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  • Just taking my time to read through two week's worth of posts I couldn't catch up with... I say, it's always exciting to read awakening stories! It's so fascinating to see that so many people are feeling different to the "usual human standard".
    I'm currently 60% through with reading "C.G. Jung's Map of the Soul" by Murray Stein, which is an introduction into analytical psychology. It's the first book about the topic I read. I used to be very, very wary of psychology because I expected that it would invalidate both our nonhuman identities and the ideas of spiritual causes. But at least for C.G. Jung's theories this is not the case. In fact they deliver great support by providing a toolset which, despite meant for the human psyche, apparently can be applied to an alterhuman mindset. Furthermore, they leave an open door to spirituality.

    It's not at all easy to understand, but still highly recommended for anyone who aims at gaining a deep level of self-understanding. I'll probably write an article about my findings and application to my own psyche as soon as I'm done with the reading (bear with me, it could take a while).

    Happy Eastern everyone! I'm in vacation and currently trying to learn about analytical psychology as coined by C.G. Jung. Although I only understand a small part about it yet, I think it could be a great tool to use. I'm all the more impressed that some of you have reached such an amazing level of understanding of your true selves!

    It's already past midnight here in Germany, so I wish you all a happy new year and a perfect start into 2020! 🎉🎇🥳
    For me, the last year was full of stress in professional and private live. But it also brought new amazing discoveries, and there's no end to them as it seems.
    As we enter a new decade, there's no shortage of threats to a world that is ever buzzing with life. We know so much which is worth to protect and fight for, and still there is so much we don't know, so much to find out.
    Within this community I've found great friends who are the most open, understanding and caring people I could ever wish to meet. Thank you all again for being here! I hope you all stay around, be curious, stay who you are, and be whatever you are! I'll continue to learn, explore and help as good as I can as we enter this new decade together!  

    It's past midnight here also, so a very happy new year to you as well!

    I wish you the best of luck for the year to come. I'm sure a new year will bring many more wonderful experiences, insights and adventures. ^_^

    I wish a merry Christmas and happy holiday season to all and everyone of you, in whichever corner of the multiverse you are! May these days be peaceful for you, your families and all your dear ones! 🎅

    Thank you also for making this community such a friendly, wonderful and colorful place! I'll continue to do my best in supporting and helping everyone!

    Merry Christmas! 

    I've just seen a news report about wolves in Germany killing sheep. Apparently there was a case where a small wolf pack killed more than 20 sheep. They obviously left most of the meat at the scene. I've wondered about this and found it's called "surplus killing" and is a reflex-driven action caused by the sheep unable to escape the wolf pack because they're trapped in their cottage. Hence they're triggering the wolve's hunting reflex. If the sheep were able to escape, the wolves would just eat one of them.  

    Also near the place I live there is a female wolf who killed seven sheep within only a few days, as was confirmed by a DNA test. Reports suggest that this was a combined effect of surplus killing and removing the dead animals; if the
    latter wouldn't have been done, the wolf could have returned later to eat more meat.

    Now there is public discussion if some of the wolves should be shot. I'll never ever accept that. Killing can never be the answer. The severity of the incidents is obviously caused by weak protection of the farm animals and early removal of dead animals. I think it's the farmer's obligation to protect their animals or keep them inside. If they're unable to do so, farming should be stopped.

    There's a reason why I'm eating more and more vegetarian meat replacements (which are excellent btw).

    Oh, FYI: I've updated my gender identity to "agender" recently because I realized this term describes me better. I have a male body but I don't actually care about being male much. I've set preferred pronouns to "neutral" but I honestly don't care. You can use whatever you like.

    I've been in Poland most of the week for a business trip. Returned yesterday about midnight after a looong train trip. Bit tired right now.

    I've posted a lot of things during the past hours. Obviously I'm still struggling to find myself. I want to dig deeper, and while doing so I try to document as to offer yet another example just how far one can go. I hope I succeed in giving a positive example.
    So, what the heck am I exactly? I'm not a god yet somehow represent the force of life. I'm not a creator yet we all are. I'm only one being yet I'm everything, and so is everybody else... aaah, a confusing puzzle.
    To spin my spiritual hypothesis wheel a bit further: I've realized yesterday that places like ours, the Earth universe I mean, could be much more vital to the existence of the Multiverse of Minds than I thought. The variety of life this place offers allows small and weak minds to grow and recover. Strong minds again may be beneficial for the Multiverse to exist and flourish. Maybe minds realizing the existence of the Multiverse are a kind of life insurance for it. So by protecting this place I contribute to protecting the whole Multiverse. Am I a Multiversal guardian, then?
    I never heard of any dragon, mythological being or deity that would come close to this, but I'm apparently short of research at that point. Are there any creational myths or religions that go beyond explaining creation of this Earth universe? The multiverse is a quite modern idea, so I'd be surprised to find any.
    Aye, these are the thoughts that happen when my mind is unchained. My journey continues, and I'll go on even at the risk of going wrong. Something awesome may be waiting.

    Phew, I've had a really stressful week. Let's see if I can catch up on things happening here this weekend.

    hope things calm down for you soon!

    There were two interesting news last week somehow related to kin aspects. First, science seems to have explored a small Wyvern-like animal who lived at the dinosaur era, Ambopteryx longibrachium.
    Second, IPBES reports that 1 Million species are currently threatened with extinction, the reason clearly being human activities on the planet [press release]. They tell that humanity has changed the planet within the last 50 years at an alarming pace. The rate of extinction is estimated to be 10..100 times higher than the average in the last 10 million years, and accelerating. I think this is absolutely devastating, and confirms my worst expectations. I'm ok with species being naturally extinct and new species emerging, 'cause that's how evolution works. But one single species going literally rampant on the planet, rapidly destroying Earth's habitat and effectively exterminating other species for their own good... No sir! That needs to be stopped. I don't want to lose a single species this way.

    My back muscles are hurting a bit. Well I guess the 175 lbs deadlifting set yesterday did have some effect, haha :toungederg:

    That's the cue word... I'm bed :toungederg:

    Returned from Rome earlier today. The trip went well, but now I'm spent. A good night's rest will make it better.

    I’m glad the trip went well! Get some rest friend, you deserve it! ^.=.^ 🐉🐉🐉

    Today I've read a bit about draconic wicca and stumbled across the term "kundalini", which in Hinduism denotes an energy which is located at the base of the spine. The English wikipedia page says that it often feels like an electric current running along the spine. This matches pretty well this prickling sensation of mine... I wonder what I can do with this energy. I think I didn't yet feel it full force. Does anyone have experience with that?

    FYI: As from tomorrow until Thursday, I'll be on a business trip to Rome, Italy. Hope I can make some snapshots, but there won't be much sightseeing this time.

    EDIT: This kundalini thing is constantly getting crazier. Many sources say the energy is activated by certain yoga techniques. I don't even do yoga and still seem to have it.. also, it is being related to asking yourself questions about your identity, feeling universal connectivity, energy rushes, altered states of consciousness, and disrupted sleep patterns. Maybe it's just another word for what I'm experiencing? Wikipedia states that experiences with it might culminate "with a transcendental out-of-body state of consciousness" (==m-shift??) and that British orientalist Sir John Woodroffe states that "Vivified by the Kundalini, chakras become gates of connection between the physical and 'astral' bodies". What the heck?

    While researching that I'm constantly getting them energy rushes.. sometimes feels like something in there wants to break free, haha. Don't know if it's advisable to play around with that, but let's just see what happens. Maybe this energy is even the same that makes me glow blueish in the "astral plane"? Honestly it feels like I'm made from that stuff.

    Just decided to shift today's training to tomorrow... I overdid it a bit the past two weeks, I'm not well recovered. Quite tired tbh.

    Thanks a lot! Don't worry, I'll be fine.

    I had a really nice lucid dream this morning. First time ever, I was able to fly away from my old house without any anxiety of immanent desctruction. Also saw no planes crashing. And this time it lasted longer than usual, a few minutes I think. I was mainly concentrating on flapping my wings and gain height. Still a great achievement.

    Today I found out two interesting things.

    The first one is something I came across by researching Chinese dragon mythology. Apparently the Chinese dragons are helpful, friendly and protective god-like creatures. I need to investigate that further, but the thing I came across was the so-called "dragon pearl". It seems the Chinese say that, if swallowed, such pearl could turn a human into a dragon... not that I think that's possible, but it's just an interesting aspect. It could relate to the necklace I've seen in one of my first meditations. The gemstone on there was round shaped like a pearl...a dragon pearl, maybe?

    The second thing relates to a specific skin sensation I'm used to have since ages. It feels like a "pin and needles" thing, like tiny ants or small electric pulses propagating under my skin. It usually happens when I'm feeling very positive about something, and can also be triggered by touches or temperature differences. It doesn't have anything to do with numb limbs, but it always starts at my lower back (no, not that low :toungederg: ) and can propagate to almost the whole body if I allow it. I can control it to a certain extent. It's not at all uncomfortable or disturbing. Now, up to now I thought this would be completely normal, but today I found it's an abnormal medical condition called "Paresthesia". It feels like an energy stream propagating through me. I didn't yet manage to let it flow through my whole body yet, but I think it once reached my head. Felt awesome.

    The funny thing is that during my 2018 m-shift, I actually interpreted that feeling as positive feedback from a part of my consciousness which seems to be dormant. That seems quite far-fetched, but you know... this actually proved very, very helpful. I got the same (very strong) sensation involuntarily yesterday again while thinking about a hypothesis about magic and emotion in the Multiverse of Minds. There also is an antagonist feeling which manifests as a very uncomfortable sensation in my stomach. It seems to indicate that something (e.g. an idea) is very bad. It happens rarely, but when it does I typically omit the idea, which makes the feeling vanish without any sign of medical condition afterwards.

    Maybe this is just the draconic version of having a "stomach feeling", haha. Since it seems completely harmless I don't see any reason to have it medically treated. I would actually strongly object against that because I think it helps me.

    Just returned from the business exhibition (it's half past midnight here). All went well, but I got to get some rest, I'll need to be in the office tomorrow....

    This was a very stormy and rainy sunday. Well, starting tomorrow I'll be at a business exhibition, but I hope I can still check the forum in the evenings. Have a nice week, y'all!

    Thanks, Lunastre! Oh, I'm getting so happy when friends call me a dragon :w00tderg:

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