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  • If you ever want to, please feel more than free to read my "blog" thread. Heck, feel more than free to reply to it. I wouldn't post it if I wasn't comfortable discussing it.
    Sometimes I get hit with a moment of lucidity in all this. The Unstoppable Feeling really boils down to something simple: I don't want to be this, and I don't want to be here. The rest I just build from that. That's been true for a long time. I said the same things in the Live Journal from 2004 I recently found. 15-year-old Gryff and 29-year-old Gryff aren't so different.
    We're back! Revamped! The madness never ends! (Yes, of course that comes from a song :-) )
    Topic for a future blog post: why is it that genies and "Singin' in the Rain" keep seeming to come up?
    Remember how a while back I was saying I was disappointed with the site? I decided to stay but it doesn't mean I'm not still disappointed.
    I never realized how appropriate it is that my favorite video game is named after a flute.
    Hey. I was just checking your profile pic, and it reminds me of a satyr, have you ever considered that being your kintype?
    Definitely. That's actually intentional. I've now reached a point where I believe my kin type is some iteration or combination of centaur, satyr/faun, and demon. In order to feel more secure and make it easier to talk about myself, I've decided to call myself a "fauntaur."
    I've read your blog! And am unsure how to assist you. In the end I settled for digging up a character I remember from a series of novels because he's the closest thing to geeky centaur I know.

    Here, another uber-geek centaur:
    Thanks Khnum. Really I was mostly talking about my most recent blog post. I feel better since I posted it, but it's still an issue and I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
    I'm going to do something I've never done before: I'm going to ask that if you happen to have some time, please take a look at my blog
    The green toothy grin is serving me well for now, but I miss the smiling imp :-)
    Writing that story helped me come to terms with my new understanding of the fauntaur, so that's good.
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