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Aug 15, 1994 (Age: 26)
Kin Name
Jackie, Jack, Jakki
Drawing, reading, writing, playing piano, and sleeping
Gender Identity
Primary Identity
  1. Otherkin
A spotted Bengal Cat, Black Timber Wolf
*type Description
My first identification was with a Black Timber Wolf back when I was very young. The other part didn't make its self-known till 2015 and that would be my Spotted Bengal Cat side. Two very opposite animals yet they both feel right at different times.
Year Awakened
Awakening Experience
I was about six years old when I first experienced an awakening. It was vivid, surreal almost, as I adventured out into this forest near where I lived for the first time- to play ideally. And the forest felt alive, I could feel it pumping through me which drew me to run as the family pets barked and ran alongside me. I can still feel this sensation of being on all fours, of panting, of wind rushing through my fur, and the sense of a hunt giving me the energy to keep going. I was too young to know the complete difference about dog breeds and such yet I just knew at that moment I was a wolf. Or had been one at some point, this part of me lingering like a phantom memory.
Shifting Experiences
  1. Mental Shifting
  2. Dream Shifting
  3. Phantom Shifting
  4. Astral Shifting
Shifting Triggers
  1. I experience voluntary shifts
  2. I experience involuntary shifts provoked by external stimuli