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Recent content by Amber

  1. Amber

    Daily Thought

    I'm about to cook myself a trout for dinner. This is something very special since every time I do that, I'm... admiring, ya know? I always take a moment to admire the sheer beauty of the fish, the perfect adaptation of the body to it's natural habitat. It creates great awe and respect for the...
  2. Amber

    Quote yourself

    "The paper this decree is printed on is not soft enough to use it for something more meaningful."
  3. Amber

    Benedict Cumberbatch Game

    benedict cumberbatch.. hey, it's flawless! Really, I didn't look!
  4. Amber

    Summarize a book in a somewhat inaccurate sentence

    The Lord of the Rings: group of runtish people supported by heroes beats dark lord by destroying gold jewelry.
  5. Amber

    Kintype Database

    Celestial dragon
  6. Amber

    Help with awakining

    I very much second @Shezep although I didn't hear too many stories. I'm not sure what bothers you so much about yourself, but I'd recommend to leave your friend out of the game. Reading that he's "pushing your awakening further" doesn't bode well. An awakening is not something that should be...
  7. Amber

    Good resources on spiritual topics?

    Heck, that mythology channel surely has loads of videos... I currently enjoy the Buddha at the gaspump interviews: Also a German speaking spirituality channel, but that won't be too interesting here. Nothing on demons, though.
  8. Amber

    Interactions with Animals?

    When animals are around me for a prolonged time, I automatically take on some of their traits and mindset. I usually enjoy this very much. E.g. I get very calm and confident when horses are around, and joyful when dogs are around. They seem to notice that and feel comfortable with my presence...
  9. Amber

    uhh how do you delete accounts

    Hi! This used to be easier when we had the old forum software. Nevertheless, I've forwarded your account deletion request to the staff team. PS.: for future reference, you can always PM a staff member about such things. We're here to help ;)
  10. Amber

    Is there any good ways to discover memories for a fictionkin?

    I've heard that writing a story about your kintype might also help. Often seems to turn out there's more about yourself in there than initially intended. Another helper I've heard about is being in an environment that resembles your natural habitat (if at all possible). But personally, I...
  11. Amber underdogs

    To be quite honest, it's rather the other way around. Telling people that I'm a dragon makes me feel insecure because they might think I just want to be cool. That's also why I don't usually brag about it. I've only told one person irl so far, and only after some careful explanation why I'm...
  12. Amber

    The "Not in my Living Room" game

    2.7 metric tons of pure gold (gosh!)
  13. Amber

    Get to 10

    Bad luck. Start again.
  14. Amber

    Blog privacy levels

    I think we don't have them anymore. The previous thread entries were written when we were still running on Invision community.
  15. Amber

    Hey everyone! Happy new year to y'all! Thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not the only...

    Hey everyone! Happy new year to y'all! Thank you so much for reminding me that I'm not the only one feeling non-human - here in this crazy, silly, lovely little world!