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    As many of you are likely aware there is currently a bug making it difficult for users to log in to Kinmunity. On logging in to the site you are then asked to create a new account with a new username/email. Upon doing so you are then able to log back in to your usual account. We realise this is causing a lot of difficulties/confusion and apologise for the inconvenience. I'm sure Naia will have this issue fixed as soon as she is able! If you are accessing the site through a secure, private device it may be best to avoid logging out in order to avoid complications, however if you are on a shared/public computer this is obviously not advised. To help us clean up any duplicate accounts while this bug is going on, each time you need to make a new account please reply below with the alternate username you have created (those who already posted names in the bug thread need not repeat them). Alternatively create easy to identify usernames (i.e. velvet_secondaccount1, velvet_secondaccount2, etc...). I'll try to delete dupe accounts asap to allow you to reuse your alt emails if you need to repeat this process. Again we're very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope this issue will be fixed soon!
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    It’s more complicated than just disabling the reaction system on status updates unfortunately. This is the cleanest way to not have the issue of the reaction system on status updates, and especially since the status updates don’t add much to the site and wind up buried, it’s not a huge loss. If there is overwhelming support for having status updates, we might be inclined to revisit this decision, but as it stands, I think this decision was fine, personally.
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    Could we have IRL merch at some point? Maybe mugs with the KM logo? T-shirts, perhaps? Even some small pins might be nice. Stuff like that could be pretty coolSince it might be a bit more costly it could also make a good reward for donors instead.
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    I don’t think any of the staff inherently had an issue with statuses, we just want to have reactions used in the right places. I think the best thing we could do would be to 1) have the statuses be in a designated place on a profile (not mixed with the activity feed where they’re bound to get lost, and 2) not have reactions enabled. Taking care of all that could take some time, so please be patient with us while we work out a fix for all that!
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    Based on feedback, we will be evaluating ways to bring back statuses (without reactions) in the near future.
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    I’m sure this decision was made to encourage others to use the discord or Kinmunity IRC, and to encourage more quality posts! It wasn’t made out of bad intent, it’s just there are other ways to express small thoughts here. The posts do get buried with time anyways! All will be well though I can assure myself and others ^.=.^
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    Why get rid of status updates entirely? Can't the reaction system be disabled on status updates as opposed to doing away with statuses themselves?
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    Shifting is not a requirement to be considered an otherkin/therian. Some otherkin don't even experience any shifts at all, let alone a constant shift. You're still valid
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    I am personally against adding a block feature; Kinmunity is an online community, not a social networking site. A block feature would ruin continuity of threads and cause a lot of confused posts as a result. Trolls and users who don't follow the site guidelines are quickly dealt with by the staff team. If a user repeatedly contacts you after requests not to do so and/or after being ignored, they are violating our Terms of Use and can be reported to the staff team for this:
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    I think the issue of blocking staff could be solved by simply having mods, admins and everyone else of power not be allowed to be blocked. Although I think it would be helpful in case of a troll on the site, although usually they're stomped out within a few minutes. This isn't censorship it's just proper precautions to be safe.
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    I totally agree with this. If people started blocking staff, it would ruin this website. Personally, that reason alone makes a new blocking setting, a bad idea.. No offense or anything! It's a good idea, it just may have to be though through a little more. And if things are becoming an issue with someone, I'm sure there are ways to report it. (It would depend on how bad the issue is, of course) so its not like we do not have any control over people disrespecting on causing issue on here. I as well VOTE NO on this issue... I am also new, but I just think it would be safer. We don't want people blocking staff.
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    Status Updates typically produce content of low quality, which are then artificially reacted to by users. They are isolated to user profiles and aren't typically advertised elsewhere. They're also typically buried as other content is created and reacted to. Going forward, status updates will be disabled. Please see our guidelines regarding the reaction system.
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    I also love this idea! ^-^
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    That's a good idea. Then we can look back at our status *looking back at the status's* "Ahhh.... memories..." jk, but still. good idea!
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    Glad to hear it, thank you for taking us all into consideration!
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    RIP one of the easiest ways to express myself.
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    Ok I suppose, but I thought they were a really nice place to post short (though still interesting) things that may not have warranted an entire blog or forum post.
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    Personally I feel my feline phantoms all the time and my argonian phantoms pretty often, but not constantly. You certainly don't have to have phantoms all the time to be considered therian/otherkin/kith! Everyone experiences things differently, some may never experience any phantoms or shift at all. Otherkinity/therianthropy is an identity as something non-human (while kith/otherhearted is identifying with). The experiences that go along with the identity are personal to each individual.
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    Starting 02/07/2019, users must meet a set of criteria for their account to be automatically confirmed. Accounts that are not confirmed will not be able use certain features of Kinmunity. The criteria required for confirmation is low enough to not cause a lot of headache, but high enough that there's little return on investment for abusive people. IN ORDER TO BE CONFIRMED: Your account must be at least seven (7) days old. You must have posted at least fifteen (15) pieces of content. You must have a reputation score above five (5). Once you meet criteria, you will be automatically confirmed by our system and your restrictions will be lifted. It may take up to twenty four hours after you meet criteria for the system to promote you; please be patient - it's well worth the wait!
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    Contributing to our forums... In general, members receive 1000 for posting a new thread and 500 bones for contributing to an existing thread. However, there are exceptions: No bones are awarded for participating in any forums within the "Site Operations" category. No bones are awarded for participating in the "Fun & Games" forum. In the "Chit Chat" forum; 300 bones are awarded for starting a thread and 150 bones are awarded for contributing to an existing thread. In the "Scent Rolling" forum, 500 bones are awarded for starting a thread and 550 bones are awarded for contributing to an existing thread. In the "Current Events" forum; 150 bones are awarded for starting a thread and 500 bones are awarded for contributing to an existing thread. In general, members also receive 5 bones for each reply they receive to a thread they've started, but there's exceptions to this as well: No bones are awarded to replies received for any thread posted within the "Fun & Games" forum. In the "Current Events" forum; only 2 bones are awarded to a thread author per reply. In the "Chit Chat" forum; only 1 bone is awarded to a thread author per reply. In the "Scent Rolling" forum. no bones are awarded to a thread author per reply. Contributing to clubs you're in... You will receive 10 bones for either posting a new thread or 5 bones for posting in an existing thread. Contributing to our gallery... You will receive 500 bones for uploading artwork to the "Kinmunity Specific" category. You will receive 200 bones for uploading artwork to the "Digital Art" category. You will receive 200 bones for uploading artwork to the "Traditional Art" category. You will receive 200 bones for uploading artwork to the "Fandom Media" category. You will receive 200 bones for uploading artwork to the "Photography" category. You will receive 75 bones for uploading artwork to the "Selfies" category. You will receive 25 bones for uploading artwork to the "Memes" category. You will receive 20 bones for uploading artwork to the "Backgrounds" category. You will receive 10 bones for uploading artwork to the "Screenshots" category. You will receive 10 bones for reviewing a piece of artwork. You will receive 5 bones for commenting on a piece of artwork. Receiving ratings from other users... In general, each positive reputation point you will receive comes with 50 bones attached. However, there are exceptions. 10000 bones are given for each "Winner" rating you receive. (this rating can only be given out by staff members) 5000 bones given for each "High Quality" rating you receive. (this rating can only be given out by elders and staff members) Posting a KinSpot... You will receive 200 bones for posting a KinSpot. Submitting a Link... You will receive 300 bones for posting a link in the "Resources" or "Forums & Chats" categories IF: You have been a member of Kinmunity for more than two weeks. You have created fifty or more pieces of content on Kinmunity. You have a reputation score of ten or higher. You have no active warning points.
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    Elders are members of Kinmunity who have made a significant amount of contributions to our site; and who have the tenure, reputation, and behavior befitting of the position. Along with the ability to apply for the position of Helper, Elders have the following abilities on Kinmunity: Elders can give twenty-five ratings per day, up from ten. Elders can give "High Quality" and "Low Quality" ratings. Elders have access to a special forum and Discord channel. Elders have a special badge under their name signifying their status. The "Elder" status is automatically awarded to users who meet a certain criteria. When it comes down to it, all one has to do to become an Elder is contribute to the community, have patience, and be voted in by your fellow members. You'll automatically reach Elder status once: Tenure You've been a member for at least six months and one day AND Contribution You've contributed at least one-thousand items of content AND Reputation Your reputation score is fifty or above AND Behavior You have less than two active warning points. Once you meet the criteria listed above, you'll receive a message from KinBot the "Elder" flag has been applied to your account. The process is automatic and nothing needs to be done by you or our staff team. There are a couple of unique conditions that would cause you to not automatically receive Elder status, and those are: You've been automatically granted Elder status before, and it was revoked by a staff member. (In this case, you wouldn't be eligible for automatic promotion again) A staff member of Kinmunity has set the "Elder Lock" status on your account. (In this case, you would not be eligible for promotion until the lock has been cleared)
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    You may have noticed the "like" (thumbs up) icon that appears towards the bottom on content on Kinmunity. If you move your mouse over the icon (or tap it once on mobile), you'll be presented with even more icons! This is Kinmunity's reaction system. It consists of both reactions reputation points: A reaction is a graphical image that corresponds with feedback about a post. The reactions in the example above, in order from left to right, are: Friendly, Winner, Informative, Useful, High Quality, Low Quality, Dislike, TL;DR, WTF?, Poor Spelling / Grammar, Too Short / Low Effort, Mean, Rubbish, and Like. Most users can give out up to ten reactions per day, while elders and staff members will be able to give out more. A reaction is given out by hovering over (or tapping on mobile) the "like" icon, and then clicking on the icon of the reaction desired. A reputation point is a numeric value that accompanies a reaction which effects a user's reputation score. A reaction can be positive, negative, or neutral. A positive reaction contains a reputation point of +1 and a negative reaction contains a reputation point of -1. Neutral reactions have a point value of ±0, so they don't effect scores at all. The reactions, their attached reputation points, the access level required to use them, and their descriptions are listed below: Like +1 (access: everyone) - The most ubiquitous reaction is our like reaction. This reaction is used to indicate that you like (or agree with) a certain piece of content on the site. Friendly +1 (access: everyone) - The friendly reaction is meant to be given to content that portrays our site a friendly and welcoming environment, particularly in regards to new users. Winner +1 (access: staff) - The winner reaction is a special reaction that can only be given out by staff members. It is awarded to particularly detailed, informative, unique, and meaningful pieces of content. Informative +1 (access: everyone) - The informative reaction is meant to be given to content that is detailed, explanatory, and of course... informative! It's a great reaction to use in our Library, but can be used everywhere! Useful +1 (access: everyone) - The useful reaction is mainly given to content that was of use to the person giving the reaction. A good example would be advice given in the form of a thread reply. High Quality +1 (access: elder, staff) - This reaction is meant to be given to content that is of extremely high quality. Low Quality -1 (access: elder, staff) - This reaction is meant to be given to content that is of extremely low quality. Dislike ±0 (access: everyone) - The dislike reaction is opposite of the like reaction. It is used to indicate that you dislike (or disagree with) a certain piece of content on the site. TL;DR ±0 (access: everyone) - This reaction is intended for content that is overly wordy or lengthy. For example, something that could be said in a sentence rather than a paragraph. It stands for "Too long; did not read" by the way. WTF!? ±0 (access: everyone) - This reaction is meant to be used on content that is confusion, strange, or otherwise caused you to ask yourself "What the fox!?" Poor Spelling / Grammar -1 - (access: everyone) - This reaction is self explanatory; it is given to content with excessive spelling and grammar errors. Too Short / Low Effort -1 - (access: everyone) - This reaction is intended to be given to "low effort" content; content that doesn't contribute anything of value to the discussion at hand or the category it is contained in. An example of this would be a single word "welcome" post in the scent rolling forum. Mean -1 (access: everyone) - This reaction is meant to be given to content that is rude in tone or just plain mean! Rubbish -1 (access: everyone) - This reaction is meant to be given to content that shouldn't have been posted at all. Spam, troll posts, and other similar garbage content should all receive a ton of these reactions!
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