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    Other people: So... what are you? Me: A dragon! Other people: But whats in your pants? Me: Dragons don't wear pants o.O
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    Sounds like an excuse for micro-roleplay. Me: So what kind of quote should I give? Heru: (Bleep) I (bleeping) hate morning. What is this (bleep), tea? Where's my (bleeping) coffee? Me: Dude, I can't print that in this part of the forums. Heru: How about "How beautiful are thy buttocks?" Me: One, that's Set's line. Two, that is actually canon. Three, you just had to bring that up because he was talking about you, you preening peacock. Four, this is almost the wrong part of the forum for that one too. Why don't you pretend you're wearing the hat* before you speak next? Heru: I never say anything fun when I'm wearing the hat. Me: Ok, that'll do. *hat = crown
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    Alright we all have those shows that we indulge in despite our best interests. All of us who post to this thread will promise to tell no one! My guilty pleasures include: Say Yes to The Dress (wedding and bridesmaid editions) Cupcake Wars Love, Lust, or Run My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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    Me, a giant river-dwelling carnivore, every time I go to the grocery store: *Bursts into song* So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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    Just stumbled on this band a few days ago, this one is one of my favorites <3
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    i am in gryffindor, my patronus is grey squirrel, my ilvermorny house is the horned serpent, and my wand is dogwwood with a dragon heartstring core, 12.5" and unyielding flexibility.
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    I'm curious about the Otherkin community, but I'm not delusional. Unless it's a harm to others, the way one identifies themselves should be valid.
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    ​ Falsities of Fae Vol. 2 I wanted to write something to go along with Nyht Myst's article, as there really isn't enough information on Fae around here. There are so few of us, it's a subject rarely discussed. There is so much random information online, but none of it matches us exactly, it is impossible to do so. I can't explain to you every Fae, no sooner than I could explain to you every human. Each of the Falsities, Misconceptions, Myths, and Misbeliefs she listed effect me differently. Some more so than others. With her permission, I've written a response to the ones that I felt needed more explanation, reiteration, or just a personal point of view, to diversify the source. I hope this is helpful. Fae are kind and friendly/Seelie-Unseelie Yes, I am very kind, and very friendly, about 75% of the time. The other 25%, I would be more likely to verbally tear your heart from your soul rather than give you a hug. I am a mother, I am an empath, I hold people's feelings and desires close to my heart, closer than anything. I reach out for the lost and misguided, I advocate protection, and security, and peace. I also, have a line. I have a boundary, a threshold, when it's pushed I do not lose all of those things that describe me, that define me, I simply tire of them. I will never push to someone's failure, but I will rescind my reach, and quiet my advocacy, when things become overwhelming. To some, this change is perceived as cold, unfeeling, and hurtful. This is where my empathy shuts down and is overrun with apathy. I no longer care about anything other than my own feelings. This is natural for me, this is how some of us grow neutral to politics. We thrive in the middle of the crowd until we have had too much. Then we ignore the crowd until we are rested. Some Fae, are like that 75% of the time, and only kind and friendly 25% of the time. Much like a Yin Yang, there are two sides, but there is a little of each in both sides. That is how I see Seelie/Unseelie. I know this better as Summer/Winter or Solar/Lunar courts, but that's just me. Tiny, Beautiful, Dragonfly Wings/Fae are shallow Anything with that specific description (to me) would be a Pixie. We are not ALL Pixies. You don't describe the entire human race as "Tall, blonde, and pale skin." Just like I can't describe to you what every human looks like, I can't do the same for Fae. I have large wings, very large, that fall under no common description of anything. I have Glamour, which astrally would allow me to take the form of whatever I wish, but doing so drains an extensive amount of energy. To some I am beautiful, in both Fairy and Human form. It depends on how an individual person perceives me, their personal preferences, etc. I can be vain, I take my public appearance seriously, and it does make me feel electric when complimented, but I have also learned to be humble, in turn. I've learned from my mistakes. People tend to say "Fae are Shallow" in a way that better says we are incapable of evolution. That we are Tricky, Manipulative, and we do not change. We do change, we grow just as you do. If you meet a Faekin who is Shallow, Manipulative, etc. I would say they are probably also young in their Fae and human age. That, if given time, they will eventually grow out of these things, to an extent. Fae are Demons/Cannot lie I've heard that Fae (faeries, at least) are the offspring of Angels and Demons. The world I come from believes this very much. This doesn't mean it's true for every Fae. From what I've learned, almost every Fae comes from a specific place that matches them. Their own natural environment. I have yet to meet anyone from mine. It's like, if the entire Fae species and subspecies had their own planet, you would have hundreds of independant countries. Each equipped with their own environment, culture, and beliefs. My country believes we come from Angels and Demons, the country Nyht Myst would represent could believe something different. So while some Fae may be, or at least believe that, they descended from Angels and/or Demons, some do not. The same goes for "Fae cannot lie." Some Fae believe it to be equivalent to a sin to lie, some believe lying is an art form. It depends on where they're from, and how they were taught. Fae are Spirits of the Dead/Cats and Fae hate each other Ok, look at the stories these stem from, for example, you only see a Fae right before you die. Scenario: It's 1632 A.D, you live in Scottland where religion is still some sort of Pagan, but generally pretty spiritual. (accuracy in facts is kind of irrelevant, this is just an example) So you are a very spiritual person, and as you near the end of your life, your spiritual self starts to really wake up and see things, like, maybe a spirit that looks like a Fae. As your soul prepares to depart, your sight charges, you see things you would have never seen before. This is, of course, only a theory, but it's again one of those things some Fae believe, and some do not. The same with cats, how they are able to see things humans don't see, and other animals as well. Even from a psychological view, it's easy to find ways this could have come about in the past. None of it means it's true, not for all of us at least. Elements/Aversions to certain Metals I am a Lunar/Winter Fairy, but I love swimming and water, and the sun and day time and all that fun stuff. I have a metal hip, it's made of titanium. I am allerigic to some cheap metals, they give me a rash. Large amounts of copper or iron do bother me. This is because I have a specific culture, environment, and personality pertaining to being Fae, and also because I am, in this life, human. No matter species/sub species of Fae you meet, you must also remember if they're in a human body, physically, then they are in fact human. They can have certain biological traits that are not "normal" for Fae, but there is no such thing. And last, but most certainly not least- Fae are flighty and cannot be taken seriously. I saved this one for last because it means the most to me. It is so highly offensive, and frustrating, when someone does not take me seriously because I am a "Flighty Fairy." That is painful, it is discrimination. In many Fae cultures, humans are not taken seriously, and are seen as toys, things to play with, and this is a well known thing. This is terrible and not all of us feel that way. Because of this image people feel Fae cannot commit to anything, they can't be trusted, so therefore, you cannot take anything they say or do seriously. Contrary to this belief, most Fae are in fact very serious when the moment is called for. Some of us are light hearted and like to have fun/be silly, but are not incapable of being something solid. I personally have experienced this several times, and it's a rejection like no other. To be disregarded because I am Fae, assuming I hold no wisdom or experience, I can offer nothing. That's a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone. The entire point is, we are all different. We cannot be judged as a whole, no easier than the entire human race can be judged as one. We have our own multi-faceted piece of reality, our own origins. All we ask is that you do not define us as a generalized group. That you give us the time to show you who we are, and listen to what we have to say. I doubt you would regret it. Tags: Kintypes & Theriotypes, Uncategorized
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    ​ We get asked the same question or hear the same comments about fae over and over again to the point it makes our blood boil and we wish we could scream it out to the world that isn't true, its a misconception, a rumor, a wives' tale! We've found ourselves getting irate when responding to them, having to put down the keyboard and take a breath, explaining why that's a lie, wearily brushing it aside, or even laughing at them, these falsities of fae. Every kin has these falsities and goes through trying to spread the truth through word of mouth, forum posts, discussions, and even articles and its time the fae do it too; here is a list of fae falsities and their explanations. Misconception: Fae are kind and friendly The first thing you need to know when dealing with fae is not all of them will be friendly, welcoming, helpful, and great company; just as many of them prefer to be left alone to do what they want to do and can become angry or violent if you mess with them. That's like someone saying all humans are kind and friendly, sure there are a bunch that are, but there are many that are the opposite. Its best to let the fae come to you on their own, and don't automatically assume they will answer every question you have or help you with something. Misbelief: Seelie are good and Unseelie are bad If you start looking into the fae you'll learn there are two ruling bodies, or courts, that many fae are lumped into, Seelie are seen as the friendlier and more light hearted whereas Unseelie are seen as evil and dark, but that isn't the whole truth. The word Seelie means happy, lucky, and blessed, Unseelie would be unhappy, unlucky, and cursed, but fae are just like us in personality and just because they are prone to being happy or lucky doesn't mean they don't get upset or make bad things happen (and the same goes for the Unseelie being happy or friendly or helpful). A person who is normally good natured can have a bad day or be irritated, and that fluctuation of mood is the same for fae. Misbelief: Fae are seelie or unseelie This is a common falsehood, this stems from outsiders' view into the world of fae, and can be confusing to understand; fae can align themselves with one of the two courts (seelie or unseelie) but can also remain neutral. There are fae that aren't actively a part of either court and go about their lives as they want, but when an outsider looks in they often fall to labeling fae based on their nature and not on their political alignment, yes political. The courts are the fae's version of political parties that adhere to different laws, some fae don't find interest or actively avoid the politics and remain neutral, and this fact goes under the radar of many that lump the fae into 'seelie or unseelie' by their nature, I refer to this as having a (un)seelie nature instead of lumping them into one party or another. Misconception: Fae are tiny, beautiful humanoids with butterfly or dragonfly wings That is a myth made up in the Victorian era when artists decided to give fae an artistic twist to sell art, in fact there are very few (but some!) that look like that; fae encompass a huge number of beings ranging from goblins and trolls to pixies, and many aren't what humans normally call beautiful. They also widely vary in size from being the size of your thumb to being literal giants, many fall into the range of roughly a foot to human size but there are always types that reach the extremes. Very few have wings in the true form, the wings can also vary to feathered, bat, draconic, fin-like, or look like elements formed into wings, and other fae can look like mermaids, have horns, or animal traits. Falsehood: All fae fall into one of the four types: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water Fae are very close to nature and because of such are more often known to have some connection to at least one element, but it isn't a requirement. There are a lot of fae that are element based or have strong connections to elements; air,earth, fire, and water are not the only elements that a fae can be linked to, and there are some that aren't linked to an element in any way. Misconception: Fae are demons This misbelief as well as the 'fae are fallen angels' misconception stem from their natures, going back to the fae courts, seelie natured fae are prone to moods where they welcome others company and generally offer aid to amuse their self and appease their curiosity but still go through moments of extreme anger or mischief which leaves behind some damage, and earned them the slightly better misconception of fallen angels as they aren't quite good enough for heaven but still too good for hell by christian belief. On the other side the unseelie natured fae are prone to moods where they cause mischief and grief with little care of the path of destruction and are given the misconception of being demons even if they do have moments of being kind or helpful; in the end many fae are different from the christian depictions of angels and demons and many fae dislike being referred to as such since it seems to wipe away their rich histories and identities. Falsity: Fae are immortal This misconception is a little harder to explain, its more truthful to say fae are timeless; fae come from a different dimension in which time passes radically different than in this dimension and it is not well known how or when a fae dies of old age as it is far more likely it would die by some other means, I don't mean this physically but strictly spiritually. From myth and lore it is said that a human that is enchanted by the songs of a fae celebration will dance the night away only to find a decade has passed without so much as touching them and that hints at the human, unknowingly, having been carried into the fae realm where time passes a great deal slower. Misbelief: Fae are shallow This isn't so much a known misconception but the thought that follows after learning fae love beautiful things, whether it be a beautiful maiden or handsome man to the untouched beauty of nature, fae have a weakness for it; humans are notorious for coveting beautiful people but the fae don't see beauty the same way as humans. Fae find beauty in everything as it is a part of nature or a thing of curiosity made by the hand of another, fae can look at a rose bush and call it beautiful but turn around and call a brier bush beautiful in the same sentence; to fae there is beauty everywhere. Myth: Fae can not lie This is an amusing falsehood for many fae that started out an old wives' tale, fae can and some often do lie, this may be a simple omission of information or half-truths to elaborate and detailed lies all dependent on the individual; all in all they are the exact same as humans in this regard. Misbelief: Fae are spirits of the dead This falsity and the misconception 'the fae realm is the realm of the dead' most likely stemmed from the issue of mistaken words, fey which is also pronounced like fae means fated to die or point of death in old Scottish and German; it probably doesn't help the issue when sighting some fae there was the legend that the one that saw them would die. Falsehood: Fae and cats hate each other There are several different reasons this misconception came about, whether it be the old wives' tale that cat's could ward off magic to the Victorian inspired issue of cats hunting tiny fae like prey, but many fae not only love cats but are cat owners and their companions love them back (and also share the trait of amusing their selves at the expense of others). Misconception: Fae have issues with certain metals This misconception stems from the same myths and lore that the fae themselves stem from, in some cultures its iron or steel and others it is lead, physically this isn't an issue unless the individual has an allergic reaction or intolerances for cheap or impure metals; on the subject of spiritually this can vary from person to person on what metals neutralize their power or is harmful. Falsehood: Fae are flighty and impossible to take seriously While Disney has no doubt helped this along with their fairy characters this also comes from the fae's unpredictable and entertainment seeking nature, but fae take great offense to not being taken seriously when serious and this can lead to knife-edge situations with their temper. It is best to get to know the individual before making calls on what is a joke and what isn't to better save yourself the trouble of meeting their darker side, and by getting to know the individual you also may save yourself from more of the boredom induced antics. Tags: Newcomers, Kintypes & Theriotypes
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    I'm irritated by many things, but one of my biggest pet peeves are people who debate not for the sense of learning, but simply to show off and not bother to see the point of view of the person they are debating with.
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