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  • I feel very out of place and disliked here. Don't know if I'll continue using this website. Just not sure.

    Coming to terms with the reason why i have such sporadic interests, hobbies, etc, that fade and approach me so quickly, probably a past life thing. like if you liked (x) in a past life, there's a big chance you'll turn out liking it in the next one, or atleast that's just my theory. A Gaaame theory. 

    Not to be antagonistic, but the holidays were overwhelming and I'm excited to start a new year with a clean slate. Happy New Years everyone! 🎉

    Every fall I feel like somesort of lycanthrope.. Hmm.. The feeling always comes around this season.

    I promise I will never give up on you, Kinmunity, as many hiatuses and times my profile is defunct, it never means I'm leaving for good. I'll always be here. 🙂 

    It's been quite a year and a lot of improvement has entered my life. I cannot wait to start being active again, I'm gonna try my best, I miss it here! 

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