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Recent content by Celestial Ascian

  1. Celestial Ascian

    What is your favorite book series?

    I looove the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It has dragons that aren't portrayed as just mean beasts, dwarfs, elves, magicians, comedy, war- and did I mention dragons?? Its an excellent series, I highly recommend it.
  2. Celestial Ascian

    Any other conceptkin of media?

    i consider sylvself conceptkin of Latex Monsters from Changed :)
  3. Celestial Ascian

    Just any images you like.

    just some random stuff lol ^^
  4. Celestial Ascian

    What does your kintype look like

    petkin polymorph here! heres just some of mews fav "forms"
  5. Celestial Ascian

    The daily anything thread.

    its acorn season! i love eating acorns :)) (make sure to soak em or theyll be bitter)
  6. Celestial Ascian

    What songs/bands/singers are you currently obsessed with?

    pretty much any hatsune miku songs so people like DECO*27, PinocchioP, Neru, Kikou, stuff like that :) hatsune miku is super relateable
  7. Celestial Ascian

    What's something that you assumed was normal until someone told you otherwise?

    the shivers are real quick, like not even a second, but the brain blank lasts for 2-5 seconds
  8. Celestial Ascian

    What's something that you assumed was normal until someone told you otherwise?

    ok, so last night pup did this thing that happens often where pup kinda shivers, but like fast and only in the upper half of the body, and pups brain blanks for a few seconds pups mom might take it to the doctor for seizure testing owo" -🌟
  9. Celestial Ascian

    quick poll cause pups indecisive with names

    heres the form:what name suits me better?? idk where this thread would go exactly so if needs to be moved let pup know ^w^
  10. Celestial Ascian

    What were your childhood toys?

    Pup had tons of littlest pet shop toys and stuffed horses. Pup LOVED horses so much when it was little, then again it pretty much loved (and still loves) all animals. The LPS thing was huge tho, pup would spend hours setting up perfect scenes... but never played with them lol. Just set up a...
  11. Celestial Ascian

    Names are odd

    same, pup never really felt connected with any name. pup usually just says it'll go by whatever they wanna call it
  12. Celestial Ascian

    What are your unusual interests?

    pup only has one deck, a cat one, but it pretty much has the personality of a cat too. it cares, but it also has a cat's blunt way of acting. if you're not on the right path, it wont sugarcoat it lol
  13. Celestial Ascian

    What are your unusual interests?

    pup does tarot!! the creepy thing is tho, pup hasn't ever given a wrong/inaccurate reading in all the years of practicing it, not even in the beginning. pup has a tendency to scare friends who don't believe in it by giving too accurate readings ^w^ -🌟
  14. chemistry class doodles 1

    chemistry class doodles 1

    just a lil doodle of pupself :D
  15. chemistry class doodles 2

    chemistry class doodles 2

    yet another doodle of pupself (yes these are on a periodic table lol)