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  • I honestly nearly told my dad I’m a therian. We were talking about how teens need freedom to be themselves and something stirred inside me. They found out a few years ago, I thought it was spiritual, it was a whole ordeal leading to suppression. All that. And I still almost told him. It’s a really hard thing, wanting to be accepted, even when I know what would happen if they found out.
    I recently started driving myself to school and, well, I did not realize how cold steering wheels get.
    I just got a really strong ear shift; I hadn’t had one like that in a while :U It’s also weird because I’ve been feeling a lot more anxious and insecure, but at the same time I’ve been feeling more like my theriotype and more proud/confident in that side of me.
    I've initiated conversation with my crush and have procured his snapchat. I have also initiated talk on said app in a hopefully not weird way. All seems to have gone well.
    Okay, but seriously, I'm really happy and I hope that, if nothing else, a good friendship comes of this. I also hope he doesn't have a girlfriend.
    I've reached the age where I can access the tavern and I've seen one post on one thread and now I wanna cry --okay, overreaction, but I was not ready for that; I want to go back to being oblivious
    Tired, shifty, and still doing homework (still - being I procrastinated all day and now I have to do it when i just want to sleep). Anyway, let's hope for a decent week!
    I didn’t think becoming a senior would make me feel older or make me more mature. Yet, I do feel older and more mature. I feel more like an adult. Still, there are parts of me that I know are very childish. It’s weird. Anyway, just morning thoughts.
    I'm tired of hiding the fact that I'm a therian. Part of me wants to just tell everyone and anyone. Obviously, I can't do that. And I know there's a much higher chance for negative feedback -especially since I go to a Christian school-- but I at least want my friends to know. Idk if I'm going to say anything or not, but I've had the urge to just tell them for a while now.
    I just found out about this and I wanted to share it. It’s a non profit organization that helps children and families get clean drinking water.
    Yes I am awake at 5am and can’t fall back asleep. Anyway, I drew a big theta delta in the sand and it made me happy. My parents didn’t notice hehe
    In Florida with my parents and brother for a little bit while we move my brother in to his new apartment. So far I’ve enjoyed it, though the humidity is a bit much heh.
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