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  • Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been busy with life. I haven't forgotten this place though! 

    That's alright, do what you gotta do! We'll be here.

    Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates! Sorry I haven't been around much, I'm in Wales and didn't bring my laptop. 

    Ended up doing an all-nighter to try and reset my sleep schedule, not sure if it's a good idea lmao

    My sleep schedule is completely messed up. I want to reply to some of the longer posts here but so sleepy. I'm very stressed because I have to spend a week with my family soon and they 

    Hopefully the new year will give me new energy, especially after the oharae-shiki ceremonies at new years eve and day. 

    For now I need to focus on clearing my commissions list before christmas and it's aaaaaa

    Sometimes when I can't sleep, I consciously shift in a slow kind of manner, one limb at a time. I visualise my nails turning to claw, my teeth elongating, whiskers sprouting, my muscular changing. It gives me comfort and usually makes me fall asleep pretty fast. Does anyone else do this I wonder? 

    I try to do lucid dreaming through this technique too, sometimes it works. But in dreams it happens more often out of nowhere. I'm glad other people do this!

    I feel like I'm posting way too much, I love to write! I'll tone it down for a bit though! 

    Wow I feel dumb, I swear I looked over the ToS and the guidelines first to make sure Jasper could make an account, and I didn't see the part about alt account.  I have reading problems and so I must have accidentally skipped it. Sorry for the trouble, staff, this is 100% my fault and thank you for notifying me. Jasper will post from my account from now on. 

    I have a few blog posts I want to write and also I've been inspired to write one for my main blog. I'm a little afraid to mention therian stuff on my main blog, but I'm considering it as it can be linked to paganism, hmmm

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