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    I'm sorry for the multitude of photos, but I got to hold babies today and I'm giddy.
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    Things are going now pretty well. While I feel still sometimes alone, I have Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos. They are not headmates to me but rather my friends. I just feel happy with them with me. While this may sound weird Tortarium is also someone pretty dear to me. Despite being a Great Spirit, he is really more like a father to me. While our past is complicated and long, he is still visits me again ater being apart for millions of years. I still have the connection to him as I did in my Godec past life. He is really the reason that I remember that life and have it now as a kintype. We share an unbreakable bond with eachother. Despite being human now without access to my fancy Godec abilities doesnt mean anything to me. As far he is concerned I am still the same no matter what I am now. He refuses to leave my side again after he searched for me. Tortarium really helped me when I was down and broken by my anxiety problems and helped me to see my own good side when a doctor visit was still many days away. I just feel not complete anymore without him. Thanks to his words and the support of my friends my confidence is starting to grow again. I just cannot really explain my bond with Tortarium really in words. It is something people wont really fully understand no matter how well I try to explain it. It just feels more different since he is a Great Spirit and I am a human. In short I dont know what I would do without Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos but especially Tortarium.
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    Trying to explain how to move files on a computer to someone and they reply with things like "I don't think my computer has folders.", "What's a taskbar?", "I clicked something and it all went away". Today is going to be a long day. edit - oh, forgot to add this gem: "How do I right click?"
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    It all comes down to what you believe, but honestly, you could have been anything in a past life (in my opinion). I lived as Shadow the Hedgehog as well as a Dragon, so being Fictionkin as well as Otherkin is possible, as is being a Therian at the same time. I believe if reincarnation is the result of my otherkinity, nothing should really stop me from moving on from elsewhere, aside from a sort of spiritual barrier maybe. You could always look into other things that could make you have a separate kintype, such as psychological reasons or even alternate spiritual reasonings. Keep researching before you jump to conclusions on your kintype though--fictional characters are made to be relatable, remember. That's how you get engaged in a story. I recommend taking some time away from the source of your newfound possible kintype, then engage with it to see if that feeling remains regardless. Take your time, and good luck!
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    Oh dear. Nice try, but I don't want to ignore this... however, I also don't really know how to help. In any case, feel free to PM and bother me with your stuff anytime if you like.
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    Hello! I'm new to this website, however I'm not new to the community. I'm on the search for any and all Kingdom Hearts kinnies, since it's my main source and I hardly have any friends from the series. I personally am Isa/Saïx and Lea/Axel and I'd love to talk to anyone.
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    Hello and welcome to Kinmunity! We hope you enjoy your stay here! I don't have any Kindgom Hearts fictotypes but one of my headmates (soulbonds) is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. I used to consider myself a heartless long ago but they became more of something I'm fiction-hearted to (I guess that would be the right term.. or maybe synpath? idk, there are so many definitions for the terms DX).
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    I hope you get it resolved soon
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    Hello! I’m new round here. I eork with Fuction Characters as guides. I have been working with my psychologist who is both spiritual and open, on this. My question is it possible for me to be an elf in one past life and a fictionkin in another. I had a sudden knowing with a fic character. And began questioning if U am Fictionkin. Does it depend on the world the characters Live. Example, elves do not reincarnate. However, Naruto’s Sgenobi world does. Can one of you direct me to the right place and give me direction?
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    I like this idea; and it'll be included; thank you! All are good suggestions; so I'll be including them. Thanks again! How about a little scale from 0 being none at all to 5 being very impactful on your life? You guessed it; I'm including this! I don't wish to identify individual sites that a person participates on; but I may allow them to select between common social media outlets and then an option such as "community-specific site" to encompass things like Kinmunity, otherkin.net, TG, etc.
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    I wanna say I admire your Slime Rancher stuff because I am extremely passionate about the game and love it to pieces, and it’s really cool seeing someone on here who likes it a lot too!
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    @Curious Canine Sorry friend, slots are full at the moment! I'm a slow worker, aha. But once I'm done this round of art I'll probably open slots up again! ^^ @Jahfari Aaa finally got this done! Sorry for the wait! Turns out wolf colours are way harder than I thought, aha. I hope you like~
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    “I’m pretty good with the furries. Wait, that came out wrong.”
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    Hello, This is planned for implementation in the very near future! Actually, it was just implemented as of 17:14 ET!
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