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    As of today, February 15th, 2019, Kinmunity 2.0 is no longer considered to be in open beta. This means that the site is stable and secure enough for every-day use. It also means that most of the core functionality of the site that was available in the first incarnation of Kinmunity has been restored and is now fully operational! This doesn't mean that more features aren't going to be added to Kinmunity; we've still got a lot planned such as: Badges (redeemable (bought with bones) and awarded (like the old trophy system)) More KinShop items! Many more emoticons for different kintypes! Kinmunity Research Platform Survey tool that can be used by both Kinmunity's administration and approved academic researchers. Kinmunity's 2018 Alterhuman Community Survey will be hosted here. Kinmunity Analytics Gathering information to help improve the site, but WITHOUT sending it to third parties like Google. Privacy is awesome~ much more! With that said, the official birthday of Kinmunity 2.0 should be cited as 02/15/2019! Let's have cake!
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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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    I found an article about how having "imaginary" friends can actually be helpful in children and teens, and a sign of creativity in adults. Also, they don't necessarily mean that someone is at a greater risk of psychosis, there are other factors for that. If the terminology bothers you you might want to skip reading it. Personally, I prefer "internal friend" to "imaginary friend." It is not nice to insult your friends by calling them imaginary. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-03-imaginary-friends-childhood-affect-adults.html
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    I’ll start off by saying that there’s a difference between a random but perfectly normal feature about your body, and having a nonhuman identity. Being otherkin and what have you is a non-physical experience at its core (based on identity), and so if you’re looking for things that point you towards an otherkin identity, look inside you first and see if there are feelings you have that you would label nonhuman. Some people are just colder than others, and it’s perfectly normal and human. In fact, if you come to the conclusion you’re not otherkin, that’s perfectly fine! There’s nothing inherently special about being otherkin. But I would definitely reflect on what you’re feeling, and if what you can come up with is simply “my skin is often cold so my friends call me an Undead,” then, in my opinion (which is just one of many potential opinions), I would not view that as otherkin by itself. Hopefully that helps!
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    It’s more complicated than just disabling the reaction system on status updates unfortunately. This is the cleanest way to not have the issue of the reaction system on status updates, and especially since the status updates don’t add much to the site and wind up buried, it’s not a huge loss. If there is overwhelming support for having status updates, we might be inclined to revisit this decision, but as it stands, I think this decision was fine, personally.
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    Within the therian community, "lycanthrope" generally isn't used to indicate a wolf therian/werewolfkin - it's used to refer to people with clinical lycanthropy: those who have the delusion of having physically changed into a wolf/werewolf (or sometimes another creature), or that they are fully capable of doing so. Because of that, being a lycanthrope in that fashion is very unhealthy -it's a mental condition associated with schizoid disorders, and is not something easy to live with for those that experience it (clinical lycanthropy is, from what I've read, exclusively a negative experience: those who have it often fear that they will turn into an animalistic form and injure people). Because of this, I'm quite against having it as an option for primary identity. Clinical lycanthropes need treatment and support that we, as otherkin, are not knowledgeable or qualified enough to provide. If someone primarily identifies as a clinical lycanthrope, my advice for them would be to seek medical help. And all that also makes it very confusing if someone decides to use the word "lycanthrope" to refer to a lupine theriotype, because most of us do read it as the clinical sort rather than the literal. So while lycanthrope is technically one way to refer to someone with a lupine theriotype, we have very good reasons to avoid doing so! I hope that all makes sense, Kamoe! It's a very complicated subject, and of course not something that everyone is aware of.
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    This was a bad April Fools joke. Yesterday. I was approached by a representative of iterally.media (they are known for owning KnowYourMeme and eBaum's world). While originally not being interested in their offer to purchase Kinmunity, an offer was made in excess of $10,000 for the acquisition of the site and its contents. As of today, I have accepted that offer. What this means Beginning on 04/15/2019, the post editor will be updated to allow embedding content from KnowYourMeme. Beginning on 04/26/2019, user accounts will be merged with KnowYourMeme accounts. Effective 04/01/2020, the site will be owned by literally.media For privacy reasons, member email addresses will be anonymized and removed from our database prior to 'handing over the keys'.
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    It might not be considered normal, but it is reasonably common for people to have spirit companions that try to help out, though I've also heard of some spirits who were not so helpful. Keep that in mind and do not blindly follow any spirit. If it gets you in trouble then, "The spirit told me to do it," is never a good defense. However, it is not normal for them to look like they're physically there in front of you. That would be a hallucination, and it may be a sign of something more serious going on. If it's not physical, then it shouldn't look physical. That means you can't always trust that your senses are accurate.
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    All I'm going to say is it seems very wrong to laugh at a girl who, if what has been said is true, is seriously mentally ill. Mental illness is not funny. It's a serious issue and should be treated seriously, even in casual discussion. I wouldn't laugh at someone for having cancer, and I won't laugh at this poor girl for whatever she is going through in her head. Shame on all of you who do so. Have a bit of empathy. Mental illness isn't a choice, and anyone who acts in an unhealthy manner because of it is a victim of their illness. They don't deserve mockery.
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    ok i cant fucking type right now because im so fucking dbshdsajhdas ok ok, i had this memory of looking out at the city standing on a balcony and i turn around and see this othr grey. we were lab partners or something BUT I FUCKING FOUND HIM IRL I AM SO HAPPY sorry for the caps and lack of grammar lmao i can hardly type at all vfvhfh i am dying
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    I would highly recommend that everyone signs up to receive notifications from Have I Been Pwned. It is a free service that informs you if you've been impacted by a data breach. I can personally vouch for it as I've been signed up for quite a while now. Generally speaking, passwords obtained from data breaches are hashed and the attacker doesn't have the actual password itself. However, this doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about and changing your passwords when such exposures occur is always considered good measure. Kinmunity Security Tips Use a strong password that you don't use anywhere else. A strong password is eight characters or more and contains mixed case letters, numbers, and symbols and isn't a common choice (such as Abc123456!) Consider using a Password Manager to store your passwords, so that you can use a unique password for each site. I recommend Dashlane! Your password should NOT be: A person's name or a date which is significant to you, or anything that a friend or acquaintance of yours can easily guess. Kinmunity will not allow you to use a password that our scoring system rates below "Fair". Setup Two-Factor Authentication. This will require you to present both something you know (your password) and something you have (your mobile phone) in order to login to Kinmunity. We recommend that you use the Authy app. Never share your account or password with anyone. Kinmunity staff will NEVER ask for your password. Your password will only be requested by this site "https://www.kinmunity.com" over a secure connection.
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    I have implemented this as a bones shop item!
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    I noticed we have a den for qualified researchers to post studies, but we don’t have any specific den to discuss science related things that are specific to the otherkin community. Perhaps more educational and science talk would help others introspect better and we could make theories to question the realities of our identities. For example, talking about the historical studies of reincarnation and soul departure, animal instinct and behavior, geology of our planet or other worlds, multiverse and astronomical theories, or just environmental science. It does not have to be implemented if it isn’t necessary, however it’s just an idea I thought of. ^.=.^
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    As many of you are likely aware there is currently a bug making it difficult for users to log in to Kinmunity. On logging in to the site you are then asked to create a new account with a new username/email. Upon doing so you are then able to log back in to your usual account. We realise this is causing a lot of difficulties/confusion and apologise for the inconvenience. I'm sure Naia will have this issue fixed as soon as she is able! If you are accessing the site through a secure, private device it may be best to avoid logging out in order to avoid complications, however if you are on a shared/public computer this is obviously not advised. To help us clean up any duplicate accounts while this bug is going on, each time you need to make a new account please reply below with the alternate username you have created (those who already posted names in the bug thread need not repeat them). Alternatively create easy to identify usernames (i.e. velvet_secondaccount1, velvet_secondaccount2, etc...). I'll try to delete dupe accounts asap to allow you to reuse your alt emails if you need to repeat this process. Again we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope this issue will be fixed soon!
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    Copy of what I said on discord: I don't use IRC, I'm not familiar with it and I'm less likely to check it. If we did move the chat I would make an effort to check it each day but I probably wouldn't be on all the time. Discord is just always open when my computer is and if anyone posts anything I'm alerted. I feel I'd be less active on IRC. Although as I said I'm not familiar with IRC at all so if I tried it maybe I'd like it but, ah, discord is just more convenient for me. Honestly I think a lot of people feel the same and I can't see switching to IRC making the chat any more active. I'm also not the best at small talk so some sort of discussion topic would be good. Whenever a discussion topic has popped up it does tend to draw people in to add their thoughts, so having some sort of question of the week type thing may help (I'd be happy to help with that if you'd like, as I'm sure most of the staff would be!). In terms of the technical side of things, privacy, etc... I can't say too much. Those aren't topics I'm overly clued up on, but it doesn't personally bother me in relation to discord. In terms of activity, I feel that would likely be hindered rather than helped by switching, which is why I've voted no. (The question of the week suggestion I mentioned was posted on discord by @beanjamoose )
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    There's quite a few differences between the two, and many other types of headmates besides just tulpas and soulbonds. As Addy said, tulpas are intentionally created. They are developed over the course of months or years with the intention of them becoming separate and independent. The vast majority of tulpamancers I've encountered believe their tulpas are psychological in nature rather than spiritual - they're a fragment of the original that is nurtured and developed over time. Often they start off resembling children, and like all people they usually mature with age. Soulbonds are spiritual in nature. They often show up randomly, but some systems can also invite them; from what I know, they are always fully formed when they arrive. I think one of the more common beliefs regarding them is that they are living their own life in another universe, and develop a connection with the host here through spiritual means. Via that connection they can interact with the host, and sometimes front. Most soulbonds seem to come from "fictional" sources, but not all. But like I said, there's many types of headmate besides just these two! For example, fictives resemble soulbonds in that they originate from fictional media, but are generally seen as psychological rather than spiritual. Because of that, there tends to be a little more room for crossover between fictives and tulpas (whereas the potential for a mix between a soulbond and tulpa is practically nil). ^^
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    Personally I feel my feline phantoms all the time and my argonian phantoms pretty often, but not constantly. You certainly don't have to have phantoms all the time to be considered therian/otherkin/kith! Everyone experiences things differently, some may never experience any phantoms or shift at all. Otherkinity/therianthropy is an identity as something non-human (while kith/otherhearted is identifying with). The experiences that go along with the identity are personal to each individual.
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    The angelkin community is like the king of quality memes and ridiculous drama, if I do say so myself. Fallen angel memes take the cake for me, though.
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    I love the songs from the band Heilung. If you listen to their music or even just take a look at their visual expression on stage, you'll probably see why. I think this is an especially good pick for this (big part of it being the animalistic sounds) but that's just my tastes: Not sure if this is correct, but the translation I've found is: "Dripper, Greedy, Ravenous, Slippy, Swaying one Hail, Hail, Hail I dedicate to the spear, Gagaga, Gagaga, Gagaga I yell resoundingly Thought, Memory And he's called Allfather Mighty Thuler, Wise one, Striver, Wolfspeaker, Welcomed one, Pale one, God of witches, Inciter Chieftain, Readhead, Hooded one, Wandwielder, Famous lord, God of the hanged, Nebulizer, Needed one, Yulefather, Evenhigh, Attacking rider, Allfather, Victory tree, Father of victory, One with a missing eye, God with painted shield, Flashing eye, Shieldshaker, Leader of the crowd, One with knowledge, Shaggy-cloak wielder, Guardian of secrecy, Terrible one and Stormy one" Some information on the band, found in the top comment on their song "Krigsgaldr": "For those who are confused on the time frame of what this is representing, it's not necessarily "Vikings," and more or less not Neolithic. It's Proto-Germanic she's singing here, and in most of their music. It's Pre-Migration Period, 600 years before the Vikings, ~1st Century CE til ~550 when Elder Futhark broke into Younger Futhark. It's based on historical linguistic reconstruction and snippets of text found archeologically and through Tacitus & Saxo Grammaticus, some of which were carved in runes on bone fragments, or described pejoratively by Latin writers, who described the throat singing as like "howling dogs," when it would sound provisionally like in this video, inferred by the Sammi, Mongol, Indigenous Greenland, and Faroese traditions which survived the ages relatively unchanged. Then they kinda do this English language "rap," which is based on descriptions of Galdralag and Seiðalag -- no surviving examples of which exist outside of very, very scant snippets in the Poetic and Prose Edda, and in descriptions by Saxo Grammaticus and possibly by Tacitus. The low growling and hissing, the forked fingers, is based on descriptions of Seiðr magic. That kind of image survived in the inspiration of "witches" which Christians were afraid of deeply, who were real people practicing a similar indigenous artform, and came to become an abstracted meme of its own that evolved & mutated into the 21st century in a vague smear of pop culture idioms." The full live LIFA performance can be found here (if you're interested but sensitive to flashing / consistent pulsing lights, 1:03:08 to the end is to beware of or avoid):
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    I’m making my own dragonkin/draconic discord server and I’m very excited! ^.=.^
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    “My friend, if you can’t beat your problems eat your problems, that’s what I do as a dragon, tastes delicious!”
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    It all comes down to what you believe, but honestly, you could have been anything in a past life (in my opinion). I lived as Shadow the Hedgehog as well as a Dragon, so being Fictionkin as well as Otherkin is possible, as is being a Therian at the same time. I believe if reincarnation is the result of my otherkinity, nothing should really stop me from moving on from elsewhere, aside from a sort of spiritual barrier maybe. You could always look into other things that could make you have a separate kintype, such as psychological reasons or even alternate spiritual reasonings. Keep researching before you jump to conclusions on your kintype though--fictional characters are made to be relatable, remember. That's how you get engaged in a story. I recommend taking some time away from the source of your newfound possible kintype, then engage with it to see if that feeling remains regardless. Take your time, and good luck!
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    Alright, so kinda trigger warning? (Mental hospitals and past depression woop woop) Alright with that out of the way, I have met few public therians/otherkin face to face. But the first one I met, I swear I will never forget this chick as long as I live and breathe. A few years ago, I kinda freaked out after my life was kinda taking a tumble. I began to not want to live and became suicidal. Thankfully one of my parents caught be before I caused any real bad damage to myself. They did however send me to a mental institution where they hoped I would get better (and I did ^.=.^). Whoever ran the place really didn't organize the people in the hospital however. You'd have your fresh out of jail "I killed a man with this thumb" type of people mixed with your average suicidal patients and of course the good ol' crazy "if you turn your back to me I'm gonna try to rip out your hair" types. This lead to some interesting interactions. Of course on my first day I was nervous and a huge wreck. But the majority of us were all in for some type of suicidal behavior so I met a very helpful and supportive group of friends (hey if you're going through hard times right now, and you feel like ending it, finding some people that you can relate with and talk to are like a friggin gift from above). There was one person who joined our group off and on. I'll be referring to her as Scarlett since that was her wolf name and would flip her life if we called her anything different. Scarlett was in there since she attacked her family and people at school. She walked around on all fours alot, but it wasn't very graceful and often left her looking like a blind demon looking for their contacts on the ground. She held the record for most times put under sedatives to stop them from hurting anyone. Whenever we were let outside she would not let us come near a certain corner of the basketball court, she claimed it at her territory and was even caught multiple times 'marking' her territory (even though there was a very clean toilet not even 9 yards away). She tried and successfully bit me after I wouldn't give her my extra beef taco I had earned on good behavior. If she ever escapes and kills someone or something I still have her dental records permanently marked into my arms. And with all of this running and biting and peeing in inappropriate places you'd think she slept like the dead right? Wrong! She would spend almost the entire night howling or barking or something to keep us all up. She would sleep a little during outside time and during school time. Honestly I get everyone expresses their otherkin or therian identity in many different and unique ways, but love of great dragon Gods don't behave like this! I might end up posting more stories of her since this stuff was just the regular daily routine, and I was in there for a few months with her ( I left before she did, I don't think she will be released anytime soon even though it's been almost 3 years)
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    -Which communities they’re a part of (or if that’s too personal, how many they’re a part of) -What sorts of Therian media they engage with (social, forums, podcasts, etc) -This may be part of the basic questions, but if they have an overall positive or negative opinion of their theriotype(s)/kintype(s) -How long it took them from first learning about Therianthropy/otherkin to figuring out their ‘type (or the first one, for polykin) That’s off the top of my head, anyway.
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    Here’s some positivity for all of you! Each and every one of you are special, as we all affect the world in a good way somehow. If you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, remember that there is no one else like you in the world and that you’re fighting to become even greater each day, no matter how small that step is! Be sure to remember your strengths over your weaknesses, those strengths truly make you who you are! ^.=.^
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    I've always interpreted Yoshiko/Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine as angelkin of some sort. I'm aware that she is supposed to be a sort of parody of those who never outgrew their "edgy" phase, but it's not done in way that's too disrespectful imo. She shows a lot of signs of being otherkin including expressing that she is an angel since she was a child, insisting that her friends refer to her as an angel. It's really cute when they do recognize her as having her own beliefs because it makes her really happy and it just fills me with so much joy There is also a wolf therian in the Netflix original show "Glow." I haven't watched it yet myself, but I found this nice interview with the therian character's actress where she is pretty respectful (albeit uses some kinda off terminology) in regard to the character's identity:
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    @Charias Down at the left hand side of the footer there is a "Theme" option which lets you select your theme. To change the background image up in the header where notifications/PMs and such appear there's a "Change background image" option.
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    I would have a suggestion for the footer banner; I think it's a bit weird if it's only shown for unregistered users. If, it should be shown to everybody and if you don't want to see the ad, you have to pay a little sum, but maybe not as recurring cost. A lot of sites have a "donate once, get premium forever" system. And well, I could imagine that the people who are online here, are willing to donate a bit from time to time anyway. But I also like the idea with the goodies. While not necessarily a plush or something, but for my part, I'm a huge fan of stickers and other printed goodies. Maybe you could "sell" stickers or prints which were donated by users? They're rather cheap to dispatch and since it's not directly selling them, but rather a thank you for a donation, you should be able to legally send it as a gift. (But I think that was already discussed once? I'm not too sure anymore tho) Another idea would be to just make the donations button more apparent. Until now I actually never saw that there was an option to actually donate money.
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    Obviously, we never will know exactly what an animal thinks or what it feels like. We're simply interpreting our perception of the world based on what we can research about other animals, and it is by nature a human experience; just one that questions philosophically what it means to be human or nonhuman, and interprets personal experiences as being like those of something nonhuman, for however much we know of them. People who experience phantom or "ghostly" limbs of wolf paws or bat wings have an obvious nonhuman trait that they can look up and research. After that, it's moreso a journey of faith and self-understanding.
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    An option to change one's display name, with the possible condition(s) of: Having to pay a certain amount of bones. (ex: pay 100 bones to change it) Having a limited amount of times able to change your username. (ex: You can only change your display name 3 times) A waiting period between each change. (ex: You must wait 60 days to change your display name again) The display name change option would be a great option for those undergoing transgender transitioning (ex: having a masculine display name but wanting to change it to feminine), those who name their account as a theriotype/kintype/fictiotype but realizing they are not kin as them (ex: someone having the display name Luna Wolf but realizing they are a fox), wanting to go under another alias in the community, and many other reasons.
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    Okay, so here's the idea. You wish for something, then the person under you plays the role of a "douchebag genie"; technically granting the exact wording of your wish but twisting those words out of context to turn it into something crappy. For example, if I wished for 1,000,000 dollars, you would grant that wish by dropping 100,000,000 pennies on my head, thereby killing me. You get the idea? After you've granted the wish of the person above you in the worst way possible, make a wish of your own at the bottom of the same post. I'll start. I wish that Steve Jobs had never died and was still making innovative new Apple products
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    Identifying phantom shifts?
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    Heyo all! We've noticed some people putting threads in the wrong place, so we felt it would be useful to make a little guide of where to put your threads when you're creating them. These are the boards we often find posted in improperly, or not used when they should be. Suggestion Box: Put suggestions for new features for the site here. Note: If you want a place for discussion that isn't currently covered by a forum board, you might be better off making a club for it instead (since that's what clubs are for). If you genuinely believe we need another board though, you can suggest it here. Bug Reports: This is for documenting actual bugs you're encountering. If you're experiencing something weird but you're not sure if it's worthy of a bug report, feel free to mention it in the Discord and if the consensus is that it's a bug, please document it here. 'Kin Q&A: If you have a question specifically about otherkin, the community or anything like that, even if you're not a registered guest, post it here! It says that it'll be answered by staff, but anyone is able to respond, although posts are moderated so staff have to approve them before they go up. Chit Chat: This board is a place for off-topic, general chatter, and things that don't necessarily incite meaningful conversation. Reactions are disabled in here to prevent their abuse for lower quality content (with regards to the site's overall goal of 'kin discussion, not that the content itself is meaningless). This board is also PUBLIC, so keep that in mind when posting. We may move threads here if we feel they're better suited to this board; please understand that it's so our other boards reflect active discussion and can be reacted to appropriately. The Watering Hole: Most focused discussion on Kinmunity is likely going to be kin-focused, but if you have a general, non-kin topic that involves deeper discussion, post it here. I know there is some grey area between content that belongs here and what belongs in Chit Chat, so if you're unsure, ask yourself if users would be able to respond to each other's posts in order to continue meaningful discussion, or if they'd just add casual replies. Creative Corner: This board is for sharing things you've created, or deeper discussion about art, photography, and the like. That being said, even if your topic is about art, lighter topics that would otherwise go in Chit Chat should go in Chit Chat. If you're intending to make a thread dedicated to your art specifically though, please instead use the gallery to do so. Howls: If you're looking for local 'kin (typically with the intent of a meet up), please do so in this board. For the safety of our younger members, only those over the age of 16 may plan meet ups. Thank you!
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    It goes along with the NDA, in that as a helper/staff, you’re gonna be handling sensitive information about users, and verifying you are who you are and that you’re not going to misuse the data is, in my eyes, understandable. Larger sites, Otherkin-centered or not, run similarly for this reason, it’s just not done as often in this community for whatever reason. That being said, I totally understand the hesitation to provide your real name and whatnot. This is just the safety measures we take around here when hiring on staff. Hope that helps!
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    Some notes/input from me: -I've never used an IRC chat, so I have no familiarity with how it works -Discord is extremely convenient as I can jump quickly between other servers I'm in and check KM's server more regularly than if I were forced to have to access an entirely separate system; keeping all of my instant chats in the same place -I don't really care about customization, text chat and emojis are really all I need for the kinds of conversations I'm interested in having in an instant chat format -Voice chat (although I don't use it that often) is fun, and I know people enjoy that feature -Unless Discord's 'freemium' Nitro starts taking away features from the version everyone can use freely, it's a non-issue for me. Just looking at the page for it on Discord, all it really has to offer is some extra cosmetic chat stuff/minor perks which, while nice, are not by any stretch necessary to function, and access to a bunch of games for gamers who want them, which has no relation to KM anyway. I haven't felt any interference from their gaming side of things on my chatting experience, either. -I'm not really worried by the third party v. open source issue either. I feel there's enough security to prevent trolls from getting in to the server in the first place that you've already worked out, plus vigilant mods to shut down any potential misconduct that hypothetically might happen.
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    I love playing the piano, and I am learning how to play my guitar better! I prefer the piano though, personally its just more soothing.
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    For some extra information in case anyone didn't know, you can also change the theme image. It's a little landscape type icon up at the top, end of the row where notifications show. I use the Vulpes theme with the second (forest path) image.
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    The criteria is automatic confirmation, I linked to the help document explaining its criteria above. @Effervescent-Daydream - Your account is already auto-confirmed. With that said, this suggestion has been implemented.
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    I passed the VTNE by a wide margin! And I dyed my hair teal to celebrate.
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    So, this is actually about the game Undertale. I'm a pretty huge fan of it. There's a beautiful instrumental track near the end of the game called "His theme which sounds like this: A months back, I'd thought I'd take the liberty of making up some lyrics for that track and the following is what I came up with. It's from the point of view of the character named Chara. WARNING: massive spoilers for the game.
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    I appreciate that a community may require a diverse input from those who seek its growth..or even survival in this day and age on the web with its ever changing mediums. I for one appreciate this forum resource as I am not so fluent yet at using instant messaging. As I get my bearings here I will consider a small contribution towards the bandwidth and plugins I use and all. Corvid.
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    @bhiurd: If it annoys you, I suggest to talk to a doctor and rule out a medical condition, just to be on the safe side. I'm also sometimes forgetting to breathe (regularly when astral shifted, also when sleeping as it seems) but it doesn't happen too often and is not a big deal... Own daily thought: well, I survived the first day of the business exhibition... very crammed exhibition booth, not a good place to shift
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    I can't tell you how many times I've tried to use the mood indicator and there just weren't any that quite fit. We really need more options on there, such a melancholy, or it's sunnier counterpart, contentment. There's probably a ton of others that would be worth adding by I can't really think of them off the top of my head
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    Grabbed up some new gemstones! Some obsidian, fluorite, garnet and hypersthene! I didn't know of hypersthene until yesterday--it's so pretty and stripy! (Not my image) Look at it!
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    Historically, Kinmunity has been against the idea of trigger lists and forbidding discussion on an arbitrary basis. These lists are known to get long and illogical quite fast, and arbitrarily limit a community's discussion based on the needs of a few or one member. A study was done at Harvard last year in which it was found that trigger warnings actually do more harm than good for a person's mental well-being. The site does have ignore list functionality that can be used to block users who post content that makes you uncomfortable; and a user will never know that you have ignored them. I have considered the idea of adding a per-user configurable filter, but I ultimately decided against it because it could seriously fragment discussion and be detrimental to people's mental health. I hope you still feel welcome on Kinmunity and continue to use the site, and you can definitely reach out to any member of our staff team if you need anything!
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    I'd be interested to how many began identifying as non-human before finding out about therianthropy/otherkinity - maybe phrased as something like "Did you consciously identify as non-human prior to finding the otherkin community?" or something along those lines. Also maybe something like "Did you experience shifts before discovering otherkin?" with multiple choice answers of things like "Yes, mental shifts", "Yes, phantom shifts", "No, but I did after", "No, I don't shift", etc. to specify exactly what their experiences are with that. And maybe "Did you associate yourself with your kintype's species before awakening?" (this could probably be worded better but basically asking if they always had a connection to the species that is their kintype). Oh, also: "Have you ever misidentified your kintype/s?" with answers "No", "Yes, once", "Yes, many times", and "Unsure" I'll post again if I have any more ideas! (Hmm... it'd be cool if you could let us know what questions are already going to be included. I assume there's gonna be the typical stuff like "Are you otherkin, therian, both or neither?" and that sorta thing)
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    So, I'm now out as trans irl to a total of three people, and they're all supportive! One of them said they're willing to help me get a binder without my parents knowing~
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    I came out as trans to a school counsellor and she was amazingly supportive!
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    I hate it that I cannot be more active because of my extreme fear and limits myself to lurking and posting from time to time since it can also be caused by online interactions (I dont understand how). My mind is as stable as it gets and will see a therapist next week. Hopefully I have answers if it is a disorder or my autism though I still believe it is an disorder what is causing it. Things are slowly getting better though I still feel alone in this mess with no one to support me despite people are helping me and those thoughts are not helping. I just feel isolated despite daily activity. All I can hope is that this mess is solved as soon as possible and continue my road to recovery. All I need is answers.
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