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    Just some snapshots from yesterday to give you an impression how my week looked like... Business stuff, a lot of standing around at our exhibition booth, organizing stuff and talking to people.
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    I currently in the process of making my own dragon art dolls! Here is the progress I made tonight! ^.=.^ The heads and claws are hand sculpted from polymer clay and their bodies will be made of faux fur!
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    I took a snapshot of the sunrise today and sent it to my fiancée. She doesn’t have to wake up at the asscrack of dawn, but I like to share the experience of seeing the sunrise together. I love this one in particular because it looks like the glow is emenating from the tree!
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    Just starting this overdue study for my zhuard kintype. I could finish it today as I started it but...I rather not. Made the image small because it's a wip, though I most likely will be keeping the simplified processes for this. - A blurb: Ka'nar phase is a bipedal form that predates any human guises used by zhuards- and is still used. This is the smallest and the last of the true forms a zhuard is naturally inclined towards, and is mainly used in the presence of other non human bipedal creatures. The form was small enough to be 'diplomatic' yet intimidating enough in case of any altercations. The taiber'su only allowed the most esteemed zhuards take this form- and it is almost in their image-- almost. (I'm not going to explain the anatomy here but there's a reason for everything and differences as zhuards are not really creatures of earth..) So much to discuss, so little time.
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    Took the little dragon Averros outside to take pictures on the peach tree! It’s already growing tiny peach buds! ^.=.^
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    !! I made this guy a couple weeks back. He was a hybrid challenge I did (lesser grison, snailfish, kakapo w/ references to otters, turtles, sea monsters, seals) to get my gears going. It's just a very simple concept sketch but I love him way more than I thought I would and I'm fleshing out his species, final design, etc. The sketch basically is the final design, but only a base, as I'm thinking of adding a lot of variety within the species including sexual dimorphism and subspecies, so it's a good start and shows the basics / similarities of the species. It's not very impressive but I like it mainly due to all the ideas it sprouted within my mind. I haven't had this much motivation to create something in a long while.
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    Arts for my datefriend(top) long time frendo(bottom) both are protogen from a rp discord server~
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    Made some more progress on my art doll last night! I sewed her body and wing, and will work on her claws and putting together tonight!! ^.=.^
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    A friend surprised me with this today and I love it so much ;v; (The F is for my last name!)
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    I appreciate that a community may require a diverse input from those who seek its growth..or even survival in this day and age on the web with its ever changing mediums. I for one appreciate this forum resource as I am not so fluent yet at using instant messaging. As I get my bearings here I will consider a small contribution towards the bandwidth and plugins I use and all. Corvid.
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    @bhiurd: If it annoys you, I suggest to talk to a doctor and rule out a medical condition, just to be on the safe side. I'm also sometimes forgetting to breathe (regularly when astral shifted, also when sleeping as it seems) but it doesn't happen too often and is not a big deal... Own daily thought: well, I survived the first day of the business exhibition... very crammed exhibition booth, not a good place to shift
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    I just took a pretty big test in chemistry. I'm feeling pretty good about it. ^^
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    I doodled characters me n my fiancee's rp universe. It is a pretty sloppy doodle, but I just adore them all so.
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    SobbleTheChameleon's father based on the more than likely fake leaked starter evolution for Gen 8 of Pokemon [Description] Sobble's Father - is a Scottish water chameleon. Father of SobbleTheChameleon and is currently in prison. I don't know his name at the moment. [Program(s) Used] Krita [Credit] Sobble's Father © MariaTheFictionkin Artwork © MariaTheFictionkin Canon Source (Sobble's Leaked Evolution) © GAMEFREAK (or whoever made it - no credit source to be given at the moment)
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    Finished tinkering and soldering this LED cube today.
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    Sometimes, we need a good laugh. Who doesn't? So, I made this thread. Share what makes you laugh, giggle, sends you into hysterics, and so forth! Be it a video, a gif, a meme, an amusing fact, post it here, make the forums laugh! I'll start by posting a classic. Curse of The Weggy Board
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    I'm back from Wyoming. Saw a lot of ravens. And mule deer, elk, and even a single moose roaming around the hotel...!
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    This log is a bit delayed ... 25/02/19 Starting in my usual lying-on-meadow scene I transform to full dragon and take off. I see the ocean in front of me and there are mountains behind. I see a small building and check it out, but it's only a single deserted room. I fly to the ocean and am joined by the water dragon I saw on 10/02/19 (let's call her "O"). When she dives into the water, I decide to wait at the beach for another dragon to show me their homeworld. Suddently, C appears out of a silver light, like being beamed there. I ask him how he did that. He says he'll show me. We both turn into a bodyless plasmatic form, filling a space that is otherwise empty. What is this? Is this our mindscapes? I'm the blue color, he's silver. It feels bodyless, etheric, .. ?? Can't find the right word. I can still think, but not move; I can feel myself filling the space with C. We return to the meadow scene and I see this is the way he did it before. I ask C to show me his homeworld, but it seems he somehow misunderstood? He soars into the space. I follow him to a black asteroid, and we sit there and watch earth and the stars. C likes to use the place for thinking; when I point out that there are problems going on on earth, he says "Earth isn't everything.. maybe you've been there too long". This is very unusual for a guardian. Is C kinda space dragon?? It seems he's connected to the whole universe. I lead him to earth, show him the pollution, climate change, the animal killing human society is doing... but I've lost him. I use the minscape astral travel to return to the meadow scene. Eventually, all other guardian dragons appear and offer help. I see a huge ... energy ball/something in front of me, seems like a huge overlapping area of energy beings. It looks yellow, like the sun. Is this the earth universe from another perspective? We all turn to plasmatic energy and join the energy ball. It feels overwhelming and uneasy, I need more focus, I don't understand yet how to influence this. This is too much for now. I return to the meadow scene as draconian. Finally, E appears in front of me as full dragon. She's looking damn huge from here. She cheers me up. Note: as I'm writing this, I realize again that this session was a rightout mindf**k... completely unexpected, very mysterious. 27/02/19 I use the astral instant teleport to get to my "homeworld" from the starting scene. I'm sitting on a hill. There's a forest to the left and a village behind it, the known cottage down the hill with a river behind. To the right, there are high mountains. I soar into the air. Behind the river there's a ocean or very big lake, behind me there are mountains. It looks a bit like the area is hard to reach unless flying or using a ship. I'm landing close to the cottage and turn into draconian, running to the building. My sister joins me. We hug each other, feels so good.. she tells me her name (let's call her K). I ask her about Avalon, but she doesn't seem to know. We go into the cottage but there's nobody there. There are wooden chairs and a table; we sit there and chat a bit. I get short memories from K... am I getting this right? She's talking about our father?? It surprises me because I'm not aware that I have any parents, but in this physical reality it might be possible. I see ourselves as young dragons. It seems K once broke her wing and I was caring for her. There's also kinda map in the house; it's blurry but looks like a continent shaped like a cross. I keep sitting there for a while, then suddently I must have spotted a mirror... I see myself. My head is shaped like a Sergal's. My body looks sleek and feminine. K looks bright yellow/orange. We decide to leave the house and fly around, a bit like I did with C on 23/02/19. We fly to the ocean; K can fly as fast as me. We glide over the water and land at the beach. Note: high imagination level 2/03/19 I intend to do some flying practice, but also would like to get some memories. Flying around a bit in the starting scene, I spot an island with a hut, but there's nobody there. I shortly see myself standing at the beach during night. I also see myself in a pub along with some humans.. maybe pirates? I'm too tired to see more. 3/03/19 In the starting scene, I feel blue flames around my body and put everything in blue plasma. It seems this has some healing effect onto plants and animals. I'm turning to full dragon and lay down. E joins. She seems sad, but doesn't want to tell why. I winghug her. We turn to draconians and fly a bit. It seems she feels a bit better and leaves again. I do some more flying practice. Back on the ground, a anthro fox joins me and we do some fight training. He's quick, but can't exert much Psi power. I thank him for joining, hope to see him again! 6/03/19 Today was quite stressful, I returned from office early to have some time to relax. I start lying on the meadow, I see my hands and feel my draconian wings.. awesome! I think about how to clean the wings... I stand up and surround myself with blue flames, then finally giving up my physical body. This feels like pure life. Some deer and squirrels come to me; I can connect to them mentally, which is a feeling of love so strong that it nearly gives me tears. Finally I move on and transport to a big area. E joins me and we transform to dragons. We soar into the sky and the other guardians join. We start to do some air dancing; they're doing completely wicked movements I don't really understand. They seem like one dragon, not individual ones and I seem to be somewhere in between. Finally we all land and I look back at them. Surprisingly I can see myself amongst them! What is this.. a wrong impression or a memory?? I somehow manage to transport my mind into the "seen me". I feel joyful, I play with the others, it seems like a memory.
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    Hiiii i'm an artist! I do mainly traditional art but I've dabbled in pixel art too, and photography!
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    Hey guys! I feel I am a place now I can start coming back into Kinmunity because I am now in a more stable place with my education, I'm glad to be back.
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    You all are special and awesome, sorry, I don’t make the rules here.
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    I knew this song for quite a while and I just now realize how much it means to how I feel with being kin. Kind of a vent song that any kin could relate to, so I thought I would share.
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    I have A's in all but one of my classes!
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    A few days old. I participated (and even volunteered a little) at a furry con (In Vancouver) by way of some contacts who knew other therians/otherkin/fae helping me feel welcome. There was a panel I could not make regarding otherkin and it was presented as the religious aspect (having the desire to find another 'purpose' of one's soul) of which sent me thinking how I might discuss or share therianthropy with a wider, like-minded audience. Perhaps one year I may find myself ready to share or host a public panel? Talk about different routes towards discovery, common misconceptions and healthy self-discovery? Positive self-encouragement I had needed, in any case. Anywho, this year I felt more natural perhaps because for I had come out as raven and remained partly shifted with all that went on. My senses were on fire. I may start a journal on here to write more about this or future things.
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    Well I may be giving up meat (not including fish), dairy and eggs. Not certain yet, but my neurologist and MS nurse have recommended it to me. I don't eat much meat anyway so that's no issue. Eggs and dairy may be more of an issue... they are in so many things and the alternatives are often more expensive. Although vegan things are becoming more common so it may not be too much of an issue. Still not certain if I'll give it all up completely or just cut down on my intake. Need to do more research into the reasonings behind it really although I've known my nurse long enough to trust her judgement. I don't think she'd recommend it if she didn't think it'd help but I still like to get as much info as possible and make up my own mind.
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    My default username for pretty much all social media is a variation of Snowshoe! Snowshka, Snowshoe-cat, snowshoe-kitty, ext. Snowshoes are a breed very close to my heart. My cat was a snowshoe cat. I grew up with him. I got him right after my 4th birthday, and he passed away a couple years ago now. Even before he passed I was using Snowshoe as my name, because it is the breed of cat I made my fursona based on. When he passed I stopped using the snowshoe design because it was a bit painful for me, but my fursona is pretty much back to her snowshoe glory now, with added tabby stripes!
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    Sobble [Description] SobbleTheChameleon - is a Scottish water chameleon. Formally he lived with his mother and father at a little village in the Eurish region on Mobius. However, with the death of his mother and imprisonment of his father Sobble traveled across Eurish Ocean to get to Northamer to stay in the same building with RuffyTheFluffhog. Ruffy was originally a pen pal of Sobble and After learning about what happened to him, his mother and father, Ruffy offered Sobble to stay at his place. Sobble is often mistaken as being the water starter by the same name in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. [Program(s) Used] Krita [Credit] SobbleTheChameleon © MariaTheFictionkin Artwork © MariaTheFictionkin Canon Source (Sobble) © GAMEFREAK (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sobble)
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    Thank you! I hope everyone likes the badges, because I’m really proud of em!
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    smol hoard of mine~ the mish mash of dice is just from the pound-o-dice from chessex and The Borealis, vertex, and gemini are also from chessex!~ The other pruple dice is from game science and then I gots my tumbled dice!~ one of the upsides of not being nomadic any more is that I can collect stuff now, which is still nice in itself TTwT \
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    A better picture of my Fluffie. It's doing great and settled down in it's new home. Burrowed a nice hide during the last evenings. It enjoys the heat lamp and food and ignores every other thing, including me ^^ what is perfectly fine because of that, I can see this Fluff the whole day just sitting there like a stone and busy burrowing in the evening xD It is more than I hoped to see
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    My mom had a medical emergency at here at the San Antonio tea gardens, but we still took lots of awesome pictures! This one is my personal favorite. ^.=.^
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    i would go run around the park play with toys chase balls. roll around in the grass. it be so much fun. i think id want to make some dog friends to to play together. as for elf side i wear pretty often clothing styles similar and ear cuffs. i have gotten looks don't bother me at all. sometime i even have a feeling in my ears like there pointed. like a itch at the point that i dont have which is kinda cool (besides not being able to scratch that itch) id love to wake in the world i be from, i want to explore EVERYTHING. as for alien side, i take advantage and explore space as much as i could. that be amazing to see things. think i want to take pictures to prety sure i be so in awe i think i likely forget i even have a camera to take a picture with.
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    "We don't need a doctor though. We have a cat who spits on dead people to resurrect them."
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    Just done my first *light* workout after the surgery... pssst! Don't tell my doctor...
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    I got this little precious Brachypelma hamorii today and gave it a forever home. Now it is 1,5cm +/-. In 6 years or so it will have around 13cm legspan. Then I'll know if it's a male (lives 2-4 more years) or a female (lives 15 years more). And it will be bright coloured in black and red-orange. I love this little one. It's my second tarantula.
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    I was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma (breast tumor) today, but hey, I’ll get through it like a champion!
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    My new, pet-stone Sorry that it is so blur, my phone won't focus.
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    I am on the river for a little walk. So, greetings to all of you ^__^
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    The video for this one always makes me feel things. It’s also a tribute video to someone’s cat which makes me emotional too
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    Run. Out of town. What would humans do if they saw an anthropomorphic hedgehog walking around? Even my parents? Probably kill first ask later, knowing and being human myself. The reaction from people would be fear and calling the cops, and the cops would most likely draw on me. Then again, I was bulletproof... Maybe it wouldn't matter so much? I'd probably call up a close friend and hang out in the local wetlands or woods near my house with him--as brooding as I am I'd want company. I'd test my Chaos Powers and if I did have any, I'd have some fun with them. Teleporting, chaos control, chaos spears--those were my favourite. I think a chaos blast would cause a bit more of an issue so I wouldn't even try it, lol. I'd just enjoy myself and relax after that, lay down and talk, finally being me. Finally being back in the body I long for.
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    I rearranged the enclosure of one of my little fluffies, jumping spider Finnja, to make it more naturalistic and give her more space to climb and explore and hide. I took this photo when she began to explore her new environment. Finnja is sitting on the tiniest coconut plant pot I could find and hot glued to a piece of bark as a potential hide, but it still looks huge compared to her.
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    Dragon kintype: Turn off all the lights and take comfort in the protection of darkness then when the moon starts to rise take flight and be free! Cannine kintype: No! Being alone is bad! Group up and form something bigger! Communicate and feel as many but hunt and live as one! Dragon: Being alone means being safe. A group means more chances of getting killed and less food for you. Cannine: a group means friends! Friends mean happy! Feline kintype: hey how 'bout we take a nap instead
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    I've always interpreted Yoshiko/Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine as angelkin of some sort. I'm aware that she is supposed to be a sort of parody of those who never outgrew their "edgy" phase, but it's not done in way that's too disrespectful imo. She shows a lot of signs of being otherkin including expressing that she is an angel since she was a child, insisting that her friends refer to her as an angel. It's really cute when they do recognize her as having her own beliefs because it makes her really happy and it just fills me with so much joy There is also a wolf therian in the Netflix original show "Glow." I haven't watched it yet myself, but I found this nice interview with the therian character's actress where she is pretty respectful (albeit uses some kinda off terminology) in regard to the character's identity:
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    This is meant to touch on some common biases I see crop up a lot on tumblr, new otherkin, etc. Note that 'bias' doesn't necessarily mean a heavily slanted extreme opinion, but often just an illogical opinion that an argument should not be based on if it wishes to stand firm. Bias is building the house on sand, so to speak. Definitions taken from Wikipedia, but these are quite common definitions you should find in any psychology textbook or scientific research manual. My additional comments are added in [bracketed italics], and any sections I find particularly relevant are underlined. Confirmation bias - the tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions. In addition, individuals may discredit information that does not support their views. [I feel like this is a major problem for the otherkin community.] Self-serving bias - The tendency to claim more responsibility for successes than failures. It may also manifest itself as a tendency for people to evaluate ambiguous information in a way beneficial to their interests. Anchoring - The tendency to rely too heavily, or "anchor", on one trait or piece of information when making decisions (usually the first piece of information that we acquire on that subject). Anthropomorphism - The tendency to characterize animals, objects, and abstract concepts as possessing human-like traits, emotions, and intentions. [One of the most common biases I see in the community, for obvious reasons. Do animals experience emotion? Yes, but we cannot call it by human terms or claim that animal personalities are similar to our own, because we do not have a window into their minds that tells us exactly what they are thinking.] Bandwagon effect - The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Curse of knowledge - When better-informed people find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people. [I'm including this because I do see a lot of older folks being very aggressive in their correction of misinformation. I understand that having been in the community for such a long time, it is aggravating to see history repeat itself and definitions become more and more twisted plus humans are just plain stubborn all the time, but I don't know, maybe because I'm newer I still have an idealist idea of a gentle approach? ALSO please don't take this to mean I'm talking about anyone specifically, just that this is something I do see in general.] Focusing effect - The tendency to place too much importance on one aspect of an event. [Dreams are a good example. I may be a dragon in one part of a dream, but the same dream may also contain me riding a rainbow through the castle.] Stereotyping - Expecting a member of a group to have certain characteristics without having actual information about that individual. [Anti-kin obviously do this a lot, but it can also apply to stereotyping certain creatures based on assumed traits, such as "all angels are sweet and good" or "all demons are violent and angry".] Subjective validation - Perception that something is true if a subject's belief demands it to be true. Also assigns perceived connections between coincidences.
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    We float around a lot, right now I think we're most active on Amino with Kinmunity and TG being close seconds. We might also go onto Tumblr from time to time and go through the otherkin tag to see if there's anything good. We're also in some fictionkin and plural Discord servers. -{Max} (Questioning Reptilian, Polykin Subsystem)
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