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  • I got my haplogroup tested once and it is H5a1.
    Which sounds very close to H5N1.
    Which is bird flu.
    Of course it is.
    Bird flu haplogroup over here.
    update: I ordered some Panda Express in hopes it would cheer me up. It's the most depressing delivery I've ever gotten. The chicken is like flavorless globs with more flavorless, but still burning, hot sauce on it. The chow mein is like it was made out of cardboard. You know something is wrong with me when I can't finish Chinese food.
    Yes, let's suddenly get lost in a thought tangent about SPARTA of all things. That's what I need while trying to finish this last hour of work.
    kerguelen you frickin frick, when will you learn, that your actions have consequences?
    half inclined to let my inner bird-freak out. grow my nails out and shape/paint them like talons. wear all the feathers and little bones I've collected. walk around in a hunched posture. keep a small orb clutched at my chest at all times. screech at anyone who gets within 10 feet of me.
    When I need to start working, I sometimes put on a twerk mix
    like it's TIME TO GET MY tWORK ON
    idk why but it helps
    mountain goats + cassowaries = dinosaur?? the eternal struggle to figure out what is this feeling
    Cannot stand it when people talk with their mouth full. FRICKIN. I will wait. I won't interrupt or change the subject. But please finish your chewing BEFORE opening your mouth! It's GROSS!
    the change to the site totally changed my "about" info, I had to go set it all back. everyone might want to double check on their own profile!
    Deleted member 55982
    Oof. Thank You!
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