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  • Yes I am awake at 5am and can’t fall back asleep. Anyway, I drew a big theta delta in the sand and it made me happy. My parents didn’t notice hehe
    In Florida with my parents and brother for a little bit while we move my brother in to his new apartment. So far I’ve enjoyed it, though the humidity is a bit much heh.
    I was out of the golf course with my family and after they finished fishing and we were heading home, there was a frog and my mom was (playfully) bugging it and idk, my hunt or maybe my play side same out and I had a really good minor mental shift and it made me really happy.
    Good night (or morning or even dep on your time zone). Hope everyone had a good Thursday and that your Friday is even better!
    Ugh. I feel terrible. Why do good days always have to end on bitter notes? I'm going to sleep. Good night everyone.
    Strong feelings of wanderlust and thinking back on when my parents found out I was a therian. A strange mix of longing and feeling disgusted, but I guess that’s just how it goes. Anyway, happy Father’s Day. 

    I need to find a place where I can be myself. I need to find people that accept me. I need a pack and territory because being alone is wearing on me. When (hopefully) my school opens back up in the fall, I think I'm going to make that my goal. 

    Good luck. I'm searching for the same.

    It's only two days into the week, but it already sucks. I hope things turn up. I hate feeling like this. 

    So, someone texted me asking how I was and I, like, never talk to her. I responded and asked her how she was and, like, it was nice. I think she did it out of kindness, but I can't help be skeptical. Like, she's an awesome person, but... why text me all of the sudden? We barely talk. I think I just don't expect anyone to actually care about me, especially since I don't think very highly of myself.

    I made an egg and it doesn't taste good and I'm hungry but I really don't want to eat anything but yeah. Anyway, have a good day everyone. 

    I forgot I posted a status about the chickens we (my school/science teachers) would have hatched. Update: We will not be hatching baby chickens because of obvious circumstances. HOWEVER, I will make it a goal next year to convince us to hatch baby chickens nonetheless. 🐔

    Im pretty happy about myself today. I feel good and happy. And now I need to go to sleep before that mindset changes. 

    Let's hope for a good week. I have a history test today and I'm not looking forward to it, but, ya know, it could be worse. If it's not raining I might take a walk, otherwise I'll probably play league with my brother since he's back from Florida.

    I am so happy. I have convinced my school's science department to allow us to incubate chickens. WE WILL HAVE TINY CHICKLETS BY SPRING

    Haha, so, I'm not in a great mental right now and I'm going to give my crush (who I've already confessed to) my raw emotions printed out and it's going to be terrible but that bad-decisions side of me is driving my actions rn so yay (just kill me now).

    Got some odd shifts past couple of weeks, some have popped up longer ago, may be cameo, may be a second type? Anyway, I'm going to see where this leads and try figure out if these are cameo or not. The shifts seem feline in nature and I've been quick to shoo away the idea (because idk, I don't exactly want to be a cat therian, but that doesn't mean I have a choice in the matter haha), but I'm more open to the idea now that I've sort of settled from my initial reaction of denial. 

    Starting the day strong! I didn't eat breakfast b/c I tried eating a protein bad, but it was really gross, so I'm really hungry. But, besides that, I've got a bunch of good, happy, wolf-energy and I just wanna run around and love on my friends and just be happy n stuff. I have 2 more periods before I can actually go to lunch and hang out with my friends though >.< Also, this burst of energy and happiness makes me worried that somethings gonna ruin it, but I'm trying to just live with the happiness right now haha.

    So, there’s apparently a tornado warning and so now we’re all just running around the auditorium and the teachers just annaounced we’re gonna watch Star Wars, A New Saga or something like that, so I guess I’m doing that now. Beats doing schoolwork tho.

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