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  • UH What just happened ...ok so in the car while my mum was driving my dad home just a minute ago, he was talkin and he said he’s an animal (he was slightly tipsy but he truly believes it).So i said ‘no youre not, youre human’ just to get him to say more as i was curious,and he said ‘no i’m part animal’ so i said “what animal then?”,he replied “wolf” And he was being serious.So he explained how he is like a wolf inside not just human-and how ‘turks have wolf in them’ and about how in Turkey the wolves are very important and helpful (hes from turkey if you didn’t guess lol)

    i’m just amazed that he said that cuz he doesn’t know anything about me and otherkin etc, but wow it’s cool that we have that in common!

    So..i kind of don’t know what to do right now. I’ve been found out by my brother. He saw that i’d watched otherkin videos and came down laughing and confronting me about it,i was so shocked i just said no i didn’t! And all that but he knew i was lying and was laughing and asking “so what kin are you” and making fun of me then he went back to his room. I feel sick and paranoid right now,,i don’t know what to do. i am freaking out

    Sounds good, enjoy your movie and relax for a while!   :GrinandWiggle:

    I had an intense dream about werewolves in it lastnight i felt so much energy, it was crazy. I feel sp connected more than ever recently to myself inside

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