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  • Hello everyone!I'm very confused. Last night, instead of dreaming of me soaring through the skies on a hippogriff, I was on a stage. I took the form of my own body. Then it went to Hideri when i was getting teady for stage. Then Astolfo while on stage. Soon after I was done doing my act, Astolfo split from me and disappeared and I was left in the form of Hideri.Does this mean something? I'm very confused.

    -Hideri on Right, Astolfo on Left-

    View attachment 2217

    Dreams can often be pretty random so I wouldn't think too much of it. I've had some rather odd dreams before but I don't think the majority had any deeper meaning to them.

    If it's something which seems to repeat and become more persistent it may be worth looking into though. I find dreams can often be highly symbolic so not always to be taken literally.

    Of course we all interpret things differently and some people believe there is a meaning behind every dream.

    Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a good day, week, month, or even year!💕

    Remember to be yourself no matter what! You are unique and special! 🌟

    Much love to you all! 💖

    Stay positive!💙

    Hello Everyone, Astolfo here! I had only recently come across this page. I wish to meet others and possibly be friends. If there are any thing you wish to tell me, go ahead! All I ask is you be nice! 

    Much Love!💕

    Stay Strong!💪🏻

    Be Yourself!🌟

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