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    Dont know how to explain it but for now I will take a break from the community. I am not leaving forever but temporarily. I guess the main reason is my anxiety problems which the cause of is not yet identified but I am so scared to say the wrong things at the moment, a main reason I dont really post anymore. I guess a other problem of mine is that these problems combined with my low natural self esteem also created the idea in my mind that I am not really a part anymore, people dont like me and so on. My mind is just under a lot of pressure at the moment and need to relax first. I dont know how long this break will be but I fear in worst case scenerio a couple of months.
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    If ammonites (the mollusks) ever get brought back from the dead, I want to see at least one named Tobiah. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobiah_(Ammonite)
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    Look what I found at Walmart today
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    I had a really nice lucid dream this morning. First time ever, I was able to fly away from my old house without any anxiety of immanent desctruction. Also saw no planes crashing. And this time it lasted longer than usual, a few minutes I think. I was mainly concentrating on flapping my wings and gain height. Still a great achievement.
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    Progress is finally under way again on this whole weird creature thing I am currently experiencing. A lapse in mental health put a temporary stop to it but things are progessing again. It is still a whole confusing mess but I feel confident I am close to breaking the mystery if I find the right clues. The answer is close and yet still far away.
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    Sometimes when I thought I had it all figured out there comes something across me that begs further investigation. I did experience wingless dragonlike shifts before but never placed it with anything thinking it could have been my imagination or just from a known form. This seems a consistent thing what is not close to the dragonform due to the position my neck seems to lock into. The neck seems to be on the same level as the rest of the body where the dragonform has a clear neck that is not locked into that position. I was never really aware of an creature matching this. I thought of crocodiles or similiar but the limbs that are seperate tells otherwise. It seems more higher from the ground. When I drew the thing what seems to reinforce something that can look like a crocodile but isnt. That is where I came across Rauisuchus, a predator I was not familiar with at all but matched the drawing perfectly in terms of rough bodyshape giving me a clearer picture. The skeleton seems dragonlike but wingless. Megalania was something to consider too but the bodyshape is closer to this animal. The question from here now seems to be what is it exactly. Cameoshifts or something more then that. If that is the case then the question is could it be connected to the Godec kintype that is known to have forms that resemble Earthly extinct creatures with alien elements meaning a form that can be added since I am still not confident I have found all the forms that I used to have. I know I can confirm the current 6-7 forms but there is still a possibility it could be more then the ones I am currently aware of. It can also be like the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and at least be a seperate thing. Whatever the case is and turns out to be, I can at least put a creature to the shifts that I hadnt a idea of what it could be. Time will tell what the case will be in the end. For now I am not claiming anything either way. I was just looking to draw it on paper to put an image to them. It was more coincedence that I happen to come across this creature when reading about some extinct animals as I usually do.
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    Dc.Dw^mft G~(mn) L W T PwPvPtp Sku,bs Cwh|au+=au,b\bk,t\bk Bzz/”Liquid Nitrogin”A Ni M H++ $ F+Fc~ R+++ Ac++ J++ S- U I—# V++ E bam done!~ I hope I did this right! I had do a meditative pendulum sesh for the breath weapon and gosh it gave me a huge yes for the lightning breath and nitrogen.~ That explains those dreams with something cold mist escaping my mouth whenever I'm irritated XD;
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    Ah ha ha! Snow has acquired a job! It isn't a clinic job, so I'm not getting paid vet tech money yet, but I still get to use my degree for it.
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    Aha!! The Lucid Dream worked, I broke the boundaries! Even if it was only for a few hours, I was home again... I never thought I'd feel this happy. Ps, yes, you can be skeptical. But I personally believe it to be real. And I am very happy
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    Hey Kerguelen, what is it like in your head day to day? imagine that the narrator is my own inner voice and the hoopla fish is the damn unwanted thoughts that keep flooding in over my voice
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    January. That time of the year when I feel most snow leopard. Any month in Winter tends to bring it out, but it always seems that it isn't until after the Christmas holidays here that the cold sets in proper here and we get below zero. Sadly there hasn't been any snow on the fells thus far but hopefully that'll change soon! That's when it really begins to feel like home. Many times smaller than the Himalayas, gods, nothing could rival the majesty of those mountains, but here is good enough for this floof living thousands of miles away.
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    Hi, all! I just found this website and I'm happy to have a community of people who understand what it's like to be therian. Nice to meet you!
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    I promise I will never give up on you, Kinmunity, as many hiatuses and times my profile is defunct, it never means I'm leaving for good. I'll always be here. It's been quite a year and a lot of improvement has entered my life. I cannot wait to start being active again, I'm gonna try my best, I miss it here!
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    Excuse me but have I told you all how much I love Bendy today?
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    Phew!! I got through my SOL!!!
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    I’ve been working out daily and it’s really been a mood changer for me, and I’m very happy! ^.=.^
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    I just finished my wolf tail!!! I am sooo happy!!
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    We are finishing the Anne of Green gables series tonight!!! We are on the last movie, and it is soooo amazing! I was snuggling with m doggo, and he was nuzzling his head onto me, and resting is head on m chest and I'm like ujsdhgf ack!!! he is sooo cute!! oh my jesus!
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    I apologize for making topics or saying some controversial things. I hope to learn from my mistakes and remember to be wary and cautious of what I say. I reviewed the communities guidelines again and I feel better now. Though I feel a certain way, I should keep it to myself if it isn't in the sites best interest and acceptable. I say things that may make people uncomfortable and I'm glad those people clearly tell me that. I feel I'm learning, and being a better person.
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    Find you someone who looks at you the way I look at: -a Welcome to Wyoming sign -a very large and variable Chinese buffet -an unopened, cold can of Red Bull -clothing sales at the thrift store -wild cormorants
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    i’m so happy and gay,,,,,i love sakura so much.....
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    new memory! I was in the bathroom, and then I had a day dream- I was laughing, with Monika. She was blushing, possibly hinting towards a relationship. It was either late sunrise or early sunset. We were in the clubroom and we had moved two desks to face one another.... Il try to post two visuals (of a drawing) of the memory
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    Welcome to my profile. I am brand spanking new as you might have guessed. I wanted to join the community because there aren't many other people like me.. There is no sense of community in any of my spaces like this. I'm starving for it.. It's apart of me to need the energy as.. well it's what I am that feeds form it. Please don't hesitate to say hello- I'm rather friendly neighborhood vamp.
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    Unpopular opinion: it's perfectly fine to cosplay characters of a different gender than yourself. You'd be surprised how many people get worked up about this.
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    I thought that I should tell my fictionkin memories, for curios people. Maybe, I'll find a canon-mate or something... If I don't need to, cool, I just want to do it anyway. Phoenix Write- (part one) I was originally sitting at a lunch table with a group of people, but I decided to go and sit at a almost empty table. Miles Edgeworth was already sitting there, I slightly remember seeing him reading a law book, or something... I'm pretty sure it was a law book... then we look at each other and were about to start a conversation. (I had this variation of the dream many times after, then one day the memory had a new part to it) (Part 2) The bell had rang, and I needed to use the restroom, so then I walked into the boys room. (at this point in time, I was not to sure who I was, however, I thought to myself, that it had to have been a boy.... I also had the variation of the dream many times after) (Part 3) After I walked into the bathroom, I put water on my face, for some reason, and looked in the mirror, and that when I saw myself, Phoenix Write. (At this point, I knew who it was because I saw my reflection in the mirror.) So ya... those are my Phoenix memories... I keep having all three of them quite often now... Hopefully I get another part to the UwU! I'll give you guys full detail of my Yuri memories some other time.... Probably right after this... Byeeee
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    Right, it's been a month and the feelings (though still kinda ambiguous) are still there, so I'm giving this a try: hello, I for some reason identify as a nimravid. I'm a nimravid. I'm a weird toothy non-cat. I'm an extinct feliform. I am saying all these things to see whether it feels weird or not, and so far it doesn't. We'll see how this plays out!
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    We need more people here on kinmunity!
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    Hey guys! I feel I am a place now I can start coming back into Kinmunity because I am now in a more stable place with my education, I'm glad to be back.
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    I mentioned this on my other off-site blog, but if you take jerky and put it in the fridge it'll simulate a fresh kill in the snow or! A carcass found in the snow!~ Both is great and I love it!!~
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    No amount of years in the community mean we're any more sure about our identities. I'm seriously starting do doubt the authenticity of one of my fictotypes, it's been a long time since I experienced any shifts and I feel slowly less in touch with that side of me. I'd say maybe it's me not needing what began as a subconscious defence mechanism any more, but that makes no sense because my other fictotype I attribute to the same catalyst is as strong as ever, levels like my kintypes. I've experienced fictionflicking before, but this felt so different. Was I wrong?
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    I’m starting to get over from the flu and I’m slowly recovering! I could barely walk yesterday but now I’m better! ^.=.^
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    As expected, the doctor sent me to the hospital... appointment is next tuesday. I expect the surgery to happen also next week. No big deal, had the same thing 5 years ago. Only the treatment afterwards will be a bit annoying. Actually, surgeries are funny. It feels much like having my car repaired. As soon as I enter the hospital, I switch on the autopilot and let it do everything. I'm pretty much indifferent to what the doctors do as long as they don't cut away limbs or organs... And as long as the autopilot is on, the human body just feels like a damaged part that's being repaired, haha
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    Yesterday I saw a report about a recent German study which indicates that reading black letters on a white background may cause myopia. While reading white letters on black background may counteract this and contribute to farsightedness. Another good reason to use the dark "Wolven" theme. Also I've read that deep breathing is said to be beneficial to meditation and lucid dreaming. I'll be trying this. Maybe the reason my lucid dreams are so short is that I unvoluntarily stop breathing while having them? I'll concentrate on breathing next time if I can.
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    It is beautifully dark and rainy outside, finally warm too. I will take a long walk in the woods when I get home, hopefully, find undiscovered woods.
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    Ya know, Joey was always complaining that his legs and back were sore. I never understood that, but now that I'm in highschool lugging this heavy backpack across campus and up and down stairs HOO BOY
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    Hello everybody, I'm Lanayru. I'm happy I found this community that seems and feels safe and protected. It has been a while since I was a member in a real online forum other that facebook or tumblr. I'm only testing the waters here first and see if it's a good place for me. You all seem to be nice and I look forward to join your family here. At the moment I feel a little lost and don't know where to start so I'll take my time look around (and look for an indroducing-thread, until now I've not seen something like that, I'm sorry). I don't know if it's appropriate to just join in on conversations yet without saying hello and reading through definition-posts or something like that. Carefully I read the forum rules and will always keep them in mind. Unfortunatly I'm not a native English speaker but I'll be careful with my sentences. I'm sorry if what I'm saying seems a little incorrect because I couldn't find the exact word or my grammar isn't always on point. Sometimes I use a translator from my native language to English and the outcome doesn't always feels right. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What brought me here. I always kept what's inside me for myself, as a secret, but I new since I was little that I had a deeper connection with water, especially deep waters, beautiful lakes or the ocean. Naturally I spend as much time as I could in the water, swimming diving, dreaming and feeling the connection. It fills me with such happyness and sentiment just thinking about it now. In the summers I was always either in the pool of my best friend, in the big lake near our place or the local swimming pool. After I found out my friends didn't share this experience, I was baffled, but thought they just prefered other things or weren't that melancholic like they said about me (not in a nice way). While growing up I got even more interested in marine things, mermaid lore sailing stories (oh, i love them), mythology and became more longing and invested (sometimes maybe a little too much maybe, ahihi). My other friends weren't interested in such things so I kept it for myself furthermore. I tried to fit in but just became depressed overtime, beginning to feel different and lonely. At least my dreams (do you know about lucid dreaming?) and water-sessions gave me strenght and hope, at least I still had the sea and relaxing in the waters. Even though later I made friends who were a little more accepting so I could talk about some things a little (but not telling them everything I wished I could share) it wasn't until I found tumblr that I finally found some people who were talking exactly about the things that I was always thinking. I'm sure many of you know the feel when you suddenly see a textpost with exactly the thoughts that were only in your head and you thought you were the only one who was feeling that way. I'm so happy. And I'm sure you all know that even tumblr isn't the sefest place (fb is better but isn't either). I know about this community (and others) from tumblr and thought I should give it a try. This is just a little snippet of my inner me and how I'm connected to the sea. There is so much more and more specific, but for now I want to becareful, I hope you can understand. At first I want to be sure what kind of a community this is and be more aware of rules and etiquette here. I'm sorry. But I'm looking forward to share so much more and engage with you all. Thank you, Lanayru
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    When I think about all the things I have to do, but am not sure how to begin doing
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    I'm still very new and I'm happy to be here 0w0
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    After procrastinating about it for way too long, I've finally started writing this one Library article I've had in my head for ages - covering some common difficulties with questioning kintypes and advice to help tackle them ( @ confirmation bias... oof). Because. Why the hell not. Let's hope this doesn't take me a year to write,, rip
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    Wow! We have a white swiss shepherd in our family (: beautiful dogs! i'm also gshep-hearted as well so it works very well. Welcome to KM!
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    LOL found this meme while reading about Stygimoloch.
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    Sometimes it takes a shadow Blocking out the light To finally recognise The beauty of the night
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    Oh, FYI: I've updated my gender identity to "agender" recently because I realized this term describes me better. I have a male body but I don't actually care about being male much. I've set preferred pronouns to "neutral" but I honestly don't care. You can use whatever you like.
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    I've posted a lot of things during the past hours. Obviously I'm still struggling to find myself. I want to dig deeper, and while doing so I try to document as to offer yet another example just how far one can go. I hope I succeed in giving a positive example. So, what the heck am I exactly? I'm not a god yet somehow represent the force of life. I'm not a creator yet we all are. I'm only one being yet I'm everything, and so is everybody else... aaah, a confusing puzzle. To spin my spiritual hypothesis wheel a bit further: I've realized yesterday that places like ours, the Earth universe I mean, could be much more vital to the existence of the Multiverse of Minds than I thought. The variety of life this place offers allows small and weak minds to grow and recover. Strong minds again may be beneficial for the Multiverse to exist and flourish. Maybe minds realizing the existence of the Multiverse are a kind of life insurance for it. So by protecting this place I contribute to protecting the whole Multiverse. Am I a Multiversal guardian, then? I never heard of any dragon, mythological being or deity that would come close to this, but I'm apparently short of research at that point. Are there any creational myths or religions that go beyond explaining creation of this Earth universe? The multiverse is a quite modern idea, so I'd be surprised to find any. Aye, these are the thoughts that happen when my mind is unchained. My journey continues, and I'll go on even at the risk of going wrong. Something awesome may be waiting.
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    Agh, I just encountered someone who sounds like they might be otherkin, and I kinda want to tell them that, but also I don't want to scare them off... sucks that the community has such a bad rep these days that I actually worry about that. :'/
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    I love the sounds my cat makes Well, except the one where he's about to throw up. But the other sounds, sure!
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