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    Where other systems have serious names, we just have... The Squad. Blame Akarthyx for that. From left to right we have: the fluffy dinosaur, Akarthyx; the concerned wolf, Rook; and the mirror dragon pup, Aeolus. The big dumb dog-lizard is a symbolic representation of our system "autopilot", whose lack of sapience doesn't stop them getting distracted petting our dog for extensive periods of time.

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    From the album: Wolf & Wolves

    Spent some time with awoos :3
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    Got these amazing paws from lobitaworks!!

    © Jethero

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    Art I did for a Secret Santa thing last year. Done on SAI with a Huion 610, as well as Procreate on an iPad Pro.
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    From the album: Wolf & Wolves

    I spent some time with baby chaco, the only surviving pup of the wolf maliciously killed by Florida Fish & Wildlife.
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    Munchie, my Conure.

    © ArchieAce

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    Crunchie, my Lorikeet.

    © ArchieAce

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    I just wanted to upload some artwork I drew on my Fursona Swifttail, who I identify with as a foxkin as well. I've been making art for nearly 10 years now, and I think I finally have a style I am happy with. What do you all think? Should I share more? :3

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