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  • Back from my two-month hiatus! Good to see KM again! ^w^
    Edit: everything looks really different. What did I miss while I was gone?
    Edit 2: Looks like I happened to join back right as a massive update was taking place 😂 Go figure!
    I've been watching a lot of Hollow Knight gameplay recently, so I'm definitely flickering as someone from that universe (if not Hornet, then some other non-canon character perhaps). I'm making myself finish watching the entire Let's Play before I look up any information on it so I'm not spoiled, but that means I've got to wait until the end before I can start researching 😔 Oh, well. It's probably better that I wait before rushing into anything regarding my identity!

    Awww yesss, since I've been around here for a week or more and have 15+ pieces of content, I get to have a signature! Rainbow BubbleSpirit, coming your way at last! 😋

    Woohoo! Power is officially back on for us. Playing Animal Crossing and taking it easy after spending the night at a friend's house (they had electricity). I can't wait to get back into the swing of things here on KM 😊

    Had some bad storms and tornado warnings last night. The power is out, but we had minimal damage where we live so I consider us lucky! [Posting this from my phone]

    Uh, good to hear there's not much damage! Hope you stay safe!

    Good morning everyone! Day 3 of Kinmunity, and I'm still so happy I joined. I can't wait to type up my first blog entry! It's going to be a list of everything I know about my dragon kintype. I've even got an idea for a second blog post in the works...

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