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  • From you:  "I believe my soul as it is now was the result of reincarnating incorrectly, so to speak. Instead of reforming into a fully new soul, the pieces of me stayed pieces and fit together not quite right, but enough to work And create me. That’s where my otherkin identity comes from. While part of my soul is human, and that part dictated my physical body, a large portion of my soul is dragon, and longs to be dragon again. So when I leave this life, I hope my soul reforms the proper way and I get to experience life as my true self."

    This one spoke to some of my experiences.  There are beings trained in putting a damaged soul like yours back together properly out there.  If you could rather than reincarnate immediately have faith you will go someplace that has someone that can you should get patched back together completely as you were originally. 
    Thank you for this insight.  I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to it.

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