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    One of my friends won't shut up about him. I don't like single issue politicians, especially since he's basically like Hillary on everything other than UBI. He ain't going nowhere. Either they're going to rig it in favor of Biden like they did with Hillary, or Bernie is actually going to win.
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    I like his vision, but I have some serious concerns with how he'll be able to implement his platform. The Freedom Dividend is a great idea, but he states that it will require a constitutional amendment to alter. This means that the Freedom Dividend itself would need to be worked into the constitution. These are issues the democratic party can't even agree on for itself, does he even understand how difficult it is to pass an amendment to the constitution? There's no way it would be done for an issue that is still considered extremely controversial. The policies that I feel, he could likely implement and that I support, are: Funding Autism Intervention Invest in America’s Mental Health Equal Pay Every cop gets a camera Net neutrality Legalize Marijuana Right to Privacy/Abortion and Contraception LGBTQ Rights Nuclear Launch Decisions ... and more The policies that I feel he could likely implement and I oppose, are: Gun Control and the Second Amendment (discriminatory measures against people with disabilities who are not dangerous are too likely) Value-Added Tax (nobody I know in Europe is particularly fond of VAT) Reduce Harm to Children Caused by Smartphones (... we don't need more regulation in this area) Prevent Airlines from Removing Customers (a private business should have the right to remove an unruly customer) Robo-Calling text line (not sure he knows how call spoofing works)
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    I have not taken a chance to look at who is running but I am liking his answers to topics which are current issues. I also really like how on the site it mentions an issue then explain why it is one, goals and what will be done about it. Some of the topics covered by Yang that really interest me and why are: Equal pay (no one likes to be paid less than a fellow colleague) Mass incarceration (topic that always came up in my criminal justice classes) this issue can easily be divided into different sections such as overcrowding, not being able to support medical needs of inmates, not enough programs to help inmates and much more. Climate change (we cant turn back the damage done but hopefully we can extend this planet's life) Every cop gets a camera (this can help reduce certain officers act out/make them think about what they plan to do more or could help out an innocent cop who got caught up in a bad circumstance) Net neutrality (help make education more accessible, get in touch with communities, not have unnecessary fees, advertise small businesses and much more) Many others but those are a few.
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