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  • Hello Flamery, I like to write as well and come from a German speaking country too. It is sad that you are so lonely, I hope you find friends here.
    Part 3 of fire fox is out! Read more about the story of Flamery, Sas, Ryn, Fyre and all the other legendary characters!🦊🐺
    Guys, i started writing a story called "fire fox". It's about shadow wolves, fire foxes and Flamery, who stands between the worlds .
    Check it out under my content, fire fox. Part 3 will appear tomorrow, I think. Oh and sorry for any Grammar mistakes.
    My Discord account got deactivated for beeing under 13 what is wrong. I already send a photo of me and everything and also contacted the Support team, but Discord didn't activate my account again. Now I don't know what I should do...if someone knows a way to get my old account back, please tell me. It was the only way to have contact with therians in real-time :(
    Hey guys! Do you know this? You want to go out, but: Online school, homework, helping your parents, check E-Mails, check WhatsApp, check other social Media...wait, it's allready 10 pm? Where is the time gone? Let's look for - oh, tomorrow will be a rainy day. Great...

    I had an amazing dream last night! I turned into a fox and in my dream I made a giant jump! It was fantastic! I love these dreams!

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