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  • Please remember that I miss you
    "not caring" is so hard too do
    everything we loved together
    its not the same without you there
    feels like you were just beside me
    how did time go by so quickly
    now we're stramgers
    but I miss you
    oh I wonder if you miss me, too...
    Oh, do you mean it when you beg and pray and plead,
    your "give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me," all those things we need
    and what pray tell will you whimper when your number will be called
    you'll say "Its not my fault"
    no one will miss me so I might as well. It could be so easy...
    Hey, I am sorry if this intrudes, but, if you ever need, you may feel free to Direct Message me if you need an outlet to vent. I do not wish for you to be in pain.
    Thanks. I'm doing a bit better today, but it means a lot youd check up on me
    You are welcome. It is good to hear that you are doing a bit better.
    Take my eyes, take them aside. take my teeth, tear through my cheeks, arms and legs, they get in the way and take my hands, theyll understand, take my heart, pull it apart and take the brain, or what remains and throw it all away
    Me: goes to write something nice on Pearl's page
    Host's mind: blanks
    Me: that's not stopping me I still have another conscious where is it cause I have another physical form in astral
    Me: Oh here it is
    Me: ok so anyway what I was going to say is
    Me: so I know you've been having a difficult time here, right?
    For longer than just a few years.
    You rarely ever feel happy.
    Yeah? I'm a system member that identifies them self as a thousand+ year old angel.
    But that doesn't mean I can't not like demons.
    It doesn't mean I can't have empathy for demons.
    This place is not the best for you and you deserve better.
    Honestly. You deserve to be treated better with less hatred.
    P.S. Don't listen to those school kids they're unawakened humans who don't know angel/demon bias from left and right.
    P.S.S. luc sends hugs
    Yes I did need to put that in otherwise he would come into the mind and write an even longer thing
    This is already quite long.
    But still.
    You deserve long words.
    *screams into the mental void about how underappreciated you are here and more should get to know you*
    If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky
    You can hide underneath me and come out at night
    When I turn jet black and you show off your light
    I live to let you shine
    Beneath apocalyptic snowflakes from above
    We're not in peril, we are in apocalove
    So let's go walking, or Christmas shopping No, let's do something a bit more shocking
    Let's go to the windmill Let's find some catharsis Let's go to the graveyard in cover of darkness
    And it's okay, I've done this tons of times
    Well, maybe once a year since I was very young
    It will be fine, okay? I do this all the time
    And nothing could go wrong
    Unless that's what you'd like
    Is this the first time that you've ever seen
    Aurora Borealis crush mankind?
    The wind chimes chiming with the screams
    A pretty winter night
    Your hand in mine
    im leaving, phil
    im leaving now
    im going to escape but you wont know how
    or where to find me when im gone
    ill drink myself to death inside this prison cell
    And the men looked on in wonder
    and the hounds ran back to hide
    for the fox, it changed to the devil himself
    where he stood on the other side
    and the men, the hounds, the horses
    went flying back to town
    and hard on their heels come a little black fox, laughing as he ran
    "Ride on, my gallant huntsmen, when must I come again,
    for you should never want for a fox to chase all over the glen!"
    Devil town is colder in the summertime
    I'll lose my mind at least another thousand times
    Hold my hand tight
    We'll make it another night
    I still get a little scared of something new
    But it feels a little safer when I'm with you
    Falling doesn't feel so bad
    When I know you're falling this way too
    you walk around in circles, I walk around in squares
    another round of musical chairs
    and maybe know one cares about
    the way we walk
    the record stores are out of stock
    and all we want is bloody rock and roll
    so the sequel got pushed back again, thats ok though. I wasnt ready for it this month. oof
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