is generally acceptable, but in a few years of course children are forced to lose their fantasy and conform. For better or worse this is needed for the greater population, those normal persons, but for someone who is not quite one of those things this becomes an exercise in self-denial and repression. Which was my case, I was forced to hide it deep away despite that being my experience from the first day I realized I existed. I did everything in my power to be normal and mimic everyone else, to play a game of being a person, but it never worked; humans are designed to be highly scrutinizing for anything that is off in the social realm, so faking it only gets one so far. I had to rediscover myself, which I had buried under so much emotion and anger, a great amount of denial and years of being told to be normal. It only resurfaced because I went to find myself when I had nothing left; there was no more in the bottom of the out other than me, who had been waiting there all along, watching and lurking. I was content to wait myself out of course until this event. When there was nothing else for me to use in a time of immense trial and extreme strain - physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological - and out of desperation I would explore myself. Now, one can imagine all the good that comes with being a great cat but there are also terrible consequences for this and in order to be whole, I had to put all these things together and accept what is the sum. That of course is my experience but it is almost verbatim what was and is described in many historic texts about the nature of becoming whole and many early works of psychology; there is a basis here which is transcendent. Thus it is why we need to understand just how deep an awakening really need go and why so much effort is put into it in other practices, namely traditional religions and spirituality. Even if one discounts all of their experiences to being plainly those in the theatre of mind, it is the same type of process of discovery and journeying within. I do hope this proves helpful, @Kentin, it is a long and difficult process, but I hope this kind of knowledge gives a better idea of what has to be done to do it successfully.
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    So many times, I've tried to articulate exactly what my spirit kintype is - but I've never found a way to describe it that feels exactly right. I even stumble over the label sometimes; I'm certainly a nature spirit, though I can't help but think I'm just... nothing like what most people would imagine when they hear that. Before this, I said I was an energy being - which, again, isn't wrong. But that always felt too ambiguous, and weirdly... clinical? Like trying to say I'm a spirit without any connection to spirituality (which I certainly am not). And before that, I said I was a demon. That word still rings true to me, but it has too much baggage. Celestial is the same; certainly true, but not in the way you'd assume. So many times I've tried to find a way to describe myself. And today, I guess, I'm going to try again. 4.4 billion years ago, there was a planet, floating in orbit around a star; no different from any other small rocky planet, really. Just another lifeless orb in the vastness of space. But, by some coincidence, there was nearby another, smaller planet - and the two were on a collision course. Scientists call this hypothetical planet Theia. It is theorised that the two planets collided in some immense, catastrophic impact, and that Theia's remains - over time - eventually came to form two moons that then - over an even longer span of time - merged into one. If you look up into the sky on a clear night, you can still see the remains of old Theia up there; but we just call it the Moon. And the larger planet, the one which survived the impact (mostly) intact, was Earth. That impact is my oldest memory. It's hard to put into words exactly how I remember it; it's all so vague and confusing, but this... feels right. Ultimately, I've learned to trust that feeling when all else has led me astray. In this chaos of heat and energy, suddenly there was... me. Except, I wasn't much of a "me" at all. A massive, unfeeling, barely conscious mass of-- I guess, residual energy? Or perhaps some sort of imprint left behind by it all. I certainly didn't exist in any form before that point. The feelings associated with this memory are incredibly vague and hard to understand, but there's impressions of heat and light and certain movements, trajectories; flows of gravity, magma and debris. One of the clearer impressions I get is of being flung from non-existence into the core of the Earth, to which I've been spiritually bound ever since, like some part of me is coiled around the planet's heart. And that... that's where my story starts. In some desolate rock, alone, floating in the void of space. I used to wonder why those early memories are the clearest to me but, reflecting on it, I think I know the answer. Most of my existence was spent in a state of... quasi-consciousness, with no thoughts, no feelings, no desires. I didn't even have a form. I was... kind of... just... the planet? The Earth itself? Rock, gas, magma, metal. Eruptions and earthquakes and lightning storms. I watched it all, impassively. For a couple billion years, that was my existence. That's all I was. Everything, but barely anything at all. And I think the reason I remember that more clearly than anything else, is because that's how I spent the longest period of my... "life"; and the period after that, while certainly slow by human standards, to me felt like an overwhelming flurry of rapid-fire changes - I can remember the aeons before that because nothing really happened besides the planet's natural volcanic activity. There wasn't much to remember. So I suppose it's easier to wrap my mind around that, strangely enough. Then my memory starts to get even hazier, and I only have the briefest impressions of what happened next. I know that at some point, life began to evolve - starting off as tiny, self-sustaining chemical systems that eventually isolated themselves from their surroundings, and formed what we call "cells". I don't remember that specifically, but I've done a lot of research on it; it's something I've been curious about for... probably obvious reasons, and what I've learned so far gives me the most misplaced feeling of nostalgia. I know that over time I developed some affinity for these early lifeforms as they diversified and became more complex... but I don't know how that happened. People tend to think of life as a thing that just randomly appeared out of nowhere (even atheists tend to have this idea that life suddenly happened somehow, like a single spark that eventually led to all of us) when in reality it was more... gradual and ambiguous. Again, I'm going off science here, not memory, but it does fit in pretty solidly into the 'kin feelings I have regarding this. I guess where I tend to stumble a bit is that... at that point in time, I had no emotions, no thoughts, nothing even vaguely resembling what most people would consider "consciousness"; those things are all biological, and I only learned to experience those things much later, after I'd lived many lives as animals. So I don't know what it is that made primordial-me take an interest in life. I guess the thing I associate with it is... this weird feeling of, I guess what could be equated to wonder? Or awe? But I don't know what those feelings mean in a non-biological entity. I've felt the feeling before, but I can only comprehend that stuff when I'm m-shifted, and even then... well, I usually end up with a nasty headache if I try to analyse it, and never made any headway regardless. I don't think it's something a human can understand. Not even me. But what I do know is that there was enough of that feeling that primordial-me decided to take some interest in these life-things, and that's the first decision I ever made. First time I ever had intention or a purpose. It's the foundation on which the rest of my actual traits as a spirit being are built upon. Whenever, whyever I decided to do that - that was the moment I stopped being a bunch of sentient rocks and started being an actual thing. Something with thoughts and ideas and meaning. So, suffice to say it's a very important part of my identity as a spirit-thing. And my purpose is... basically to live and remember. I don't protect. I don't effect things. I just do what I can to preserve the story of the Earth. A lot of people in modern times, when they think of nature spirits, think of like... benevolent, peaceful tree people or something. I am the... polar opposite of something "benevolent" and "peaceful". Look at it this way: all life on Earth survives, and is as diverse as it is, because of death. It's thanks to mortality and mutation that life can evolve into new forms, and withstand certain environments. And it's the story itself, not any individual being or species, that I aim to preserve. I'm a watcher. I watch the struggle and I think the pain and death is beautiful. I think that birth and life and seeing things thrive is beautiful as well. I see no line between the two. I don't protect life; the only thing I protect life from is outside interference, and from being lost from all memory forever. It's not that I don't empathise with an animal that's dying: it's just that if I tried to interfere with that, I would be robbing that meal from other animals which I love equally, right down to the microorganisms that decompose it; and I'd be robbing that animal's ecosystem of nutrients that would be produced as it rots. Spirit-me sees all life as inherently equal, no matter how small or "insignificant" it might seem to a human. Spirit-me would see a human as being no better or more valuable than a single bacterium living in that person's gut. One of the things that becomes eminently clear when you exist for so long is that all life - all species - are temporary. And it's the death of one kind that leads to the rise of another, so of course spirit-me wouldn't even try to change that. Instead, spirit-me honours the lifeforms it cares for so dearly by remembering them. Living as them, feeling all the fear and pain and happiness, dying, remembering, doing it all over again for aeons. Cataloguing every bit of it. Preserving it, so that their struggle always has meaning - because there's something there that remembers it, and understands it, and sees where it fits into the ridiculously complex mosaic of life. Hence... why I'm here now. As a human. Yep. I don't get access to the shit tons of past life memories that spirit-me has hoarded away (thankfully, for my sanity's sake) but. I mean. Good news, everything I experience here is probably going to be remembered by some spiritual monstrosity until the Earth is consumed by the Sun, and among that ridiculous hoard of memories will be some pretty damn spicy memes. The "guardian" part of my spirit-self is a bit harder for me to wrap my head around. Thing is, spirit-me has nothing against all the things humans have done to the planet. It sees humans as animals, and it sees all the chaos we've caused as just another mass extinction, no different than any other the planet has been through. So what the heck is it protecting life from? I mean, I'm not sure, but I know it's something. And I know that something tends to get translated to "outside interference" in my mind. What the hell does that mean? I mean, I don't actually know? I do know that spirit-me has serious problems with certain beings that humans call "gods". I don't know why that is. Do gods meddle? Maybe gods meddle and that makes spirit-me mad. Spirit-me doesn't like anything that meddles with the natural order of things, good or bad. Would explain why spirit-me tends to threaten any gods I try to interact with... and also would explain some of the ominous thoughts I've had coming through when I m-shift. But the impression I get is that whatever battle spirit-me is waging, it's losing. Badly. I also get the impression that the only reason I still exist at all is because I can't die short of the Earth itself being destroyed, which of course no spirit entity would be capable of doing even if they wanted to. But all that is really hard to wrap my head around, because frankly it sounds ridiculous. I didn't even believe in gods until these weird memories started leaking through, then I started casually practising witchcraft and met a few myself. It sounds made up, but at the same time I know it's not something I would make up. Because I find the idea of any of that being even remotely true to be absolutely, existentially terrifying. I can't think of a reason why my subconscious would invent such a confusing narrative that I can't even understand, that also happens to be really stressful and unpleasant for me to deal with? But I digress. I suppose... one of the other Big impressions I get from my spirit-self isn't so much related to my kintype itself, but... weirdly enough, to humanity. And it's another one of those "yep, not sure how to deal with this so I guess I'll just ignore it and hope it never becomes relevant to anything" things. To put it plainly, spirit-me doesn't consider humans to be natural. At all. Like, it so blatantly thinks our species is a result of some sort of "meddling" (of the aforementioned ambiguous type), and yep, I don't know what it actually attributes this "meddling" to. But it considers humans to be integrally broken. We're something that absolutely should not exist. But it doesn't hate humans, because it considers humans to be victims. It pities us, as a species. Nah, instead it hates whatever unknown force is apparently responsible for whatever it is that makes humanity so "broken". And like, personally, as an individual, as a human? I can... kinda see it. Humans are so fricking weird. We screw with the natural order of things in a way that no other animal ever has. So I guess... maybe something did "break" us? But I don't know what, and I don't care to know. All I know is that spirit-me wants to tear whatever did it into tiny pieces and then possibly eat those pieces (or... maybe not, actually. It would find it distasteful to eat something so loathsome. So basically, whatever this thing is, my spirit-self doesn't even see it as worthy to be food. Nice). Appearance-wise, my spirit kintype is incorporeal - it doesn't have a body. The closest thing it has to a body is the Earth itself. I think it does have a form it takes in certain situations, though. Well, I say "a form", but really it's more like... it can take any form it wants, but the forms it takes all share a kind of theme. I used to picture it as a big black dragon, but I think that was me projecting traits onto it to make it easier for me to understand and deal with. And frankly, I don't know what form this thing actually "is", or whether the forms I attribute to it are from me or it. Doesn't really matter either way. To me, I see it as this polymorphic mass of shards of igneous rock (specifically something resembling obsidian or basalt), held together by this glowing stream of energy the colour of fire and heat and lightning. It is an inherently animalistic being, having learned all its emotions from lives lived as animals, so its forms also tend to be animalistic in nature - but always twisted and grotesque, like something trying to mimic life without actually being alive. This feels more symbolic than literal to me - I think it chooses to represent itself that way. So if you wanted to imagine what this thing might look like, imagine an asymmetrical beast of black stone whose form seems to take elements from a massive variety of different species without truly resembling any, with limbs and mouths and eyes all in weird and terrible places; something whose form is constantly shifting and morphing from one horrifying thing to the next. That is me. But despite all the, uh, love for death and seeming apathy towards most things outside of its own sphere, I don't think my kintype is "bad". I feel like a human seeing it would certainly peg it as some kind of demonic aberration before they flee, screaming, but. It feels the full range of animal emotion, and that includes things like love, affection, sympathy. It was hard for me to really grasp this at first, because to me - as someone who had no idea what was going on or what any of this meant - all I saw was some rage-filled monster. But it's not really. It's... if anything, I'd say it's sad. And it's in constant mourning for all the species that have been lost to time, with only stone to mark their passing. I'd even go as far as to say it does have some kind of benevolent streak, but only insofar as it hates to see life wasted. In a way I guess I perceive it as something that feels this constant, inescapable conflict - because it really does love life. It loves animals and plants and every other weird thing that lives on this weird planet. But it also knows those things have to suffer and die, because that's the way of the world. It is pretty telling that I switched from first to third person while writing this. It's hard to see this thing as being actually me. Like, I know it is me, but it's so different from what I am now, as a human. So in some ways it's easier to refer to it as something separate, even when I know it isn't. Plus, there's plenty I think and feel as a human that's completely different from what my spirit-self feels. And ultimately? When it comes to my life here, now? None of this matters. I'm no different from anyone else. I don't see myself as any different. Honestly, the only time I ever even have to deal with this spiritual baggage is when I shift (which is rare) or when I'm practising witchcraft or energy work, or when I'm interacting with my deities (in which situation I can usually shove spirit-me into some corner and ignore it; plus, like, my main man god dude is completely aware of my "baggage" and is cool with it so it's fine). But I am the most flaky, lazy witch out there so even that doesn't come up often. So yeah. Weirdly enough, though this kintype is absolutely the most deep and integral one to me on a spiritual level, it's not something I think about often and certainly doesn't have as much presence in my daily life as my theriotype/s do. And it is definitely not something I feel the need to express or embrace. I can accept it, but. That's it. Acceptance is as far as this goes. Might be obvious by now why I struggle with labels. I feel most humans would pin this thing as a god, but it is absolutely, definitely not a god. I used to call myself a demon, and like I already said - that still fits. I'm a morally ambiguous nature chaos thing. Certainly fits some definitions of "demon." And on a more literal level you could argue that I'm literally a spirit of the Earth itself; my spirit-self sees itself as being quite literally the Earth's soul, but that's a big ass claim to make and I'm certainly not gonna try and argue for that title. So, I mean. Most obvious label. I'm a big, scary nature spirit. Works well enough for me. Oh, and that's one more thing I should probably cover if I'm making this write-up as thorough as humanly possible: in the past I've toyed with the idea that I might be a "shard" of this thing, in the same vein as a deitykin would be a godshard. Welp, after much thinking, I've realised that that's probably not the case. My spirit-self doesn't seem to have shards or divide itself up. It seems like it prefers to live one life at a time, and focus all of its being on the single life it is living. So yeah. I'm literally the avatar of the whole thing. Obviously you can't cram an entire planet-size energy mass into a single human body, but as far as I can tell, the rest of spirit-me goes dormant while some part of it incarnates. It's sleeping, basically. It's asleep, I'm the dream. Yeeep. So. I guess, to anyone who actually read this: make of it what you want. I feel like I probably have one of the most outlandish kintypes on this site. And yep, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous this all sounds. As always, I'm more than happy to... try and answer any questions anyone might have. Seriously, grill away - I actually appreciate it. Make me doubt myself, if you can. I might edit this later to add more information if I feel like I've forgot anything. This took me days. I never want to write about spiritual bs EVER AGAIN. Agh.
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    I have also struggled with strong dissociation at different times in my life--I am currently in a phase of great wakefulness and a sense of belonging in the world and I do not dissociate nearly as often as I used to. For me, my previous kin identity as Divinity and a gateway system were directly linked to being so disconnected and alien to the material reality around me. My otherkin identity was very much a way of expressing and experiencing my dissociation with more meaning and direct integration into my sense of self. Being kin and using that mythological framework helped me form an identity and continuous sense of self in a world that I experienced as very broken, nonsensical, and impersonal. You may or may not find a similar sense of continuity in otherkin circles. Only time and your own explorations will tell. In this much less dissociative time of my life, my kin experience has changed drastically. I am now singulate, and no longer ID as Divine kin--I see all beings as divine by grace of existing and therefore no longer see divinekin as a separate, special category for myself to inhabit. I ID solidly as an elf, and fae, and all other detail is best explained with my personal religion. I can sort of map out where things started changing by labeling experiences with my kin identity on a timeline. You may find a timeline of your experiences helpful, as well. And even then, we don't much divide ourselves by kind here on Kinmunity. Therians and mythological otherkin, psychological and spiritual theories of kinness, systems and singulates all come here to feel a sense of community and to find a place of belonging. I generally find the otherkin community as a greater whole to be very welcoming. @Avonmora is VERY right in saying that we walk with one another. Whether you turn out to be kin or not, whether you remain as you are or become more or less wakeful to the material world around you, you are welcome here. So, if anything; here is the circle. It is wide and broad and varied, and that is what makes it so beautiful. Not everyone here will understand what you say from direct experience, but we all just want to share with one another. Sometimes you may need to give further examples or try rewording something for somebody with a different experience to grok a bit more clearly. You may also need to ask the same of our fellow kinfolk here.
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    From what I understand, the spiritual/psychological divide is more about how you choose to explain your identity. When asked where it came from, "I don't know" is a perfectly valid answer. You don't need to put yourself in one category or the other. And - in my opinion - none of us really understand otherkinity anyway. We're all just guessing. Personally, when I say that I'm a psychological otherkin, what I'm really saying is: "I don't believe in the supernatural, so it has to be something psychological instead." If you do believe in the supernatural then it really could go either way. Or some third way that we haven't even thought of yet. So I guess what I'm trying to say is: The psychological vs. spiritual thing is mostly academic. You don't need to worry about it if you don't want to, but if you do, prepare for lots of uncertainty.
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    Just left the store really happy! I had a strong German shepherd shift with a phantom tail and ear shift. The mental shift made me almost bark as I walked. I almost felt I was an actual German shepherd walking through the store! My mental illnesses are really hurting me severely, so I’m glad this shift made me feel a lot better.
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    Terminology commonly used in the Alterhuman community A brief listing of terms used in the alterhuman community, as well as the definitions for the aforementioned terms. Alterhumanity - A subjective identity that is beyond the scope of what is traditionally considered ‘being human’. Otherkin - People who identify either partially or wholly as one or more non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner. Kintype - The term "kintype" refers to the type of being a particular otherkin identifies as. For example, "I am otherkin and I identify a a robot. My kintype is Robot." Transspecies - The term "transspecies" has been used to describe individuals who identify as otherkin or therians. This term is considered offensive to some in the LGBTQ+ community, and therefore controversial within the community. Polymorph - A polymorph is an energy being with no set form. Instead, the polymorph can take on multiple forms. Wishkin - Wishkin is a derogatory term referring to an individual who wishes they were otherkin, or who pretends to be otherkin. The term is primarily used on Tumblr. Copinglinker/C'Linker - An individual who consciously takes on a non-human identity in order to help cope with various aspects of life. This could be to cope with mental illness, trauma, stress or other difficulties. Conceptkin/Objectkin - The term conceptkin refers to an individual who identifies as a concept rather than a being. For example, one who identifies as a thunderstorm. There is a lot of debate in the community if this is a valid identification. Tumblrkin - Tumblrkin is a derogatory term that refers to people who identify as otherkin, but base the identification on information obtained solely from Tumblr. Therianthrope/Therianthropy - A therianthrope is a person who is, feels, or believes they are, in part or whole, (non-physically) one or more currently alive or once-living non-human animals on an integral, personal level. Theriotype - The term "theriotype" refers to species a particular therian identifies as. For example, "Shiro is a therian and identifies as a wolf and fox. His theriotypes are wolf and fox." Cladotherianthropy - A cladotherian does not have a specific theriotype. They instead identify as a family or group of animals instead of a specific species. An example of this would be identifying as “canid” instead of “wolf”. Contherianthropy - A contherian is a therianthrope that does not experience shifting, but instead has their theriotype fully integrated with their base personality. Vacillant (sun/syn-) Therianthropy - A vacillant therian is a therianthrope that is constantly in a shifted state, to varying degrees. Informally, the terms "suntherian" and "syntherian" may be used instead. Polytherian/Polywere - A polywere is an individual with multiple theriotypes. Theriomythic - This term refers to someone who identifies as an animal from myth. Example: Gryphons. Gear - This term refers to items owned or worn that relate to a person's theriotype. For example, a faux tail and ears that one wears. Shifting - The term "shifting" is primarily used in reference to therianthropy (but also applies to otherkin) and describes when an individual 'becomes' more like their theriotype/kintype in a non-physical manner. (M)ental Shift - A shift in which a shifter takes on the mentality of their theriotype(s)/kintype(s). (D)ream Shift - A shift in which a shifter shifts into their theriotype or kintype while dreaming. (Ph)antom Shift - A shift in which a shifter feels a “phantom limb” sensation."; For example, the shifter may feel ears and a tail, or paws instead of hands. (C)ameo Shift - A shift into a being that is not the shifter's theriotype or kintype. (S)pirtual Shift - This is a rather vague term to describe any sort of shift with a spiritual undertone. It most frequently refers to when a shifer's Aura, Astral body, or spiritual self takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype. (Se)nsory Shift - A shift in which the shifter experiences a state of perceived heightened or reduced sense of awareness often in-line with their theriotype or kintype; eg. wolves may claim better sense of smell, etc. This type of shifting relies on perception of information, as it is not possible to smell, see, hear, and so forth beyond what is humanly possible. (A)ura Shift - A shift where a shifter's Aura (specifically) takes the shape of their theriotype or kintype. (Bi)location Shift - A shift in which the shifter's theriotype or kintype leaves their “human” body and materializes elsewhere; It is very similar to an “out of body experience”, but instead of the “spirit body” being the human body, it is the body of the theriotype or kintype of the shifter. (As)tral Shift - A shift that takes place in the astral plane. It is commonly used to refer to shifting which takes place during Astral projection. (Be)serker Shift - A shift in which the shifter loses control of themselves and begins to act more like their kintype than human. This type of shift could be an extreme mental shift, or any shift combined with a manifestation of mental illness. The general community consensus is that these types of shifts are extremely unhealthy. (P)hysical Shift - When one physically shifts into their theriotype or kintype. It is scientifically impossible to P-Shift. Howl/Hiss - A howl or hiss is a gathering or meetup of therians and/or otherkin. Furry - A person who participates in the Furry Fandom. Furries create non-human characters (which they call fursonas) and often like consuming and creating anthropomorphic artwork. Sometimes, furries will dress up as their fursona - this is called fursuiting. The furry fandom and the otherkin community are distinctly different communities; each with its own history and culture. An otherkin can choose to be a furry, a furry cannot choose to be otherkin. Fictionkin - The term fictionkin refers to an individual who's kintype is a character or being from a work of fiction. Fictotype - Similar to "kintype". The term "fictotype" refers to the particular type of being a fictionkin identifies as. This term is especially used for fictionkin who identify as human characters, as the term "kintype" does not apply; otherkin must be non-human identities. Factkin - The term factkin refers to an individual who's kintype is a specific named being (usually a person) who is either alive or was once alive. For example, a factkin may choose to identify as President John F. Kennedy. This type of identification is widely considered to be controversial in the otherkin community. Factotype - Similar to "kintype". The term "factotype" refers to the particular being that a factkin identifies as. This term is especially used for factkin who identify as human beings, as the term "kintype" does not apply; otherkin must be non-human identities. Other-Hearted - A person who is other-hearted identifies WITH one or more non-human beings, rather than AS. Animal-Hearted - A person who is animal-hearted identifies WITH one or more non-human animals, rather than AS. Heart-type - The type of animal or being the individual identifies with. Kith/Kithtype - Alternate terms for other-hearted and heart-type. Awakening - The term “awakening” refers to the process of discovering that you are otherkin and/or therian and the process of discovering your kintypes or theriotypes. Although it's an extremely common experience, not all otherkin go through an awakening. Plurality - An umbrella term encompassing all phenomena in which multiple consciousnesses cohabit a single brain and body. System - A group of multiple consciousnesses, along with non-sentient entities recognized as members, who share a physical body. Traunagenic - A traumagenic system is a system that became plural due to trauma, instead of naturally. Median - A system with members who are not inherently independent from each other, and are sometimes dependent on a single individual and unable to exist without that central person. Gateway - A system where it is believed the headspace is another reality/dimension/place, and the headmates use the body to interact with the world/Earth. Endogenic - An endogenic system is a system that became plural naturally, instead of through trauma. Headmate - A generic, neutral term used by a member of a system to refer to another member of their system. Headspace - A place where system members reside. It can be considered a mental space or another realm altogether. Fronting - The act of being “plugged in” to the physical body, receiving sensory input from it. Fronter - A system member who is fronting, or who regularly fronts. Walk-In - A system member who simply shows up in the system out of the blue, fully-formed. Factive - A system member who arrives in the system with the form, personality, and possibly psychological backstory (e.g. memories) of an outerworld person, whether a relative, a celebrity, or even a near-stranger. Fictive - A system member who arrives in the system with the form, personality, and possibly psychological backstory (e.g. memories) of a fictional character, often characters created by people outside of the system. Tulpa - a sentient system member created by another system member. Tulpamancy - The practice of creating tulpas. Soulbond - A system member who has the identity of a fictional character. Soulbonder - A person who has soulbonds or media-based walk-ins as part of their existence. Greymuzzle - The term "greymuzzle" is a term used almost exclusively in the therianthropy, otherkin, and furry communities to refer to people who have been in the community for an extended period of time. Greymuzzles are generally older folks (above 30) with significant community history. Sources House of Chimeras, and Faith Formation. “Plurality Resource.” Edited by Nsashaell, Plurality Resource RSS, 17 Jan. 2013, pluralityresource.org/glossary/. Sonne. “Terms & Definitions.” Project Shift, 14 Apr. 2016, project-shift.net/terms-definitions/. Sonne. “Types of Shifts.” Project Shift, 14 Apr. 2016, project-shift.net/types-of-shifts/. Tulpa.io. “Terminologies.” Tulpa.io, 24 Sept. 2018, tulpa.io/terminologies. “What Does 'Alterhuman' Mean?” Alt+H, Alt+H Limited, 22 Sept. 2017, blog.alt-h.net/post/165592493965/what-does-alterhuman-mean.
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    Hello, As many of you probably know, my birthday is on June 18th. I intend to spend the day with my mate @NaomiG, as I am not fond of large parties and crowds. However, there is something that I would like from all of the lovely members of Kinmunity and that is donations towards the site. It is honestly one of my passions to work on Kinmunity, and while I don't post as often as some of our guardians and community managers, I consistently work on the back end adding new features and functionality to the site, many of which were suggested by our users. Kinmunity costs a decent amount of money to run (see here for cost info), and there are still many features I would like to add to the site. Some of these features include: Categories system for clubs, sort out clubs based on interest, keep all the "pack" clubs in one area. Pages for clubs, create your own custom pages with our WYSIWYG editor. Advanced member search & profile discovery; find others like you. Identity verification system; positively identify those who are known in the community, prevent troll impersonation. Enhanced member cards. Extensions to our Chat system. Unfortunately, these things cost money to do. Please consider donating to Kinmunity to help us all attain these! Click here to donate!
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    I've never been a too emotional being, but I always loved to be out in the nature. I felt I belonged there. But end of 2018 something happened to me, something changed in my brain. And the world turned upside down. What you read next is not made up. It happened to me, today and here. EDIT: I've blocked the blog entry at this time because I'd like to direct the talk to the discussion thread. Thank you for posting any feedback or questions there! Since the weather was super fine today, I did a short walk. I live in a house at the edge of a small village; outside, there is a small hill. There are only green fields there, and oftentimes there's nobody around. When I go up there, I can easily look 6 miles over the hilly countryside. So I walk up the hill on the farmer's lane, nobody else is there, there are trees and grass at both sides and nature all around me. And as soon as I walk 100 meters away from my house and look at the plants, I can feel... this is where I belong. But it's more than that. It feels like.. nature and life, that is me. All of it, every stone, every flower, every tiny insect, every bird, even the air. And then I can feel... life. Energy. Insanely strong and overwhelming energy and I feel like... some would call it love, but I better describe it as "I am them. They are me. All is one". It's damn hard to explain I tell 'ya. I have done this three or four times since beginning of the year, and it always happens. Sometimes I'm wearing headphones and listening to music, which makes me feel it even stronger, but that is not needed. Today I didn't and found that the feeling does not come from the music, it comes from me and from nature. I just only need to open all my senses, and listen to myself. It also doesn't feel like it comes from my brain, it's.. deeper, inside, heck.. I don't know how to put this. My soul? My heart? Also, this is not imagined. I know how it feels to use my imagination. I don't need to do anything, it just happens. When I see a stone, my rationality can tell me it's a stone and it's not moving and made from minerals and cold and heats up in the sun... and then my imagination jumps on and visualizes how the stone feels if I touch it, how it could feel to be a stone and so on. But when I switch off all of this, and don't think about anything, I would still.. still get that energy feeling, only by listening to all my senses. When a bee would fly by, I'd get an energy burst that would run through me like an electric surge. When I'd concentrate on a grass stalk I would get another energy feeling. When I see a bird, I would feel it. When I walk over certain places, I would get an energy surge from Earth. Finally when I returned, I looked up to the sky, and I immediately knew: this is where I belong, where I should be. It's always like that. As soon as I'd only listen and open up myself, it would start. Don't get me wrong: I embrace all of this, I'm utterly fascinated. But what the heck happened to me?? Is it the ability to open up my energy field, is it a new sensorial skill? I think it's more than just sensing. I can control if I want to sense or not; I can switch something like a protection shield on and off (it's switched on by standard, thankfully). I feel my own energy, and I can control it. I can spread it over other things, burst into blue plasma - I can do it in nature just as I do in meditation, and if I do it in nature, my body feels unreal, everything I see feels unreal, but the energy feelings I get are ridiculously strong. I know I could do this before, but it was never so insanely strong, and it didn't fade since beginning of 2019. I didn't even meet animals or touch a tree today; but from earlier walks I'm sure if I would have done that and opened my senses, I may have fainted from their energy. It even seems that some of the animals notice if they turn on their senses. This is way, way beyond just enjoying nature, it's a feeling of... being nature and animals that's so wickedly overwhelming. I'm catching for breath, I'm coming back from the walk all confused and shaking my head and asking myself "what the heck was that"?? Nobody ever told me how to do that, I'm not a religious guy at all, I didn't read any esoterical stuff during christmas, all I did was listening to music and reading a fantasy comic with dragons in and looking at dragon pictures... and boom, my world was turned upside down. I need help to understand this. I have my own theories, but I've opened a thread to discuss... if you're a guest reading this, please feel free to leave a comment. Please note: I don't want treatment. This is absolutely not an illness. Something tells me this is the greatest skill I've ever aquired in my life. I just only want to understand it. I also don't need a god or a religion; all of this is about me and nature and Earth. Religios explanations will be appreciated, but I will not attribute this to a deity being because I don't feel that this is right. Thanks so much for reading!
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    As many of you are likely aware there is currently a bug making it difficult for users to log in to Kinmunity. On logging in to the site you are then asked to create a new account with a new username/email. Upon doing so you are then able to log back in to your usual account. We realise this is causing a lot of difficulties/confusion and apologise for the inconvenience. I'm sure Naia will have this issue fixed as soon as she is able! If you are accessing the site through a secure, private device it may be best to avoid logging out in order to avoid complications, however if you are on a shared/public computer this is obviously not advised. To help us clean up any duplicate accounts while this bug is going on, each time you need to make a new account please reply below with the alternate username you have created (those who already posted names in the bug thread need not repeat them). Alternatively create easy to identify usernames (i.e. velvet_secondaccount1, velvet_secondaccount2, etc...). I'll try to delete dupe accounts asap to allow you to reuse your alt emails if you need to repeat this process. Again we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope this issue will be fixed soon!
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    No, being otherkin in itself is not about being in a cult. The circle triangle thing is just a symbol some people like to wear to subtly signify they they're a therian. It's much less noticeable than a tail. However, there are those out there who will be happy to take advantage of young and vulnerable people who come their way. We often tell newer members a few things to try to steer them away from being taken advantage of such as: 1. No one else can tell you who you are. If someone is trying to tell you what your kintype is, or who you were in a past life, or what you should be doing in this life, they're probably full of it. Be very wary of people like that. By claiming to have such personal information about you they're also gaining, or trying to gain, a measure of control over you. Claiming to have shared a past life together is prime territory for this. Keep your own notes and keep them private so they can't play off of what you've told them. Keep track of what they've told you and see if the story has changed over time. Though honestly, if you find the need to keep such notes you should have heeded your instincts and gotten out of there already. 2. Physical shifting is not real. Some of these cult-like groups claim that they have some kind of magical secret that can make you physically more like your kintype. Wishing really hard and increasing the strength of your phantom shifts is never going to get you there. If it worked, more people would be doing it. In thirty years of being otherkin I have never seen a single shred of evidence indicating that this can happen. 3. Be Wary of Packs and Pack Leaders. Some people use the outdated concept of wolf hierarchy to make themselves look and feel important. If you're in a pack that puts a lot of emphasis on ranks, then you might want to take a serious look at those leaders. Do they snap when someone disagrees with them? Do they make all the decisions? Are there any subjects that you simply don't talk about because it will upset the alphas? (This is not wolf exclusive, similar groups can form around any shared kintype or experience.) This forum does not allow pack advertising for a good reason. *Honorable mention* There are no such thing as otherkin hunters. The government has no interest in you, because of #2 above. You're simply not worth hunting. If your friends are telling you this then they may be trying to use fear tactics to get you to do what they say. Or they're just bored and looking for excitement. Young otherkin can be especially vulnerable to these kinds of things because everything seems new and mysterious when you first start out. Being different from others around you is an alienating experience and you might be tempted to latch on to the first people who give you a sense of belonging. It can be hard to give up that social comfort when faced with a situation that is less than ideal. Species dysphoria can be very disturbing and anything that promises relief and escape can also be very tempting. Your best bet is to join an established and experienced community that doesn't put much emphasis on rank, like this one. You won't get shiny promises here, but you will find people willing to listen to you and to offer friendly advice.
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    Within the therian community, "lycanthrope" generally isn't used to indicate a wolf therian/werewolfkin - it's used to refer to people with clinical lycanthropy: those who have the delusion of having physically changed into a wolf/werewolf (or sometimes another creature), or that they are fully capable of doing so. Because of that, being a lycanthrope in that fashion is very unhealthy -it's a mental condition associated with schizoid disorders, and is not something easy to live with for those that experience it (clinical lycanthropy is, from what I've read, exclusively a negative experience: those who have it often fear that they will turn into an animalistic form and injure people). Because of this, I'm quite against having it as an option for primary identity. Clinical lycanthropes need treatment and support that we, as otherkin, are not knowledgeable or qualified enough to provide. If someone primarily identifies as a clinical lycanthrope, my advice for them would be to seek medical help. And all that also makes it very confusing if someone decides to use the word "lycanthrope" to refer to a lupine theriotype, because most of us do read it as the clinical sort rather than the literal. So while lycanthrope is technically one way to refer to someone with a lupine theriotype, we have very good reasons to avoid doing so! I hope that all makes sense, Kamoe! It's a very complicated subject, and of course not something that everyone is aware of.
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    Thank you. I'll do my best for KM and it's members.
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    Not to be a downer but you honestly may want to avoid anything to do with BCR. They're sketchy as hell and want big cats to go extinct. This site has a bunch of info and evidence. Warnings for animal abuse and stuff as well. Shame that a good sanctuary/rescue for big cats doesn't exist at all. At least. It sure doesn't seem like one does.
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    It might not be considered normal, but it is reasonably common for people to have spirit companions that try to help out, though I've also heard of some spirits who were not so helpful. Keep that in mind and do not blindly follow any spirit. If it gets you in trouble then, "The spirit told me to do it," is never a good defense. However, it is not normal for them to look like they're physically there in front of you. That would be a hallucination, and it may be a sign of something more serious going on. If it's not physical, then it shouldn't look physical. That means you can't always trust that your senses are accurate.
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    How to start. As everyone knows this is an extinct fish from the Devonian Age. I guess that doesnt need really explaining since it is a fairly well known thing when people are aware of this fish but just in case. The Devonian Age was around 419.2 million years ago till 358.9 million years ago. A nickname for this age was the Age of Fish since fish species really flourished during this age. The first ray-finned and lobe-finned bony fish appeared. The palcoderms what the Dunkleosteus is part of began to dominate every aquatic enviroment and the ancestors of all four limbed vertebrates were walking on land. While I can go on and on about this Age, I want to focus more on information about the Dunkleosteus themselves and why I identify as the species I do know While it is easy to say Dunkleosteus can be a single species since one is mostly known, they are actually a genus of placoderms that lived from 358 to 382 million years age. They lived in the stage of the Devonian known as the Late Devonian. There are 10 species known within this genus: D. terrelli D. belgicus D. denisoni D. marsaisi D. magnificus D. missouriensis D. newberryi D. amblyodoratus D. amblyodoratus So of course when I discovered that the Dunkleosteus was my kintype, I was also set for a challenge. Which of these 10 was the kintype. Since I only had fossil evidence to go by it was really tough. The species at least on paper looked almost identical and my experiences didnt really give me a big clue at all. Only when I read more about the species gave more confusion till I read that despite the same appearances some had their own features that allowed them to be identified as their own species and some were only known from a plate. I decided to focus more on those were the whole armored fossil was found of. It took some time to really know what was the possible source of my experiences. Research eventually led to 3 species for me: D. terrelli. D. amblyodoratus and D. marsaisi. While at first glance they look alike, D.marsaisi had a narrower snout but was not what I experienced. D. amblyodoratus was estimated to be the same length as D. terrelli but its feature a blunted spearshaped plates in the back of the head was also not something I experienced. D. terrelli was left and really felt the species that was the Dunkleosteus behind the shifts. It's armored head was the same shape I experienced. While I never really had a length of the shifts, I knew that it was it. D. missouriensis was also a good candidate in how similiar it was to terrelli and is thought to be the same length as Terrelli but really never felt I guess a sort of click. Despite Terrelli being the most well known I really felt that animal species really what I was looking for. It just felt right in all ways deep down. I only really experienced the feeling of that is what I am supposed to be with Terrelli only if that are the right words to use. I just couldnt find much at all to say that it was Missouriensis, it just felt wrong when I did consider it more on the side line but really was not a species on my official list for further research. The other 2 species had possible features aside the Terrelli that made it worth considering. But all in all D. terrelli is the species I identify as when I mention my Dunkleosteus kintype. While it might have been the most well known of the entire genus to the public, for me it felt as the species that was my actual kintype.
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    Hurray!! (I did edits of the wolf emojis a while back and they’re now added here)
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    Alright, so kinda trigger warning? (Mental hospitals and past depression woop woop) Alright with that out of the way, I have met few public therians/otherkin face to face. But the first one I met, I swear I will never forget this chick as long as I live and breathe. A few years ago, I kinda freaked out after my life was kinda taking a tumble. I began to not want to live and became suicidal. Thankfully one of my parents caught be before I caused any real bad damage to myself. They did however send me to a mental institution where they hoped I would get better (and I did ^.=.^). Whoever ran the place really didn't organize the people in the hospital however. You'd have your fresh out of jail "I killed a man with this thumb" type of people mixed with your average suicidal patients and of course the good ol' crazy "if you turn your back to me I'm gonna try to rip out your hair" types. This lead to some interesting interactions. Of course on my first day I was nervous and a huge wreck. But the majority of us were all in for some type of suicidal behavior so I met a very helpful and supportive group of friends (hey if you're going through hard times right now, and you feel like ending it, finding some people that you can relate with and talk to are like a friggin gift from above). There was one person who joined our group off and on. I'll be referring to her as Scarlett since that was her wolf name and would flip her life if we called her anything different. Scarlett was in there since she attacked her family and people at school. She walked around on all fours alot, but it wasn't very graceful and often left her looking like a blind demon looking for their contacts on the ground. She held the record for most times put under sedatives to stop them from hurting anyone. Whenever we were let outside she would not let us come near a certain corner of the basketball court, she claimed it at her territory and was even caught multiple times 'marking' her territory (even though there was a very clean toilet not even 9 yards away). She tried and successfully bit me after I wouldn't give her my extra beef taco I had earned on good behavior. If she ever escapes and kills someone or something I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms. And with all of this running and biting and peeing in inappropriate places you'd think she slept like the dead right? Wrong! She would spend almost the entire night howling or barking or something to keep us all up. She would sleep a little during outside time and during school time. Honestly I get everyone expresses their otherkin or therian identity in many different and unique ways, but love of great dragon Gods don't behave like this! I might end up posting more stories of her since this stuff was just the regular daily routine, and I was in there for a few months with her ( I left before she did, I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years)
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    Hmm... now I get to thinking about it, I feel really fortunate that my spirit kintype is so closely associated with the Earth. I mean, it makes everything I experience sound a lot more outlandish, but. I have science on my side! I can actually look at all the physical evidence of the history of our planet, and from that understand where I fit into things. And it's. Really amazing. I never stopped to appreciate that before. And that I can peer back into the past through all the fossils we've found and see all the forms of life that called our beautiful planet home so long ago. Science is so cool. And also... I get to know that no matter where I go, as long as I don't go off into space or something, I'm home. This whole planet is my home. Even though I'm not familiar with all the different environments and ecosystems, it's still the same Earth. It's still home. It must be tough to have a kintype from somewhere else. But hey, at least you get to chill on my awesome planet for a lifetime.
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    Elders are members of Kinmunity who have made a significant amount of contributions to our site; and who have the tenure, reputation, and behavior befitting of the position. Along with the ability to apply for the position of Helper, Elders have the following abilities on Kinmunity: Elders can give twenty-five ratings per day, up from ten. Elders can give "High Quality" and "Low Quality" ratings. Elders have access to a special forum and Discord channel. Elders have a special badge under their name signifying their status. The "Elder" status is automatically awarded to users who meet a certain criteria. When it comes down to it, all one has to do to become an Elder is contribute to the community, have patience, and be voted in by your fellow members. You'll automatically reach Elder status once: Tenure You've been a member for at least six months and one day AND Contribution You've contributed at least one-thousand items of content AND Reputation Your reputation score is fifty or above AND Behavior You have less than two active warning points. Once you meet the criteria listed above, you'll receive a message from KinBot the "Elder" flag has been applied to your account. The process is automatic and nothing needs to be done by you or our staff team. There are a couple of unique conditions that would cause you to not automatically receive Elder status, and those are: You've been automatically granted Elder status before, and it was revoked by a staff member. (In this case, you wouldn't be eligible for automatic promotion again) A staff member of Kinmunity has set the "Elder Lock" status on your account. (In this case, you would not be eligible for promotion until the lock has been cleared)
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    Dont know how to explain it but for now I will take a break from the community. I am not leaving forever but temporarily. I guess the main reason is my anxiety problems which the cause of is not yet identified but I am so scared to say the wrong things at the moment, a main reason I dont really post anymore. I guess a other problem of mine is that these problems combined with my low natural self esteem also created the idea in my mind that I am not really a part anymore, people dont like me and so on. My mind is just under a lot of pressure at the moment and need to relax first. I dont know how long this break will be but I fear in worst case scenerio a couple of months.
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    Here’s some positivity for all of you! Each and every one of you are special, as we all affect the world in a good way somehow. If you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, remember that there is no one else like you in the world and that you’re fighting to become even greater each day, no matter how small that step is! Be sure to remember your strengths over your weaknesses, those strengths truly make you who you are! ^.=.^
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    I've always interpreted Yoshiko/Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine as angelkin of some sort. I'm aware that she is supposed to be a sort of parody of those who never outgrew their "edgy" phase, but it's not done in way that's too disrespectful imo. She shows a lot of signs of being otherkin including expressing that she is an angel since she was a child, insisting that her friends refer to her as an angel. It's really cute when they do recognize her as having her own beliefs because it makes her really happy and it just fills me with so much joy There is also a wolf therian in the Netflix original show "Glow." I haven't watched it yet myself, but I found this nice interview with the therian character's actress where she is pretty respectful (albeit uses some kinda off terminology) in regard to the character's identity:
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    @Charias Down at the left hand side of the footer there is a "Theme" option which lets you select your theme. To change the background image up in the header where notifications/PMs and such appear there's a "Change background image" option.
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    Scrolling through my Facebook I saw a friend posted this interesting article about a shark that could be over 500 years old, making it the oldest known living vertebrate. The scientists do admit there is a margin of error for aging the shark, but that even if they are incorrect these sharks are the longest living vertebrate species we know of in the world! https://mymodernmet.com/greenland-shark-oldest-vertebrate/?fbclid=IwAR38qSYNIatj4zaFPzNxhGaXM24iJdNhkCeQv60Xg9JzGiDzjxB07mHD3jo
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    OK, so I'm otherkin. How in the world could that happen? Let me try to reconstruct the facts that led to this over the years. Up to now, I was afraid others could read them and call me crazy, so there is no written coverage on this yet and I need to recall events from memory. I'm only adding facts that I definitely remember to have happened; thus, I may omit many smaller events even if they still contributed. Early signs First of all, I cannot name a specific awakening event, hence I conclude that I was born awakened. Since I was a child, I've intentionally avoided to describe myself as "human", and I always felt it inappropriate to be addressed as such by others, even though I'm aware that my physical appearance indicates nothing else. On the other side, I always felt it completely appropriate to consider myself non-human. I've experienced phantom and astral shifting events. A major unintended astral shifting event happend in the late 1990's. It lasted only about 10 seconds, but was so intense that I still remember. But it was only one piece of the puzzle. Doing research on dragons was another piece. It was one of the first things I did in the newly emerging internet, secretly. Now this alone doesn't at all indicate being a dragon, but in my particular case, I'm absolutely sure that I consequently did this because I knew about my otherkin nature, but stopped the research mainly because I was afraid that others might notice and question about it. I also tried to draw dragons, but due to my limited artistic abilities the drawings didn't turn out too well, so I kept them securely enclosed. About in the year 1994, I manufactured a tin dragon claw, intending to create a symbol of my otherkin nature. However, I kept the meaning of this a secret and wore it only while being together with people who displayed exceptional power of imagination. Unfortunately, I lost the symbol in an accident after a few days. Afterwards, I continued to feel attracted to people who would display exceptional power of imagination because I felt that they would eventually be open to the concept of being otherkin. However, I never dared to tell them. The otherkin community - first encounter I think it was about 15 years ago when I first discovered the existence of an internet otherkin community. By the definition of the term, I immediately identified myself as otherkin. I can hear myself thinking: "Ah! So this has a name.. good.. hang on.. there are others ?? Wait... they don't consider it crazy ??!!". The community members seemed to discuss phenomena that I had previously experienced myself and that felt totally familiar to me. I was not at all shocked or scared by this. I was simply amazed and curious, but also reluctant and too shy to join the discussion because I wanted to avoid disclosure of my otherkin nature even in a closed community at this time. Dream shifts and recent observations Throughout all the time, I think I've experienced kin related dreaming events. I can't remember many of them in detail since I don't have a dream diary, but I can tell for sure that such events could be intense enough to keep me confused for hours during the day, taking an immense level of self control to follow my daily habits. It must have been around 2016 when I learned about the concept of lucid dreaming. I realized that I unintentionally experienced lucid dreams multiple times in the past, not all of them kin related. Also I realized that I have the natural ability for short time control of lucid dreams. I immediately started to use this for intentional controlled dream shifting (although I didn't know that this is the proper name for that until.. yesterday, I think). I continue to do this whenever possible. Currently, it is my major technique for exploring my kin nature. I'm also trying to use this for controlled phantom shifting. The reason for this is that I'd like to explore shifting phenomena in a controlled manner, such that they don't affect my daily habits. A final note To my great surprise, writing this compilation of facts leaves me somewhat stunned. I only just understand that the realization of my otherkin nature - which must seem unreasonable to the outstander - is reasoned by a series of personal experiences and events which can be described in a completely rational way. These events have happened, and they will continue to happen no matter what. They are not made up, they can not be talked away, and similar events have happened to others. I'm happy with that, and I want to know more about it. Putting this onto a blog feels strange, yet fascinating at the same time. I don't know what the result of this coming-out will be, but I can only conclude that being otherkin is and will be an integral part of my personality. I don't want to ignore that. I want to explore. And I'm tired of hiding. At least I won't in this community. UPDATE (20.01.2019) : even before I identified as a dragon, I used to believe that I was a falcon. I'm not sure as to why exactly I gave up on this. Additional details on my kintype may be found here.
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    Obviously, we never will know exactly what an animal thinks or what it feels like. We're simply interpreting our perception of the world based on what we can research about other animals, and it is by nature a human experience; just one that questions philosophically what it means to be human or nonhuman, and interprets personal experiences as being like those of something nonhuman, for however much we know of them. People who experience phantom or "ghostly" limbs of wolf paws or bat wings have an obvious nonhuman trait that they can look up and research. After that, it's moreso a journey of faith and self-understanding.
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    This has been implemented. The new area is called The Tavern. Please set your date of birth correctly in your profile before attempting to access it.
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    I have implemented this as a bones shop item!
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