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  • Happy Mother's Day!

    Hey I was supposed to say that!

    Too late, hehe. Try again next year!

    You're a jerk sometimes, you know that?

    I know

    Me fighting with Draculara as she tells me not to post this.

    Drac: Eat some veggies

    Me: No

    Drac: Whyyyyy

    Me: I just ate a frick plate full of both veggies and meat!

    Drac: But I didn't get the veggieeeees

    Me: It was 90% vegetable

    Drac: But the other 10% took most of the vegetable's taste away!

    Me: *Puts on earphones*

    Drac: Don't ignore me!

    Me: *that face when you remember the voice you are talking to is in your head*

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