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My Median System

1. I'm not 2 metres tall I just drew a big triangle head on me. 2. If I actually drew 'me' I wouldn't be visible, take my triangle head as a joke. 3. Taru and Sordis don't have permanent forms, these are just how they were at the point of drawing them. Other than that, this is fairly accurate.

My Median System
Ruko, May 6, 2016
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      Taro and Sordis are like night and day
    • Ruko
      @Grey They are rather polar opposites, in personality as well as how they end up presenting themselves. I like to compare them to 'the angel and demon on each shoulder', because they can end up like that at times. Despite that Taru has told me multiple times they're not an angel and Sordis sounds like they're probably not a demon either. (They like winding me up and not giving me the whole picture sometimes but it feels like a solid guess.)
      The reason they end up looking like both it because of my associations. Having no actual form the only one they have is what I subconsciously give them, and if I subconsciously see them as an angel and demon scenario, that's kinda how they end up looking.
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