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    I figured since I'm writing a YA urban fantasy novel, it would be interesting to see what y'all think about the races (or Paranatural Templates) I've created (or adapted) for my works. I am a fan of certain tropes, which unfortunately aren't as popular as I would like, so some of them might be more noticeable than others. I was originally going to put them all in one blog entry, but as I was writing just the Enlightened Artists, it would end up far too long for anyone to read. So! I decided to split it all up into each Clade so as to make things more simple! The species I have as of now (might add more in later if a new idea becomes too much to not include) are split into different "Clades" one might call them. The most human clade is known collectively as the Enlightened Artists. The Enlightened Artists: Those who are born with the ability to turn their thoughts into powerful reality warping powers, depending on their manner of reality manipulation. Enlightened Artists are essentially human, and besides their powers, they are functionally human. At least until they grow in power. Magi (Singular: Magus) [Also known as witches, wizards, magicians, mages, and priests] Magi use their aura (The concentrated field of life energy that comprises their soul) to fuel what they call Magick. As such, Magi are naturally attuned to the auras of others, allowing them to see (or use other senses) both emotions, and characteristics of whoever they are deeply observing. Occasionally their own aura flares up, causing the same sort of distortions Spellcasting can cause, as well as building a charge, and discharging in unnatural ways, causing random effects, usually symbolic to the Magus's mindset. Magick is then codified into specific forms which are called Spells which allow them to be cast faster, and more efficiently instead of relying upon power surges, or Rituals. Spells are basically created through aural memory, much like muscle memory allows one to ride one's bike. They spend a lot of time, and energy, constantly visualizing the effect desired, planning the ins and outs of the Spells, then adding in whatever inherent discounts they wish to the future Spell, and then keep forcing the effect to happen under those circumstances. Essentially building up the experience and instinct behind it. This creates a Spell for later use. Many Magi record the information behind them in a private journal in case they forget the specifics of each Spell. (This happens far more than you'd think. How often do you remember all the mathematical equations, rules of grammar, historical events, and local laws you have ever learned off the top of your head?) Classical Magi favor the classic "Book of Shadows" experience, creating it by hand and spending a lot of time, and money, making it a work of art. And then you got the newer, more modern Magi who either make them digital journals, blogs for access anywhere, or even apps for their phone. These Magi tend to be closer in practice to Technomancers, and many older, and classical, Magi look down on this practice as "disrespectful" or "not tasteful." But secretly do find the ease of a "Blog Of Shadows" appealing, though they wouldn't admit it. Since Spells utilize the aura as a power source, all Spells do drain the Magus of their life force, which can create weakness, or sickness as the aura is pulled apart to create their Spells. If one were to push their aura to a point where it was completely empty, then the Spell will begin to feed upon their physical body, spontaneously opening, usually symbolic, wounds upon their body, and demanding more and more payments the more Magick is used. If the Magus has barely any life force left, and they use any more Magick, they face the chance of either suffering a, usually fatal condition, like a stroke, heart attack, aneurysm, going into a coma (which in the middle of a situation that needed that much Magick used in the first place is probably not a good thing) or outright spontaneous combustion. Tragically, most new Magi tend to last a year or two at most before they die. Either they die a horrific death at the hands of the world's more violent mysteries, they kill themselves from the trauma caused by this new world, or they die of aural overconsumption. And if they don't die from those situations, they will probably suffer an aural burnout, when they've drained their aura too often, and now it won't recharge itself, essentially making them nearly unable to use Magick, instead relying upon whatever Charms they made, and Charms made by others. Some people can recover from this, usually by soaking up Magick, and jumpstarting their auras again, much like would be done for a newly empowered Magus. A Spell is most efficient in terms of aura when it combines physical movements, and vocal Incantations. As Magick and Spells twist the fabric of reality, when casting Spells that are being focused by movements or vocalizations, they are shown to be unnatural, as movements take on glowing trails as aura begins to manifest, or unnatural distortions occur around them. Incantations sound like multiple voices speaking at once, as if in a different language, and then backwards, and it sounds far too fast for the human mouth to create. No Non-Magi can replicate this "language" naturally (i.e. without the aid of supernatural power). Also, Magi tend to use tools to help focus their Magicks. These tools are not necessarily Charms, but usually end up as such. A tool for Spellcasting has to resonate with the Magus's personal casting style, meaning it has to be in sync with beliefs towards Magick, as well as functional based on the Spell at hand for it to have any effect. Wands are the most well known, and common tool since they tend to jive well with most styles of Magick, plus it's relatively easy to just use a stick if you can consciously keep yourself from thinking "This is a plain stick, not a magic wand." Like almost all supernatural beings, Magi can lock Spells or Rituals into objects to create objects of power known as Charms. Charms basically are bound with the shaved off slivers of the Magus's soul that is created when they use their Magick. When a Charm is created the specific effect is chosen, and that sliver acts as its battery. However, this battery, is able to take in the trace amounts of aura in the environment to keep itself active. But to be used for powerful Spell-like effects, aura needs to be stored within it, or it must be given enough time to build up that level of charge. Charms are also attuned to their Magus, allowing them to be used as suitable tools for more efficient Spells, but unless they are specifically attuned to generic aura signature, that attunement is only given to the crafting Magus. If the necessary aura is stored within, or built up by, the Charm, and it has been both built to be used as generic attunement, and then the added enhancement of being used by anyone then the Charm is functionally Magickal to anyone who uses it. Charms made open like this tend to have specific activation requirements to use them, such as bleeding on them on a dagger, turning a ring three times, speaking a certain keyword or phrase, and so on. The activation requirement is embedded in the Charm itself, and therefore is only changeable by the creator, and not easily done after creation. Magi are unique in that normal mortals can become Magi with enough training, and exposure to Magick. No one is sure why, but many hypothesize that it may be due to the manner in which Magick functions. Almost all humans have an aura that can be used to fuel Magick, it's just catalyzing the knowledge of how to do it, and jumpstarting aural excitement to be tapped into. ESPERS Espers [Also known as psychics, or psions] Espers differ from Magi in that they do not use Magick or their aura for their abilities, but instead manipulate Prana, the mesh of life force, known as Orgone, through which one interacts with reality, . This is done through their Pneuma, specific alterations in that mesh, essentially altering their own interactions with Prana. Pneuma allows them to manipulate reality in ways commonly known as "psychic power." Orgone is generated by all living organisms, even down to the lowest bacteria, each organism radiates this life force, which connects with other life forms, and makes the mesh of energy, Prana. As the energy that is released by the interaction of life force, Prana is much more dynamic and energetic than each field of Orgone on its own. The Synergy of the Esper's Orgone through Prana is what makes their Pneuma so potent. The constant interconnection between their personal Orgone, and the full force of Prana makes them uniquely attuned to this energy field, which only grows more fine-tuned as their Anima grows in power. Anima is the measurement of how much Orgone an Esper can create and give off, and how much they are able to impact the Prana around them. As they aren't using the soul to fuel their abilities, they don't have to worry about their Pneuma killing them directly. However since manipulating Prana through Pneuma is an intense experience, extreme control and focus is required, often taking up a portion of brain power. The stress of their brains interacting directly with Prana has the potential to cause brain damage if it backlashes, and can create temporary psychoses in the Esper. Esper Pneuma tend to be more "invisible" compared to Spells, at least at lower power levels, as they operate through Prana, which is unseen by those who don't have some form of preternatural ability of sight, combined with knowing what they are looking for. Many Espers find they have certain field of Pneuma they are much more adept in, usually the first one they manifested, and tends to be thematic, like some other, more powerful, paranaturals. So an Esper who manifests pyrokinetic Pneuma will find it very hard to learn clairsentience, or psychometry by virtue of that it's not in their "theme." In terms of power, Espers are the most powerful among the Enlightened Artists, as they require no external functions to power their Pneuma, and their abilities allow more freedom, and power, in trading off the ease of learning new Pneuma that aren't in "theme" with the Esper. Espers can alter the mesh of Prana of certain items, granting them new powers and making them objects known as Foci (singular: Focus.) A Focus is altered through the forcible infusion of Orgone energy into the item, making it a knot in Prana, creating a feedback loop where the Orgone feeds the Prana, and the Prana causes the Orgone to sustain itself. This makes this Focus register as "alive" to anyone who can see Orgone, or interact with Prana. Oddly however, an Esper making an item a Focus tends to psychically change it. The most common changes is that the item will suddenly transform some, or all, of the material composing it into a form of crystal comprised of Orgone. This crystal tends to change color depending on the emotional states of those who wield them, as they are able to sense emotion, and life force in their wielders. With high Anima, or when making a powerful Focus, one probably change is that the Focus will start to develop a nascent awareness, which after enough time, and Orgone infusion, can begin to develop into a full blown sentience. A Focus is able to trigger certain Pneuma at the will of its owner, or when it feels it is necessary should it be powerful enough. Like Shapechangers' Apexes, a Focus can develop new Pneuma as they grow in power, but they can only develop new Pneuma in theme with it, unless altered, or tampered with by others. Sentient Foci have a piece of their creator's life force in them, and will always seek to help them, barring extreme situations. They will also attempt to avoid killing if possible, unless the Focus was made with violent intentions, which might cause it to be violent itself. TECHNOMANCERS Technomancers (Also known as "Mad Geniuses", Tinkers, Mechanics, and Programmers depending usually upon their focus of Technomancy, or occasionally known as Drivers) Technomancers manipulate the world through hyperscience (Also called SCIENCE!) and reality hacking. Unlike both the Magi, and Espers, the Technomancer is using the power of the connection between his mind, and the alien dimension held within his soul. Unique among the EAs, Technomancers rely upon their items of power, known as Gadgets (Or Inventions), at lower levels until they can learn to use their knowledge without physical technology. Without their Gadgets, until they grow more powerful, they are nearly defenseless, and as weak as a normal human. Gadgets are made by Technomancers infusing the hypothetical potential of the Gadget's design, and the materials to create it, with the power of the Drive, the alien dimension constrained and held within their souls. The Drive then created a connection with the Gadget. Once the Gadget's design has been infused with potential, and the materials have been reformatted for work, the Technomancer begins their work. During this process the newly formed Gadget then accesses that connection to the Drive, and pulls a piece of that world through, letting it exist here inside the Gadget, which is what allows the Gadget to function, even if all laws of physics say it shouldn't thanks to what has been dubbed Hyperscience! When a Technomancer creates their Gadgets, they are pushed obsessively by their Drive, causing them to enter a state of trance where they assemble their Gadgets at the expense of their ability to pay attention to anything around them. Oddly, however, when they are inventing, they can barely recall the experience, likening it intellectual rapture as they are assaulted and pulled into the power of their Drive, which as they grow in power becomes much more profound and creates intense ecstasy. Many Technomancers grow addicted to this feeling, spending all their time, and resources into making more and more Gadgets. Watching a Technomancer invent is an interesting experience, as "inferior" raw materials are converted into pure data by the Technomancer and instantly reformatted into superior, and supernaturally refined "perfected materials" which allows every Gadget to look unnatural, and almost alien not only in the extraterrestrial manner, but simply inhuman, and not of our Earth. This allows Technomancers to make just about anything they can think up without having to rob banks just to make some jet boots. Gadgets don't just appear as futuristic tech, but seems to take on the aesthetics of its creator, assembling into a piece of art that the creator would find aesthetically pleasing, and must spend extra time, and effort, making it appear as something else. Many theorize it's the harmonization between the Drive Core, the very central point of the Drive, also the core of the Technomancer's soul, that creates this appearance, making it more fitting for the Technomancer who created it. Some Technomancers find the humor behind the Drive's name, as in they have an "creatively obsessive drive" to make Gadgets. These creations, almost always technologically advanced, are capable of doing things modern tech could only dream of, and tech companies would kill to just touch. However, some do not seem to be modern technology at all, some not even technology by anyone's standards. Very rare these days, but some use clockwork, or steam power, or even crystals and bones, depending on the aesthetics of technology the Technomancer embraces. Apparently the Drive doesn't discriminate towards aesthetics, a Technomancer might joke. No matter what it ends up appearing as, or was built from, the Gadgets is derived from the Drive, and will function regardless. Also unique is that Gadgets don't work in the hands of non-Technomancer with the exception of three specific situations; the user has the potential to awaken their own Drive, and when the Technomancer spends time, and energy to "dumb down" their Gadgets, cutting a lot of power out of them in exchange for usability. The third exception is in the hands of Negators and Deus, they are able to use Gadgets almost as easily as Technomancers. Almost. However, they lack the ability to overclock Gadgets instinctively. Some Technomancers, known as Programmers, Coders, Code Slingers, or simply as Neos use Gadgets differently. Their main Gadgets are a form of interactive computing Gadget, called a Grid, that holds their other Gadgets, programmed Gadgets that rely upon reality hacking. These code Gadgets are differentiated in name as Matrices, or singularly as a Matrix, or as EXEs or by some plainer Neos simply Programs. Most Technomancers do have a flair for the dramatics, however. It comes with the territory. These Gadgets are closer to Routines than the average Gadgets, but still not as powerful, and much more limited to very specific functions. In order to rely entirely upon Matrices, a Technomancer would need to spend a long time and energy to code hundreds of Matrices for everything they need them for, as they can only handle one, very specific, function each. A Matrix however, does need high quality base materials to be constructed, as the Grid needs to be specially built for the Technomancer, and that Technomancer alone, and when "coding" the Matrix, the high quality materials are converted into the data needed for construction. A Matrix can only be used by using the exact source code. Copying it anywhere removes all traces of code from the original location. If someone were to copy the code by hand (On another computer), they'd find it in a completely alien coding language, and struggle to be able to replicate it. Should it be replicated properly, the program will not operate, but instead show a gateway into the Technomancer's Drive, usually hypnotizing the would be hacker, and usually bending them into a worshiper of the Technomancer, should they know who compiled this code. Once a Technomancer has learned to manipulate the functions of reality through their Technomancy, they start using their specialties; Routines. Routines are accessed once the Technomancer's Drive is able to directly interfere with reality. By pulling the alien physics of their Drive into our world, the Technomancer is able to directly alter the "rules" of which their local reality works, essentially becoming God-Machines. Once a Routine is activated, the Drive causes Quantum fluctuations (Quantum Flux) and metaphysical warping to occur, allowing a desired Routine to be run, and affect reality, treating it similar to utilizing programs on a computer, with reality being the OS, and the Technomancer having root access. Routines, however, are dangerous to use, as every time they are called upon, the Technomancer feels their subconscious pulled into the depths of their Drive. This is usually able to be ignored, as they are able to stay connected to reality, and use the human mind and soul as a buffer, controlling the output of the Drive's quantum state, if they can't resist it, they suffer a short mental breakdown referred to as a System Shock, usually intense depression, rage, or hallucinations. The more often Routines are called upon, and is unable to resist this breakdown the possibility of entering "Quantum Psychosis" rises. Quantum Psychosis ends up pulling out dangerous and exaggerated aspects of the Technomancer's psyche and soul, and overriding the current mind with this insanity, unlike the moderate System Shocks, Quantum Psychosis can last much longer, depending on how often the Technomancer goes through it. If entered too much, then there is the chance of the Technomancer being stuck in it for an indefinite amount of time. Quantum Psychosis can be willing called upon, as it completely refreshes their Quantum energy reserves, as well as fully healing their bodies. Every time System Shock or Quantum Psychosis is triggered causes the Drive to cause Quantum Feedback, and create Quantum Glitches which mark the Technomancer's body with inhuman traits, making them appear monstrous should the Feedback be too powerful. These will usually wear off on their own, unless somehow they became permanent, or unless the Technomancer decides to incorporate them into their bodies, which while uncommon, does make their Routines easy in the future, using these new "enhancements" as a buffer through which Quantum is able to conduct, much like a Quantum lightning rod. However, removing the corruption of Quantum Glitches after they have been incorporated is hard and dangerous, as the Technomancer will have to initiate a Quantum Purging Cycle which sends them into a coma where their body begins to turn the Glitches into Quantum. During this period, they do not have to eat, nor have to worry about bodily functions, they are simply dreaming the dreams of Machine Gods. There exists rumors of a secret path to power, carefully guarded, and very rarely stumbled upon by Technomancers. Apparently this path is relatively new, and very few people have gone down this path. As they enhance their Drive, their bodies start to become more like "magical" machines, becoming almost like divine robots. This state is known as "Technopotheosis" and the new technology that they can form by will is know as Theotech. (Divine Technology) Once they start the road of Technopotheosis, and start developing Theotech within themselves, they're be able to reconfigure their own bodies to perform certain functions and Routines without worrying about the dangerous effects of normal Routines, or having to carry around Gadgets. These weird functions make them vastly different compared to the other Enlightened Artists, and are much fewer in number, and seem to have an odd sort of connection with the Deus. ------------ I'll be posting them next few clades in order as I feel inspired to write them, but if anyone wants to know more about a specific clade, or wants a certain clade explained sooner, just tell me. I'll most likely start the write up almost immediately. The clades are; Enlightened Artists: Magi, Espers, and Technomancers The Supernal Beasts: Shapechangers, Cryptids, and Mythic Beasts The Children Of Kur: Vampires, Spectres, Phantoms, Ghosts, and Revenants The Courtiers Of The Otherside (The Fae): The Formorians, The Tuatha De Dannaan, The Fir Bolg, And The Dark Court The Goetic Messengers (Demons): Children of Erebus, Children Of Avernus, Children Of Purgatorio, Children of Dis, Children Of Gregori, Children of Yggdrasil, Children of The Judges, and Children Of Pandæmonium The Seraphic Host (Angels): Choir of Paradiso, Choir of Empyrea, Choir of Keter, Choir of Quiphoth, Choir Of Gaia, Choir of Nirvana, Choir of Avalon, and the Choir of Monad Negators And the final Clade (At least if I don't come up with more) is.... The Deus (Godly Beings)
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    So, time to continue my work in cataloging the myriad races and beings that exist within my novel's world! I was probably going to do the Supernal Beasts next, but @Amber since you seemed interested I was definitely inspired to chug this out, and work on forming the core of their functions. (And yes the Supernal Beasts were partly based upon bits and pieces of Otherkin nature and Therian nature but I didn't want to make it on the nose, instead creating unique, new ways to portray these beings.) Not going to lie, I spent at least 4 hours actually typing this. Now The Supernal Beasts are perhaps on the less human side of the clade spectrum, only things less human than them would be Angels and Demons, and possibly Deus depending on how you view them. THE SUPERNAL BEASTS: ------------- ★★★★★★SHAPECHANGERS★★★★★★ ★ The Shapechangers (Also known as Were-Beasts, or Shapeshifters) are essentially the werewolves and other animals of myths. The moon has no important sway over the Shapechangers, and in fact almost every single one can change their shape at will. A Shapechanger will always have one form that they were born with known as the Totemic Self. This is different than a normal animal however, as it's an abstract representation of the animal self that exists within them. When changing in normal reality however, they can only take on what is known as Animalistic Reflection, which is the earthly reflection of that Totemic Self. A Shapechanger's Totemic Self is going to be spirit like, abstract, and inhuman, but normally they cannot utilize that form on Earth, as they would collapse upon themselves as the spiritual pressure of our reality will shove them back into their human form, or their Animalistic Reflection. So, as an example, the Shapechanger, Valerie, who's Totemic Self is The Winged Shadow Who Dances With Flames, a crow Shapechanger. Without some sort of other unnatural features at play, she could only take the form of a normal crow in our world. As a Shapechanger rises in power, they are able to now learn new forms (very difficultly however as it involves altering their Totemic Self, which can drastically alter personality,) and learn to open up the spectrum of their shapechanging. Once they begin to open the shifting spectrum they can take three new levels between their human self, and the Animalistic Reflection. The first level between the two is called the Anthromorph. The Shapechanger can assume a form that combined some of the traits of their Totemic Self onto their human form. Making them still humanoid enough to pass for human (in poor lighting, or at a distance, possibly with concealing clothing.) Using Valerie, The Winged Shadow Who Dances With Flames, her nails would become more talon like, her bones would grow lighter, her hair suddenly with feathers entwined with her natural hair, if not outright replacing it. In the mid level known as Embraced Instinct the form is the harmony between the human form and the animal form, they are monstrous, far larger than a human. The are humanoid but not human appearing. You cannot mistake them for human if you can see them at all. They are both much more powerful in this form, and very comfortable in it, though it tends to push them towards acting out their instincts, combined with human emotions, and negative emotions tend to overwhelm positive ones in this form, combined animal brutality with human cruelty. With Valerie, she would be a humanoid crow, her arms turned into wings, though with wicked talons and hands at the end of them. Her legs would be humanoid in appearance only, her feet would end in talons, but still the most useful combination of crow feet and human feet. Her skin would be completely covered in feathers, her face would be completely crow-like, beak and all, though her eyes would still appear human, and she can speak still, albeit with guttural inflections and frustration as the animal mouth isn't made for human speech. The Next form would be Theriomorph, much more like the Animalistic Reflection, but larger and more dangerous. Many would classify this state as creating "Dire" animals. There seem to be many more mammals among the ranks of the Shapechangers, but that is not exclusive to other types of animals. There have been no verifiable occurrences of large animals such as elephants, whales, or other animals of that caliber. Many Shapechangers think that it might have to do with the size difference, so if they were giants those animals might show up among them, which many find odd, and assume there must be Shapechangers of these types as smaller animals have shown up among their numbers, even insects, though they are very rare already. Shapechangers though have access to a very interesting form of power, known as Arete from the Greek word meaning "excellence." They improve their bodies to the highest caliber to embody Arete, they sharpen their minds to achieve Arete, they hone their social skills to reach Arete. Whatever a Shapechanger sets there mind to, Arete will push them to become the best at it there could be. Their abilities, codified Arete called forth by their inherent connection to forms both human and animal, are called Supremacies. When channeled through actions that are synchronized through Arete, they can push themselves to do things that by all accounts they should not be able to do, achieving the impossible through the embodiment of Arete, their Perfection, their Excellence, their Majesty. A Shapechangers considers themselves to be inherently better than others based on this connection. This isn't to say that a Shapechangers isn't able to view others positively, in fact it's encouraged. As inherent perfect, they suffer from Noblesse Oblige, they must push themselves to be better for the ones who are not, obviously, as perfect as they. They must suffer for the common good, being beacons of perfection among those who will never reach the heights of Arete they have reached. This is not to say that some Shapechangers don't have massive superiority complexes, served with a side of them being massive assholes, but it's definitely frowned upon, though not strictly enforced. As a Shapechanger's Arete reaches higher and higher, they begin to form Supremacies towards abstract actions, essentially using their own perfection and excellency to enforce their desires upon the world around them, using their Totemic Self as the springboard to become the best life-form that could exist. Back to Valerie again, now that her Arete is so refined, she decides to start codifying what she calls "Supremacy Of Flames" based on her Totemic Self's connect with fire as The Winged Shadow Who Dances With Flames. To her mind, she is superior to fire itself, and naturally it should do as she commands. She is so convinced of her perfection, even towards fire, she essentially is able to control fire, start and stop fires, be unharmed by fire, speak with fire, and eventually become fire. The levels that Supremacies can reach can truly become so abstract they are essentially reality warping. Shapechangers have a unique form of magically enhanced items of power, known as Apexes. These items are so charged with Arete, either by their very nature, being excellent examples of said object, or by the Shapechanger investing Arete into the item, making it the paragon of its type of items. Every Apex will function superior to an item of the same type, being much more perfect than it's inferior counterparts. An Apex Gun would never have to be cleaned, never worry about jamming, the kickback would always be much more manageable, it would steady the hand using it, and would always shoot much more accurately than a normal gun, and each bullet would hit much harder. An Apex of any type is simply perfect, much like the Shapechanger, compared to the flawed examples of the faulty items it would be, much to its own chagrin, grouped with. This also leads to an interesting point that Apexes that have absorbed so much Arete by their own nature and exposure to the Shapechanger begin to grow their own sentience, as an expression of their own perfection. Once the Shapechanger is able to start utilizing abstract Supremacies, they can inject the essence of those Supremacies into their Apexes, allowing them much more power and straight up magic, if they hadn't already been working towards abstract Supremacies of their own. Which, beware, Apexes can eventually rebel if not used in a way that enhances its Arete. Once its Arete is high enough to use abstract Supremacies, it can begin to develop what is known as "Supremacy Of Users" which at low levels allows it to control those who wield it if they aren't strong enough, and at mid levels allows it to wield itself, and at high enough levels to create a mortal body to inhabit to wield itself more efficiently. Apexes, much like the Shapechangers who use them, can be very dangerous is pissed off. XxX-------------[CRYPTIDS]-------------XxX Cryptids are odd beings created by the fluctuations of "Weird Reality." They were at one point beings of urban legends and folklore that were conjured into reality through Telluric Energy warping reality as it passed. Telluric Energy is a source of much weirdness throughout the world, as it can create things that shouldn't exist. Cryptids are being crafted by this energy, who somehow were able to sustain their own existence without the strong Telluric Energy that created them, by weaving human bodies to hide in. Humans are special among the races of the planet in that they are lightning rods for Telluric Energy, perhaps because they can recognize "weird" events and circumstances, this recognition creates a paradox. Does weird reality exist because we perceive it, or does it exist without human perception marking it as "weird?" These beings, things like the Mothman, Bigfoot, unnatural hybrids, mutants, and weird creatures not yet seen by the world. Their human form is made once the Telluric Energy Pulses that created them pass. They use the last burst of that energy to create a human life to hide behind, essentially shoving themselves into normal reality behind the pretend life of their human self. They suddenly gain new memories of a human life, as some of their Cryptid memories fade, making it seem like a dream, or a misremembered recollection. Families, houses, records, everything that a new being would need to pretend it had always been there warp into being, and reality itself takes a double take as it suddenly has an entirely new life that it didn't remember being there only moments earlier is now there, pretending like it has always belonged. Reality, and most other humans then shrugs and says to itself "Eh, I probably just wasn't paying attention. I was sure though that that place was an empty lot before. And I know I went to school with them, but I feel like I don't know them at all. Weird." As one can tell, Cryptids in one word would be "Weird." Some Cryptids completely lose the knowledge of what they were before they weirdified themselves into a human, and essentially believe themselves to be human, during this period, the fluctuations of Telluric Energies around them calm down, making them only slightly more weird than normal people, one day though, those memories will surface again, and the Telluric Energy will kick itself off in a big storm, causing crazy, impossible, and downright WEIRD! things to happen to them. Now, as a human, as they have consigned themselves into being, attract Telluric Energy, this constant flow is what allows the Cryptids to maintain their existence, and nothing can stop that now. But they can also take on their true forms by using excess Telluric Energy to weirdify the local reality to the point that it becomes a Weird Zone which allows them to temporarily shove their human body, metaphorically, behind their true form. This allows them to wield Enigmas, their own personal Telluric Energy Fields to achieve specific results, usually through weirdification, which causes unnatural circumstances, and occurrences to manifest. As beings of Telluric Energy, they are naturally at home in Weird Zones and can manipulate them much more efficiently, which makes it much harder for other supernatural powers to work properly, making a Cryptid who has spent time reinforcing a Weird Zone much more control over the weird, and unnatural events that go on around them. No matter how much a Cryptid might want to be normal, the flux of Telluric Energies around them make reality much more unstable, and cause weird things to happen around them much more than anyone else would. Some humans are naturally tuned to Telluric Energy, and can sense the flux of it around Cryptids, making them able to sense that something is completely different about them that others would be forced to not notice by the Cryptid's natural Enigmas, naturally making them efficient at tracking them. These people are either known as Telluric Sensitives, or Cryptozoologists. Weirdly enough, these Telluric Sensitives can actually store Telluric Energy themselves, unconsciously making use of Enigmas and Mysteries, and if they store enough without realizing, they might trigger a Telluric Storm, causing them to become a Cryptid. Cryptids are able to conjure, or empower items, into Mysteries, which function like weird artifacts which can trigger Telluric Storms themselves, as well as projecting self-powering Weird Zones making them invaluable to Cryptids who seek to use their Enigmas and enhance their Weird Forms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE MYTHIC BEASTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Mythic Beasts (Sometimes called Monsters, or Divine Beasts) are much like the Cryptids in that they are ensconced inside human bodies to protect against the spiritual pressure of the mortal world, but they are different in that they have existed much longer than even they realize. Mythic Beasts exist simultaneously in the mortal world, within a mortal body, as well as in a spiritually active world that overlaps with our world through the bodies of these beings. This spirit world used to be much closer to our reality, and crossed over very often, through which these beings could step through physically, creating the myths of dragons, phoenixes, elementals, and other beings such as they. The Mythic Self in question, for reasons unknown to them as humans, decided to incarnate itself into the modern world, the reason is forgotten upon their birth. They connect themselves with a person after which should the person in question copulate with a person of the opposite sex they will become pregnant and give birth to the now mortal Mythic Beast. This severs the connection to the spirit reality they originated from, pulling their soul, and by extension their spiritual body, to our dimension and inside the newly born human. All memories of their previous existence are locked away since the human mind wouldn't be able to process them (Though some have a more innate connection with those memories unlocking them at a later age.) Now the Mythic Mortal as they are known may seem completely normal through their youth and adolescence, or may be very odd and exhibit signs of their... difference, but either can result in powerful Mythic Beasts. Now that they have regained their powers, they have found themselves driven by inhuman urges, and desires, ones that the human self cannot comprehend, much less completely deny. It seems that many Mythic Beasts are tasked with goals that seem to be towards bringing their Mythic Self forth into this reality. No one agrees as to why, but many agree that this might not be as good as the Mythic Self makes it out to be. Unfortunately for a Mythic Beast who's Mythic Self creates urges towards actions that are fundamentally against the mortal's own morals, for the more the human half resists the urges, the greater the potential for the Mythic Self to inflict spiritual agony, as well as physical pain upon them, to break their wills and give up control to the Mythic Self. A Mythic Beast's Mythic Self is spiritually surrounding the human shell, much like a spiritual suit of armor. Other Mythic Beasts are able to see the Mythic Self of others without any effort, though other supernatural beings can see them if they can break through the waves of spiritual folding that the Mythic Beast now is subjected to thanks to its human birth. Mythic Beasts are able to drag forth their true spiritual might using their Legacies, channeling their ancient might, their spiritual prowess through the Mythic Self that surrounds them. This makes their lower end Legacies invisible because the Mythic Self is effecting reality without regards to the physical body. So a dragon would be able to claw through wood with either their bare fingers, or without completely touching it, though the wood will still show claw marks. A phoenix might walk through a raging inferno, and the flames will part based upon the Phoenix's Mythic Self leaving the silhouette of the phoenix repelling the fire. And a Thunderbird would find they can jump far higher than normal humans and fall much slower, almost flying. At higher levels the Mythic Beast begins to pull the Mythic Self directly onto mortal body, coalescing a spiritually material body to function through. This isn't the same as a fully material body, while the human side is in control, the Mythic Self will begin to inflict pressure upon the psyche to relinquish control to it to play in this world, indulging their inhuman whims, desires, and vices. Beings like them are alien in thoughts, sometimes desiring things that involve torture and horror for their fun. But the human self does have the potential to win the fight and begin to forcibly alter their Mythic Self more to their tastes, though it is not easy by any account. Mythic Beasts are able to instill mythical abilities and Legacies into Relics or Treasures creating the kind of items one would expect to get from Mythic Beasts from stories. Flaming swords, talking phones, force field projecting backpacks, and the like. As long as it fits the "theme" of the Mythic Beast, and they have the power and resources to make items that befit their station, then the skies the limit with Relics and Treasures. ------------- The Enlightened Artists: Magi, Espers, and Technomancers The Supernal Beasts: Shapechangers, Cryptids, and Mythic Beasts The Children Of Kur: Vampires, Spectres, Phantoms, Ghosts, and Revenants The Courtiers Of The Otherside (The Fae): The Formorians, The Tuatha De Dannaan, The Fir Bolg, And The Dark Court The Goetic Messengers (Demons): Children of Erebus, Children Of Avernus, Children Of Purgatorio, Children of Dis, Children Of Gregori, Children of Yggdrasil, Children of The Judges, and Children Of Pandæmonium The Seraphic Host (Angels): Choir of Paradiso, Choir of Empyrea, Choir of Keter, Choir of Quiphoth, Choir Of Gaia, Choir of Nirvana, Choir of Avalon, and the Choir of Monad The Deus (Godly Beings)
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    It should be noted, drawing from the purely psychological and neurological perspective, that phantom experiences are at least partially guided by the nervous system sending impulses to specific portions of the body to behave in a particular way. Famously this tends to transpire in patients missing limbs, amputees, where impulses will stimulate those remaining fibers to perform some sort of function the missing limb would have been requested to do. This is why modern robotic prosthetics can engage to a large extent in the range of motion the missing limb was capable of and on some cases, new capabilities previously impossible to perform with human anatomy. In relation to phantom changes of state, it is reasonable to associate similar expectations although, as we are all aware, this is poorly studied. It appears that because mental, sensory, and phantom shifting are all closely related and interwoven - as they would be if they manifest in reality - a similar experience of supernumerary attributes to an individual should appear. The self should, consequently, reasonably perceive a sensory mode or general addition to their person in the psyche but feel some amount of control or influence of it; conscious awareness. There is also strong grounds to propose that this experience should also be "off" and dysphoric, given the best analogy in amputees often describe the experience in tremendous and precise detail; capable of repeating the exact spacial placement of the limb or sensation and able to do things as "picture it holding a ball" or "clapping with their other hand" or "wiggling their toes in a specific pattern", but with an undertone of disbelief because they are not receiving the proper responses from impulse returns. The type of motor skills described or sensations experienced, such as with formerly sighted people who become blind as well, are as seemingly real to a trained observer as any other description minus the obvious of a physical addition. In the case of dysphoric persons, as some psychology cases review, this appears to be part of a pervasive "offness" about their person they experience. The reports seem to propose that while the experiences are similar, they tend to be strongly perceptive - the person mostly describing what they believe it to be rather than what it is proposed to be - and that the are much less clear. It appears, or at least I will suggest it does, that the interpolation of this information, its deviation, stems from the reality that the dysphoric content adds a haziness and buffer that interferes with the interpretation and conveying of it precisely. So for those of various typology, this is where the contention arises in relation to the claims of phantom supernumerary additions or modes. Because there is no studied model, the validity of being in this change of state, this "shift", must be measured similarly but assuming some amount of inconsistency will be present. A safe measure to make the least amount of assumptions possible, thus with the least amount of error, is to compare it as closely as to what is indeed known as described above and for the individual to test it. In theory the more accurate one is in how they feel and express it, the more plausible it is.
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    @Metakka While it does follow the rules if you want to tell a mod about the member who posted it (by leaving a reason as to why you reported it), the report button is mainly aimed at handling issues with specific posts, rather than users (immediately problematic users like trolls will rack up lots of post reports, so they’ll be brought to our attention immediately, which tackles both a post and user report by nature). If you have an issue with a specific user however, it would be better to PM a mod with that problem, in order to facilitate a discussion, since a user-to-mod discussion isn’t possible on a post report.
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    It needs a space for "nobody on your continent actually knows anything true about it because Hollywood doesn't fact check."
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    My personal explanation for my other-ness has always been reincarnation, mixed with the multi-universe. I’m not really sure how to explain it outside of just knowing it’s right; I was a dragon in a past life and somehow I managed to (vaguely) remember it, with said dragon still being a part of me. This is probably the best explanation I can give currently, as I haven’t been questioning the why as much as I think I should. My appearance Ive shared before, but I’ll state again here just so everything can be in one place. This is just a general idea of what I think, however, and it may change slightly as I learn more about myself.I was a bear-sized dragon with pale-gray scales, blue and gray feathered wings, and a blue mane. I’m fairly certain that this “mane” is made up of down feathers rather than fur, but am still figuring that one out. Large black scales dot above each leg and under each eye. I had three-toed paws with gray claws. My overall build is a more boxy, European style. My home was in a boreal forest, or a taiga. For those unfamiliar with the biome type, boreal forests are mostly made of various species of evergreens, with long harsh winters and deep snow on the ground. Summers were short, but much warmer (and by warm I mean 10 C or 50 F hehe) with lots more vegetation to go around. I lived with a clan here, though I don’t remember much about my clan. Just that they were there, that we protected each other, and that elders would sometimes hibernate. Sometimes the hibernation was just to escape the cold winters, sometimes they lasted years as they just slept. I couldn't tell you how sleeping for several years helped them, but it does seem nice heh. I spent many a day fishing along a river that cut through our territory, and I have very vague memories of flying to a more tundra-like place for… reasons? I can’t really remember why. That’s just about all I can remember. Not much about me as a person, or my clan as of now. Hopefully someday I can remember more, however. For as long as I’ve been aware of my otherness, I feel like this is a very large amount to remember and am thankful for that. Calming Snow Broken and torn by River’s journey
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    @Amber First, whoops I thought I had caught all those True Selves during editing, but apparently one slipped through ^^; I really wanted to work hard to make sure each creatures abilities were both interesting, and unique. I want each one to feel different enough that you can really feel the thematic difference between them, so they don't just feel like re-skins of each other with new names. And yes, at higher levels, all The Others can really become godlike, and very, very dangerous. Around an experienced Other reality essentially becomes their playground, and unfortunately for anyone caught in that playground, it's not always very friendly to others. I also am a big fan of supernatural creatures making their own items of power, instead of just mages, so I really wanted to make it so weaker Others, and special mortals, can really become a threat through gear they can collect. Kinda like how a trained martial artist can kill you with his fist, but a random lady at the grocery store can kill him with a gun far more easily. Plus it's a way for the Other to give their mortal friends, family, followers, and worshipers a way to have power, and to defend themselves. and bingo! The destabilization of reality that these beings create is actually tied to the "return" of the Deus, and that might have some unforeseen consequences for everyone and everything in reality. I'll give a more detailed explanation with the Deus entry, but basically the Deus are able to influence the narrative of reality, and all the tampering without their stabilization has essentially created plot holes, aborted arcs, and much damage to the structure of narrative of reality. (Not all Deus work towards stabilization however...) Think of it this way though, Gods like being worshiped, and like existing (again) so reality falling to pieces, and then those pieces being burnt to ashes is really not fun for them. I am actually really in love with the Cryptids, and their wierdness!. I based them partly on pulp novels, urban legends, creepypastas, and mutants. Plus I'm not sure if you can tell (lol) I really like the idea of supernatural beings taking human bodies to survive, and forgetting their pasts, and having to remember the truth behind their lives, and deal with this "new" life. So I should have been more informative with that. Basically this reality would be much more spiritual "inert" in that while spirit matter is inherently more malleable, and magically charged, this world is more stable, and prone to what I'm going to dub "crystallization." Basically the crystallization occurs because of this pressure. Think water pressure at great depths of the ocean, or the pressure of the center of the earth. Or best of all think of it like a high gravity planet, the spiritual soul is crushed by its own weight and the gravity, and forced to the ground, and in this case into a stable human body to survive. Basically Mythic Beasts and Shapechangers are subjected to it because their abilities revolve around spiritually effecting reality, and changing the state of the body, they are shoved back into their human bodies because reality is basically like "No, you can't do that! Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done! You're grounded!" Without higher levels of Arete for Shapechangers, and Mythic Communion (going to add that part in because I forgot it) for Mythic Beasts they aren't able to bring to bear enough force and power to enforce their spirituality onto this reality. Essentially think of it as with higher levels of power, they are getting used to the pressure, and learning to stand in spite of the gravity forcing them to kneel. Hmm, it's interesting to think about, I think in your case you'd either still be a Mythic Beast with a different view (and sets of Urges) than the generic "dragon" Mythic Beasts. I should have given some non-physical examples of Legacies, because that would be nice. Basically in your case it'd be using "mental" or "magical" Legacies to fulfill its Urges. There is definitely overlap between power sets, and between what each race can do. So it's definitely possible for a Mythic Beast who uses Legacies that emulate, or are stylistically similar to an Esper's Pnuema. So while most Mythic Beasts gain physical based Legacies, mental or magical based ones are also available, if not just rarer. Think of it like how most dragons in myths are physically powerful, and known for strength, power, and destruction (At least Western style dragons) whereas Eastern style dragons are more mystically. So your Mythic Self might be, appearance wise, Western, who uses Legacies mostly seen among Eastern dragons. And I never actually thought about that till you asked. I think at low levels of Mythic Communion the Mythic Beast has to struggle to assert their human mind and stay in the human world, looking for the nearest pregnant woman relatively fast and latching their soul into the fetus before it can form it's own, (So early-ish into the pregnancy) or have it's human self separated from the Mythic Self and reincarnated (usually either with a few oddities, some powers mostly subtle ones thanks to their past connections) while the Mythic Self has to wait until the human soul dies once more to rejoin it. At higher levels of Mythic Communion the human self is able to try to latch itself onto our world, and essentially "deny" its death. If this happens the Mythic Self takes over completely for a period of time, with all the powers of the Mythic Self fully manifested in reality. The Human Self is working on reviving themselves, leaving the Mythic Self to rampage at whatever it was that killed them. This usually lasts not very long before the human body is either resurrected if it's still there, or reconstituted if it was completely destroyed. Once this period of time is up, the two recombine into the Mythic Beast once more, but find their power has suffered from the rampage. Basically, the Mythic Self used too much power, exhausting it, and this allowed the spiritual pressure to chisel off a portion of their power. So Mythic Beasts try not to die to much once they get strong enough, because the next time might be just below the power limit to resurrect themselves.
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    Soo.. coming back to this, I love the amount of detail and diversity you put into this fantastic world, especially when it comes to the many different forms of what is ususally called "magic". I see that you oftentimes foresee a method of putting magical power into inanimate objects; also it seems to me that all species described so far could gain extreme power, mostly in terms of reality alteration. This seems to be an element which could destabilize the reality in your novel world to a great degree. I wonder how this is avoided, maybe the Deus play a role in there... I'm particularly amazed by the Cryptids because of the Weird Zones which somehow partially redefine reality, with expectedly awkward results. The term "spiritual pressure" is a bit unclear to me.. what exactly is that? The Mythic Beasts part is of course of special interest for me. In the according section you mention the term "True Self" once, but I don't know what that is... shouldn't it say "Mythic self"? To some extent your descriptions seem to relate to what I'm experiencing in real life... the "mythic self" would be what I identify as my "astral consciousness". If I'm in a combined mental/astral-shift, that connects me to this mythic self (I like to call that fusion shift) in which case I seem to automatically try to use kinda power which relates very well to what you described for the Espers... this entity I represent then doesn't care about spells or life force. It thinks weird things like "All is one, every being is part and all at the same time" (original "translation" of a flash memory and feeling which was a whisper in my fusion shifted mind, completely weird but I somehow know it's correct), and it looks at reality from the outside as if it were unreal. So there you'd have your esper-powered dragon Hence, I'd be interested if such a "mix-up" would be thinkable in your fictional world. Oh, and last but not least: what happens to a mythic beast when their human body dies? Will they return to the previous state when they had no body in the first place?
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    Back when I was a teenager, I was into some cringy Mary Sue stuff. Looking back now, I know that there was a kernel of truth to it. I misinterpreted, but it's also reassuring to see how much I got right on a symbolic level. I used to channel my kin feelings into writing fiction because that was the only outlet I had for it at the time. Computers were just barely starting to be something that regular people might have in their homes, and only if they were geeky hobbyists. I didn't have one until later. So, my main character was an anthro-hawk woman who was a bit untamed. Still, she carried a sword and dedicated herself to defending her city, with the adobe walls, close to a fertile river valley, on the edge of a desert. She would take side jobs hunting game for the local tavern, delivering packages, and raising some extra coins from fighting in the other tavern. Of course this Mary Sue had the most wonderful soulmate ever. I was obsessed with him. The guy was an anthropomorphized sun spirit. He also carried a sword and defended the city. He literally glowed and could cook raw meat in the palm of his hand on a sunny day, not that he did that very often. He was also friendly and charismatic, unlike the hawk woman whose wild-like indifference often kept people at a distance. The problem was that he depended on the sun for his own survival. If he exhausted himself, he'd suffer through the cold dark night until the next morning. A fire could help keep him going. Years later, in college I started writing another story, about an otherkin-type awakening happening in our world. The hawk lady could not even go outside because those wings were just too big to hide, so the guy took her in and watched over her. Except this time he was a vampire. He worked in a nightclub. He was still charismatic, but he was also sarcastic and snarky. He hunted the other "monsters" that were suddenly appearing around the city. Then one morning while trying to help the hawk woman escape, he got caught out in the sunlight and captured. He didn't turn to ash, but he was severely burned. The people who captured him soon learned that his healing actually accelerated under a sun lamp. His body reconfigured itself into his sun aspect. He regained his sense of compassion, which was always there, just buried. Though he could still be a snarky asshole when he felt like it. In college, while I was writing this character, I did start to suspect that my "soulmate" really was another aspect of myself. (This was after the Horus vision, but I was ignoring the heck out of that back then.) Just some wild ham-fisted fiction, right? Not exactly. I had been hanging out with the Thunder Being, playing astral cowboy for a time, defending my city and quite determined that the only monster allowed within my territory was me. I was still ignoring the hell out of Horus, though my actions proved that ignoring it didn't make it go away. Then Ra stepped in and decided he'd had enough of my denials. He scorched the crap out of my energy every morning for two and a half months. I was terrified that it would never end. Even as it burned, I craved more, like I had been starving for who knows how many years. The burn is all energy, but I also feel it as a physical sensation under my skin, first a build up of pressure and then something like heat followed by something like sunburn. (My studies in Tai Chi have taught me that there is a link between chi and the connective tissues in the body, so it probably does create something of a physical reaction in me.) Being burned by the sun until it rewired me to its liking was apparently a prophetic idea. My writing predicted that transformation years in advance. I've been sensitive to those energies ever since, though the intensity varies from day to day. Some days I sleep through it. Some days it wakes me up and I ignore it and go back to sleep. Some days it's blissful and I find myself begging for more. Some days the pressure builds, and some days it burns. It's usually more intense when I've exhausted myself the day before. I suspect that the faster I pull it in, the hotter it feels. It's strongest in spring and summer. In fall it starts to have something like an unpleasant metallic taste to it as it slowly diminishes. In winter, I just sort of drag myself along. I can usually detect the first hopeful hints of spring before the temperature starts to warm. I insist, with a snarl in my voice, that I am not a vampire. It's possible I "doth protest too much." The psi vampires would put me in the elemental category because of my dependence on solar energy. And it is true that I have to watch myself in winter because I am capable of taking energy from other sources, and might do so accidentally. A few weeks ago someone wandered by and mentioned the Aset Ka, and I snarled then too. Putting Kemeticism and vampirism together? That feels like summoning and celebrating the diminished form, an aberration. There may be some kernel of truth, but it seems to ignore that the great big flaming ball in the sky is the true source of immortality and power. Toss those Anne Rice books out the window already. Egypt was not about death. It was about a life force so strong that it defies death, and you didn't have to steal it, just embrace it. Ride on the solar barque and risk the sun's heat to become a Shining One if the Field of Reeds isn't good enough for you. Is this another territorial reaction of "no monsters here but me?" Maybe a resentment of how close to the line I'm already sitting? Maybe annoyance at people who confuse desperation with power. Maybe recognition that my own energy state is variable enough that I don't take it for granted, and I'd be majorly pissed at anyone who disrupted it without my consent. The consent thing is a big issue. I don't tend to snarl at people who respect that line, and I've been a willing energy donor myself a few times when I've had extra to spare. Lots of mixed feelings on the subject. But yeah, that "soulmate" guy was part of me all along.
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    @Amber Thank you for the reply, as well as for answering my questions. I stand by my comments, but I completely understand where you were coming from now, so I apologize for my passive aggressive, (and pissed) tone, I am used to having to defend myself against attacks on my character through horrible accusations, so I have built up an automatic defense system when I get upset about things of that nature. I tried to keep it calm, but when I'm angry, sometimes I can't tell if I'm staying calm, or letting my anger through. And about mod replies, now I know, so I'll know if you are! I mean, hopefully, something like this won't happen again. But let's be honest, it might, but I'll definitely try to swear less in the future. (I swear like a sailor in person, so I restrain myself a lot here, but sometimes it slips through and I don't even notice it) Like I said, everyone's allowed to live their lives how they desire (as long as all parties are consenting, and no one is getting hurt without said consent) I am just a firm believer than no one is obligated to believe others beliefs. I did read your theory, @Amber it was definitely interesting. Like I mentioned, definitely brings to mind our mini debate about consensual reality. It is actually really intriguing to me how we both have similar theories, but our seem to go in two different directions. I think that's a fascinating show of different of perspective, and the funny thing is that both of our theories could be correct, or we could both be so off the mark that it'd be comical, but it still shows the inherent difference between two people. But I appreciate us being able to discuss those kinds of things from an open, and engaging, point of reference. And don't worry about replying fast! I was just hoping that you'd like it. I was actually really surprised where my notes ended up going. Before I posted these, they were a small collection of notes (Mostly just words and names of powers and items) and some vague ideas I had, but I had oodles of fun coming up with new ideas, and the formatting was uber cool to do! I will mention that each clade, and especially each race, is based around certain flaws, and mental illnesses or disorders. Not a one for one, but inspired by and created around the idea. Consider them all with great pros (Power) and great cons (Most likely agonizing deaths, and insanity brought about by the stress of power and lack of humanity [I use that ironically but in regards to the lack of grounding they end up having]
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    Oh dear... now I need to try and calm the waves myself. So actually, my previous post was not meant as a mod post at all. If that would have been the case, I'd have referred to the site guidelines. I would have probably posted the same as a regular member, although I'll admit that I felt even more like I should do so having my mod role in the back of my head. Let me shortly explain my intention. First of all, I'm sure that everybody of us has high interest in improving the public reputation of the otherkin community. And that, as I said, absolutely includes us demonstrating to express and openly discuss controversial opinions and beliefs, as well as actively questioning our own beliefs. Public blog posts like this one are a fantastic way to do so! Now, I personally prefer to do so in a calm and open manner and environment. In other words: I'm not a fan of ranting at all. So, reading through the comments, I felt quite some tension coming up and I feared that this might escalate even more. So I actually only meant to ask everyone to calm down and not use exaggerate language. Without actually wanting to offend, blame or attack anyone. I now think it would have been better to explain this a bit more in the first place, and my use of the term "abusive language" was probably wrong. I sincerely hope this statement cleared things up. The fictionkin related part of my post was really only to express and offer a different opinion on the subject, and pointing to an already existing thread to discuss the thinking that led me to this opinion. Nobody is in any way obliged to discuss it, agree to it, or read it, by any means. Also I don't at all intend to shut down anyone's opinion - instead I'm absolutely encouraging everybody to freely state their opinions and beliefs, as said above. That especially includes you, @KnightFenrirWulfhart. Like many others on this site, I find your experiences and opinions extremely interesting. Please continue to state them. I perfectly know that you respect different beliefs and opinions - so do I. Finally, I don't have any problem with long texts. I'm sorry if that impression has come across. I know that oftentimes there is much, much thought put into such texts, and I enjoy reading very much. I've read the Supernal Beasts post already with just the same fascination as your other posts, @KnightFenrirWulfhart, and I did have a few questions that came to my mind... sadly I didn't find the time yet to formulate a comment. I'll probably do that next weekend. I hope I could make myself clearer a bit... I'm looking forward very much to further discussions with all of you!
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    Heyo, Today, we decided to change up the reaction/reputation system a bit to help prevent abuse of the system. Previously, Like reacts contributed +1 to a user’s overall reputation, which while not harmful on its own, did sort of blur the lines between “quality, relevant content worth repping” and “hey this post is cool,” which in turn made it hard to judge what a fair reputation was. The intent behind a reaction system is to allow people to react as naturally as they want to to a piece of content, and we don’t want to stifle that. However, we also want to place importance on the increasing of a user’s reputation, and what it means to the site and the community they’re a part of. In order to allow people to react to content, with no connection to reputation, we’ve changed the Like reaction to add neither positive nor negative reputation. You can like or dislike to your heart’s content, and neither will affect the other person’s reputation. You should use this as your go-to reaction the overwhelming majority of the time. The newer “love” reaction is intended to be a reaction, available to any user, that basically says “this piece of content is outstanding, well-written, or gets the point across well,” and as is on its description, is the regular user equivalent of the Winner rating. This reaction should not be given out for your average post, kept mostly to discussion threads. You can use your discretion on usage outside of this, but please keep in mind the intent behind this rating, since we don't want to be sticklers, but we do want to make sure it's used appropriately. We may still make some changes to this as we tweak it, but hopefully this provides some clarity on proper usage of the reaction and reputation system, as well as the thought behind each one and their purpose. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!
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    Yes, we have discussed this in length, and you gave me the impression that this was no longer an issue or being viewed as unfair. If this was still causing a problem or being seen as unfair I would have appreciated being told this while the discussion was still going on. I could have asked them to stop and this would not have continued as long as it did. I was under the impression that this was no longer an issue and no further action was necessary.
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    If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website. As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through. With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers: National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US) 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line (US) Text HOME to 741741 Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly) 1-866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline (US) *877-565-8860 Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful. Lifeline Chat (US) Click here Suicide Hotline List (International) *Wikipedia List Suicide.org List Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.
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