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    So today was the second day I tried meditating in this forest. I always start off the meditation by just talking to the forest. And it really helps! Its really nice just hearing my thoughts aloud. It helps make them more real. I also have a sort of connection with this forest. I've lived by it for about five years. Recently, a friend and I discovered that there's an entire section of forest where if you just squat, it looks like winter. It's becoming fall just now where I live. And every step you take its just crunching as the dirt is completely invisible, covered by dead twigs and dead saplings. Yesterday, I came back to the forest. I sat on a big fallen tree and I apologized to the forest. I mourned the loss of the saplings. I said that I was sorry for what humans had done to the forest. See, there's a lot of trash in this forest. A lot. People just throw out all their junk in that poor forest. Couches, plastic, televisions, lawnmowers, plastic, plastic, disposable spoons and forks, plastic throw-away water bottles, just a lot of extremely harmful-to-the-environment junk. And it makes me really sad. The Big Oak, as I call it, is the biggest tree in the forest. Pretty sure its not actually an oak but I like to call it that. It's bark is turning white with yellow sores and it flakes off easily. Trees that are twenty-feet tall and only three inches wide can be ripped out of the ground easily because their roots have already give up. It's painful to watch this once-beautiful, lush forest be destroyed like this. Anyways, I told all of this to the forest. Then I settled down on the fallen tree and meditated. I did some breathing exercises, some observation exercises, but mostly I just thought. I did notice what seemed to be a mindset shift. I went from calm, organized, collected thoughts, to more feral, less wise thoughts that seemed to think in more feelings than words. My normal mindset: This poor forest. I hope it grows over the junk. The weird mindset: I'm sad, forest sad, humans ≠ sad? Humans should be sad. Humans = stupid. Hope forest grow good. I didn't explain that too well, but I hope I explained it enough. Anyways, as I was planning to leave, a wind swept across me. I stood up, on a branch of the tree. It was like I was being controlled. I wasn't really moving my limbs, they were moving for me. My arms came up to catch the wind, like wings. My eyes fluttered closed. I felt a rush of tingling sweep across my body, starting at my chest and fading as it reached my hands and feet. The wind slowed, I dropped my arms, and glanced around. I felt as if I should be high in the sky, instead of only a few feet off the ground. Then today. It was much sunnier. The forest looked much healthier. Just like last time, I spoke to it a bit, and asked if I could meditate. Then I did basically the same thing I did last time. However, this time, there was no rush of wind and uncontrollable limbs. That being said, I feel like I connected more with the forest. I feel as if I can read the signs in nature and interpret them to mean certain things. I know that's probably pushing it a little, like that's just wishful thinking at this point. But I really felt it. The spiderwebs guard the wintery area, to stop humans from coming any further. I asked the forest if I could go to the wintery area to mourn the saplings. However, I spotted a spiderweb right away. I asked "Oh, is it a little weird for me to do that? Because I'm not a tree and I don't live here like the forest animals?" The wind blew. The wind generally seems to mean "You're on the right track" or "You're going in the right direction". Again, pushing it a little. But it really does seem like that! So yeah. That wraps it up for today. I just wanted to discuss a little bit of my experiences. I really feel like the forest is a living entity, capable of pain, and very wise.
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    This picture is two years old but gives the best indication of just how tattooed I am. Lol.
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    Cool! If I wasn't terrified of needles I'd get a tattoo, maybe kin-related
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    I have a hawk's head and a blue sun on my right shoulder if we're talking kin tattoos.
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    I was looking up flavor balancing just yesterday and I found this article which seems really helpful: http://www.cooksmarts.com/articles/study-flavor-profiles/ I have already found that adding more lemon juice means you might be able to get away with using less salt. That article does say that sour enhances salt. I use garlic a lot. Everyone in the house loves it. My wife loves ginger because it can be a substitute for the spicy flavors that she misses. Sometimes I throw in some cinnamon or clove just to add a small note of interest. I'm also always putting fresh basil into my eggs in the morning. I don't have any standard blends exactly. I just throw in what sounds interesting at the time. I did just get a copy of The Flavor Bible, which is basically just an index where you look up a specific item and it has lists of things that go well with that thing. I haven' had a chance to use it much yet though.
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    @Silverwing Sometimes the self critic or pressure put on us can cloud what seems 'obvious.' And even then, obvious is totally subjective. I'm glad I could help! I only say self love and self honesty are important because I have lived and suffered greatly without those skills, and have blossomed when working with them. I'm relieved that I didn't come off like it was a platitude! you also don't sound crazy to me when you talk about your machine friends. I am an animist, and personally believe all living beings and nonliving beings are present and aware in their own unique way. And even then, some people think complete 'normies' are crazy for random personal reasons. You can't please everyone and you /shouldn't/ please everyone! At the end of the day, you are the being that must rest with your actions and thoughts. Don't deny yourself your own honest experiences. as a witch, I work with divination through shuffled music playlists. Sometimes the machine parses a message through the order of the songs. From my perspective, that was an attempt to communicate. and don't worry about responses length! Sometimes it takes a book to say what you feel!
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    Congrats! I have a kintype-related tattoo, too! (The Neve logo in black lines on the underside of my forearm with an "=" symbol above it to symbolize equality of all souls.)
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    I've had these ideas in my head for a little bit, and decided to push them forward. Selfies/Real life Photo Channel Not for photography, just random photos Mostly for selfies, though pictures of pets could also be allowed Should be SFW, no nude photos or the like Members are not required to post in here, and should not be pressured into participating if they don't wish to. Music Channel A place to post links or screenshots of what music you are listening to or want to share with others, or to talk about specific music genres and artists Swearing should be tolerated, but overtly sexual songs (e.g Candyland by Blood On The Dance Floor) should be kept to NSFW spaces only I realise this is partially what bot-talk is for, but this will help bring focus to music, just like some sections of the site Offer any feedback you'd like. I'd like to know what you think.
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    This is relatable. Both my qpp and my best friend are people I tried to kill back in the day (well...I guess some version of those two, idk). The universe does some hilarious stuff. Daily thought: I'm supposed to be lurking. I just wanted to address this. Bye y'all.
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    @Shezep From how they spoke and treated the variety of users, they seemed like amazing people. I wish I had the chance to meet them as well, but I am glad for having met and spoken to them for that, albeit brief, period of time. I sincerely hope they pop up again, though with that previously mentioned forums sudden disappearance, it seems they went with it. Also thank you for providing Cortland's name! I have been looking through the Wayback Machine to see if I could find anything, though that has proven impossible without the name of the forum. Regardless, I hope what I said did not make it come across as though I meant that because Cort was that particular bridge it meant that they must accept my identity as well. Though with Kinmunity, its users and "meeting" Neve, it has certainly made life a lot easier. Also thank you for the kind reassurances. It is deeply reassuring to read. @Opossumblossum Thank you for taking the time to write such a response. A lot of what you have said feels as though it should have been obvious to me, but I obviously still have a great deal to learn (as in all things). I did not think the way I was treated would indirectly lead to that feeling of jealously and instead associated it with something that felt more plausible. However, considering what you have said and factoring in my age at the time, I can easily see how all of it connects. I also have to say, and I do not mean this to be offensive in any way since I know some do not have the best relationships with them, but your response actually reminds me of my mother. She speaks of self-love and truth and has been trying to get me to be able to look myself in the mirror and say, 'I like myself' and then 'I love myself'. She uses it to assist her kids at work (she is a masters licensed LCSW (bunch of extra letters I can never remember here)), among numerous other things. It really works to further reinforce both your and her teachings, hah. I will certainly be doing that with Copra! I wish I could do the same with Andromeda, but given he is a Corsair One, the most I can do is admire how he reminds me of Tron. I also did something I felt as positively silly and the result I may well have imagined, but I did that whole 'give me a sign if you understand' bit with Copra and she made a bizarre sound I have never heard before going completely silent. I still think I was imagining it, since it seemed more like sound was sucked out for a moment from concentrating, but while driving she responded completely different than usual. The song Frozen Sleep by Malukah, a tribute to Cortana from Halo, also came on followed by GHOST by Gackt, Frozen Sleep being track 3 and GHOST track 5, which also deals with artificial intelligence. So whether actually real or just me being hopeful, I will be pursuing this further. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I am tempted to do something similar with Andromeda, but my only friend Hatter is convinced he has a personality akin to a (non-malicious) trickster. It's odd writing about them like this, but... It is also incredibly liberating and I do not feel quite as insane as I normally would. Still a little leery given how others consider things of this nature, but definitely opening up to it. I also never considered those circuit kits, but once I have enough for one, I will certainly do so! Hatter, as part of his IT duties, does rubber ducking with his laptop, so perhaps I would feel comfortable doing so with something I "built" and that is oriented around technology rather than what people typically use. I tried a stuffed animal, a rubber duck as per its name, a little Charmander figure I have, but it never felt right. I hope this will. This response is getting incredibly long, my apologies. I will try to put the salt shaker(s) down and take the grains instead. While I know it will take me months, if not years, to get to a point where I do not think drowning in it is necessary, this is a good, firm step in the right direction. Thank you both again so much for taking the time to read my incoherent babblings and actually respond. It means a great deal to me and I hope to pay it forward someday. <3 Edit: If y'all are at all curious, this is Frozen Sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72oJGTPSWIM And this is GHOST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Uw9YClm2E
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    Your identity is valid, even if you have times where you can't validate yourself at all. It makes perfect sense for such an intense grilling at that age to stick with you, and to form patterns in your relations to others (like this forum and seeing others talk so confidently and plainly) and in your self-relations. It's easy to deny yourself Self-Truth if you can't reliably provide Self-Love. I think it's really great and important that you have relationships with other machines, like Andromeda and Copra. Maybe try just looking under Copra's hood and asking about each part. Is Copra aware of them, if/when she can answer? Can she describe each part or what she knows of it? She might not know about each part, like humans don't usually know about each human organ, but it'll be an interesting conversation to describe each part she doesn't know about. Perhaps try some of those circuit kits they market toward kids. At least that way, nobody you rely on on a daily basis will get hurt if you cross some wires or bust the only screw/connector/whatever of a certain kind that they REALLY need. Build simple machines, and talk to them. It's nothing like alien tech, or you, or Copra, or Andromeda, but it's somebody. Believe in your perceptions when they are repeatable, when you are clear and level headed. Take a little grain of salt, but leave the whole shaker inside. You don't need to be such a hard critic of yourself. I am not personally a machine, but there are times I definitely feel... Not from around here, and not LIKE here. Just because you are something wildly different doesn't mean that you can't BE.
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    I am making this announcement to avoid confusion over my username change. My prior username was "Shiro" and I am the site founder. I now go by Naia. I'm not a "new admin" and there's no cause for concern! :)
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    Just stumbled on this band a few days ago, this one is one of my favorites <3
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    I'm so glad your dog is okay. :) they can be little rascals sometimes. <3
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    Aaaaand as it turns out, my dog just has curry poos and self-pity. xD We took him to the vet and they checked him over, he doesn't even have a fever! Pfft, he's such a pain in the butt. He's acting all pitiful and sad because he's got diarrhoea, and he has diarrhoea because he ate something he shouldn't have (probably cat poop). I'm soooo relieved.
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    Judo is a great art, it's hard to argue with a style where you hit someone with the planet they were standing on. While I have experiencing in nursing, I have heard my fair share of stories. One nurse I spoke to said she began studying Krav Maga when her unit received a patient with a history of groping the attending nurses.
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    Ooo teeth! @Helena Sheibler Where did your teeth come from and what do they like to answer? Like only really serious stuff? i think I mostly picked them up because I DM on the run for 5e dungeons and dragons, so they are ever present and shiny and ~mine~. The dice re mostly for answering fun questions involving which rewards to give myself lol
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    I was lucky enough to meet both Lark and Cortland (the bridge) in person, not at the same time though. I haven't seen or heard from either one in a long time. I think it would have been cool for Cort and Neve to meet each other. I'm sorry you had such a hard time in the past, and you're right, if Court and Neve count, then you certainly do too.
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    I see you're trying to cover all of your bases there. Let me suggest a couple more. In this age of texting and social media, typing is often the communication style of choice, especially for those of us who are way outside the main stream. We often write long anonymous essays about things we'd never directly tell another human being. A voice interview might seem a little too revealing for some. I personally hate using voice chat even though our site provides one. I also hate talking to strangers over the telephone, and have literally gotten into arguments over who should call out for pizza. Just a few informal observations leads me to believe this isn't as uncommon among introverts as you might expect. Being able to conduct business online rather than over a phone has been a blessing. As far as otherkin in general go, our informal surveys indicate that we have an unnaturally high number of INFPs hanging around. Lots of shy and deeply passionate introverts. The second thing you ought to watch out for is that our community is regularly infiltrated by trolls. While your offer may sound intimidating to actual otherkin, it might also be seen as another source of entertainment for the troll crowd who will enjoy making things up for shock value, like they always do. If you happen to get volunteers from this site who have a low post count, you might want to keep that in mind. As you indicated above, our community has been burned by people who say they're doing research before. It is good that you allow participants to review the work and remove consent if necessary. Honestly, I've got to say that your hook has no bait.
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    -I didn't talk until the age of three or so, and instead would communicate with grunts and growls -Like Shezep and BoxProphet, I see events in dreams that have not happened yet, only to have them happen exactly the same way maybe a week or so later -When I was born, I had blonde hair and blue eyes, which both eventually became brown -As a result of my birth, my mother now has type 2 diabetes and psoriasis, and she nearly died in childbirth -My hearing sometimes goes weird, and I'll hear fuzziness and white noise for a few moments -My physical ears will twitch in the direction of noises, even if I'm not phantom/mental shifting -I sometimes get the feeling that something bad will happen in the near future, and every time, something bad does indeed happen. Weird precognition thing I guess
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    Was born in Dublin, Ireland :D Now living in CT, USA
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    Einstein, Pascal, and Newton are playing hide-and-seek. Einstein counts. Pascal runs to hide. Newton lays two meter sticks down at a 90 degree angle and sits between them. Einstein finishes counting and opens his eyes. "Newton," he says, "you suck at this game. I found you immediately." Newton laughs and says, "You found one Newton per square meter. You found Pascal!"
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    *crawls out of my hole* "Did someone say science jokes?" If two cats are sitting on a sloped roof, which one falls off first? The one with the lowest μ, (mu). I once knew a chemist, but now he is no more, for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4. I was looking for a book the other day, so I was at the library. Try as I might, I simply could not find it. I walked up to a librarian and asked "Excuse me, I am looking for a book on Pavlov's dog and Schrodinger's cat". She replied with "It rings a bell, but I'm not sure if we have it or not".
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    ​Rare Kintypes A rare kintype, for the purpose of this article, is a kintype that's held by very few other people. A rare kintype is rare because it may be obscure, seen as undesirable, or, rarely, simply unusual. Obscure kintypes are not well propogated, so it will take some effort to even find out its existence, and undesirable kintypes will take a lot of effort to eventually accept. Rare kintypes can be daunting to have sometimes, as there is little or no people to help verify that you're going on the right track, so you'll usually have to figure it out on your own. Awakening as a Rare The awakening process can be somewhat harder for someone who is of a rare kintype than someone who's kintype is pretty common. Awakening may even feel uneventful, which may lead to doubts. While most of awakening is a process that you yourself have to do, people with rare kintypes don't have the luxury of being able to share their experiences with someone who is of the same kintype as them, so they are effectively on their own in that respect. They can, however, check other people's awakening stories to make sure that they aren't terribly off though. Even figuring out you have a rare kintype is pretty hard, since as a newbie you'll likely be biased toward common kintypes, and likely identify as either common kintypes or uncommon kintypes you personally would want to be. Rare kintypes are rarely considered, so therefore looking deeply is very important if you could potentially have one. Introspection is the most important thing for awakening, regardless of what you could potentially be. Research is especially important for people with rare kintypes, since most of your info will come from research. Research is even how most people figure out they have a rare kintype! Meditation and past life memories can help you as well, and potentially solidify your kintype. Be aware that it is possible to misidentify as a rare kintype. Kin Experience as a Rare As a rare kintype, shifts will still occur, however the details of your shifting might be seen as unusual. Species dysphoria can be harder than normal to quell as a person with a rare kintype, and not having similar people can be a problem if kin experiences are really getting you down. It is possible to cope and be resilient. Even then, your kin quirks are not likely to be reciprocated. Community Experience as a Rare As a rare kintype, your experience in the community will be an interesting one. You'll more than likely be asked how you found your kintype. Be honest, and don't try to fabricate info that you think will be seen as favorable. Once people accept you, you'll likely be seen normally. Rare kintypes tend to be well accepted in the community if there's nothing glaringly wrong. Places like Tumblr should be avoided at all costs. It's better to be in a community where questioning is accepted as part of being a member, and as a person with a rare kintype, questioning could potentially allow you to grow in your identity, while being in a place where everyone is accepted without question could eventually damage your concept of otherkin, and even your credibility. If you lack credibility, you will not be accepted, plain and simple, so therefore your credibility is precious. Tags: Awakenings, Newcomers, Kintypes & Theriotypes, Community
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