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Many Worlds - a Soulbonding forum


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Following on from where soulbonding.org (Known as “The Living Library”) left off, this forum centres around the concept of soulbonding, to both insourced and outsourced characters. People curious about this phenomenon are welcome to join and ask questions.

There is also a subforum for fictionkin and other plural communities such as the tulpamancy community.

NOTE: You will need to register an account in order to view the forum 

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I mainly wanted to comment on this and explain why the forum is set to private. I'm the admin of the Many Worlds SoulBonding forum, and I am a very paranoid recluse when it comes to SBing. I am terrified of trolls because I do not handle them well and they make my depression and anxiety worse. So, I hid the forum to guests, and require people to register and send us a request message to see the content.

That said, it is a very welcoming forum to both SBers, plurals, fictionkin, and even singlets and non kin who just want to learn more about SBing.


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